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Found 65 results

  1. For the last 5 years I've been constantly struggling with bad acne. i've felt hopeless, fearful, ugly, unlovable. Lately i've been fantasizing about a place i could wake up every morning and feel accepted by my self and those around me. I know its a pipe dream. but what if there was a place were people could come to vacation or to receive therapy or go through accutane treatment or any type of skin treatment around other people who are going through the exact same thing. a place of tolerance, l
  2. Hi everyone i used to be a long time lurker here. I haven't visited this site in maybe 4 months because my condition has improved significantly. As i have never posted before i will fill everyone in on my past experiences. From the age of 13 my acne has become worse and worse. I had cystic acne all over my face, which at most times made it extremely painful to smile. I wouldn't look people in the eye, would hate going out to dinner with my parents and would spend all nights in my room instead of
  3. What angers me most about acne is all the missed opportunities it caused me to have during my teen years that I will never get back. I had no friends and never did anything exciting as a teen because I lived in isolation not by choice. I'm 21 now and have pretty much clear skin and I feel like I'm years behind everyone else because it socially stunted me and it's hard to start a social life from scratch as you get older.
  4. Hi, I just joined this amazing community! For my first post, I just really wanted to vent and share my personal "long story short." I've suffered from acne for about 12 years now. When I was a teen, I thought it was just common to have acne because of puberty and it'll go away in a few years. Well, I was wrong. I had acne through high school, college, and up to today I still have it and it has gotten severe. I've literally tried everything from proactiv to clean & clear to Clinique and every
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to post something different on this forum. I have suffered with acne for 6 years, I have literally tried everything possible and through those six years I have experienced an array of emotions. I have been angry, sad, lonely, depressed, and insecure. I'm not going to tell you that I am at my optimum confidence level or that I even love myself now or more. It seems like people promote that they love themselves after they make their flaws disappear, but that's not always
  6. Hello all! I made a video on acne and how to best overcome the depression and low self esteem that can come along with it. I want to make more videos on the subject, discuss the pros and cons about accutane and uplift people but i'm trying to get some subscribers first. So when you get a chance, please let me know what you guys think, and please comment and subscribe Thank you !
  7. I will never sympathize with cancer patients or people who have HIV/AIDS or diabetes etc. They get all these charities and donations and support and I get stared at like a freak. After years of anxiety humiliation and bullying nothing will ever change my mind about this. I couldn't care less about them while we get nothing
  8. Hello everyone, So for a long time, years actually, I have been looking at various posts on this website but never actually posted anything. But I think it's about time I do as I'm feeling extremely down about my skin now. If things don't seem articulate then I'm sorry. I've only just stopped crying. I first started struggling with acne when I was 12/13. I'm now 22 (female). Long time. However, I have managed to keep it in control with topicals an
  9. Soo I've been going out wit this girl for 2 weeks and we became a relationship a few days ago. Thing is she loves the beach and practically lives a few minutes from there. She has already brought up how she wants to be there together. Me, on the other hand, dont enjoy the beach like i used to years ago. Simply because i have horrible back acne. All over the back of my shoulder blades and in the middle. Most of it is on the upper back. I am ashamed of it to be honest. Seeing other guys at the bea
  10. I am a 15 year old who has struggled since i was in 6th grade. All i can say is that acne has been terrible. I have tried EVERYTHING. I tried bone broth (grossest thing), vegan diet, clean eating (no processed), indian healing clay, acv, zinc, vitamin d3, benzoyl peroxide, epiduo, anti biotics, manuka honey ect ect... Nothing even improved it a little. Just dried our my sensitive skin. I know life would be easier with clear skin.i have oily skin that gets inflammed and worse with stress (aka sch
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first post after many months of curious lurking. In January of last year I went on 3 weeks of board spectrum antibiotics and after my course was completed, started noticing strange itchy pinpricks that would come and go without rhyme or reason across my chest. This went on for a year before my GP suggested fungal folliculitis and gave me 3 weeks of Fluconazole at 100mg per day for 3 weeks. My PF started getting immensely better and I was overjoyed. I was very excit
  12. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. After buying and trying all the over the counter creams, lotions and potions under the sun, to using topical and medicated creams to having every available anti-biotic, cutting out various food groups from my diet, self esteem plumetting to an all time low, two courses of gruelling courses of roaccutane (accutane), I feel my acne slowly returning. I am now at an endocrinologist but i feel as though i have lost all hope. I feel
  13. When my skins good I'm euphoric. When my skins bad it's not even worth getting out of bed in the morning. I feel like accutane is this horrible drug that lulls you into a false sense of security until your skin comes back with a vengance I have just been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovaries) and therefore discovered that the two courses of roaccutane I have been on were, in effect, useless and pointless i really need help
  14. Sometimes I think it's a payback of my previous evil living style. I used to sleep really late, due to my work and also my habit for ages. Had only 2 to 3 glasses of water daily. Ate any rubbish I wanted and ate a lot. Almost zero exercise. Lazy as hell, bought my second hand skateboard at a really tempting price almost one year ago but just used it once. But I was health enough and even ppl told me that I was too active sometimes. I thought I was just lucky. Acne did bring me unexpectedly no
  15. The last couple of days I have come to the conclusion that I will be Forever Alone forever. I'm too late in the dating game and will never marry and barely have a social life all thanks to acne and some other personal issues I had when I was younger. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to accept this and be content while seeing happy clear skinned people everywhere. Some of us are just cursed.
  16. Katherine Phan

    Acne Sucks Balls.

    I'm new to posting and for a couple of moths now I just been on this website, just trying to reassure myself that I'm not alone. And sometimes I been bawling my eyes out from some of these posts. I have mild to moderate acne although everyday, I fear to get out of bed to face the new treasure in the mirror.(maybe alot of people feel this way also) and I'm wondering if anyone else takes off their glasses/contacts so the mirror all blurred up. I know I'm just 15 and many people have been sufferi
  17. Lavenderanya

    Is my acne that bad?

    Hello everybody. Before I start acne took over my life and those who have it really know what I'm talking about... It's difficult to post a picture so I'm going to ask you the severity of my face. It's all genetics for me as my dad had very problematic skin during his teenage years. I sometimes don't leave the house due to the redness.. which drugstore products would be really helpful for my type of skin..? - it gets really oily at the end of the day - kind of sensitive - a little bit te
  18. Most of you guys probably haven't haha still searching for your own little cure as we all are. I've had acne forever and grew up with it now as an adult with acne i've come to terms with it a bit because it's just how people see me the girl with the acne. Which is fine i've learned to accept that. I've mostly just have grown apathetic towards my acne and have accepted it as apart of me. I still treat it but its a constant battle i keep losing haha.
  19. Hi! This is for the fellow friends on this board, that have dealt with acne or are still dealing with it. It's my personal story! Just like many of you, I deal with acne. Painful, terrible, cyctic and severe acne. When I was in 7th grade I started to get tiny little bumps over my forehead, but as a kid I really just ignored it, until they became more consistent, yet still mild. As a young teenager, obsessed with the views of others, I insisted on getting professional help. Doing so I was pr
  20. Hi Guys, starting to return to this website as I have been struggling lately. I am 16 and have been having skin issues for just over a year. I have big problems with hyper pigmentation, redness and Seborrheic dermatitis. I used to have mild to moderate acne but now I don't have that many active pimples, just a few. Looking in the mirror doesn't always destroy me but it's more the emotional issues I have been dealing with. I have pigmentation issues with the skin close to the eye area, and I gene
  21. after suffering from acne for 7+ years all I feel is hate and anger now. Especially towards younger people around my age (20) They think they are living the life. Bullying from it messed me up and I don't think there is ever going back to being happy.
  22. I have started trying to consciously practice seeing myself as more than my acne. This might seem like an obvious practice, or something that should come naturally; but for me it is defiantly not. Acne has given me a negative attitude towards my body. I feel as though my body has failed my in some way and is not functioning properly despite my efforts. But this attitude is unhealthy, and I have come to find the following positive thoughts have helped me feel a little more peaceful in times of
  23. Do you ever see someone in public that has acne, and get angry because you know that the person is probably wicked insecure about it, and feels so much pain because of it? I know I do. I look at them, and it reminds me of looking in a mirror, and the anger and self-hatred that I feel is none that anyone else should have to experience. It makes me want to cry, because I can sympathize with them a lot, even though my skin may not be as bad, it's acne nonetheless, and it's the same feeling.
  24. chiarasherwan


    Everyone who has been beaten down and suffering from acne whether it be teenage cystic or adult, needs to read this. I'm no stranger to acne. This is my 6th year suffering from it as I crossed the teenage boundary into adulthood at the age of 20. I've tried antibiotics, birth control, natural topical remedies like honey, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and just about every topical treatment you can think of (clean and clear, proactive, BP, retinoids). Let me tell you. READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO TO A DER
  25. veiledxbeauty

    Not Alone.

    It's hard to go anything in life alone. But when YOU are the reason for this predicament, loneliness is second to guilt. I believed that my disfigured face was the catalyst for people writing me off; but oh, how wrong I've been. When you focus on all of the bad, the negative, the ugly in life, including the way you appear, you become consumed by those things. You become the people that told you that you were less. You become the people that see only the shallow reflection of a person's s