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Found 48 results

  1. ellgx

    day 1 - 25 accutane

    I have had acne since age 10! It is mainly hormonal and oily spots. I basically been on anti-biotic for 6 year trying to treat it but its persistent! My acne compared to some cases ive seen is mild. I have lots of little pimps on my forehead, cheeks, and breakout regularly in some puss spots but no cysts etc. However i thought i'd grow out of acne but 8 years on it's still persistent! I always denied accutane as i was young and didn't want to deal with the side effects like dry skin and mood swi
  2. Not much happening. Feel like I have to apply lip balm every 10 minutes all day and I am breaking out in random huge spots all over rather than clusters now. They are those big painful under the skin ones. I am popping them, because of pain and how they look I can't leave them.
  3. Here are some photos from the end of week 1. I am breaking out a little more which I thought might not have done, ha! I woke up with a spot by my mouth that wasn't there last night and already came to a head. Fastest ever. New ones on my neck too. The volcano cyst thing on my cheek kind of never surfaced as it normally would have but it's now a nasty red patch. My lips are still dry and I am finding Burts bees the best by far. My nose peeling has calmed down now and next to my nose is a tiny bit
  4. NicoleEz

    End Of Week 11

    Oh I am so sorry guys - January has been a particularly crazy month....! So in my last post it was end of week 8 and I have seen some great results. Really, the only thing that I have to deal with now is the scarring. Mine is so bad from all the awful blemishes and my complete inability to NOT mess with them.... As I can't exfoliate or use any products that encourage peeling etc. I will just have to let time run it's course. I did think about perhaps using BioOil, as people seem to see res
  5. NicoleEz

    End Of Week 8

    Hola All, Merry Christmas!! I hope you all celebrated in style with lots of family and loved ones! My apologies - I have missed Week 7 as I have been on holiday in China over Christmas and a lot of websites are banned there, including this one! However I am pleased to say that all is still going well with the treatment. I am starting to notice more severity in the side effects, my hands are starting to crack and I'm having to moisturise them as much as my lips...(accutane still has N
  6. So I have finished the first week of Accutane. Here are some things I've noticed: lips are drier than normal but definitely not cracked/peeling yet. It is just barely uncomfortable enough that I keep some sort of chapstick or moisturizer on them during the day and slather on the aquaphor before bed inside of my nose seems to be a little dry and for a lack of better words, has bloody boogers still getting pimples, no more or fewer than before beginning Accutane. Although, it does seem like the
  7. Mila88

    Day 11

    Day 11, oddly enough my side effects seem to have improved rather than gotten worse? Has this happened to anyone else? This worries me. My dry eyes that were terrible just 2 days ago are now manageable, my dry nose is barely bothering me at all and my dry lips are mild compared to what they were 2 days ago. I know I should probably be extrememly happy but i'm more concerned that it isn't working as well? As far as acne goes I've gotten another little white head on my jaw line... nothing ma
  8. So, day 5-16 were interesting. I no longer feel anxious and can sleep at night, which is quite a relief. I just make sure to take the 2nd dose of accutane before 3pm, Does anyone know how much time you are supposed to keep between doses? In other news, my skin is SERIOUSLY DRYING UP. This is great for acne treatment, but truly itchy and even a bit painful. My face is peeling and my lips are extremely dry. I cannot go anywhere without lip balm and lotion my skin about 5-6 times a day My
  9. So my skin is VERY different from when I started accutane. For the past 2 weeks I have been moved up my dosage. RECAP-- (If you're new--read my other posts) -30 mg for 2 weeks -60 mg for 1.5 weeks--too much too soon--BAD Initial Breakout -30 mg odd days, 60 mg even days for 1.5 weeks ***60 mg every day for the past 2 weeks Moving Up Doses Had SOME Side Effects: ((Went from 30 on odd days to 60 on even days)) to 60mg every day. ***DO NOT FREAK OUT FROM THIS LIST--the dryness
  10. Hey everyone, i made a blog but i thought just making a question in a forum would be easier. Here my blog (From start to week 2) WEEK 3 (21 Days) I am still getting new spots more or less everyday or every second day so i guess im still going through the initial breakout, hopefully this will stop at week 5 or sooner because it is my birthday (woo) then and it would be great if it did. At the start i was drinking a lot of milk and other dairy products to try and get the "high fat"
  11. I'm writing this in hopes that it helps someone. My son is 17 and has been taking Accutane for 2-months. He takes 70mg per day. 30mg in the morning and 40mg at night. The skin dryness started almost immediately and we have tried everything. We went to Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens to buy every kind of lotion, chap stick and lip balm they carry. His face was very dry around his mouth and chin area. Both corners of his mouth cracked open and was bleeding. He had a large break in his lower li
  12. Hey everyone. So I've been on Accutane now since January 21st, 60mg/day. Up until pretty recently I've had the usual side effects, which started only days into treatment. I had dry lips and a dry face with minor muscle and bone pain (on and off). It was manageable. Now, the dry lips are extremely bad, which I know is also expected but oh man does it hurt. It feels like my lips are burning off my face. They're peeling and cracking and bleeding like crazy and are so swollen. This BAD dryness star
  13. I have finally decided to give accutane a try. It was offered to me when I was a teen and my family wouldn't let me take it. Too many really scary side effects. Now, at 36, know that my two kiddos are all I will be having, I have decided to go for it. In my mid 20's my acne really cleared up and I was able to manage it with OTC's and makeup. In January my mother died. It was a very unexpected and stressful event. I think I experienced a type of stress my body has never experienced before.
  14. Hi! I'm hoping to be starting Roaccutane very soon, and was wondering that when it comes to dry lips, what do you peeps think is best; Vaseline or Aquaphor? I'm in the UK and I think that I'd have to buy aquaphor online (unless anyone can recommend somewhere that sells it?). Is it worth doing this or is Vaseline just as good for dry accutane lips? Thanks, any inputs would be much appreciated
  15. Was just wondering what lip products everyone uses to over come the dryness? Need some good ideas Sarah
  16. Day 10 First 5 days: Hey everyone so today is day 10 of being on 40mg everyday. The first 5 days I didn't notice any significant changes, however I did get a cluster of 4 big whiteheads around my chin/jawline. I was unsure if this was because of the Accutane or because I was about to start my period in a few days? I am going to assume the acne was a result of both the Accutane and my hormones because I usually never get such bad acne on my jawline. Day 6-10: On day 6 is when I started to not
  17. ellgx

    Week 13 - Month 3

    So week 13, it's gone quick. Ill be finish in 2 months according to derm! Positive experience all round. Symptons havent been as extreme as i anticipated. Dry lips and a dry inner nose is the only issues for me. Dry inner nose is sore and constant vaseline poking up my nose! Seems to have calmed down though Lips are fairly constant. But my skin in flawless except from odd spots i mean 1 or 2. Still have lots of scars but no bumpy oily spotty skin. Skin isn't dry. Just not exactly oily. I
  18. I just wanted to write a brief history of my experience with acne before going into writing accutane blogs. I have had acne since I was nine years old. When I was younger it was only a few pimples but it got worse throughout middle school. It seemed to calm down in high school and college but I still never had clear skin. Now after graduating college it has all flared up again. When I was in middle school I used Retin-A and differin topical creams that were prescribed to me by my primary c
  19. Before I start on the regimen, I have body acne and generally oily skin. This has only been so for about a year and a half, don't know where it came from. My face is clear 99.9% of the time, don't know how because I've never done anything awesome to it. I have large pores on my nose but that's not even that bad. When I say body acne I mean acne it places that don't even make sense like my elbows/knees/thighs and then places that do make sense like my back. I'm on my fourth week of Accutane a
  20. Hey guys, I have two questions for you: 1. Is it likely that the extremely dry lips I'm experiencing at the moment could be in any way related to the Dianette I'm taking? Has anyone else experienced this with Dianette or any other birth control? 2. Does anyone have any recommendations for a lipbalm that is really moisturising (my lips are currently in tatters) but that won't break me out? I tried the original Vaseline thinking that petroleum jelly should be non-comodogenic but unfortunat
  21. I'm 16, suffered from acne since I was in primary school (9-10 years old) and in a little less than a week I'm about to start my 10mg of Accutane, I just want to know (from real peoples experience, I do have to booklet but I feel like this kind of thing is a little more 'real' or personal) how long it would take to notice any side effects like dry skin or lips, or how long till I start to notice it getting better, I have rather oily skin and have been using Differam (dry topical cream) for the p
  22. Mila88

    Start Of Week 2

    I decided I'd really like to document my progress. This medication is pretty intense. Today is the first day of my second week. I am currently on 60 mg per day. It seems a little high? I'm 24 years old, 5'7" and 120 lbs. I see a lot of people on 20-40 mg but I guess my derm knows better than me. I've only gotten 3 white heads since starting last week which is a MAJOR improvement. Side effects ... * My first 4 days I had terrible headaches that lasted continually 4 days straight. It had me ve
  23. Hi y'all! I am on day 34 and have some new developments from the last couple of weeks. I now have muscle soreness for very minimal amounts of exercise. I worked out for 20 minutes yesterday and today I feel like I ran a marathon! I also have achy joints and some weird back pain going on- it feels more like a piercing pain in the middle of my spine. In addition, I have had 2 8-hr migraine headaches over the last 2 weeks that did not respond to water or ibuprofen. I left work early yesterday
  24. My lips are drying out! It's starting to feel uncomfortable when I don't put anything on my lips. That's the only legit side effect I have so far Also, should I buy Aquaphor or Bag Balm? I already have a mini sample of Aquaphor but I've heard great things about both. What worries me is the fact that Aquaphor's main ingredient is petroleum and mineral oil. Someone told me that petroleum dries out the lips even more in the long run. Basically it just coats the lips but doesn't really moisturize.
  25. Yesterday afternoon the dry lips really kicked in. I feel like I am putting lip balm on all day. I have a painful split down one side which really hurt yesterday evening. Very happy with Estee Lauder double wear coverage. A couple of people have commented that my skin looks nice. If only they saw me without the foundation.