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Found 42 results

  1. Thought I'd give a short little update on my progress. I was on Epuris from November 2014 until mid-February 2015. I stopped my treatment about 20 days before I was supposed to, because I just couldn't do it anymore. My mental state was just not... the best during these months. It was probably unrelated to the medication, but I believe that the medication may have just topped it all off. Anyway, as per my last post, I'm in such a better place. You'd be surprised how much happier you are whe
  2. Progress!!... I am so happy with how far I have come on Accutane. To what my skin was when I started to what it is now is unbelievable! I have not had any cystic acne for at least 2 months now and have only had 3 minor whiteheads within the last month. The dermatologist was amazed at how much progress I have made. He couldn't believe how much the redness had gone down considering I am still on accutane. I has confirmed that I have 1 MORE MONTH LEFT!!! New Makeup... UNBELIEVABLE! After a trip t
  3. Update... I know I have missed a couple weeks, however I haven't had many changes in my skin. It is completely flat and I have only has 1 active pimple last week!!! I find that if I do break out, there are minimal whiteheads and normally occur on my chin. I have not broken out anywhere else!!! The redness continues to fade every day, but I know I will have some scarring to work with after being off Accutane. Dermatologist Update... After seeing the dermatologist last week, he was very impresse
  4. Active Pimples… I still continue to have a lot of active acne consisting of both painful cysts and whiteheads. Most of my cysts have the red pigmentation even without picking which is very annoying and tend to flare more when I wash my face, UGH! Update of last week’s post… Last week was a very bad week for me that consisted of the worse picking ever. I am happy that the swelling has gone done as well as some of the redness which I thank to ice, salt water and aloe Vera plant. My lower ba
  5. OH SH#$%T, I Picked… For a compulsive picker to say, “I will never pick/pop a pimple again” is probably lying. It takes a lot of time to break a habit especially when acne is painful and contains a lot of pressure that can be easily released with a squeeze. That being said, IT WAS THE WORST DECISION! Over the past week, I developed two cysts side by side on the right side of my forehead and the pressure was unbearable. I also had 2 cysts on my cheek that I have had for the past 2 weeks and they
  6. I have my derm appt. on the 24th October to pick up my prescriptions if you're in Toronto and take isotretinoin please PM me!! I have some questions and would greatly appreciate it!. Thanks
  7. Is experiencing tinnitus immediately on Accutane normal or a big concern? I was prescribed one 40mg pill a day a month ago- and after just two pills (two days) I had a high pitched ringing in my ears that was noticeable in all quiet spaces- especially when going to sleep and waking up in the morning. I had also experienced a headache, located on the back of my head, with a pressure or clamped sensation rather than in the temple area. Knowing that tinnitus was considered a "rare" side effect on
  8. My skin journey has been for a lack of better words...a journey. Throughout my teen years, I never had acne on my face. I did struggle with a bit of back acne when I was 16-17 however, I live in a pretty cold climate so it was easily covered up for about 75% of the year. Once I hit 18, I went on tricyclen-lo (BC) to keep it under control and it cleared up immediately. About a year later, I decided to get off BC but luckily there was no flare-ups with the acne. My doctor prescribed Retin
  9. 6 Months off Accutane! I cannot believe it has been 6 MONTHS since I have been off Accutane and 1 YEAR since I started! First off, if you are reading this, I encourage you to start reading my blog posts from the beginning to see the stages of my skin and the progress I have made throughout. Being on Accutane for 7 months came with a lot of self confidence issues as my skin got significantly worse throughout the process. After reading many blogs and talking with my dermatologist, I was told
  10. Minor Breakouts... This past week I have had only 2 breakout which were very minor in which I extracted them due to them being a surfaced white head. On my left cheek, I do feel a cyst growing under my skin however I am hoping that it will not surface. The cyst is growing right where I had my 3 headed cyst from about a month ago so I am guessing it is trying to come back. Flat, Smooth Skin... My skin still remains flat and smooth for the most part and if I wasn't looking in a mirror, I would t
  11. My apologies for not posting the last couple weeks, its been crazy busy with work and I haven't been able to sit down and write my blog post. Smooth & Flat... Over the past couple of weeks I have had maybe a couple pimples but other than that my skin is completely smooth and flat and FEELS AMAZING! Taking Pictures... I find that whenever I take my blog post pictures, the redness looks more inflamed than it actually is. In person, the redness is definitely less visible. It must be the pict
  12. Back from the Carribean… After spending 5 nights in the Caribbean and soaking face body/face in the salt water, I definitely think it made a difference. The first day I got there, I went ahead and popped that three headed cyst which was completely filled with infected puss. I immediately went in the salt water and kept my face half way under water to help with the healing process and it definitely did! I made sure to wear lots of sunscreen and a hat the entire time and for the most part, I did n
  13. Off prednisone… Last week, I noticed a lot of improvements however this week it is back to normal. I am very red and inflamed again and I am breaking out on my chin with huge whiteheads. I think this is because I have finished my 10 day supply of prednisone so my body is going through withdrawal. I wish I can stay on that pill throughout my entire course but the dermatologist said it is a medication I can only take for a short period of time due to its side effects and risks. Deep Cyst o
  14. Forehead Cyst from last week… I am happy to say that my forehead cyst (see last post for pictures) has completely gone away with very minimal redness left behind. It is not noticeable at all and very happy about that!! My dermatologist follow up… So, it has been one month since I have started Accutane and today I met with my dermatologist to see what his thoughts were on how the Accutane was taking affect. He asked me if I have noticed flare up more than when I started the Accutane in whi
  15. After being on a 40 mg dosage of Epuris (similar to accutane) for a month, I went to visit my doctor on Thursday. He mentioned that we need to be careful about harming my liver, that my "ald" or something is 50 something higher than normal people. Yikes. He decided to maintain my dosage, and just continue to monitor my blood work. Symptom wise: - liver enzymes up - dry eyes, lips, face and arms - dry nose -- no nose bleeds, but very uncomfortable when I wake up - nausea / lack of appe
  16. Hey, I was wondering since taking Accutane requires monthly blood tests and regular check-ups with a derm, what happens if you decide to travel for a long period of time (like for +1 or 2 months), how does that work out, would I have to wait til I come back from travelling before they prescribe it to me? Also, why do most people take the birth control pill, while there are other methods like the contraceptive patch for example (which was listed in my Accutane pamphlet)...I guess the pill i
  17. I'm 3 weeks into my isotretinoin treatment - the drug I've actually been taking is called Epuris which is just a new form of Accutane. My acne stayed about the same/got worse the first few weeks - today I think it is beginning to turn around. At least I didn't wake up with any new zits! I was wondering what people have experienced in terms of skin texture/blackheads though. I've noticed my skin feels super coarse, especially in my T-zone. It feels like I really need to exfoliate (which o
  18. Hi! To start, today is Tuesday Sept. 1, and my first day of Epuris (Isotretinoin) will be Thursday Sept. 4. I am starting school tomorrow in a new city, which means I have no friends right now! I know I can't wear makeup on Epuris because of the sensitivity of my skin. Honestly, if I didn't have acne I wouldn't wear makeup. I won't once my skin has cleared. But for know, I need help with having the confidence to go bare faced to school tomorrow while trying to make friends! Thank you in advance
  19. I would like to start off by introducing myself and giving you a complete background about my struggles with my skin. So, let’s go all the way back to elementary school where zits were not a thing for me. I had clear, radiant skin and makeup was not part of my skincare routine. Seeing that I was a late bloomer, I didn’t start puberty until high school which is when the acne struggle became real. After a trip to the doctor, I was put on birth control for more reasons than one, however one being t
  20. Sorry that I missed posting last week... Before I continue.. I wanted to compare my worst photo to my best .. CHECK OUT THE DIFFERENCE! Flat Skin... My skin continues to flatten with only a few breakouts! As my skin flattens, as my dermatologist said, I don't have some surface scarring that I will need to take care of. A lot of the redness that you see on my skin is hyper pigmentation which is something that I will need to treat after coming off accurate. Dry Ski... With the cold weath
  21. Redness has returned… unfortunately the redness has returned significantly since I have been off the prednisone. I have also been breaking out and currently have about 8 active whiteheads and 2 cysts which are very inflamed and causing pressure every time I go to wash my face. Caribbean Salt Water… I am heading to the Caribbean for the next 5 days so I have done everything in my power NOT TO PICK as I hope the salt water will dry out all the whiteheads and they will flake off. As for the
  22. Cluster of Cysts… I continue to break out on my right cheek with a cluster of cheeks that are puss filled and painful to touch. HOWEVER, I am happy to say I have not picked them and hope to keep it that way. Left Side Flattening… I have noticed that this week, my left cheek isn’t breaking out as much and it is beginning to flatten which is really nice to see! Redness… I still have quite a bit of redness but definitely less than when I was in the first month of Accutane. Like my d
  23. Worst Picking Yet... I knew this day would finally come where I just couldn't stand the pain and bumps anymore ... Unfortunately, I have picked my entire face leaving it completed inflamed, blood spots and swollen. The only upside is that all the whiteheads are completed extracted so hoping the redness and blood spots will soon fade. These pictures is of my right side, which is way worse than my left side. Stay tuned on my progress as my face begins to heal all over again. Lower Back Ache...
  24. Just a quick check in. I'm surprised with how quickly time flies -- can you believe it's already been 14 days since I've quit my Epuris treatment? Woah. I feel amazing. My eating habits are back to normal (hehe or my version of normal - AKA hungry 24/7), and even though I'm still struggling to go out more and not be at home all day, I've been feeling so so so much better. Having a healthy apetite and lack of nausea really has a huge impact on one's mental state. It's just so nice to be me
  25. So I've just started my twelfth week with Epuris. I'm currently on a 40 mg dosage. Just wanted to update my symptom list since they're getting a bit more interesting. In the past few weeks I've been getting these severe migraines. They're not too frequent, but when I do get them, they're super intense. I've gotten about three of them within the last 4-5 weeks. I will talk to my doctor about this when I see him -- obviously if they start occurring more often then I'll just stop the meds and