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Found 5 results

  1. I started Accutane 11 days ago (finally) and I am still nervous as heck. The side effects scare me, but I'm hoping to results are worth it. I'm already going through dry eyes, dry lips, dry skin thats getting really irritated, and nose bleeds. I started a youtube channel (prettypotato) and Instagram account (prettypotato21) if you all are interested in checking it out. Anyways, I have some questions: 1. Here is what I am currently doing skin wise and was wondering if any of you use these pro
  2. November 17 2015 The picture on my profile was from last winter. I was using Marcelle's Ultra Gentle Cleansing gel, but you know what made it that clear and even? Avene's High Protection sunscreen...before they changed the formula and removed the zinc. Now it's all titanium dioxide and I don't dig it. I've had some struggles with my late 30's skin. Due in part to food allergies and hormones. For the record I have combination/dry skin with large open pores, Mediterranean heritage.
  3. Edit: read the last post if you want to see what has finally worked for me! Link for pictures too. After being in very low spirits about my skin, I researched the Internet for what seems like half the day yesterday. While reading over a post on acne.org, labeled, "The bad list", I realized the natural organic crap I've been using as a face wash, contained 2 comedogenic ingredients, at the top of the ingredients list. smh. What was I thinking?! Instead of sulking, I tried really hard to
  4. Hey, I just wanted to share some of the success I've been having with witch hazel. I've been using it for around 2 months and wanted to wait before recommending it because I wanted to check that it's not a temporary measure. Just a bit of back story: I've had acne since I was about 13 so going on 9 years now, I've been prescribed antibiotics which didn't noticeably affect my acne and then went onto use Yasmin birth control, which has reduced the frequency of my breakouts. I've also had consi
  5. I'm now 20 and started getting acne at 8...yes..8. My Dr. Told me to use dove soap but it didn't help any and seemed to make it worse. Since then I've been a serial acne product user. I've used proactive, murad, acne free, the 3 step althete kit(not sure what brand it was), multiple different brands of cleansers and creams, natural products, you name it, I've probably used it. Some have been more successful than others but all have ended up not working after the initial 2week clear up stage. I c