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Found 28 results

  1. My derm recently prescribed me erythromycin 2% topical gel. I'm reading some things about ethromycin and benzoyl peroxide. Is erythromycin just a stronger, prescription-strength BP? I've used over the counter BP products in the past and they've done nothing but make my skin worse. I'm scared to start erythromycin if it's just a stronger BP. Help please!
  2. I'm just wanting feedback from anyone who has gone through a course of Erythromycin + Stiemycin treatment. I've recently been prescribed it and tried to do some research on it's success but can't find very much online. Has anyone had any success with it? Would people recommend or advise to stay off it? I have had cystic acne for the best part of 4 years now and have been on Oxcytetracline (ineffective), Ro-Accutane (didn't finish course as I went on a long holiday to Australia) and Dianett
  3. chocolatebutton1986

    Day 0- Feeling Frustrated!

    Hi guys and girls! I'm 28 and have been suffering with acne on and off for over 10 years. I've attached some pics of my current outbreak. I've pretty much been on every medication available except Roaccutane. The only medication i've used in the past which has completely cleared my skin long term is Dianette. However my doctor will not prescribe me this anymore as I occasionally have migranes with aura and apparently this heightens my chance of a stroke. VERY FRUSTRATING My curren
  4. Hey everyone, I'm kinda new here so wasn't sure where to post this. I used BP for a few weeks a while ago but I stopped because it made my skin so horribly dry and red and raw, and now a few months later I'm suffering from dry patches in the areas I applied it. It's not flaking or anything but when I put on foundation you can definitely see it. I'm currently taking erythromycin which is what I used to get rid of my mild acne and I haven't broken out since I was on it but I have to keep t
  5. So, I'm 17 and yesterday started Accutane (20 mg). Is there any chance that it will stump my growth? I certainly wouldn't want to stay my height (1.72) for the rest of my life, so,... Should I really do accutane? What have your experiences been with it? Also, I'm applying Dapsone Topical at night and Erythromycin at noon... And I read somewhere that Dapsone IS too a quite strong medication on its own... So, that's about it. Thank you.
  6. EeroTheHero

    Urgent Help Needed

    Okay, so basically I have been plagued with acne since I was 13 years old. I had two very successful courses of accutane but recently my skin has started to deteriorate rapidly and i've been getting quite serious breakouts. I'm currently 18 years old so it's a very big age socially, so my confidence plummeted drastically. Anyway, I went to my derm and she prescribed erythromycin tablets. This was on a Thursday and I had to wait until the next Tuesday until I could pick the tablets up. I was feel
  7. Hey guys! I was unable to cure my moderate acne with over-the-counter stuff and so I made an appointment with a dermatologist and went there last Monday. He told me to stop using any cosmetics, including moisturisers. Instead, he gave me a prescription: Epiduo and an alcohol made by the pharmacy. It is ethanol (70%), 0.5% erythromycin and 5% glycerine. He told me to use the alcohol to scrub my face in the morning and evening and in the evening also apply Epiduo afterwards. Upon my object
  8. Oiltanka

    The Initial Breakout

    I've had acne since age 12 but it had settled by the time I hit my twenties. I was then only getting the occasional small pimple that was manageable and I had even stopped using benzoyl peroxide washes for the last two years. Now I'm 26 and I've broken out with the worst nodular and cystic inflammatory acne that I've ever had. Saw a dermatologist and he put me on oral erythromycin initially for 4 weeks and now been on epiduo for the last two weeks until I can get my liver cleared by a liv
  9. Hi, all! I have a question about combining acne products. I currently have a prescription for ery 2% pads. They make my skin midly sensitive so I just use one at night. In the morning, I currently wash with just a basic oil-control wash that has no active ingredients, then apply a Neutrogena sunscreen and a moisturizer with .5% salicylic acid. I have a bottle of 5% benzoyl peroxide scrub that I used over the fall, and for the time I used it, my skin was amazingly clear. I stopped using it bec
  10. Can anyone advise me on if I can use sunbeds while taking erythromycin??? Thank you!
  11. Hello everybody, I am going out my mind. I have had acne for three years now. I always had clear skin until turning 24, it’s persisted since then. I get it on my back, although that has been there for longer but most notably it’s on my forehead. Always breaking out, sometimes it will subside and I’ll get a glimmer of hope only for it to come back... I have tried lots of difference creams and two courses of anti-biotics, Oxytetracyline and Lymecycline. Guess what? Neither worked...now I
  12. hello, friends i am 20 ,and suffering from acne since 5 years initially i was having just a little ones on my forehead and cheeks ,but from last one year ,it wass a like hell on face i got pustular and cystic acne,,,,,,(boom ) that ruined everything , my face wass full of acne on cheeks on forehead . finally i go to derma he prescribed me erythromycin 500mg thrice a week for 4 week ,(before abt 2 years ago that in initial breakthrough i take it and it was really effective with minute side
  13. Hi, I have been using erythromycin for 2 years which has worked wonders, but has now stopped and I am going on dianette alone. 1. Will dianette be effective enough on its own does anyone know and 2. Am I now resistant to erythromycin forever or can you return to this antibiotic after a year or so break and it start to work well again? Thanks
  14. From the album: Accutane destroyed my face!!

    Sorry for not posting for long time, i had exams and was very busy. Anyway after visiting my dermatologist she saw how bad my skin got and took me off accutane and put me on Erythromycin 250mg (2 everyday for the next 8 week) which she said will help with the inflammation. My acne has got much better and i do not have any side affects from this drug. All i would say is Although accutane is a good drug its not for everyone. Now my skin is just red and deeply scared the acne is slowly but sur
  15. From the album: Accutane destroyed my face!!

    Sorry for not posting for long time, i had exams and was very busy. Anyway after visiting my dermatologist she saw how bad my skin got and took me off accutane and put me on Erythromycin 250mg (2 everyday for the next 8 week) which she said will help with the inflammation. My acne has got much better and i do not have any side affects from this drug. All i would say is Although accutane is a good drug its not for everyone. Now my skin is just red and deeply scared the acne is slowly but sur
  16. So It has been two weeks, almost three on my budget plan. things have been going pretty good I've noticed a good bit of clearing and have even done some venturing out of the house with make up on. Some drawbacks have also occured. I have a lot of flakeyness during the day that make it hard to put on make up, and I developed(sorry guys) a yeast infection from the oral antibiotics. Which is not the end of the world, but it will be if this is a chronic problem(happened before) instead of one time t
  17. Hi guys. It happened. Well. I should clarify, it's happening. And fast. And it's more painful than I ever thought it would be. Resistance. I noticed that there aren't many storys out there of long term antibiotic use. I mean longer than a couple of years. I've seen 2 years. I actually saw a comment of a seven year user, but I can't think of many that have gone on this long. Well here is one. I'm nearer 11 years. I should explain. I'm a
  18. I'm 22 and I've had awful skin since 15. I've tried loads of things over the years and I'm still breaking out pretty much every day, as well as having loads of red marks, giving me a massively uneven skin tone. My doctor's just prescribed me on new medication - Adapalene 0.1% cream (nightly), and oral Erythromycin tablets (twice a day). I asked him what I should do in terms of a routine for washing my face, but he just said it doesn't matter, I only need the antibiotics. I've been thinki
  19. Hello all. I used doxycycline mono 100 mg for about 6 months. This cleared my skin up completely in about a week and I had minimal breakouts. Then, I guess the bacteria decided that it wanted to be a pain and it changed. The pills stopped working. My doctor put me on erythromycin topical gel today. Wish we luck. Will be using gentle cetaphil morning and night. Cetaphil moisturizer at night, a few hours after putting the erythromycin on and allowing the medicine to absorb into my face.
  20. This is my first post on this forum & I really don't know what to do I have suffered with mild to moderate acne for 5+ years, and even though recently it has become quite mild Im still so unhappy with my skin its just so persistent and is really making me depressed. I paid to go and see a dermatologist in hopes of getting accutane but she just lumped me off with some antibiotics (which ive tried multiple times) but if I don't try some more antibiotics I wont be able to get accutane but I fee
  21. Been on Erythromycin for a week now. I've had the usual stomach cramps but lots of fluids, digestive drinks and set pill taking times have got rid of those. Today though my joints in my shoulders ached... I'm a fit 17 year old girl, and I'd slept fine. Weird. Gone in a few hours though. But over the past few days, the skin around my eyes has become red and very sore. Not really noticeable, but it stings like hell when I wash my face, use toner etc! I'm also using Differin cream but I
  22. Hi people, I suffer from severe acne and I'm currently on oral erythromycin (4 x 250 mg/day) for a month. It practically did nothing but break me out even more. On top of that my acne and scars got redder and angrier looking making my cheeks and jaw just look just like a mess. My derm is intending to put me up on Accutane on the next appointment which is in 3 weeks time from now and I'm taking my blood test next week. I've read a lot of forums about the initial breakout from accutane and righ
  23. duvetmonster

    Dianette Journal

    So I started taking Dianette almost two weeks ago. I'm 16 and I've taken two antibiotics before for my moderate acne. Lymocycline- I took this for three months, I had to stop after this time period as my skin had worsened significantly, and it was really affecting my self esteem. No bad side effects, and actually cleared up the acne on my back and chest; however really had no impact on my face, and if it did it actually worsened it. Erythromycin- I was on this for three months too
  24. LaurenHolt

    7 Days On Erythromycin

    I've been on Erythromycin for 7 days now. I've had the sore stomach cramps but they've gone. Many people say they come back, but i hope not, they're really painful... I'm using Differin cream too, it helps dry up the skin. Erythromycin Bad side effects include Stomach cramps Very dry skin around eyes Sore eyes Some muscle ache But I've had good side effects! More energy Definite reduced redness Less spots coming through My problem is acne scars. I can handle the
  25. Hi there, This is really a plead for any kind of advice whatsoever, on how I can treat my sudden cystic outbreak, which is currently affecting my: forehead, side of head, between eye brows, cheeks, chin, jawline and neck, below the ear. I've been suffering from acne for 4-5 years now (I'm almost 22, female) and have already been put on courses of the following antibiotics: oxytetracycline, lymecycline, doxycycline. I started a new course of Erythromycin in August, alongside Isotrex