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Found 37 results

  1. From the album: Acne.org regimen made skin worse

    the largest picture is me before the regimen and the rest are me 3 months after.
  2. It started in about 2012. Yes, that was when i became obsessed with having flawless skin. I was in highschool, before that I was completely happy to be in my own skin but something triggered. I guess I looked at somebody and noticed how flawless their skin was as compared to mine which was kind of uneven toned, my face was tanned(darkened) in a way that my face looks a different color to my body. I was an athlete in school and spent hours under sunlight which brought this condition upon me but u
  3. So my problem is relatively well illustrated by the attached pictures, but I'll include some backstory. So I'm post Accutane (Isotretinoin) currently, I started it in October of 2015 and ended it in March of 2016... It worked extremely well, removing I'd say around 95% of my acne. Now I'm dealing with the remaining 5%, which is mild scarring and discolorations. Also I should note that I haven't had ANY breakouts in months, so these spots have lingered for awhile now. Any ideas about treatment
  4. Hi All, Just want to make the first post after lurking around this site for almost 2 months. I have experienced a really bad vigilant breakout in mid January and decide that I need to do something. I have been in the regimen for 40 days (almost six weeks), starting to add in AHA mixed with moisturizer last week and results so far have been positive (less breakouts after some first purgings). I believe strongly that if I did not do DKR, I would probably been much much worse I am determined to
  5. Hi my name isaac, im 17 and also a junior in high school. I been struggling with acne and its not going to well, i don't know what im doing wrong, i just feel sad, disgusted with my face, i want to burs into tears really. cant even look at my friends in the eyes when they talk to me, i been really down, tried so many things but nothing seems to be working, my face right now is dry, flaky, uneven, acne, dark spots, and hyper pigmentation lots. I tried to leave my skin alone but i just cant. I kee
  6. So, I've been on the regimen for 3 months now, and it cleared my skin up. In all the areas where I do the regimen, I have clear skin. However, the discoloration and dryness from the BP is really just awful. I have this patch of irritated skin on my face that flares up red everytime i scratch it or rub it. There are two of them actually. It's not a blemish, it's irritated skin. It itches and burns, and it's pretty annoying. It goes away maybe 20-30 minutes after, but for the most part it's not fu
  7. Has anyone here been damaged by retinoids and gotten their skin back to normal? I am desperate for hope. I don't mean normal irritation. I'm talking orange peel skin, enlarged/suddenly visible pores, plasticky coating look, discoloration, thinning of skin, crepeiness, wrinkles, random indentations and lines, weak/fragile/lax skin etc etc Im so done with what's happened with my own situation with a retinoid, it's going to be 5 months since I used it come the end of January and I can't
  8. Hi!!!! So I'm not sure what happened, but some of the skin on my left cheek started to become really dry, rough and leathery to the touch & darker than the rest of my skin. The pores on this patch used to be much more pronounced, but I'm not sure if its going away or just changing look. This has been a problem for 2 weeks! I've always had bad skin; but never discolored and rough. I'm thinking I overexfoliated & damaged the new skin with tea tree oil (i never seem to dilute it enough!!) A
  9. Warning: Long as Hell I'm going to include many things I've experienced in the past with my skin (not just the current issue) so that anyone reading this can hopefully take something away from it. And so that the history of my skin is not an unknown variable in what happened to me. Today: My entire face is wrecked right now. And I don't know what to do, I'm pacing around my house,losing sleep, sobb
  10. I was on the Regimen for a while and then stopped using it. I am curious about going back on it because my face is struggling. But first, I need help with the reasons I stopped using it. 1. I work out every day in the middle of the day. I can't figure out how to make this work with the regimen. Tried using it three times a day, which felt like a waste and like it was over-drying my skin. Tried waiting until after I worked out to apply it but then there weren't 8 hours between the two applic
  11. Hey guys. I'm new here so I have no idea what to do, but here it goes; 3 years ago, a cyst formed under the skin on my left cheek - way(!) under the skin. I don't remember if I picked at it at the time, but I haven't for at least 2 years. The thing is; twice has the inflammation gone up, but after treating it with antibiotics, the inflammation and swelling went down. It's still there, probably the size of a penny, but cyst isn't my main problem... that would be the hyperpigmentation, bec
  12. I've been off the regimen for several months now, and my skin is still discolored. It's like, the skin around my eyes is pale and the rest of my face is tan looking. All I've been doing is washing my face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Is this because of the cleanser, or the months and months I was putting BP on my face? Will it ever go away? I'd like to keep using the cleanser because its helped keep me relatively clear...
  13. Whats up everybody ive been on the regimen for a good while dont have any active acne breakouts.. Maybe 1 or 2 a month.. Heres my problem.. I have these red marks/scars on my cheeks and there all left from when a pimple was there they have been their for over a year and a half now.. Back then i didnt know much about acne i was putting all kinds of crap on my face and everytime i would get a pimple i would pop it which now i know more information and ive been clear for a couple of months but im h
  14. Hi people I burned my face using a tca peel 10 months ago and it's completely disfuggerd me.I am having a consolation with Dr khan in harly street London and Mr rawlings in Nottingham . I'm from london.reason I've come to this site is everytime I google recell results the only thing that comes up is this acne site.there are no pics other than the 4 offially recell pics and I'm worried it's a scam.as they want 5000 pounds to dermabrasion and recell to make my skin back to its normal colour why th
  15. I made another post about this, with my pictures, but has anyone had this happen from something they've done or used, and MOST IMPORTANTLY...has it gone away?!?!IM SCARED TO DEATH that my skin won't return to how it was 3 weeks ago.id rather have my cysts back from 4.5 years ago and just go on accutane again than have my whole facial skin uglified in a matter of days just from using a retinoid twice and GENTLE as hell exfoliation. I literally sucked Google dry for search results on this exact si
  16. Hey guys so I have been on the regimen for 2-3 months now and I have seen some changes with my acne. So I'm black (more brown but you know what I mean) and now that my acne is clearing, the discoloration is staying behind. It's like clusters of dark spots on my forehead that run down the sides. My cheeks also suffer from this that it almost looks burnt in a way. Anyways, I've heard of Ambi and I've heard of the AHA. I want to try the Ambi but I don't know if it's safe to use with the regimen. Co
  17. What is worse acne scars or dark purple marks? Based on how 'easy' to get rid of it
  18. I originally posted this on the Reddit's subreddit SkinCareAddication and got some responses, but nothing of concrete help. I am hoping this community can share their knowledge and really help me finally get my skin back to normal. Pictures Below \/ GGGRRrrrrr. PLEASE! I seriously beg of you. Instead of rambling for paragraphs about how depressed my skin has made me and my terrible life so far, I'll just list out my current skin issues and very specifically what I'm using and have used. I
  19. I've been treating my pimples with Retin-A cream and it has been quite effective so far. Yesterday, however, I've noticed a brown discoloration about a centimeter beside a pimple mark on my nose. It is very uneven in shape (not circular) and probably has nothing to do with the pimple. Where did this come from and what should I do?
  20. Hello everyone, new member here! I've been lurking on acne.org for as long as I can remember, but I figured it's finally time I made an account so I can talk about my own problems. Since high school (~15 years old) I've had a massive acne problem. All over my face, and every area on my body you can possibly imagine is prone to breakouts involving anything from tiny zits to massive cysts. Over the years, I developed the horrible habit of picking my skin until I've basically gotten to the poin
  21. I don't know if anyone has ever heard of Beauticontrol, but I had not until a couple of years ago when I had a home spa. I have tried so many skin care treatments including medications prescribed by the dermatologist my entire teenage years. I have always had horrible skin, so I was willing to try anything new. I fell in love with their products. They do exactly what they say they will do. So I joined the company and started doing spa. So I am always looking for women who need a good skin care r
  22. My horrible skin is taking over my life!!! I have tried everything but nothing helps treat or cover these awful scars. I have even tried the Dermablend foundation (very expensive) but it doesn't help. Yesterday I bought MAC's Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 (kind of expensive as well) but it doesn't seem to do much either. I thought both were designed to cover tattoos, but apparently they can't cover my imperfections. I used to have cystic acne, but now it's mostly scars and a few pimples here a
  23. Hi everyone. Story of my life: I'm a 15 year old male who's been suffering from acne for the past 1/1,5 yrs. It all started occasional small pimples (1/2 mm wide) in the T-zone but then it spread to the cheeks. At the time, I didn't have any idea what was going on - that was a big shock for me! Consequences: I wasn't careful and I scratched some pimples so I ended up with small ice pick scars. Additional Info- during the pimples/scars healing I exposed them to sunlight (at least 1h a d
  24. Hi all So a year ago I went to a dermatologist at a hospital. He prescribed me Minocycline (Hydrochloride) 100mg and an Epiduo gel 0.1/2.5% (adapalene & benzoyl peroxide). The treatment was for 6 months and the tablets did a great job. I barely have any whiteheads or nodules, whiteheads only pop up if I masturbate a bit too much. The the thing is I'm left with discolored spots, still some tiny/small bumps that never turn into whiteheads, and what seems to be scars. I think the Epiduo w