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Found 428 results

  1. Skin Condition Per usual, my skin looks the least red in the morning Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks, no surprise The pimples on my lip continue to shrink and dry out The three tiny whiteheads on my chin have reappeared despite popping them so I guess thats a sign not to do that again I actually woke up with what i would describe as slightly OILY skin. Wow. Thats the first time that has happened since I started this treatment. It wasnt gross oily, but like, he
  2. Before joining the club Now I'm 31, recalling my whole time of teen years, I never had more than 2 or 3 pimples on my face at the same time. I'm not saying my face was perfect. What worried me was dryness of my face and I've never experienced any big skin problem even under great pressure, sleeping late, junk food or a list of bad living habits. Even I had to work overnight for many nights since a few years ago, only 2 or 3 appeared and it never was a matter in my mind ---- until 4 months ago
  3. Okay so - I wanted to share some before pictures. This is when I had hit my breaking point... I would have seriously burned off my face if it meant a beautiful new one would magically appear. I had stopped going to the dermatologist because the one I was seeing wouldn't believe me when I said everything I was dealing with on my face was totally hormonal and none of the stuff I had was working. I had been seeing her for about a year and a half. LUCKILY I found someone else but anyway... here's th
  4. I've been bad. Last summer, despite the slow and steady progress I had been making with epiduo, i stopped treatment abruptly as i was going on a summer expedition-style trip. I had told myself I'd be off it for no more than a month simply because i didn't want to be peeling like crazy around so many people, and my skin had been looking so good that i thought i'd be fine for a while, and indeed i was. i enjoyed the whole summer last year, with pretty decent skin. However, bit by bit the problems
  5. Used it 7 times now and my skin is breaking out all over the place with big under the skin cycstic spots, they have all come at the same time too. I really hope they go down before the end of this week, I have an event to go to. I have switched moisturisers which seems to have stopped the dryness, which is good!
  6. The dryness is back. My skin is really flakey and it is making it really hard to wear make up without it cracking and looking horrible. Really don't want to leave my house but trying my hardest to keep the dryness down. Spots are still there but not as angry.
  7. carmencaisley

    Day 6

    Hey guys! Welcome to my blog. So basically, this blog is about the topical acne product called Tactuo (Epiduo in the United States) and how my face reacts/adjusts to it. I've read plenty of reviews on the product and only 2 blogs from people who have recorded their daily progress on the product, and so I've decided to do the same! I'll be writing new entries daily-weekly on my experiences with Tactuo/Epiduo [on my face] and hopefully my they will help those who are either considering us
  8. Mels23

    Stress Is Comin'

    Last week I mentioned that my acne was coming back and it was likely because of how unhealthy I've been since I started working at Dunkin' Donuts. Well I won't have to worry about that much anymore because I got laid off!! :'D Yes, that's sarcasm. I'm actually really bummed out. Only worked there for 2 months but, damn, I made a lot of good friends. And I was finally making money. But it is what it is. I was laid off because my hours of availability weren't fitting with that they ne
  9. KaterinaP

    Epiduo Week 2

    My experience with Epiduo is going well so far. Going into week 2 my face was really red and very sensitive to almost anything. I had to keep manually exfoliating my face with my fingers in the shower because of the peeling and how dry it became. Also it didn't matter how long I waited after washing my face, the epiduo burned after I applied it and continued to burn for about 20 minutes after application. As far as breakouts go, my face started breaking out more in week 2. I guess it is more
  10. emily2013

    Day 11

    So I decided to start keeping track of my experience with epiduo on this site, as I've spent enough time lurking on other people's blogs about it, and I figure tracking my progress on here could help me to stick to the regime... and also my boyfriend is already sick of hearing every tiny detail about my skin, so I decided to obsess in a slightly more appropriate environment. A bit of background - I'm 22, and my skin has never been great, I've always had at least one spot on the go. I've had
  11. Mels23

    My Acne History

    Hello everyone, this is my first entry! I've been hearing about this website a lot and I can't believe it's taken me this long to make an account here haha Alright - I've had acne since middle school. It was around high school that I tried Proactiv, but the effects of that only lasted for a few months. I've tried the usual over the counter cleansers and home remedies, but it wasn't enough. A little more than a year ago I started seeing a dermatologist. I visit every month to see how my s
  12. sal1917

    Epiduo Sting

    I have been applying Epiduo for the past 3 nights, all is good. But when i apply the moisturiser after it its stings soooo bad and wont stop. Im just using Cetaphil. Can any one recommend a moisturiser that doesn't sting? If I just leave it I turn in to super dry peely red face :/ I put it on about 40 minutes ago and it still hurting.. I do not like. Suggestions? Thanks
  13. Hey, I have acne since January and i’ve been to the dermatologist, she told me that my Acne was moderate, she prescribed me a creme ( epiduo gel). She told me to take Tetralysal if i had no results after 2-3 months using epiduo. Now it’s almost 3 months, my Acne became almost severe. I wanna take accutane, I have a rendez-vous with a new dermatologist wednesday. I wanna ask him accutane but I don’t know if he will prescribed me if because I never took antibiotics. I know my brother took it, he
  14. I've been using TactuPump/Epiduo for the past three weeks, and it's been hell. For the first couple days, nothing really happened. My skin got a little red as expected, with some slight peeling on the corners of my nose. But then all hell broke loose when I decided to use some drugstore makeup (Revlon, to be exact) to cover up the redness. I might have gotten too drug happy as well. I foolishly thought that applying MORE medication would speed up the process (I've now realized that the inst
  15. Hey there guys, I was recently prescribed Epiduo last week and was only able to use it for a few days before it got to be WAY too much for my skin. It's been 5 days since discontinuing use and my skin is STILL red, EXTREMELY dry (it's difficult to talk/laugh), and flakey. Usually I would be okay with this but I can't even cover it with foundation because it's so paralyzed feeling (feels like I got botox...). The only relief is when I dampen it with a steaming hot face cloth, other than that,
  16. I started Epiduo 5 days ago, and as instructed by my doctor and the booklet, I have applied a small amount at night 30 minutes after washing my face with the recommended cetaphil cleanser. My acne is disappearing so fast, but unfortunately for me today I got home from school, removed my makeup to find that all the lower half of my face was a scaley mess. I touched one portion of my skin and it fell off, what came away was clearly dead skin, but underneath was rare immature red weeping skin. I
  17. I got Deep Fx about 2 months ago. My esthetician put me on a Vitamin C/retinoid serum, but it is not controlling my comedonal acne. I was hoping to swtich the serum with Epiduo, as Epiduo has worked for my skin in the past. But I'm not sure if the ingredients in Epiduo are okay to use after Deep Fx? Will they inhibit my collagen production or my skin's healing? I have young skin, as I am only 18, so I am very prone to breakouts. I need something stronger than a vitamin C serum to control my a
  18. Hi there, I'm a 32 year old female and long term sufferer of acne. Roughly 6 months ago my doc switched my medication to epiduo (I'm a long term bpo user) and while I don't think that it's a terrible product I've been experiencing a side effect that I could hardly find anywhere on the web related to this product. Epiduo makes my skin super oily. In fact it's so greasy that I have to blot several times a day even when using mineral makeup. I am 100% certain is due to Epiduo because i quit it
  19. So my dermatologist has had me on Epiduo Forte and Solodyn for 13 days now, and it's been working great for my acne (cystic and closed comedones). Backstory: my forehead had been the worst the areas since 6 months ago when this all started. So all the products/treatments I tried mainly concentrated there. I still put makeup on the lower half of the face, but never on the forehead. and when my skin started to get better, I wanted to give a bit of concealer or even foundati
  20. Hi im 16 and recently I've been getting really bad acne. It's mostly redness and hyperpigmentation with the occasional whiteheads. I got on Epiduo and took it for 2 months but didn't notice any effect, it was staining my clothes and my bedsheets, and was really annoying and depressing to use. I researched online and saw that Tea Tree Oil was good for my type of acne. I've used it for a couple days now, and the redness seems to be slightly better although I have more whiteheads. im also taking
  21. hi im starting epiduo gel today...wanted to know what are your experiences with this treatment. Im skeptical..been on bp for a long time but not doing much so thought I should try it with the retinoid and see what happens. Any help appreciated! Thanks x x x
  22. hi i started epiduo gel last week and just wanted to know what experiences others have had with it any help/stories appreciated! Thanks xxx
  23. Hi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster here. I have been suffering from moderate to severe acne for the last 3 years and I have been using Epiduo/TactuPump. I am also currently on an antibiotic. I apply the cream every night before bed, and without fail I wake up with my T-Zone covered in sebum. I am wondering if the Epiduo is causing this? I also get oily skin 4 hours later into the day. What should I do?
  24. I felt that I needed to share my story as a year ago it was me searching acne.org looking for a possible cure, feeling my lowest self esteem I have ever felt, feeling like everyone can see my acne even though I wear make up and feeling like my boyfriend cannot fancy me looking like this. I was willing to give anything ago now as my usual benzoyl peroxide was not working anymore, I went to my doctor who prescribed me epiduo (0.1% adapalene/benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) and started me on the contraceptiv