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Found 393 results

  1. Hi everyone! I will spare the background and history about me until later on as I progress through The Regimen, but long story short, I have been a lurker for a long time and only now decided to try The Regimen out. I am a 19 year old male. I am about a week and a half in, and like everyone else, I am experiencing dryness and flaking. I would like some advice on what exactly it is I should do next, so I signed up a few minutes ago haha. I started slowly at once a day before I went to bed, sl
  2. Hi everyone, I started the regimen about 18 months ago, and after trying for so long with so many different products I decided to give up as it wasn't doing much for me, and currently I am using nothing for my acne as I discussing products with my GP. I have always had an extremely oily face, back and chest (even though I don't get acne on my chest or back) but for the past year my neck which was fairly normal has become painfully dry, to the point where it hurts to move my head. This may
  3. Hello everyone, almost 3 weeks ago I was prescribed a generic version of ortho-tri-cyclen by my doctor called Tri-lin-yah. The main thing I want to bring up is how suddenly dry my skin is. Not just my face but my whole body. Not only that but I feel extremely dehydrated overall and my lips feel very dry along with my contacts/eyes. My face is getting so dry to the point that makeup looks weird when I'm trying to cover up my skin, which is broken out pretty bad, so it's upsetting. I was wonderin
  4. I was wondering if anybody could help me find vitamins that could help with my acne. I've recently gone gluten and dairy free but am still suffering from severe acne. I've began taking biotin and borage oil but was wondering in anybody had any other ideas as well as what else I should try to eliminate from my diet? Thank you so much in advance.
  5. Hi Everyone, To start, I just want to say that I have been using the Regimen for almost a whole month now, and seeing great results. Now that my acne is under control, I have another problem, very dry patchy, almost painful at times, skin on my hands since I have to wash my hands before each step of the Regimen (and sometimes after.) I started to experience this within the second week. I have been trying to moisturize my hands many times a day,and especially go bit heavy at night before
  6. I have prom in 4 days and my skin is still dry and flaky because of the Regimen. As most know, dry skin and makeup don't go well. If anyone knows a good exfoliator i can use then please let me know. I don't like to use harsh ones because they are irritating but just this once won't through my skin out of waco, plus my skin isn't that sensitive to exfoliators. Also, a really good moisturizer would be good too! I use Dan's and it seems to be too mild for me, it provides immediate relief but my s
  7. Hello, I'm having some issues and I'd like to see if someone can help me / tell me what might be the causes. I'm like a month into the regimen. My acne is getting better, I still break out but better still. Thing is, I'm having trouble with random, eventual flaky days. I started handling my dryness pretty well after founding the right mosturizer for me and adding jojoba oil, but there are this random days when, all of the sudden, my skin gets SERIOUSLY flaky, dead skin patches everywhere.
  8. I'm 22 and I have oily skin. My journey with acne and acne treatments began when I was 7 years old. I actually don't have hormonal acne anymore (thanks, spiro!) but I have a lot of deep, closed comedones all over my face with a few inflamed pimples cropping up each week. All in all, I've come a long way from the cystic, volcanic skin I had 2-3 years ago. A few days ago, I asked about how to remove closed comedones in the Oily Skin forum, and a commenter mentioned salicylic acid. I used BHAs i
  9. Hey everyone! I'm looking for advice, I'm on accutane and nearly in my 2 week!every early days but hopefully I'm not alone when I say I have been ticking a lot of boxes when it comes to the common side effects.... It's very tough at the moment and it's taking it's toll on my skin, I know accutane works from the inside out but any info would be great to ease the pain of my face! There are zillions of products and it's so hard to choose! I've managed to bring it down to one product... Aveeno c
  10. On March 3 and 4, I applied BP all over my face. I was using 10% and then 5%. I stopped applying all over face because it was burning too much for me to tolerate when I would apply my moisturizer. I have since switched to applying the BP as a spot treatment. It is now March 7, and my face is full of flakes. The degree has gone down in the last day or so, but they are still very very present; around my eyes and my mouth/chin area is the worst. I don't seem to get flakes on my forehead. I wash my
  11. So far, I have eliminated all my cysts and nodules. I started the Regimen during the worst outbreak I have had in months. I had a massive, pus filled cyst deep under the skin with multiple heads--gross. In 2 days, it was gone. I am still shocked and proceeding cautiously before celebrating. I had my acne improve after going on retinoids only to have the cysts return so I am holding my breath. But there is no sign on new cysts. There are have been a few pimples but they have cleared up quickly. I
  12. HI, I am located in SYDNEY Australia. I am looking for any other people suffering from this drug located in Australia to take part in a class action law suit. Please contact me at: (email address removed)
  13. Hello, I've been using the regimen over the summer and my acne is so much better, but now school is starting and even though my skin is looking better id feel more comfortable if i had some makeup on, at least like a mineral powder foundation.. The thing is, if i use makeup i would have to minimize the amount of bp because my skin would be way too flaky to have any makeup on it, but then it would take more time for my skin to heal.. My question is, is there something i could do for my founda
  14. Hello I have been on 60mg of accutane per day for the first 2 and a half months. I was just upped to 80mg of accutane a day starting my third month. I have some acne still and red spots, when can i expect the best results? Also will i broke out like crazy when I first started, can I expect another breakout now that I am on 80mg compared to 60mg? Thanks!
  15. Okay, so the other day, I used tea tree oil and witch hazel. Those of which, dried my skin out severely. I can't even look at my face in the mirror. So I put makeup on, and of course it made it way worse. How can I apply makeup to make it look like I don't have dry skin? Or what moisturizer can I use to get rid of this in a day? Also, I have tried exfoliating but every time I do that, my skin gets itchy and red and it makes it worse! Please help! My skin was perfectly fine before I used those h
  16. I've been using this product for a while and it definitely dries out my skin. Despite it being supposedly one of the mildest facial cleansers. I only use it at night when I'm taking a shower. In the morning, I'll wash with warm water. During the day, I'll notice my entire face can be dry. Including the T-zone and cheeks/chin. Is there a less drying alternative? I would rather not use face lotion, but if that is suggested, please recommend a relatively inexpensive and non-fragrant product.
  17. So it seems that I only post stuff on here when I'm breaking out... Jeez I'm so frustrated you have no idea. I do EVERYTHING right in the regimen. I recently discovered that the way I'm cleansing my face is contributing to all the dryness, so I'm still trying to figure that out. I am really annoyed by just this one little blemish on my face. It's not even a pimple, it's not a zit, it's just a little spot. Red spots. Obviously my acne type has changed since starting the regimen. Mostly my skin is
  18. Hey all. Im about to finish my 2nd month on Accutane which actually makes me happy because everyone tells me that accutane begins to remove pimples once and for all starting on month 3, so that makes me ecstatic. But I have a problem. When I take a shower and gently pat my face dry, I notice some blood spots to appear on the towel. I look at the mirror and it's some of my pimples. They just randomly pop and start bleeding. I don't want to get acne scars, so why does this keep happening? Al
  19. my was left with extreme darkening of skin(facial) from use of accutane.primarily because i was too dry and skin almost cracked. but eventhough i have improved and the skin over all had got better but some areas of my face which were more darkened/reddened is still left with reddish or blackish tinge after 6-7 mnths. now,i hope that they too will go away. but i am skeptical. does anyone have any idea whether or not it will go away? or will the tinge(slight may be) remain forever?? al
  20. i have been on the regimen for 8 weeks now and my skin is still dry. i thought by now it wouldn't be dry but it is. my skin never got really really dry but it's just bugging me so much that it's not getting better. when will it get better?? idk if it's also the hot weather but oh my goodness I'm just tired of my skin being like this
  21. Hi, this is just a quick question before I start using AHA (as a trial) in my acne.org regimen. Has anybody used this product who has sensitive skin? As in the complete regimen can leave me with a dry neck/ sometimes face ( can be slightly embarrassing but beats acne hands down). I'm going to trial run AHA in the next few days and I'd like some peoples' advice or guidance. Thanks in advance
  22. This is my fifth week on the regimen and my skin improved a LOT but , my skin seemed to be fine when i don't wear any makeup but as soon as i put on foundation my skin looks sooo dry and flaky and peeling and gross and scaly, i looked like a lizard. i didn't have school so it was okay for the first 3 weeks but then last week i went out quite a bit and tried to wear makeup and it was TERRIBLE like fr its so hard to put makeup on.. and then i got fed up and i didnt use DK cleanser i just used oil,
  23. so im 16 and about two months ago, i had a severe breakout after using a face wash for just two days like nothing id seen before, it was going from mild to possibly moderate. i saw a doctor as it had completely wrecked my skin, and i was prescribed duac once daily gel. i used this straight away using e45 as a moisturiser. it cleared up my mild acne within a week and i was completely chuffed, the only problem being that by midday my face would look like an oil slick, and i realised when i started
  24. Ive been on the regimen for about 2.5 months and my skin has just started to get really soft. However, I work out in the morning and I find that afterwards my face is really dry and rough. Is it ok to apply moisturizer pre workout? and has anyone had this problem? Im afraid that if I keep this up my face will become really dry and rough again.
  25. I'm 16, suffered from acne since I was in primary school (9-10 years old) and in a little less than a week I'm about to start my 10mg of Accutane, I just want to know (from real peoples experience, I do have to booklet but I feel like this kind of thing is a little more 'real' or personal) how long it would take to notice any side effects like dry skin or lips, or how long till I start to notice it getting better, I have rather oily skin and have been using Differam (dry topical cream) for the p