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Found 432 results

  1. So a little backround, I am an 18 y/o female that has had mild yet consistant acne for the past 4 years. I don't scar but I can have some hyperpigmentation. I had a bad breakout a couple months ago so I went on the regimen and made a derm appointment. I've been on the regimen for about 6-7 weeks now and I have seen much improvement but I decided to go to my derm anyway. She perscribed aczone and epiduo. Currently I am mainly getting clogged pores every couple days that eventually turn into smal
  2. Hi, my dermatologist just gave me epiduo (until she can find out from my other doctor if I can have roaccutane.) She didn't really explain how to use it, all she said was that I should use it once a day... but If I use the epiduo at night can I still use acne.org 2.5% benzoyl peroxide in the morning? I'm guessing maybe not after seeing a few posts on here but that bp saved my skin I'm so scared to stop using it! I feel like I really need something twice a day because if I ever miss an applicatio
  3. Louisemariex

    Epiduo experience

    hi im starting epiduo gel today...wanted to know what are your experiences with this treatment. Im skeptical..been on bp for a long time but not doing much so thought I should try it with the retinoid and see what happens. Any help appreciated! Thanks x x x
  4. I just broke out badly after switching from Clean and Clear continuous control acne cleanser (10% BP cream) to Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Two days ago I had 1 pimple on my chin and now i have 5, my forehead has also broken out badly(to many pimples to count!) Should I switch back to my old cleanser or just wait and see if this clears up? My old regimen Clean and Clear continuous control acne cleanser (10% BP cream) twice a day. Epiduo gel (2.5% BP and .1% adapalene) once at night after
  5. nicasia8

    Hey Y'all! ^_^

    Hello everybody! My name is Nicki and I've been an avid onlooker of acne.org for years! I've finally joined because I have questions of my own and hopefully the nice people on here can help me out. Now, I am new to acne.org and fairly new to forums in general so I apologize if I do anything wrong. -___- I've had acne ever since 8th grade, I believe? And I know I get it from my dad, who has had severe acne when he was a teenager. My dad and I have even tried "The Regimen" product from here years
  6. So I have been on Epiduo for like 4 months and its has helped a lot. However, for the past month my acne has gotten much worse, similar to what it was before using Epiduo. I am starting to get large bumps and whiteheads again. I was starting to get excited to see that my acne was going away but now its just returning to what it was originally. What should I do? Should I stop using Epiduo for now? I am afraid it will only get even worse if I stop. Thank in advance!
  7. Laurenstevens67

    Random Breakout?

    So I've been suffering from mild to moderate acne since and since last September I've been using epiduo gel and it worked perfectly after a couple months! I had no breakouts what so ever. Then in December I started taking birth control pills and it didn't seem to effect my face and I thought it was preventing me from getting acne but now I've recently gotten a bad breakout on my face. I also have a weird pimple bump on my forehead that doesn't have a head and isn't even red. I've also started wo
  8. fadedjay

    Epiduo Round 3

    Well well well i should have done this a long time ago reallly!!! Brief history, i was prescribed epiduo last August and used it till around dec where i started experimenting with other products and my skin just got out of wack. Started using it again in March 13, and have been using it since but i have had breaks in between due to sun burn and just shitty skin lol so now this is round 3. This time i will get it correct. Epiduo helps but it also never stops being dry or flaky even with m
  9. I've had bad acne down the sides of my face which started about 5 months ago and has been getting worse since then. My dermatologist recently prescibed me isotrex to use in the morning and epiduo to use in the evening, along with tetralycil antibiotics. I've been using these for 4 days and my skin has gotten really red and irritated. Is it too much to use isotrex and epiduo every day?
  10. Im doing a 3 part acne program that I have found online from a person who has studied acne over the years. For the 3rd step for mild-moderate acne he reccommends a topical 5% benzoyl peroxide cream. For more severe acne he reccommends using Epiduo (Tactuo) which is a prescription topical cream that contains 0.1% Adapalene and 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Unfortunately I have not seen a dermatologist in over a year and an appointment can take months to get. On hand I have benzoyl peroxide 5% and
  11. Mels23

    My Acne History

    Hello everyone, this is my first entry! I've been hearing about this website a lot and I can't believe it's taken me this long to make an account here haha Alright - I've had acne since middle school. It was around high school that I tried Proactiv, but the effects of that only lasted for a few months. I've tried the usual over the counter cleansers and home remedies, but it wasn't enough. A little more than a year ago I started seeing a dermatologist. I visit every month to see how my s
  12. I'm turning 21. I have never had a issue with inflamed or whitehead acne, but blackheads were a mild problem. To get rid of my blackheads I started using epiduo 2 and a half weeks ago. It so far has made (I think) a difference on my black heads, however, I've been breaking out with whiteheads and now even a big 'ol lumpy cyst on my cheek. I've read worsened breakouts is normal, and it's just the adelepene bringing things to the surface, but other than where I've had blackheads my skin was always
  13. Gracie25

    Aloe Vera

    Hi all, Last summer I got reallyyyyy bad sun poisoning, like 3rd degree burn poisoning. My face was red like a tomato, peeling in chunks, blistering and oozing. It was bad. Anyway, I used aloe vera straight from the plant and it fixed my face in a week. Now, I have many red marks and hyper pigmentation from previous breakouts that take FOREVER to go away. I was wondering if aloe vera will help with that? I want to try it but am scared of irritation or more breakouts. Anyone have
  14. I've been applying Epiduo for about 6 weeks now and I recently had my appointment with my dermatologist. He said that it slightly improves acne. When I first started Epiduo, even my face wash was irritating and burning my face when applying but it hasn't anymore. I still have flakiness and dryness around my mouth area and jaw line. My acne is still red and irritated. I don't see much improvement at all but my dermatologist recently put me on Doxycycline and I'm taking 100mg twice a day. My face
  15. ANY EXPERIENCE WITH ANY OF THESE? Ortho cyclen or sprintec(the generic) ? Or any birth control for acne for that matter! I'm 17 and starting sprintec next month and want to know what to expect! Thanks(:
  16. Early last year, I spent about 4 months on Roaccutane and it was a miracle cure! But back in October my skin started to have very minor break outs, so I went back to my Derm about 2 weeks ago and she prescribed me Epiduo. I was just wondering whether after the first 3 months, if I won't have to apply it to my skin anymore or whether it's something I will have to be using for a few years to come. Ideally, I'd love to have it over and done with in 3 months, but obviously I can't decide on what my
  17. Hey guys, so I finished my 2nd course of accutane about 2.5 months ago and in the last week I have noticed lots of small spots appearing on my chin and they seem to be spreading to my inner cheeks, of course I am freaking out that my acne is returning which I am really freaking out about. My doctor prescribed me Epiduo but I am hesitant to use it! Im worried that I will break out loads using it!! What have your experiences been on it? Is it worth using? Did anyone else experience post accut
  18. I have been using Epiduo or TactuPump (Same thing, different names) since around December I think and it has helped a lot with my acne and I just have Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation left. Since around the middle of February I have had eye bags under my eyes, I think the cause of it was my sleeping late for a week or so, but after that I started sleeping 8-9 hours a night and the eye bags didn't budge. They're a little smaller now, but they are still here. I am worried because I never have h
  19. Hollymarie030

    Acne Journey

    Hey guys, I've been on this site for a while now and am finally deciding to share my journey in hopes of getting 100% clear. Quick background, I'm a 24 year old female who has suffered from acne since puberty. It started as whiteheads and progressed to cystic acne as I became older. I used to have it all over my face, chest, and upper back but after getting on birth control at 17 I've had soft clear skin on my chest and back. Currently, I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and acne on my cheek
  20. Anyone who is/has been on these two medications, please tell me how your experience was! I just finished week two and my skin is definitely more dry, but it's not too bad because I do moisturize and that helps. I have noticed a few new small pimples and I know that could be the initial breakout because it's pushing all the bumps under my skin, through. Just wondering what I should expect based on your experiences? if it's worth it to stick through. I never had acne growing up, just recently I s
  21. Hi all For the past year I've used differin and lymecycline, Epiduo and doxycycline and now Duac and Epiduo. Apart from the Epiduo and doxycycline which worked for a few weeks none of these products have been working and I want to give the acne.org regimen a go. Will it work for me? Right now I have mild to moderate acne with very small bumps and whiteheads.
  22. Hi everyone! So basically I had light acne for the last couple years. Then a couple months ago it started getting really bad on my jaw and side of my forehead. I went to the derm and he prescribed me epiduo. For the last five weeks it got clearer and clearer and It was almost all gone. On the downside, I still got pimples, but they were not red bumps, they were the painful deep under the skin ones. I was pretty happy: I didn't even go through the purging/peeling stage. However a cou
  23. SpiroUser

    Before Pictures

    Okay so - I wanted to share some before pictures. This is when I had hit my breaking point... I would have seriously burned off my face if it meant a beautiful new one would magically appear. I had stopped going to the dermatologist because the one I was seeing wouldn't believe me when I said everything I was dealing with on my face was totally hormonal and none of the stuff I had was working. I had been seeing her for about a year and a half. LUCKILY I found someone else but anyway... here's th
  24. Hi guys, just a quick question for anyone with experience of Epiduo or retinoids in general. I know the instructions say to only use a thin layer once a day but recently I've had a few new cysts coming up again and have been using it to spot treat these in the morning as well as using the Epiduo all over at night. Is this a really bad thing to do with a formula that contains a retinoid? Will it harm my skin? It's the only thing I own that seems to have any impact on these cysts so although I'd n
  25. Simzy125

    Epiduo Journey (Again)

    I shall begin by saying that my journey with acne has been a complete mess (kind of). I just graduated high school and will be attending college in a few short months. Age: 17, sex: female. When I was 14 I had mild acne on my cheeks and forehead and my doctor put me on Epiduo. I have no idea how my skin looked those first few months because it was the summer before 10th grade and I really didn't care much about a few pimples. From age 14.5-16.5 I stayed on Epiduo and had nice, clear skin. T