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Found 13 results

  1. I'm super excited to announce that my skin has been consistently clear and non-irritated for about a month now. The products I'm currently using have slowly weaned its way into my regimen - I'm starting to realize that skincare is a delicate balance of taking care of your skin - really listening to it on a daily basis to improve it overall. As a result, instead of completely switching products or starting completely new regimens, I've slowly incorporated the products into my regimen - especially
  2. Hi folks, has anyone tried a new product called epiology? It uses natural bioactive proteins and has some quite good reviews on the website epiologyskincare.com
  3. hello, i am starting this post to weigh the two ends of clindamycin phoaphate..one with nicotinamide(faceclin gel) and other with adapalene(faceclin-A gel) (adapalene for many is DIfferin) also,help people now and in future to select one topical is likely to be most effective. main aims : ## considering functions of clindamycin phosphate,nicotinamide and adapalene(differin) alone and when together? ## choosing either nicotinamide OR adapalene when with CP?why? ##do u think cli
  4. Hello yall! As some of you might know, I was recently prescribed Accutane (Absorica) and I am currently on my 9th day! My dosage is currently at 30 mg, and I am very hopeful. My mom even believes that my acne has cleared up a bit - but I'm thinking it's just the "placebo" effect. So I have some questions: my face is still very oily, when should I expect it to finally dry out? This is what I'm most excited about, as I have always had immensely oily skin and even made my face look bad when I w
  5. Hi this is my first time on the forum here. Im 14 (and soon to be 15). I'm a dude. I recently got prescribed claravis (accutane) 20mg everyday after battling acne with no effect the past few years. In the past year I've especially gotten bad shoulder acne and a few pimples on my back so I asked to be put on the treatment. I've looked around and was wondering are there any long term side effects? I've heard of tane stunting growth in teens, leading to chronic joint pain or possibly arthritis, and
  6. Today is my 9th day on the regimen, an it's working sooooo well!! My face is clearing up real fast and the scars are fading too. I do have 2,3 very small whitehead during these days ( I don't have it that often before, I've searched that it's the effect of the BP). And I have quite dry skin around my mouth and eyes area after using the cleanser. So I apply Cetaphil moisturizer on those area , then BP on the acne area, and then Dan's moisturizer. My question is, I'm still using the BP at ni
  7. hey i went on holiday with a box of accutane pills and i left them in the heat by accident and every pill that i get out, the shape is deformed, obviously they have like semi melted from the heat... will these pills still be effective or should i get onto a new box with fresh pills? I don't want to waste my time eating them if they are not going to do anything for me...
  8. I am 34 years old and from about the age of 17 have had significant acne, only on my face. I have no scarring. My skin has always been both oily and dry. I tried lots of topical creams as a teenager and early 20s, hoping I would grow out of it, then in addition to the acne I would get red and flushed. I could go to bed with clear skin and wake up with a bit welt i the middle of my forehead. I slowly identified triggers over the years.. alcohol was a big one.. champagne in particular actually. Mi
  9. I was suffering from a bad acne ,I tried many things face wash ,moisturizer ,creams,but nothing really worked . Then one day i took best decision of my life and that is to REMOVE DAIRY FROM YOUR DIET COMPLETELY !!!! yes COMPLETELY!!!! You will see a great improvement in your skin after 2 weeks . One more thing you need to clear your system ,you need to purify your blood so every morning after waking up go to your kitchen cut half lemon mix it in 1 glass of luke warm water and drink it reg
  10. This will be long, but please set aside a little time to read this as it may help you! I just read the thread titled "only people with acne will understand" and I was moved to the point of tears and decided to make an account and post my story and more info about the process of acne and how to stop it. I found what worked and just moved on, but I didn't realize how much pain others were in. I'll start with my story. I grew up as a girl with dark skin. My skin was always fine other
  11. Microneedling, PRP and TCA Cross. Effective scar treatments that can be conducted relatively simply to oneself. The above techniques have robust empirical evidence as effective techniques in scar revision. I have selected them because they are all relatively simple procedures, which are cheap and easy to administer. I believe this multi modal approach will lead to much greater improvement than using the treatments individually. A few selective references: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/
  12. Hi guys, This is my first post on here and I thought I would join the acne.org community after being put on Roaccutane (I live in the UK) or Accutane. This is my 4th day taking 30mg once a day of Accutane and just have a question on what is the best way to take Accutane. I read the instruction leaflet given with my Accutane and it said to take it with food or milk which I have been doing. Do you need to take Accutane with water whilst you are take it with your food? Because, I've bee
  13. Can some contribute some natural effective scar treatment? I find these bottom to be good.(Do take note that scar treatment take years(for deep scars. maybe 2-5 years? eat, sleep and exercise regularly to maintain peak health.) 1. Aloe Vera 2. Olive oil 3. Egg whites Above all, you need someone watching you from the heaven.