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Found 22 results

  1. There’s been a lot of talk about stress and acne lately. I’d like to demystify the topic, in order to bring it under people’s control. I want to show a little bit about how this connection works, and how it can be used in a very tangible way for healing. The word ‘stress’ is so vague it almost has no meaning. To people who are stressed out, knowing you’re stressed doesn't really help, except that now you can be stressed about being stressed. I’d like to break it down and see what’s really behind
  2. Hi my name isaac, im 17 and also a junior in high school. I been struggling with acne and its not going to well, i don't know what im doing wrong, i just feel sad, disgusted with my face, i want to burs into tears really. cant even look at my friends in the eyes when they talk to me, i been really down, tried so many things but nothing seems to be working, my face right now is dry, flaky, uneven, acne, dark spots, and hyper pigmentation lots. I tried to leave my skin alone but i just cant. I kee
  3. So I am 32, had acne and oily skin, blackheads blah blah blah, since I was 14....long time right... Tried every lotion potion, cream, pill, tablet, that you can think of...been to 3 derms who were useless.... Its ruined my life, my confidence, my self esteem, can anyone here relate?? Ive tried the detox, eating healthy, going natural with cleansers etc and stilllll zits and whiteheads.... How does everyone else here cope? Its ruining me.
  4. How Acne Affects Self-Esteem

    What Is Self-esteem, and Why Does It Matter? Acne Negatively Affects Self-esteem Acne Affects Self-esteem More Severely in Women Treating Acne Improves Self-esteem The Bottom Line What Is Self-esteem, and Why Does It Matter? Self-esteem is a person's subjective opinion of their own worth. While high self-esteem contributes to a person's success and quality of life, low self-esteem can make a person feel down and even cause depression. Low self-esteem potentially leads to serious problems, such as...
  5. I realized that I didn't post nearly as often last round of accutane (lol I just told my computer to add this word to dictionary bc its such a huge part of my vocab that I have to use so often now). I posted maybe 7 times up until day 40 then the day of my last pill. Am I handling this round differently? Different schedule? I think I feel the need to document this round as best as possible just in case I end up taking acc a third facking time and need to remember what side effects are normal, no
  6. Skin Condition My chin has a weird scaley patch on it this morning.. You cant see it but youu can feel it My chin also has a couple small whiteheads my forehead is looking really good I have one big whitehead on the bridge of my nose Application This morning I washed my face with my sulfacleanse I applied some moisturizer I took my doxycycline Before bed I washed my face
  7. So I haven't posted in a while but, well, nothing has really happened...apart from developing the watery moustache. The watery moustache is the name for the phenomena where my upper lip sweats non-stop all day. That, along with my watery eyes and dry, crusted lips, gives me that 'nervous sexual predator' look every self-conscious, desperate-to-fit-in teenager wants. I don't understand why I'm all of a sudden getting this though. I did get it a little when I over-exerted myself or became too
  8. I'm walking and then a couple(lovers) passes by and i notice them smiling, laughing, holding hands, hugging close together, kissing, etc..And i just wonder to myself....Will i be that lucky someday? Will i? To have a girl walk by my side that i can hug and hold? To talk to? To kiss? To love? heh..i wish it was that easy...But sadly, its not. Especially if your an ugly acne scared up monster like me, i dont like to think of myself this way, but somehow it feels that way. I don't know how i stay s
  9. I've had acne since age 10, it's currently what you'd probably classify as moderate, although it partially covers my face, and the majority of my back. I can definitely say acne has impacted me a lot. Middle school being the worst as I was one of the only kids that had acne, so I got a lot of mean/rude comments such as "You're disgusting, do you even wash your face??" I was humiliated and tried to avoid school. I think it's kind of funny that many people brush acne off as being a minor, insignif
  10. Has anyone seen this video yet? It makes me really emotional because this is how I feel everyday https://www.youtube.com/embed/WWTRwj9t-vU
  11. I have logged onto this forum after years because I just really needed somewhere to vent (hopefully this will be cathartic). I'm not sure what I'm looking for from starting this thread - I guess I'm looking to see if people have ever felt the same way as reassurance that I'm not alone in this? About a year ago, I started a stressful (but very exciting!) job and my acne (cystic) flared up again - and today I found I'm just about to have a huge atrophic scar owing to this massive cyst on my f
  12. Hello, My cystic acne recently started flaring up again after taking a trip to Florida. Thinking that all of it was gone from being on a regimen of Tretinoin 0.05%, Aczone and Doxy 150 mg, I stopped taking them and was on birth control and switched recently to a new one. Thinking that it was from being out in the sun too much and not having much protection, and not being on birth control and so many other things...I'm guessing thats why it started up again. Anyway, I recently started taking
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a couple of ideas about acne and skin healing. Here’s the thing: There is much talk about the emotional side-affects of acne which can leave visible scars not only on the surface of the skin, but on the soul as well. However, what I have come to realize after my 15-year long struggle with acne, is that our emotions are not a result of acne, but rather a direct cause of skin breakouts. After much reading and studying, I have come to a conclusion t
  14. In this post I'd like to show how to use EFT, which is what I used to eliminate the emotional factors in my life that were causing my acne. For those unfamiliar with it, EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a simple self-help technique which enables you to quickly and easily resolve all kinds of painful negative emotions, whether past or present. By lightly tapping on a series of points on the face and upper body, EFT releases 'stuck' emotional energy, taking the charge out of painful o
  15. Hello, and welcome to a different kind of regimen. My story is about how addressing and healing my emotional life healed my acne. And how you can do it as well. This is a different way to approach acne. I’m going to explain how acne is connected to our emotional health, and how both the acne and the emotional pain can be addressed with something called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Hopefully by using the tools and information here, you can experience the same emotional and
  16. My name is Angel. I'm an addict. I'm addicted to skin picking. Or perhaps just addicted to picking out my imperfections and focusing on them with diamond-cuttin laser focus. Today I am starting "the regimen". Or should I say... tomorrow i am starting. I've already messed up today. I've only told a few people about my "dirty little secret".. and they all think I'm crazy. The problem is that I never let anyone see me without make up. I'm a young, fairly successful business woman in the
  17. Free Ebook full of interesting insights that extend far beyond simply "imagining yourself acne free" and "hypnotizing" your acne away. This man is brilliant and I am pleased to share this with you, I hope you all benefit from it: http://grossbart.com/SkinDeep.pdf And his website Love, Me
  18. Maybe I should call it "worried" or "anxious" or something that makes me sound less like a five-year-old. But that's exactly how I feel right now. Scared, like a little kid, alone in the dark, not sure whether or not there really is a monster hiding behind my bookshelf. Anyway, right now, I'm standing on the precipice of a major shift in my career that will drastically change my lifestyle for the next several years. And even though I'm happy that I have the opportunity to be doing what I'm d
  19. I cried duing my monthly appointment on Friday. I just hate all of this and feel overwhelmed, but not suicidal or anything. I had a sinus infection this month and having a monthly cycle again (b/c IUD came out) is really hard. The hormones surging make me so touchy... Don't miss that at all! This is still an emotional rollercoaster, even though I feel better and my skin looks SO MUCH BETTER. With makeup, you can barely tell I've had any issues over the last few months. 'Tane is some strong s
  20. Hi guys, I am pretty sure that most of you know the memes. My thought is to explain how you are feeling today (I know a topic already exists) but thanks to memes. I hope it is a good idea and some of you are going to participate. I begin! Please give it a try!
  21. Do you think it is possible that feeling optimistic when trying on a new product can heal acne? I know it sounds silly but I'd like to think so. What is your opinion? I mean, isn't that why placebos are given in drug trials to eliminate any psychological effects on the effectiveness of the treatment? Just saying.
  22. Here is an article about the comments and treatment people with acne get. Besides being downright rude these hurt our self esteem in a big way. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/does-my-acne-make-me-less-human_us_57274ce8e4b0fca99122919d?section=india