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Found 393 results

  1. Dear all, I have been on the regimen for 2 months and I think I may have figured out how to combat the dryness and flaky skin issue that many of us face. For 1.5 months, I was using the Acne.org moisturiser. I really like using the Acne.org moisturiser because it is easy to spread, and has a matte finish when it dries. However, despite applying the moisturiser multiple times during the table, my skin still feels dry and begins to feel tight by 4pm daily. I place a bottle of the
  2. Keratosis Pilaris - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

    Symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris Causes of Keratosis Pilaris Diagnosis Treatment Keratosis Pilaris and Acne Symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris Keratosis pilaris may develop at any age but usually starts either before the age of 2 or in adolescence.1 The condition is very common: it occurs in up to 70% of adolescents and 40% of adults.2 People of all ethnicities are equally at risk. The signs and symptoms may include: Painless hard bumps 1-2 mm in diameter, which are often...
  3. Dry Skin: Causes and Treatments

    Dry skin, also called xerosis, is characterized by scaling, flaking, and itching of the skin. It can range from mild and temporary to severe and chronic. The outermost layer of the skin provides a property called the barrier function. When the barrier function is healthy, it keeps water inside the skin and keeps harmful substances out. However, if the barrier function is weakened or damaged, water inside the skin evaporates and the skin can become dry and...
  4. BEFORE accutane, I already had a quite bad dandruff problem. Almost my entire life. Oily hair, dry scalp. I've learned to live with it, though. I use T-Gel extra strength a couple times a week, after releasing all current dead skin, and I'm great at resisting head scratching. When I was younger my mom would do mineral oil treatments on my scalp which would help for a couple weeks, but my hair would obviously be extremely oily. I've only been on accutane for 1 week, and my scalp has gotten s
  5. ive been like this for more than a week now, i literally moisturize my skin every single fckin hour and it just doesnt do anything AAAAAAAAAAAAAA HELP ME
  6. Hello I am interested in buying bulldogs sensitive moisturizer. I have previously used bulldogs original moisturizer with bad results. While it did help reduce the appearance of red marks it really dried out my skin. I am just looking to see if the sensitive moisturizer is any better.
  7. I have been ok the regimen for 7 weeks and at first my skin was okay and it never reacted to the BP like others. I gradually increased the dosage like I'm supposed to and finally hit the 4 weeks Mark and decided it was time to add the aha+ but that's when all hell broke loose. On week 6 my face started being really itchy and really Dry and now it won't stop! My face was right on schedule but now it's all over the place. I did over apply the aha+ once and my skin had a terrible reaction,y face ba
  8. Hi, I am 15 years old and suffer from acne. I have started my skincare routine which is made up of African black soap, a pore unclogging face scrub that contains sacrylic acid, a toner, and a moisturizer which is just cocoa butter. after these products, i apply benzoyl peroxide and go to sleep. I am on day 3 of this routine and am noticing my skin is very very dry throughout the day. I lather lotion and it dries up 20 minutes later. I'm experiencing a lot of skin flaking, occasional burning, and
  9. So for reasons I have a bad habit of picking at my face, I have eczema so I have dry skin as it is. I’ll be upfront now, this is going to be a long read so I’m sorry. I’m a 21 year old girl still living with my parents, so don’t hate on me too much please... So, my skin is actually not bad, but I’ve recently made it horrible. I try hard to not damage my skin, I only get anxious and want the acne gone. But I end up creating much more visible acne and scabs. I have fair skin so anythin
  10. Has anyone used the Aveeno daily moisturiser on their faces? If so what are your thoughts? Ive just started new acne treatment from my dermatologist that sheds/flakes my skin, so I need a good moisturiser (that isn't oily and won't cause me to break out). Im trying to avoid moisturisers with mineral oil in - Aveeno does not list it as an ingredient. Thanks,
  11. Hey everyone so I know its been awhile but I have been super busy! So here is an update: I went to my dermatologist two weeks ago and she decided to up my dosage to 60mg. while I was there she said everything seemed to be going good and that I should be done with getting an initial breakout (lets hope). Last week I had three cystic bumps on my left cheek but those went away like all the other ones have. It sucks having them in the moment, but once they go down things always look up. I don't h
  12. Hello everyone, I have just joined the forum as i have been feeling really down about my skin this past year (im now 27yo). Before this year i never really suffered from acne too bad. A few spots here and there but nothing i couldn't cope with. However, this year my skin feels as though it has just decided to punish me for whatever reason. I wake up every day with new spots on my face, chest and back. It has got me so down i am missing social occasions and hiding inside wanting to avoid going
  13. Hey everyone, this post is gonna be a little bit shorter because I am gong to the dermatologist in 3 days so I will update everyone more after my visit with her. I will also be uploading a picture of my progress after being on 40mg for one month. So far I am so happy with the results and I can't wait to show you all how my skin is looking! This week I experienced a few nose bleeds but they were very light and short, lasted a total of maybe 45 seconds, I also have noticed that my arms are very d
  14. Thought I would update everyone on the past 4 days since I wont be able to tomorrow because it's my 21st birthday!!! (and yes I will be drinking while on Accutane tomorrow. My mom is a doctor and she said that since I am on a low dose drinking wouldn't damage my liver) The day after I updated everyone I formed another cystic pimple on my left jaw line ... it's really weird because when I had my first initial breakout all the cystic pimples that I had on the right side of my face decided to swi
  15. Almost One month on Accutane! Yay!!! So far everything has stayed the same for me, my lips are still dry, I have some dry patches on the back of my hands, and I produce absolutely no oil! My skin had been looked amazing the past few days but on day 17 I got an under the skin pimple on my left cheek bone and a small pimple on the right side of my face. I think this happened because I did skip a day of Accutane and didn't wash my face that day ( ewwww I know). Sometimes you just get crazy busy wit
  16. Hi guys! I'm trying to solve one big acne mystery. I've been suffering from acne almost 10 years now (I am 23 years old now) and I have tried many things but nothing has helped. Over those years I have eliminated foods that are breaking me out like dairy, sugar(chocolate, sodas, sweets etc.), fried foods, potato chips, nuts, citrus fruit and processed meat (ham, salami...). These are foods that definitely worsen my skin condition. I have even tried for some time vegeterian diet as well as glut
  17. Day 10 First 5 days: Hey everyone so today is day 10 of being on 40mg everyday. The first 5 days I didn't notice any significant changes, however I did get a cluster of 4 big whiteheads around my chin/jawline. I was unsure if this was because of the Accutane or because I was about to start my period in a few days? I am going to assume the acne was a result of both the Accutane and my hormones because I usually never get such bad acne on my jawline. Day 6-10: On day 6 is when I started to not
  18. Hello everyone! I'm new here but really hoping someone has had similar experiences or has an idea of something that may help me. I've had acne since I was 12 or 13, so at least 7 years. I've tried salicylic acid, Rodan + Fields (the Unblemish line and the Soothe line), some Korean treatment for acne + sensitive skin (which actually sometimes seemed to help), essential oils/tea tree oil (used to help more than it does now), various face masks, acne creams, antibiotics, etc. and now using Young
  19. hey, everyone, I've been using acne.org for a little over a year. I use cerave moisturizer though instead of the acne.org one because my skin was becoming very dry so now i use a large amount of moisturizer. But I've noticed that my skin always has a tacky feeling to it. i don't think it has to do with acne.org because when i was using products from my dermatologist my skin felt the same way. my skin is oily and i have to blot often but i can get dry spots from the amount of bp i use. does anyo
  20. Hi everyone, When deciding on Accutane I didn't realize how vigorous and demanding going on the drug was. If you've been struggling with persistent acne like a lot of us out there, Accutane seems like the holy grail of acne medicine. Many dermatologists recommend that people who are interested in going on Accutane need to explore other options (if they haven't already) such as doxycycline or azithromycin to fight acne. These are antibiotics that target the acne-causing bacteria from within the
  21. Hey, so I've been using BPO since about 3 months now and my skin is not completly clear but its getting there. I've been using Cetaphil as a moisturizer and my skin hasnt been dry because of it, but recently i went swimming and noticed that my skin gets dry and flaky after taking a swim which is not only uncomfortable but also kinda embarassing, so i wanted to ask if there is anything i could do about that? Like maybe there are other moisturizers that wont come off? Thanks ahead!
  22. This is when my lips began to peel Hi! Im on a week and a day of accutane (generic brand)... and the first layer of my lips just peeled off ! Like completely... my lips are BLOOD BRIGHT RED and swollen... I feel like this is even worse than super dry chapped lips? I have tried a million chapsticks Dr dans.. everything. My derm even prescribed me 2% cortisone.. but I think he thought my lips were dry because they aren’t flaky or peeling anymore they are just super uncomfortable and it’s h
  23. Hi Ive been dealing with mild to bad acne since 11 (i'm now 17), around summer of last year I started my first course of accutane which was 20mg a day + Augmentin Antibiotics. I didnt suffer from any initial breakout and my skin was barely reacting to it until about month 4 when i started to see progress. There was barely any drawbacks except for my body aches and dry lips. After about 6 months of it I moved countries and stopped taking it. I returned back home later and started college, poss
  24. I finally feel I am in a place comfortable with my skin, take what you wish and what’s helpful for you. to clarify, ( I may get one pimple a month?) I’ll cut straight to what helped me, I have very dry skin and then sometimes it’s very oily. St Ives Blemish control (wash face once a day at night) do NOT put a lot on your face. If your face feels dry afterwards, you have put on way to much. my moisturizer is Aloe Vera, (this is when I really experienced a huge difference in my skin. My gue
  25. Hi everyone, I bit about myself. I am 37 years old male and I have been battling with moderate back acne for the past 20 years. I was taking doxycycline for about 18 months about 5 years ago and it worked remarkably well, I was also applying duac lotion after showers as well. About 3-4 months after I stopped taking doxycycline the acne came back with a vengeance. I Tried during the years a wide variety of lotions, gels an etc for acne with moderate success at best. Couple of y