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Found 99 results

  1. hi! looking to see if anyone has a similar story... i had mild acne as a teen and took yaz(generic brand) and it helped immediately!! it was a miracle and i took it up until 2017 because i feel like it made me depressed/gained weight. once i got off it i went from 120 to 105 pounds. i had mild acne nbd for about a year and a half but for the most part my skin was perfectly clear. this past march (24 years old now) my skin broke out horrifically (worse than i’ve ever experienced). it’s
  2. OMGmahface

    Day 1

    So i'm starting this blog to hold me accountable for picking at my skin. I'm very good at disciplining myself when needed, but for some reason I can't stop picking at my skin! I tell myself "NO MORE PICKING" but 10 min later, I find myself in front of the mirror... touching my face for any bumps :'( and then pick pick pick. Hopefully, by writing this blog, i'll be able to force myself to stop - for the sake of each entry! I know one reason why I haven't stopped picking is because I haven't
  3. so I wanted to share with you what I paid over 500 dollars to get: a routine drawn up by a dermatologist that really worked. Then I am going to show you how I am working to tweek it for my newly uninsured unemployed little self. And before I go into all of this I just want to say wether you have insurance or not if over the counter stuff is not working please go to your general doctor, a dermatologist, even a free clinic if need be, it truely is worth it. I kick myself for the times I fell off
  4. I have been using duac (5% benzoyl peroxide and 1.2% clindamycin) for 2 months already. My acne decreased but there are still a lot of pimples and I really cannot see significant changes. I am thinking to follow dan's regimen so I plan to switch to benzac which active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide as well (but no clindamycin). Do you guys think that I will experience another purging or breakout once I switch even though they are both benzoyl peroxide. I don't want another purging.
  5. Hi all For the past year I've used differin and lymecycline, Epiduo and doxycycline and now Duac and Epiduo. Apart from the Epiduo and doxycycline which worked for a few weeks none of these products have been working and I want to give the acne.org regimen a go. Will it work for me? Right now I have mild to moderate acne with very small bumps and whiteheads.
  6. Hi guys, I just recently joined this site because I always find myself coming to it to read the advice. My acne first started when I was around eleven. I began getting these rough, tiny, under the skin bumps along my cheeks near my nose. They never bothered me much because I could only see them in the sunlight and in harsh lighting. Then, when I hit about 12-13, that's when the fun began. My forehead became covered in whiteheads, as well as a few along my cheeks and chin, and my back was covered
  7. Hello all, I have been suffering with acne since I was about 15 years old, it's mostly been mild/moderate but does get quite bad sometimes. I'm now coming up to 26 and still have problem skin, which upsets me so much. Years ago, I decided to go and see a dermatologist who told me about Accutane, which I hadn't head of before. I decided to go for it and did indeed experienced the initial BAD break out, with some irritating side effects including very dry/flaky skin and lips. The medication di
  8. Hey guys. I'm starting this personal log because as of today I'm starting on Diane35 + Duac daily gel. I've had acne since I was 13, but it's being very varied how bad it's been. While it was annoying as a teenager, I never suffered from very low self-esteem. Now I'm 24 and my acne has turned cystic. Also, I have no friends who are struggling with acne. I'm starting my professional career, and my skin is acting like I'm a teenager. I have never been so frustrated, and I finally decided to
  9. Hello all. I have been struggling with acne since I was in 8th grade. It just isn't fair how some people have perfect skin and they don't do anything. I have been on practically everything. Usually I am in a cycle and it ranges from clear, beautiful skin to breaking out a lot. Since For as long as I can remember, I have been on Oracea in the morning paired with Duac(Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin) and at night I take Ortho-Cyclen and Retin-a .04%. I use Cetaphil Moisturizer and Cleanser, and
  10. I need some help. So I had been clear for a long time(over a year) on the following regimen: Am: cetaphil normal-oily skin cleanser Duac Cetaphil moisturizer Oracea Pm: cetaphil cleanser again Retin a micro .04 Cetaphil moisturizer Ortho tri cyclen Then, I started getting occasional cysts on my chin, so I went to ortho cyclen. This cleared me up completely for two months. I stopped taking oracea, and my skin went downhill quickly. I started getting lots of little pimples al
  11. I've just ordered the Clenser and Moisturizer to do the Regimen because I currently have BenzaClin (aka Duac) . It contains 1% clindamycin phosphate and 5% benzoyl peroxide. I was prescribed this for my day treatment and Retin-A for nights. I was thinking should I use both of these as prescribed as my treatment options for the Regimen? Perhaps use only the BenzaClin as it is closer to the Regimen's recommended treatment (though stronger) or invest in the Regimen's treatment of 2.5% BP? Has anyo
  12. Hi Guys I have been suffering with moderate acne and tried to control it via benzoyl peroxide and over the counter spot treatments When i started University, it got worse and i registered with my University GP and was prescribed Lymecycline and topical Clindamycin (Dalacin) and after a month, it worked like a miracle with all spots gone and my skin felt amazing. However when my university finished and i moved back to my home, i had to re register with my previous GP and when i trie
  13. hey everyone, I went to the derm. today and was prescribed 0.4 Retin-A, Duac, and Doxycycline, and I've been using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to wash my face. Does anyone have any advice or tips and tricks to avoid skin irritation, and how long it will take to see results. Please help!
  14. So, I'm a 15 old girl and I've had acne for quite a while now but recently it's started to really depress me and I think it has gotten quite a lot worse. It started when I was about 11, but I only would get a few spots- barely anything and it didn't bother me. I don't know where it got to the point where it stopped being a few spots and started being acne. I wish I'd paid more attention and tackled it early on but oh well. I used to get acne on my forehead but that's cleared up now which is g
  15. Hello fellow readers. I am at whits end with acne. I have been struggling since 8th grade, and I am currently in 12th. I have been on everything. Currently, this is my regimen. AM: -Wash face with Cetaphil cleanser and Clarisonic. -Apply Duac. -Apply Cetaphil Moisturizer. -Apply OC Eight Mattifying Gel. -Apply Estee Lauder's Double Wear liquid foundation and powder. PM: -Remove make up with makeup remover wipes. -Wash face with Cetaphil cleanser and Clarisonic. -Apply Retin A. -A
  16. Hello, Im 16 years old male. I have had acne since i was about 12/13. However my acne wasn't severe or anything like that it was one pimple here on there and it carried on like that untill about 6 months ago. I got a massive breakout i went straight away to my GP and he adivised me to go on Tetralysal 300mg and use duac only daily cream, i have been using this for two months now i feel that the spots had stopped but there is so many red marks that is horrible to look at is there anything tha
  17. Do any of these interfere with the ability to acquire a tan? I am currently using the sodium sulfacetamide on my back and the duac and differin on other affected areas. I have mild acne on my back and very little acne on my face and chest. And yes, I am aware of how damaging the sun can be to one's skin but I use 50 SPF whilst tanning. Thanks.
  18. Hey everyone, so I thought I'd never do this, but I'm feeling like I need to share my journey on this website because I'm honestly so distraught and I need to track progress somehow. This is going to be tough for me because I know that some of the pictures might be gruesome and not show much improvement. But I'm planning on showing pictures of my journey on Differin (at night), Duac (mornings) and Bactrim (once daily antibiotic. While I have used Differin inconsisently for a little over two m
  19. Okay so first, my questions: Does anyone have any advice for applying makeup when using topicals? What kind of moisturizer works the best for keeping skin hydrated and wearing underneath makeup? Here's a little background if you're interested: I've been using Duac and Retin-A as a regimen for the past few weeks (I was initially on Differin and then switched to Retin-A, but I've been using Topicals since April) and while my acne is subsiding, I do have a lot of pigmentation and unevenes
  20. Finally went to the derm yesterday after a pretty bad face asplosion last week. I started trying a couple new products at once about a month ago so I'm not sure if and which one of them's behind it, but I don't think my acne's ever been quite this bad. Anyways, here's my routine I started last night. Morning Cetaphil cleanser* CeraVe moisturizer Duac Evening Olive oil cleanse (around 3x a week) Cetaphil cleanser CeraVe moisturizer Tazorac .05% *Currently using the Target b
  21. Hello, I have suffered with moderate acne for about four years. After experimenting with Acne.org's BP for a long time, I determined that my skin for some reason could not handle that much BP and settled on using half of the recommended amount but only at night. Otherwise, my skin becomes incredibly dry and irritated. This was effective in reducing my acne significantly, but I was not satisfied. I recently went to a dermatologist who prescribed me Solodyn 55mg, Duac, and Retin-a Micro .0
  22. Wondering if anyone in your family is using a PRESCRIPTION topical ACNE drug product (list below of some brands but you might have a generic version which is fine too). If so I'm trying to find out the "shelf life" of various products so as to determine which is best for me. If you still have original outer packaging that the tube/pump came in, it should have an expiration date on it. Please respond and note: 1) the brand/generic name 2) product form (gel, cream, foam, whatever) 3) the m
  23. Hi, I just started the regime tonight! I live in Ireland so am reluctant to order the products on here as it'l cost loads. There arent any products here with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide so I got Duac Gel which has 5% BP. Is this ok as a substitute? It also says not to use for more than 12 weeks. But the regime is meant to be a form of continuous maintenance so Im confused as to whether its ok to use duac or not? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  24. Hi everyone, last month was the month of "sorrow" to me. I'm male, 16 years old. Over the past 6 months, acne is my biggest concern. The first 5 months were acceptable and under control, but not until last month. I suffered a sudden breakout on my right cheek, 2 cysts and many whiteheads. I visited my family doctor and she prescribed me clindamycin phosphate (1%)/benzoyl peroxide (5%) and minocycline 100mg (oral antibiotics). I'm currently on the 3rd week of this regimen. The first week was awes