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Found 58 results

  1. Hey guys, another desperate here, A little personal acne CV: I didn't really have acne issues until the age of 19. Out of the blue I began to develop moderate to severe acne, which immensely influenced my self-esteem and ultimately forced me to go on the accutane (after the topical version of accutane failed to show results). This was actually my 3rd time on the accutane, but the times I took it before I only had mild teenager acne AND: neither I ,nor my dermatologist didn't really pay a
  2. *related to my last post Almost 4.5 months done a steady 80mg/day course, and when I went to my derm visit a week ago, he suggested I prolong my course (intended to be 4.5, but now he wants around 5-5.5) and increase my dosage to 120mg/day for 2 weeks, and then 160 mg/day for the last 2 weeks. First of all, I think this is pretty absurd considering I do not have any active pimples (maybe one minor one thats fading) it's just I have redness left after the acne I got on the early stages of
  3. Hello all. I have been struggling with acne for almost 7 months now. I can't say that I'm all clear now though my face has shown great progress since the very beginning. Now I want to cure/treat/whatsoever my acne from the inside so I decided to take some sort of supplements that would help me acne-wise. After searching for a while, I came up with a product named Antioxidant Formula (which is weirdly not present in GNC's international website whereas Turkey's website seems to have it) by GNC. It
  4. I just came off accutane a few months ago and it worked wonders on my skin! But since then my eyes have stayed very dry and I've had trouble sleeping. Anyone else had this problem? Also, more importantly, my sister just got put on accutane and her acne really isn't that bad. he started her on 40 mg twice a day. She weighs maybe 130 lbs. Does that seem like a very high dosage to any of you?
  5. hi friends!! so here is my deal, i am a 23 year old female with persistent mild acne. it's been a problem for almost 10 years. i have tried many treatments, currently my acne is manageable using Dan's regimine but it is not perfect (blackheads, whiteheads, usually have 2-3 whiteheads on my face at a time) and the regimine is a TON of work day and night. so i'm trying spiro, i've been on it a week and have noticed my face is less oily (yay!) so i have all my fingers crossed that this will be my
  6. Hey guys, just got my dosage uped from 40mg to 80mg a day after one month Didn't have to many bad symptoms, mostly dry lips, dry sesitive skin. Never had a horrible IB I was wondering what you guys experienced after making this change Please let me hear your experience!
  7. As part of my dermatologist's approach to control my moderate acne, I was prescribed Doryx 200 mg to take. I was instructed to take one 200 mg tablet every day until the next follow up visit (which is in early December). I read in the PI sheet that I only had to take 100 mg after day 1, but then I called and they confirmed that it's 200 mg every day. My question is: has anyone else been on Doryx for longer than a couple of weeks? Is it safe to be on an antibiotic for this long?
  8. Hello, my doctor only perscribed me 40mg per day for 6 months even tho I wanted 80mg. I know some will say 80mg is too much( I weight 65kg), however I REALLY want to make sure it cures me permanently, I can't afford a second round. Is 40mg enough really?
  9. Hello, I have been on spironolactone (100 mg) for three months now. While I have not noticed a drastic improvement in my skin, I have noticed a subtle improvement and have been told to be patient with the results. Recently I have thought about discontinuing Spironolactone treatment due to irregular bleeding. I cannot be on hormonal birth control (the pill, etc.) as I am sensitive to migraines, therefore I am unable to regulate my periods this way. The past two months I have had my period twi
  10. What have I done today to make me feel pro-o-oud? (Miranda reference) Well, my computer kept freezing on the 'Welcome' screen so I went all techy and investigated (by 'I went all techy' I mean I bashed the keyboard with two fists, then out of desperation rolled my head across it back and forth for 5 minutes) I clicked something good eventually and safe mode turned on without freezing on a black screen. I fired up Nortan and found 3 tracking cookies which is nothing really, but 6, yes, 6 Trojan.M
  11. This is when my lips began to peel Hi! Im on a week and a day of accutane (generic brand)... and the first layer of my lips just peeled off ! Like completely... my lips are BLOOD BRIGHT RED and swollen... I feel like this is even worse than super dry chapped lips? I have tried a million chapsticks Dr dans.. everything. My derm even prescribed me 2% cortisone.. but I think he thought my lips were dry because they aren’t flaky or peeling anymore they are just super uncomfortable and it’s h
  12. So because I read it's good for acne I order some niacin. 500 mg. All of the other ones were without the 'flush' and I read you need the flush or it won't really work... So I took it tonight. O.M.F.G The side effects. The flushing, hot hot skin, stomach cramping, nausea, dizziness, could barely breathe... It felt like I was dying for a few minutes and I've been on some strong medications before. It's been about half an hour since and my skin is still super hot. My face also feel puffy. And
  13. It's been a few weeks since I last updated this blog, so be prepared for a long one! Right now, without hopefully jinxing it, I have no actives on my face!! It's by no means clear however, unfortunately still some quite persistent lumps from previous spots that just won't go down . I also have A LOT of hyperpigmentation and a few scars so definitely not looking clear by any means. But I honestly can't believe this right now, after just 4 weeks I've reached a point where I am going a good few
  14. Hi, I'm a 20 year old male with moderate to severe cystic acne, mostly on my face and shoulders. Thankfully I usually only have anywhere from 2-4 acne cysts total at a time on my body, but they tend to be very deep and painful and take a long time to heal completely (upwards of a month sometimes). I'm currently trying every treatment I can find as a last-ditch effort before I resort to Accutane, which I am willing to try at this point, as it was recommended by my dermatologist. I'm currentl
  15. Yes, I'm tired of this. At 38 I thought I might at least be on the other side of the battle. I have had acne of varying degrees since the age of 10. I have read all there is to read, I have gone to supposedly the best dermatologists, I do not wear makeup, I change my pillowcase everyday, I avoid dairy. I could go on and on about all the neurotic things I do to help my skin. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, my issue is hormonal. Always has been. Today, I could really use some advice: Here's m
  16. Hi there, Visited a dermatologist last Friday and she suggested Accutane mainly because I'm old (23) and minocyclin didn't work with me. Since my acne is not that bad (only recalcitrant, not quistic) she suggested a regime of Accutane of 20 mg/d for 15 months. Fast forward to today -- visited a second derma because I wasn't 100% sure about using isotretinoin. He suggested --exactly Accutane again due to the same reasons I exposed before. However he elaborated an 8 month plan: 20 mg/d during
  17. I have been in orthocyclen for over a year and 75 mg of spironolactone since March. Ive seen improvement. Some months I continue to breakout mid cycle (usually between days 17-21). I do have both PCO and endometriosis. My dermatologist recommended bumping the spironolactone up to 100 mg on days 12-21 to see if that helps the mid cycle breakout. He also said if it was easier, I could just take 100 mg all month long. Im wondering if anyone has tried bumping the dose up during certain weeks and
  18. So my dermatologist finally prescribed me Accutane, and I have moderately severe acne that scars. My medicine is supposed to be ready to be picked up tomorrow after 3 pm, but I'm worried because my derm prescribed me only 20mg/day and i'm 17, 5'4.5, and 117 pounds (female). Do you think if I call him in the morning and ask for a higher dosage that they will change this month's from 20 to 40? Or is it too late? I don't want my acne to come back once the course is over, and my derm said I will be
  19. Hello everyone. I am a 17 year old male who has struggled horribly with acne for about 4 years now. It wasn't bad at first but the last 2 years have been pretty bad. Currently I have moderately bad cystic acne on my face, and very bad chest and back acne. 've gone to multiple dermatologists, tried so many different products, methods, diets, you name it. I had tried (besides B5) everything except for Accutane. I've heard and read too many horrific things about it and what it does to your body.
  20. Hello, I'm 24 and have had acne since 16. I started with severe acne and have so far been on 5 or 6 accutane cycles. I have barely been able to manage my skin since coming off my last cycle a few months ago with many sensitive, non-irritating products as well as Differin every 3 days. Then, all of a sudden, my skin starting breaking out again and now i'm back to thinking, "ok, here we go again" and am just simply exhausted at this point. My skin seems to be managing so far, but it's far
  21. Hi, This is what my derm suggested : 1st 3 months : 20 mg/day 4th (final) month : 40 mg/day I have mild acne, and currently I'm in my 7th week of the treatment. The oil has considerably reduced but there's side effects- chapped lips, dry skin patches and my skin's become extremely sensitive to sun. Also, I feel light pain in my ankles and knees (which I have read is common). I have not come across a dosage like mine on the forum, so could someone let me know if its okay?!
  22. has anyone ever had experience with taking vitamin a palmitate for acne?? ive just bought this bottle of Ultra A+E emulsion each drop contains 15000iu emulsified vitamin A palmitate... whats the difference between the palmitate and normal vitamin a? will it be just effective for acne and what dosage should i take?
  23. I took my first dose of accutane this morning. After reading a few of the threads on here I am worried my doctor put me on too high of a dose. I weigh 125 lbs and take 60 mgs a day (3 20 mg pills). Should I take fewer than prescribed for this first month? I think I will wait and see the kinds of side effects I experience.. My acne is not the huge, oozing pustule kind.. I used to have severe acne as a teen which covered my entire face, but now that I am 23 I mostly have comedones all over my
  24. I recently started taking taurine supplements after reading the feedback from other taurine users. I used to drink sugarfree redbull on and off and my skin seemed clearer short term, so I figured I might as well try taurine in free form without the unnecessary caffeine. I'm currently taking Solgar Taurine (free form, supposedly easier to absorb), 500 MG. I started with 1000 MG in between meals, but I found that I couldn't sleep at night. Has anyone else experienced insomnia when taking taurine
  25. Any thoughts on my stressful situation, greatly appreciated: In January, I got Pityriasis Rosea which is a rare skin condition. They are not sure what causes it, but may be hormonal. Consists of a gross rash and being sick for about two months. When I started to feel better and rash disappeared, my acne started to come back after being 99 percent clear for last the six years taking spironloctone, birth control pill, and Retin a at night. I was taking 100mg at night. With my acne coming back,