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Found 17 results

  1. ShelbyC

    Day 1

    I decided to start this blog because my acne has returned. Four years of clear beautiful skin after accutane here I am again. I wish I wasn't part of that 20% that relapses after taking 5 month of claravis . I started this long acne journey in 2011 after using proactive for years I stopped using it and hell broke loose. I saw my first dermatologist , he prescribed me Retin A at night , Bactrim once a day , and benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning. That worked pretty nice until I stopped taking
  2. I have gone to the dermatologist finally due to breaking out very badly, and he has put me on Doryx 250mg nightly. I have been taking it for 4 weeks but have no signs of improvement and I am still breaking out very bad. I have a ton of acne on my forhead and temple area, with a few on my cheek. Also on my forhead it's extremely red everywhere! It was like this before I took Doryx, and every time I look in the car mirror, it's extremely red and it looks like red spots are everywhere on my forhea
  3. I have adult hormonal acne and have been on and off Monodox for four or five months, with interludes to take Bactrim (ugh) and now Doryx but Monodox eventually lost its efficacy. When it worked, I immediately noticed a decrease in inflammation/hypigmentation, the suppression of my usual cheek papules/cysts, but lots of little whiteheads on my chin. Then, after a month or so, for the first time in years, I had 80% clear, even-toned skin. It stopped working two weeks later (that is, ma
  4. Okay so today I went to the dermatologist for a follow up after several unsuccessful treatments with aczone and retinA. So they prescribed me the antibiotic Doryx and Tazorac. They told me to continue using Aczone in the morning and change the RetinA to Tazorac. And take Doryx once a day. Now, Im worried about the side effects. I heard that it can cause your throat to burn if you dont swallow it properly and also give you nausea. If you throw up, the medicine probably will come out too. What do
  5. I've had bad acne (cystic) since i was around 11 (I'm 27 now), with hardly any time off from breakouts. Sometimes I would be so self conscious I wouldn't want to go to the dermatologist because I knew I wouldn't be able to wear cover up .. Because of this, I never stuck to a regimen long enough for my acne to completely go away.. My scarring is pretty bad but that's another story (that I will be dealing with once my skin can clear up). Anyway, I finally went back to my old derm for the first t
  6. Wondering if anyone in your family is using a PRESCRIPTION topical ACNE drug product (list below of some brands but you might have a generic version which is fine too). If so I'm trying to find out the "shelf life" of various products so as to determine which is best for me. If you still have original outer packaging that the tube/pump came in, it should have an expiration date on it. Please respond and note: 1) the brand/generic name 2) product form (gel, cream, foam, whatever) 3) the m
  7. Hi! I'm 21. I have never had problematic acne until this year. I have large cystic acne on my back, mostly concentrated on my shoulder blades but everywhere else as well. On my forehead and cheeks it seemed as if every single pore was clogged with a small whiteheads. My jawline and my chin have lumpy cystic acne that itch. I tried everything. I googled everyday what products work the best. I even tried the regimen. Nothing would stop the acne and it almost seemed as if things were irritating it
  8. I'm starting this up to help me prepare for my next dermatologist appointment. My treatment began on 06/11/2013. In the last three months my skin went from being relatively clear with some issues with a few clogged pores and non-inflamed small pimples that would go away pretty quickly to having very painful papules and pustules on the left side of my jaw and hairline with tons of clogged pores all over my cheeks. I've been using the pill since I was 17 and at 25 I'm not certain this is hormo
  9. I have been on rounds of different antibiotics pretty consistently for 3 years. They would always keep me clear for about 4 to 6 months before the derm would have to prescribe me a new one. Early this year, I began breaking out again very badly and now I have lots of post acne marks and hyperpigmentation as well. The antibiotics didn't seem to be helping. After doing a lot of research, I decided I didn't want to go down the antibiotic route anymore and start supplementing with higher doses
  10. Hi everyone, I haven't used these forums in years but I had to return to ask some questions about Doryx. I'm 23, and have been battling with light acne since high school. My skin would be clear for months and then I would suffer a severe breakout. I'm prone to the large, painful cystic pimples and they usually take a month to fully go away once they emerge. I've tried almost every single prescription topical and finally my dermatolgist insisted I try Doryx although I have my hesitations
  11. As part of my dermatologist's approach to control my moderate acne, I was prescribed Doryx 200 mg to take. I was instructed to take one 200 mg tablet every day until the next follow up visit (which is in early December). I read in the PI sheet that I only had to take 100 mg after day 1, but then I called and they confirmed that it's 200 mg every day. My question is: has anyone else been on Doryx for longer than a couple of weeks? Is it safe to be on an antibiotic for this long?
  12. So I just woke up a few hours ago I looked at myself in the mirror and I was a huge oily mess. My dermatologist said I have moderate to severe acne but I think I'm leaning more on the severe side. I currently have a mostly clear forehead just one or two scars. My unibrow has two dark cystic acne scars and one juicy,bumpy cycstic pimple. (Its so attractive) I have a have centimeter scar on the point of my nose. My left cheek has to many cystic acne I honestly can count how many there are plus sca
  13. Hi Everyone,As most people have, I've dealt with acne for a while and ran through the gamut of treatment options with my derm. We're trying doryx/epiduo combo one more time before I head for Accutane. I've done my reading on accutane and I know what to expect, but I wanted to ask some questions about it and get a few answers from people who have experienced it.I'm hoping to field answers from people who have similar skin but will take anything I can get! I am a 24 y/o male. I have struggled with
  14. I have moderate (and worsening, it seems) cystic acne. My dermatologist put me on a regimen of 150mg of Doryx in the AM, wash my face, followed by an application of Aczone, and then moisturizer. In the evening, I'm supposed to wash, apply Aczone, then Apply Differin, then moisturize. However, wouldn't the layer of Aczone on my face interfere with the Differin application? I have been on this for just under a month now (6 days to be exact), and I've seen really no results at all, in fact, I start
  15. Tomorrow will be the mark of the second week I take Doryx and apply Epiduo gel. At the moment my acne is way more severe and even becoming cystic. I have many scattered pimples and at this point it's worse than my face was before getting this prescription. I've heard of the initial break out and I'm aware this could be it but I don't really know if this has happen to anyone else. Has anyone experienced the same reaction? Aside from the tomato red color of my face it is also very itchy and dry, s
  16. So I started Doryx (Doxycycline) on April 9 and it's May 8 here and I want to wean myself off of it. It's been a month and I started having good results at the 2 week mark but now I have 7 active pimples on my face (happened in 2 days) and antibiotics are not a permanent solution so I want to stop taking them. How should I go about this? Currently I take 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night. Should I start taking it just once a day for a week, or every other day or what? I don't want to dra