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Found 101 results

  1. Hello from Japan!Welp, I made it through one of the most stressful summers EVER. And my skin basically did too, but:Status: forehead is looking pretty good. There are a few clogged pores that are minuscule but still are a little bothersome (arg, perfectionism, but I suppose I have to be patient), and an unclean area near my left temple/above my eyebrow (it just looks irritated). Red marks are fading, but still slightly there. The left side of my face had some action last week, but it's mainly di
  2. Welp, it’s been three full weeks on the Regimen. Status: I have to say, things have really started to clear up since my last post. I’m not sure if it was a change in mindset (focusing on the positive and on progress, not “perfection”) or if things just naturally started kicking into gear, but a lot of those blackheads on my forehead have started to flake off. Also, those small-but-irritating pimples that weren’t really going away… have mostly gone away. It’s kind of weird! My chin is still pu
  3. Well, after some much needed moisturizer and jojoba, my skin is back on its way. The swelling is completely gone, and the redness has gone down significantly. Also, the popped areas are still healing. They're not completely gone, but they're looking a lot less angry! I did have to exfoliate with jojoba oil this morning, though. I rubbed a good amount of it between my hands and massaged my face with it in the shower. It works better for me when my flakes are wet; they just come right off
  4. This morning, I woke up to no new forming pimples, and even better, diminished whiteheads. I was so pleased to see that the popped whiteheads from yesterday healed pretty well, and it doesn't look like they'll be coming back. Thank goodness. The papule near my nose has also shrunk a bit, which is great. I just want to be able to wear makeup today without looking like a bumpy toad. My skin is still extremely dry and flaky, but I'm proud of this progress! This is one of those days on the
  5. Okay. I just need to vent a little here. I apologize in advance. WHY is my skin doing this? The initial clearing was absolutely a tease. There's this decently-sized red bump on my cheek and whiteheads on both my forehead and cheeks. This is so uncool. I have to admit that yes, my skin is getting less inflamed and these breakouts will heal like the rest, but goodness this is saddening. Especially without the aid of face makeup. I can't stop looking at my skin. Look at my photo
  6. Day 8 has proven so far to be quite the challenge. First, let me just say that the Regimen is still awesome. My skin is still progressing quite smoothly and at the proper pace However, my skin is definitely feeling the increased amount of BP, and it seems to be purging like no other. I don't really mean that it's breaking out. It just seems to be screaming, "EVERYTHING ON ME WILL DIE A PAINFUL DEATH." So, what's going on with my skin? Time to investigate: 1. I did have a mi
  7. Alright. Dan's products come in about a day or two, and I'm ready to start this. I've tried pretty much everything. I've wasted (or not wasted, because at least I know they don't work!) tons of money on products and procedures that have never made my acne go away. It's only been almost a year, but I know that I shouldn't have to wait that long to have clear skin again. I can do this. I just have to be persistent, and stop torturing my skin with new products and treatments. It's insa
  8. carebear06

    12 weeks

    From the album: 12 weeks!

    Right side -_- No active pimples hyper-pigmentation sucks ...
  9. From the album: Before the regimen

    Yup this was me 3 months before left side - lots of active pimples ( not visible in pics) all over, even in places i don't normally get. This was way out of my control. My left side was never a problem but unfortunately
  10. From the album: 11 months on the regimen

  11. From the album: 11 months on the regimen

    No make up used.
  12. From the album: 24th week!

    Ok so this was always my bad side. Glad to say its been improving very well.
  13. From the album: Final Image - March 2012

    I realised that I hadn't completed my picture gallery showing the final result of following DKR Regimen. This photo was taken in March 2012, 7 months after following Dan's regimen. In this photo I have no skin makeup on, but I am wearing mascara, lip gloss and I've darkened my eyebrows (because the BP bleaches them blond). As the photo shows, my skin is completely clear and smooth. AHA+ has also lessened the few wrinkles I had on my forehead and the pigmentation marking on the sides of my fac
  14. Well it's been 4 months ago that I started this regimen. It's been a long hard battle but it's been so worth it! I had moderate cystic acne when I started this regimen. I couldn't even open my mouth all the way bc of the acne along my jawline and cheeks. I was constantly in pain and discomfort. Not to mention embarrassed by people starring at me. Has no one ever seen acne before? Jeesh! So currently I have 2 tiny baby bumps on my chin. Those go away very quickly now. The rest of my face is so
  15. Hello all, I'm not new to acne.org but i am new to AHA+. I haven't started using it yet, i just ordered some today. Hopefully it will arrive within a week. I've been on the Regimen for 4 weeks now. By the time the AHA+ gets to me i will be starting my 5th week on the regimen. Just to give you a little background on my acne. I have moderate acne. I started the regimen 4 weeks ago. I would usually get 4 to 5 zits on my face at a time. But now that i have been on the regimen for a little o
  16. Hey! (: So I'm very proud of my progress on the Regimen thus far. My skin is looking a lot better! My red spots are fading and I'm mostly clear (still having minor breakouts every now and then). The only problem is that my skin is still extremely dry. I feel like nothing is helping! I've tried exfoliating with jojoba, I'm using AHA, I have no idea what to do. I've even ended up just scraping at my skin a few times, which is horrible! I don't know how to solve this problem without causing irr
  17. I have been using the Regimen for about 6 weeks now, following it precisely, and have been through what seems like a war. I started off with moderate acne, some inflamed and a ton of blackheads. I had about 50 red marks covering my face. Throughout the past weeks I have overcome the initial breakout, which wasn't as bad as I thought. I started to peel around week three and it was looking pretty bad. But now, my face is essential pimple free and the red marks have nearly faded away. Even my dad n
  18. I started the regimen about a month ago and I'm already breaking out like mad. I'm even getting nodules now, which I've never gotten. My acne has gone from mild to moderate and the right side of my face is just full of acne now, and I'm getting breakouts every single day. I know there is a purging period when using the regimen, but before I started I was using SA and BP in facial washes. Is this normal? Should my skin still be purging even though I've been using BP before I started the regi
  19. I just ordered Dan's Aha+. What do y'all think is the best way to use it? I'm looking to help fade my red marks and even out skin tone. Thanks!
  20. So a little background: I've had mild acne since my teen years but was virtually clear from 16-29 (an occasional breakout here or there) while I was on birth control. Having a history of breast cancer in my family, my dr. encouraged me to go off bc asap. At 29 I decided I was finished having kids (I have 3!) and had a permanent bc procedure performed. I subsequently went off the pill. Within about 6 months I started having major breakouts - mostly along my jaw-line and on my chin, although
  21. Hi Guys. Just a quick question. I've been using DKR for around a month now and am pretty happy with the results I've seen so far. There's just two things which are slightly concerning me. Firstly, although when I was my face at night my skin colour looks pretty normal, the minute I put on more BP at night, my face STILL goes bright red! Is this normal after a month? Secondly, I notice that when applying BP every single mark from previous acne can be seen far more obviously. How long will this
  22. Hi guys, Got a question for you. I've been on the DKR for 6 weeks now with some good results but I've still got these stubborn red marks spot-like things that won't go away! They have no head(no pus) and are pinkish coloured so I don't know if I would classify them as a papule. They are also pretty soft and slightly raised and don't hurt when I touch them. They are all on my cheeks and I have about 6 of them. Once these are gone, I will be 95% clear! What could they be and how sh
  23. I've had flaky skin from BP for 8 months and I can't take it anymore, so I am changing up the regimen to meet my needs, and I want everyone's advice and input. I'm willing to do ANYTHING to stop my skin from flaking. (btw I suffer from acne, so using too little bp I will break out) WHAT I DO NOW: Mornin': Cleanser, 1 pump BP, 2 pumps moisturizer + 5 drops of jojoba Night: Same thing WHAT I USE: CeraVe foaming facial cleanser, acne.org bp, cerave moisturizing lotion, acne.org jojoba oil W