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Found 58 results

  1. This is when my lips began to peel Hi! Im on a week and a day of accutane (generic brand)... and the first layer of my lips just peeled off ! Like completely... my lips are BLOOD BRIGHT RED and swollen... I feel like this is even worse than super dry chapped lips? I have tried a million chapsticks Dr dans.. everything. My derm even prescribed me 2% cortisone.. but I think he thought my lips were dry because they aren’t flaky or peeling anymore they are just super uncomfortable and it’s h
  2. I have mild acne but used to have severe acne. recently my doctor prescribed me accutane but the only problem is she is giving it in a much different way than that i have seen on the internet. Her plan is to give 20mg/day until i am clear and then give for a few more months. I am quite sure that it will work but i am very afraid that it will relapse to back to where i started (I am absolutely fine with having some acne once in a while). Iv been digging the internet for the past week, and i think
  3. It's been a few weeks since I last updated this blog, so be prepared for a long one! Right now, without hopefully jinxing it, I have no actives on my face!! It's by no means clear however, unfortunately still some quite persistent lumps from previous spots that just won't go down . I also have A LOT of hyperpigmentation and a few scars so definitely not looking clear by any means. But I honestly can't believe this right now, after just 4 weeks I've reached a point where I am going a good few
  4. So because I read it's good for acne I order some niacin. 500 mg. All of the other ones were without the 'flush' and I read you need the flush or it won't really work... So I took it tonight. O.M.F.G The side effects. The flushing, hot hot skin, stomach cramping, nausea, dizziness, could barely breathe... It felt like I was dying for a few minutes and I've been on some strong medications before. It's been about half an hour since and my skin is still super hot. My face also feel puffy. And
  5. My dermatologist suggested I go on Accutane for my persistent moderate to severe acne. She suggested I only take a low dose of Accutane (10mg a day) for 10 months to a year. My questions to you are: Did you get an initial breakout on a low dose of Accutane? What was the extent of your side effects? How severe was your acne and how long did it take to clear up? Did your acne return after finishing your low dose course of Accutane? Any answers would be muchly appreciated, t
  6. Hey guys! I'm taking accutane for 5 and a half months now on a low dose of 20mg/day with a weight of 80kg. So, I got as many pills as I could in Germany just right before I went to Australia, where I am staying for the next year. Accutane cleared me up completely and after the second months there was no breakout at all anymore. However, I used to have really bad acne, so I am very afraid that it will come back if i'd stop after the 6th month, when I'm gonna be out of drugs. So making an appoin
  7. I've started my 3rd month & just finished 1/3 out of the whole pack. Up until now my face has been rather consistent. But I've started noticing discoloration & tiny little bumps (whiteheads) is this normal?? & should I increase my dosage.
  8. So my dermatologist finally prescribed me Accutane, and I have moderately severe acne that scars. My medicine is supposed to be ready to be picked up tomorrow after 3 pm, but I'm worried because my derm prescribed me only 20mg/day and i'm 17, 5'4.5, and 117 pounds (female). Do you think if I call him in the morning and ask for a higher dosage that they will change this month's from 20 to 40? Or is it too late? I don't want my acne to come back once the course is over, and my derm said I will be
  9. Funny story. 2 months ago, I went to a derma, he made me do a blood test then gave me a 2 month supply of accutane for about $60 if I convert to USD. I came back for more accutane after 40 days, he told me to do ANOTHER blood test and wait another week. Hell nah do I got time for that, I'm too busy. So what I did was go to a local pharmacy, apparently they don't *need* a prescription, he just gave me another month supply for $30. I'm living in Saudi Arabia, they aren't so strict on getting
  10. Hi. Ive been on accutane for nine weeks and this has been my dosage so far: -Week 1 and 2: 20 mg/day -Week 3 and 4: 20 mg and 40 mg every other day -Week 5-9: 40 mg/day My question is: my derm told me one month ago that in about one month (today) I could increase my dosage to 40 mg and 60 mg every other day. But im still breaking out pretty bad, so Im wondering if I should stay on 40 mg/day until it has calmed down, or if I should increase my dosage regardless of my breakout. Im so afraid
  11. Well,I'm on accutane 50mg daily for over two monthsa and lately I've been having some issues with my pharmacy. MY Pharmacy was out of 10mg ROACCUTANE pills,so gave me 10mg ABSORICA instead.I asked them to inform me if they can manage to get ROACCUTANE. Today,I got a call from them saying the have 10mg Roaccutane now.So my father went to the pharmacy and exchanged the ABSORICA pills with the ROACCUTANE pills. Since he doesn't know anything about my pills,it turned out that though both of them
  12. Taking a poll. or respond with your dosage if its not a choice. THANK YOU!
  13. Hi all. I'm new to this board. I'm 42 years old. I became an esthetician 2 years ago. Now my skin has been having horrible deep breakouts. I've never had problems with my skin until the past year and a half. I'm so embarrassed to go to work! I've been loading up on makeup. This is what I do for a living and I can't even control my own acne:( I started spironolactone 3 weeks ago (22days ago) at 50mg/day. I'm not seeing any improvements and still breaking out. I know it can take a couple months t
  14. Hello, all thanks for taking to time to read this! :) I am a 17 year old male weighing in around 125 pounds. I have struggled with acne since 8th grade, and really haven't been able to shake it since. I currently have mpderate PERSISTANT acne with around 4-5 cysts and that whole sitiation has stayed the same for quite some time now. I've taken antibiotics and various prescription washes and topicals, and have spent the last year or so using only organic and natural remedies. My diet is immacula
  15. I have been in orthocyclen for over a year and 75 mg of spironolactone since March. Ive seen improvement. Some months I continue to breakout mid cycle (usually between days 17-21). I do have both PCO and endometriosis. My dermatologist recommended bumping the spironolactone up to 100 mg on days 12-21 to see if that helps the mid cycle breakout. He also said if it was easier, I could just take 100 mg all month long. Im wondering if anyone has tried bumping the dose up during certain weeks and
  16. okay so in about a week or less ill be going to month 5 on accutane. ive been taking 20mg this whole time (sometimes i did take 40mg like once a week) but anyways im getting frustrated because i feel like by this month i should be happy with my skin and im not. ive read some posts about people going up at the end of their treatment. do you guys think i should? i dont have a derma because i got accutane from peru and i live in usa. also anybody know any good things to apply to my scars? i feel l
  17. Hi my name is Andrew and I started accutane in October. I was given 40mg once a day prescribed by my doctor for 2 months. The first few weeks of the second month my skin completely changed and I was becoming so clear, I was very happy. I am currently on my 3rd month right now because I had some break to get my wisdom teeth out. Anyways I'm about half way through 3rd month and this time my doctor prescribed me 80mg when I was a little hesitant because I wanted to try 60mg first. He said no I thin
  18. ellgx

    Higher Dosage

    Ok so 1 month on accutane i went back to my doctor. Struggling with dry lips thats it on a month of 40mg. On Friday i will start on my revised dosage of 70mg. Safe to say i'm shitting one! Any advice welcome. I am scared of the dry skin now almost double my dose!!! Let you know how i get on
  19. Yes, I'm tired of this. At 38 I thought I might at least be on the other side of the battle. I have had acne of varying degrees since the age of 10. I have read all there is to read, I have gone to supposedly the best dermatologists, I do not wear makeup, I change my pillowcase everyday, I avoid dairy. I could go on and on about all the neurotic things I do to help my skin. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, my issue is hormonal. Always has been. Today, I could really use some advice: Here's m
  20. Hello, my doctor only perscribed me 40mg per day for 6 months even tho I wanted 80mg. I know some will say 80mg is too much( I weight 65kg), however I REALLY want to make sure it cures me permanently, I can't afford a second round. Is 40mg enough really?
  21. Hi there, Visited a dermatologist last Friday and she suggested Accutane mainly because I'm old (23) and minocyclin didn't work with me. Since my acne is not that bad (only recalcitrant, not quistic) she suggested a regime of Accutane of 20 mg/d for 15 months. Fast forward to today -- visited a second derma because I wasn't 100% sure about using isotretinoin. He suggested --exactly Accutane again due to the same reasons I exposed before. However he elaborated an 8 month plan: 20 mg/d during
  22. I am 19 yes old male weigh around 60 kg (132 lbs). I am on accutane 30mg per day dosage. My question is weather to take it daily or in gaps, i mean I took it on Monday but not on Tuesday then taken on Wednesday but not on Thursday and so on. Part 2 : How long do I need to take the same? Thanks
  23. Hi, I've been on accutane for 3 months now, after a month and half my skin had completed cleared up. I don't have a spot in site now. The first nurse (I've never actually seen the doctor, which worries me) told me 4 months, the next told me 5 and now another is telling me 6. I'm a little bit confused as to why I have to stay on it for so long. My joints hurt so much, I now waddle and limp because my body is in so much pain. I suffer from eczema, but my body is now covered, I've tried so many m
  24. Hi, I'm a 20 year old male with moderate to severe cystic acne, mostly on my face and shoulders. Thankfully I usually only have anywhere from 2-4 acne cysts total at a time on my body, but they tend to be very deep and painful and take a long time to heal completely (upwards of a month sometimes). I'm currently trying every treatment I can find as a last-ditch effort before I resort to Accutane, which I am willing to try at this point, as it was recommended by my dermatologist. I'm currentl
  25. Hi everyone. I started Accutane back in November. So I just started my fourth month. But I don't feel like I've been seeing really any improvement. A little here and there but really nothing major yet. I started out on 30mg, then was upped to 60 last month, and now I am up to 80 as of yesterday. My derm said she thinks there is improvement but I disagreed with her. I was just wondering how long it took all of you to start seeing results, major results that is. I might just need to wait longer bu