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Found 328 results

  1. mattyice96


    hey everyone, I went to the derm. today and was prescribed 0.4 Retin-A, Duac, and Doxycycline, and I've been using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to wash my face. Does anyone have any advice or tips and tricks to avoid skin irritation, and how long it will take to see results. Please help!
  2. I have Posted this in the reviews for this website. I would also like some feedback and recommendations from you guys. (: Thank you! First, I want to share my background. I have never had a problem with acne. I have always had very smooth clear skin, with an occasional outbreak. I started washing with proactive in 2006 when I was 18 for prevention of those minor outbreaks (I don't recommend this because it destroys your skins natural barrier). Two years ago, in 2011, I started getting a cys
  3. I've been applying Epiduo for about 6 weeks now and I recently had my appointment with my dermatologist. He said that it slightly improves acne. When I first started Epiduo, even my face wash was irritating and burning my face when applying but it hasn't anymore. I still have flakiness and dryness around my mouth area and jaw line. My acne is still red and irritated. I don't see much improvement at all but my dermatologist recently put me on Doxycycline and I'm taking 100mg twice a day. My face
  4. Hey everyone! I've been tracking my skin for more than a year now, and I finally have the skin I've been dreaming of (REGULAR NORMAL SKIN haha). I thought I'd post my progress and gallery here, hoping it might help anyone who was on the same journey or has had similar side effects. Things I went through, got rid of, or kept forever: Yasmin Differin 0.3% Retin-A 0.025 Doxycycline 100 mg Sronyx 1% Clindamycin 5% Benzol Peroxide Acanya First Aid Ultra repair Cream
  5. I took doxycycline for my acne for about 5-6 months and then I stopped taking it because it got better. 5+ months later my acne got really bad again and my Doctor prescribed me Doxycycline again for 3 months. Is it safe to take it again? Is there a risk of Antibiotic Resistance? Thank You.
  6. I have gone to the dermatologist finally due to breaking out very badly, and he has put me on Doryx 250mg nightly. I have been taking it for 4 weeks but have no signs of improvement and I am still breaking out very bad. I have a ton of acne on my forhead and temple area, with a few on my cheek. Also on my forhead it's extremely red everywhere! It was like this before I took Doryx, and every time I look in the car mirror, it's extremely red and it looks like red spots are everywhere on my forhea
  7. I'm 28 and have been on acne meds for a very long time. I was on and off Accutane from age 18 to 22--two cycles of small doses. Since 2009 I have been either on aldactone (worst drug--regret taking it, because it helped with body acne but not hormonal) and antibiotics. I have gotten nasolabial fold pimples in the same places and so often that I have finally started developing scars for the first time. My skin is scaly, discolored, and covered with whiteheads for three weeks per month. It has
  8. The Situation: I have been battling acne now for over a year. I have seen my dermatologist, been given Retin-A, Clindamycin, BP, Doxycycline, a decent moisturizer and cleanser, yet I still battle acne and extreme redness/dryness. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I spend a lot of time outdoors/in the sun, so my acne situation is very difficult. Anyways, after a year of on and off success and failure, I have decided to create a new regimen given all of the resources I have now. Required
  9. Hi all, A little bit about my "regimen": - I've been on Differin for 3.5 months - I've been on Doxy for 1 month - I now use Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion (switched from Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream a week ago, before from Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15 several weeks prior) - I cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Before I started this regimine my acne was on and off for several years. I would be clear for a few months, then have acne for a few months. It would mostly b
  10. My dematologist prescribed me 100mg of doxycycline per day for a month and it's my 2nd week. My face is kinda clearinf up but my bacne and chest is becoming worse and itchy also I noticed that theres some bumps in a few parts of my body Im worried is it normal or what?
  11. Hello, last summer I had acne all over my right cheeks, after going to the dermatologist He prescribed me to take Locacid and cytacnyl every day. My face totally break out and made me so embarrased and haven't found improvement in the 2 months treatment but my face keep getting worse so the DC prescribed me duac gel to apply every morning along with those 2 ( alternating between them every night), still no improvement. Then the doctor told me to try Granoduxy ( doxycycline) as a pill it did som
  12. macicat

    What is this

    I went to the dermatologist about a week ago and she prescribed me I Doxycycline Hyclate and Benzepro Foam and I have a huge cyst like thing on my chin it's like a browish color looks like a bruise or birthmark but it hurts and is driving me crazy. Can anyone tell me what this is and what I can do to make it look so bad?
  13. samrap

    Day 0

    From the album: Tretinoin Gel + Doxycycline

    The day before using Tretinoin and Doxycycline
  14. I'm a new member here so I apologize if i do not post this in the right place! I am a 15 year old female and i've started taking 100mg of doxycycline once a day and tretinoin .025% I started last night and i woke up today with as much dryness as i normally have so i have not experienced the whole red, peeling skin, flaky thing yet. I am pretty scared of the initial breakout so i made this account to hopefully get some support through my experience. Fingers crossed this works! I'll post some of
  15. Hello all! I am new to this forum! So i struggle with severe cystic acne around my chin and it is slowly moving up my cheeks so the only clear part of my face is my forehead. I am currently coming to the end of my 5 months study abroad adventure which I'm not sure if that is the reason for this sudden cystic acne but it's terrible and debilitating. I am from the US but I am studying in Europe so they gave me European isotrentinoin. I was on it for about a month in a half and lost hope
  16. Hi all For the past year I've used differin and lymecycline, Epiduo and doxycycline and now Duac and Epiduo. Apart from the Epiduo and doxycycline which worked for a few weeks none of these products have been working and I want to give the acne.org regimen a go. Will it work for me? Right now I have mild to moderate acne with very small bumps and whiteheads.
  17. foreverontherise

    My Doxycycline & Retin A Log

    Hello All! Welcome to my Doxycycline (100 mg) and Retin-A (.025%) log! I will try to update this as much as I can during the next few months, and I hope that at least one person on this website (which I am new to, woo hoo!) will find this useful. Background Information I am a 15 year old, teenage girl who has had acne since 5th grade. My acne started out pretty light, but as the years went by it got progressively worse. When I was 14 years old, my acne began to flare up so I visited my
  18. Finno83

    Acne and Rosacea

    Hi my name is Paul I'm 33 I've suffered with acne since I was 13 not good also suffer with dry skin oily skin redness and large pore have tried every cream every tablet so been the doctors again and he had prescribed me doxycycline been on it for nearly two weeks no improvement yet but the doctor said be patient has anyone got good results off this?
  19. Hi, I am a 26 year old male and I recently visited the skin doctor to deal with my acne. I used to get acne (small nodules and sometimes the larger pustules that seem to get too huge and take ages to heal) but never in such a fashion the large pustules kept coming on and on - hence the visit to the doctor. I feel that my skin care regimen is pretty good as I don't even break out on my nose or forehead even though it tends to be oilier on these areas. The doctor gave me a 3-prong approach - do
  20. kylenea

    Ziana Log!

    Yesterday evening I started a run of Ziana. I'll be using it in conjunction with doxycycline 100mg, 1x per day. I am very concerned, for numerous reasons, the first being the effect the retnoid will have on my skin texture. I generally have small pores (excepting T-Zone) and a fair complexion. Recently I've been experiencing clogged comedones from improper skin care. (I began using products with mineral oil, despite never having done so, and experienced non-cystic pimples around my entire fa
  21. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone on these boards has had experience with Doxycycline and/or Epiduo. I just got a prescription from my dermatologist and was wondering how well it worked, what to expect, etc. I have technically severe acne, but not on the extreme end of severe. I usually have 1-2 cysts at a time and a good amount of pimples, especially on my chin. I think they're mostly hormonal. Also, I have moderate pimples and whiteheads on my upper back. Any advice is appreciated!
  22. Hi Guys I have been suffering with moderate acne and tried to control it via benzoyl peroxide and over the counter spot treatments When i started University, it got worse and i registered with my University GP and was prescribed Lymecycline and topical Clindamycin (Dalacin) and after a month, it worked like a miracle with all spots gone and my skin felt amazing. However when my university finished and i moved back to my home, i had to re register with my previous GP and when i trie
  23. Hi there everyone! I am new to posting but have been reading the forums on and off for about a year. I've had acne for years, I am 24 and it's increased exponentially for about the last 5 years. As a teenager I would have a pimple and it would be no big deal. Now I always have one or two or five. I had blackheads whiteheads and cystic pimples for about a year before I visited the derm. I told him I tried everything over the counter possible. Drugstore stuff. Expensive sephora and ulta stuf
  24. Hi guys! Im a 17 year old male and I'm currently in my Junior year of high school. This extreme stress and lack of sleep has made me break out starting last year in the 10th grade. After failed results from using Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, my parents took me to the dermatologist who prescribed me the antibiotic doxycycline, Duac, and Retin A micro. After about two weeks I started having stomach pains in the lower abdomen and diarrhea so I stopped taking doxycycline abruptly, but con
  25. szzHour

    Starting Tazorac And Doxy

    So I started Tazorac and Doxycycline about a week ago. I have moderate acne that's persistent. I'm going to be posting logs week by week and before and after pictures. In the morning I wash my face with cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and use that at night and then apply my tazorac. I am taking Doxy usually in the afternoon. I'm using the Tazorac Cream .05% and Doxy 150mg. Let's hope for clear skin!