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Found 393 results

  1. This is definitely a hard one... I had not masturbated until I was 20 - as I never was able to get off on it, though I still suffered from acne prior to the experience. I believe it was due to harsh cleansers and the likes, but I have stopped that. I now wash with absolutely nothing, and it's been three months (I plan to go at least a year). I would like to stop masturbation for a while, and see how it plays out - though I have tried to go about it every week for the past three months, w
  2. I have a very weird and unique problem that I can never find the solution for. Basically, a few months ago i had fairly oily and combination skin. This caused me to break out in my t-zone and nose. In the Summer i'd had enough and went to the chemist for prescription. I got PanOxyl 2.5 (Oxy10 2.5 basically) and started using this in my regime. Now I get incredibly dry and flaky patches of skin and then right in the middle there are pimples, spots and red pustules. Whenever I moisturise to get ri
  3. I have heard SO many great things about AHA+, but I have also heard not to start using it immediately. I have been on the DKR for 1 month exactly, and I have some AHA lying around, and I was wondering, if it is okay to start using it, and if so, when should I use it, how often, and how should i apply it? (I know that you are supposed to use sunscreen when using this product... So I was also wondering what sunscreens you all would recommend, when and how should I apply that after applying AHA?) b
  4. Before I start on the regimen, I have body acne and generally oily skin. This has only been so for about a year and a half, don't know where it came from. My face is clear 99.9% of the time, don't know how because I've never done anything awesome to it. I have large pores on my nose but that's not even that bad. When I say body acne I mean acne it places that don't even make sense like my elbows/knees/thighs and then places that do make sense like my back. I'm on my fourth week of Accutane a
  5. Hi. So, I've been on the acne.org regimen for 3 months now. Originally, I started out by only using bp once a day for fear of dry skin. Then I moved up to using a pea sized amount twice a day. Then I worked up to the full amount. I was up to using 2 pumps, but now I only use a pump and a half because I don't really need 2 pumps, and i'd just be wasting product. Anyway, my skin has been peeling, scaling, dry and flaky for months now. I'm too scared to go out and buy a moisturizer, because it's su
  6. I'm new to the regime - its been about a week and I'm going through the superdooper dry skin phase (lucky me). I'm using A LOT of the moisturizer because I'm really self conscious of my cracking, peeling, Sahara desert face - however - I've noticed my skin is REALLY YELLOW! At first, due to being a medical student, I thought it was something liver related but my eyes and mucous membranes are fine - and as I was slathering on the moisturizer it hit me - is the licorice derived ingredient staining
  7. Can I use benzoyl peroxide 5% wash for mild acne if I've dry skin?
  8. I'm on my 2nd round of Accutane (results did not last the first time, but I did have 8 months of clear skin). I am in an extremely dry climate (CO), so my skin is not handling the dryness well. Even without actively taking Accutane, I had dry skin since the first trial, and it's even worse now when taking the meds again. Because I am on it again, my skin is so dry that I get nose bleeds every week, and can barely wear makeup without looking like I have wrinkles, even though it is just dry skin.
  9. Lately, I've been thinking about changing up the products I use. I currently use the Clinique 3-step Acne treatment, and although it cleared most of my acne, I still have many scars (ice pick) and my skin was definitely affected by the chemicals. I was thinking about changing to something more natural. For example, I've heard about African black soap? Basically I'm looking for products that will maintain my clear skin but also clear my scars. I've heard that vitamin c serum helps in healing scar
  10. Okay so 4 years ago I was prescribed isotrexin gel and I used it for about 2/3 months. However i went from having small pimples to having cystic acne all of my forehead because of it. Although my skin has calmed down since (fewer cystic pimples), i still break out every week and the scars/hyperpigmentation marks stay for a very long time before they fade. The isotrexin gel has basically ruined my skin. My entire forehead is a different texture. It is constantly dry and no moisturizer helps. I on
  11. On June 6th, my skin was really good. My stupid self decided to wash more than 7 (!) times, and after certain parts dried out, I applied WAY too much lotion, which resulted in tiny bumps. Now it's June 8th, and I'm back at square one: My face is itchy, scaly, dry, and puffy. Small bump clusters cover every inch: How can I even treat this? It feels like an allergic reaction (my upper cheekbone area is swollen) and my neck is scaly and dry Any and all help is EXTREMELY appreciated!
  12. I have been using acne.org regime on and off for about a year. It leaves me pretty clear although i still get breakouts during my period. However, even though i have been using it for about a year, my skin is still extremely dry and flaky i don't think it has gotten use to the BP. I use two bumps of moisturizer after i apply BP yet multiple times throughout the dry i have to continually moisturize my face because it becomes so dry and irritating. I have tried to reduce the amount of BP, but then
  13. So I am just a week shy of hitting my 6 month mark on the regimen, and I am still battling excessive flakiness. I wake up with a big amount of flakes all over my face, and also at night, I start to flake quite a bit as well, not even 12 hours post morning routine. Here is my current daily routine, for both morning and night: Cleanse, 1.5 pumps bp, and Cerave Moisturizing Lotion to moisturize, with about 6 drops of jojoba oil. Please help me out as this is very frustrating, and I haven't hear
  14. I'm going to be starting Isotretinoin at the end of this month and I'm still undecided if I should use Cerave or Cetaphil products. I've been leaning towards Cerave's products at the moment because the hydrating cleanser looks like it would be a good, gentle cleanser that won't dry my face out along with the moisturizers. I've looked at many other forums were people have said what they believe is better, but they really have not helped me in my decision because they were comparing what they have
  15. I just started prescription acne medication for only 3 days and my face has already become dry, flaky, red, and irritated. Taking my dryness, flakiness, irritated, & red skin, what is the best facial moisturizers (both A.M. & P.M.) that is non-comedogenic AND oil free? I wish I could just put that intense moisturizing hand cream on my face because I feel like that's the kind of moisture I need, but obviously that is not good for my acne. A few options I've heard good things about are:
  16. Hello everyone, I am new here would like some advice. I am an 18 year old girl and have been experiencing some mild acne flareups for the last few months. I have been birth control pills (Alyacen 1/35 which is generic Ortho-Novum) since the summer, I would say either July or August maybe and its now the end of November. This is my first time being on birth control. I have never had acne in any form before, maybe be pimple here and there but never more than one or two white heads at a time. Up
  17. Been facing the same acne troubled area for the passed 2 years. Nothing has really worked for me. Been to several derms and they all give me a retinoid w/ spot treated and say the same damn thing "3 months for best results" well 3 months goes by and I'm still miserable. With barley any improvements. I'm 19, I hit the gym 4-5x a week, shower everyday if not twice a day, eat very healthy (fruits veggies etc) and drinking water nonstop. Idk what the cause is other then hormonal stress related. But
  18. Hi everyone! I'm new to the site, but definitely need some advice. I'm on month 3 of Accutane and things are starting to go down hill. I was on 20mg a day for month 1, and was supposed to be on 40mg by month 2. I thought this was a little too intense for my skin, so I would do 40mg some days and 20mg on others. Now I'm on month 3 at a full 40mg dose...and it's getting bad. Month 1 and 2 my face definitely showed a lot of improvement and I was extremely happy. However month 3 has completely
  19. HELP As the title says, I've been using differin since Wednesday (almost a week ago) and I've noticed my skin has become red, itchy and is peeling in the corner of my eyes. My doctor instructed me to not use differin in the eye area and so I followed his advice, however I've somehow managed to get the side effect of red blotches in the corners of my eyes. I tried to put a cetaphil moisturiser on them but it stings to put it on? If the moisturiser had a lot of chemicals in then I wouldn't be too
  20. Hi, I am starting Accutane next week and I have a couple of questions. How dry does our skin actually get? It is to the point where yo can't where makeup? Basically I want to prepare myself for the coming months and I believe Accutane will be worth i in the long run, but it the dry skin manageable or does it look really bad?
  21. Hi anyone who reads this. I posted a picture to show my situation and am very embarassed just posting it. I have been dealing with acne for about 3 years and I constantly have new pimples, I really cant remember a time that I have not had a pimple on my face. I had clear skin all my life until about 3 years ago when i noticed some black heads and starting trying to squeeze them out and then started putting alchol on it which made it worse then tried Proactive ( i have noo idea why) which ma
  22. Basically, as the title says, I have not found any help among the many dermatologists I have seen in the past several years. The main problem is that my skin problems seem to be all over the map and can differ at different times and show different symptoms and even clear up for a short (and I mean SHORT) period of time and then come back and get me depressed. I only wash my face with cleansers/facial soaps meant for dry/sensitive skin. I have also used a lot of different moisturizers, all cl
  23. Summarized version of my success: No masturbation No daily hot showers; short cool showers after 2 days minimumNo face washing or "skincare regimen" of any kind; the only thing that hits my skin is cool water when I shower (and of course washing my hands with soap, but that's it for my skin) My story with detail: Looking back, I realize I started having acne when I started masturbating. Over the next five years, I had many doctors give me all sorts of creams, pills, and so on - it all faile
  24. I'm around 80 days into my 6 month course of Accutane, while the spots seem to be calming down, I'm worried about the dryness of the skin. I have quite a few red marks from previous breakouts that will, no doubt, fade with time when I finally stop breaking out. I've been getting severely dry skin that is peeling recently, however the last time I tried to moisturise, I broke out crazily! After using the Cetaphil moisturiser for 3 days, I'd had enough and stopped using it and like magic, spots cal
  25. I am considering buying the Lightstim for acne. My skin texture is ruined from over-applying a product a few years ago. I am prematurely aging. It seems the Lightstim for acne helps with skin texture as well as acne. Has anyone found that the Lightstim for acne is drying at all? I read once that blue LED lights can dry skin, but I can't seem to find that information anymore.