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Found 48 results

  1. I am seriously manically depressed right now. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because of my hormonal acne. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and since 1 month and a half ago I went from having perfect skin controlled by DIM to this crap. I have tiny whiteheads where I would never get them before, like my nose and forehead. My jawline is just ridiculously broken out. I have 3 huge painful pimples that have been lingering for 3 days now and won't go away. I've tried everything. Benzoyl peroxide, exf
  2. Hello everyone! I know long post... please give it a read?:) Ok, so I’ve been reading this forum form or years. You all seem to be very educated and know what you’re talking about when it comes to acne. I’m really hoping there’s someone that can give me some advice or suggestions for my acne. So backstory... had acne since 13, mostly just whiteheads and some pastuels on my forehead. Never on the lower half of my face where the hormonal acne “should be”. That bothered me so very much t
  3. APRIL 2017: After two months of weekly sessions with my local Chinese doctor, my skin looks CLEAR and radiant! I used to have mild acne (extremely oily skin with blackheads, whiteheads and 2-3 painful cysts everyday) mainly on my cheeks and temples but also on jaw, behind my ears and on my back. I suffered with acne for 17 years and tried everything: the regime, Retin-A, Roaccutane (for 1 year), antibiotics, the pill, Implanon (5 years), sulphur, tea tree oil, baking soda, turm
  4. I've been taking DIM (Estroblock) for a couple months now. My acne is getting better though I still break out worst before my period and I'm certainly not clear. But I had really bad cystic acne and it is significantly better such that I can occasionally go without makeup and not feel too self conscious. My issue is that my periods have gone from clockwork to early or late and it's driving me crazy. I could always depend on it and mark the day of it's arrival but now it's just a guessing game. M
  5. Hi everyone, I'm seeking opinions before I start on the supplement DIM. I have read a lot about DIM online, but I'm still not sure if I should take it. A little about my acne - I used to break out on my cheeks and sides of forehead mainly but in recent months, they relocated(lol) to the sides of my chin. I don't break out much after my period (I stay considerably clear at that time.. with some pimples still, but nothing serious), but all hell starts breaking loose during my mid-cycle, up
  6. Hi all! I just started taking i3c (precursor to DIM) and Vitex as directed by my naturopath. It has been a week since I started taking them, but my skin is resembling the condition a week before my period (when progesterone is the highest). No cysts. Just some bumps on my forehead and a few white heads on my chin, and nose. Nothing on my cheeks and jawline (knock on wood). Has anyone experienced an initial breakout or purge period? How long does it take to get over it? I did a hormone test
  7. Hello everyone, I have been taking agnus castus(chasteberry root/vitex) for over two months now along with evening primrose oil, zinc, and omega 3. I was also taking saw palmetto but it made me thirsty and feel weird and I also felt like i was gaining a little weight on it so I stopped. My skin has improved but not really seen any drastic results...I know maybe I havn't given it enough time and I thought I was seeing big improvements but I have broken out again pretty badly...I'm also gett
  8. I'm keeping this blog updated more for myself than anything else. I think it's good to keep a track of where you are at and how you feel so that when you look back you can see how things really are. So after months of gradual sucess on Vitex and Evening primrose oil, around the end of March Holland & Barrett changed the branding of the Agnus Castus (Vitex) and the dose was reduced massivley,(for reasons I won't go into again on here as I have ranted and raved about it enough) I wasn't i
  9. I am 22 years old and up until last year have perfect skin and no history of spots in my teenage years or anything (other than a few small ones in t-zone). But In february of last year (2017) I was persuaded to get the contraceptive implant nexaplanon. before this I have been on the bc pill for three years. Two months after getting the implant I started getting acne, specially deep painful cysts. I stuck it out for a while but got it removed in August (after 6 months). It is now January (2018) a
  10. Heeey my first Topic.. DIM is good for me and im muuuch clearer thanks to this supplement. i am underweight, so im wondering if it would it be okay to take double dosis (200 mg), and does it help more than just taking the 100mg dose? I am strict on diet. No sugar, refined carbs, gluten or dairy. But still have acne and pcos. Do you guys think, that someone can be insulin resistant when they are very skinny, and have no fat on the body.?
  11. I was wondering if anyone has come across myomin when researching estrogen dominance. I saw my dr. and I'm waiting for my hormone tests to come back, but she thinks that in addition to high androgens I also have high estrogen. So far, I have been treating high androgens and low progesterone with good results, but haven't address estrogen in my treatment. Anyway, the doctor told me to look into myomin and see if I'm comfortable taking it. I've seen it mentioned briefly on PCOS forums but not he
  12. Hi all! I would like to share my newly acquired experience with you based on a couple of supplements. From when I was 15 I started getting acne and thought it was just a puberty thing. I thought it would pass by the time I was 18. I read that if you Live a HEALTHY and FIT lifestyle you wont breakout as much, So from when I was 16 I started eating really healthy and I played sports about 4 times a week ( didnt do anything. from this point on I still workout 4 times a week and eat healthy). T
  13. Hello all, I'm nineteen and I've been struggling with acne for about four or five years. Recently it has gotten much worse, despite the fact that I stopped eating wheat and dairy four months ago. I get large pimples on my cheeks (specifically my right cheek) and chin, and then I have small bumps on my forehead. I have tried every topical treatment out there without much success. I was considering going on birth control to help with my hormonal breakouts, but was uneasy about the idea of artific
  14. I'm a 35 yr old female. My acne is mainly under my chin on both sides of my face that worsens before my period, some of it being cystic. I tried birth control pills three times in my 20's, Ortho & Estrostep. Both pills gave me severe cystic acne on my face and all over my body. At one point, I remained on Ortho for 7 months..dr. told me to stick it out..cystic acne became so severe, I am still scarred to this day. After going off of the pill it took 2-3 months to clear up. Interesting
  15. Disclaimer - This may not work for everyone, but I have been suffering from hormonal acne for about 20 years now and have FINALLY managed to clear my skin, so I wanted to share with people what has worked for me in the hopes that it might help someone out there struggling with the same problem. Also important to note this is not an ad or a link to some product. This is knowledge that I pieced together over the course of 20 years of suffering from adult hormonal acne. And I tried EVERYTHING
  16. Hi All, I have taken DIM for my hormonal acne for 13 days and got severe blaoting! Although I stopped taking the supplements two weeks ago but my bloating is still there. Its so severe and unlikely to get better. My period this month lates for ten days now:(. I have also gained 10 pounds over the past two weeks. Anyone has experienced the same thing from taking DIM? Will bloating subside or its a permanent damage :(. Please help.
  17. Hi, I really need some help and advice on how I can clear up my acne. I’ve always had acne since purberty and it got worse over the years. I’ve already gone to numerous dermatologists to get it treated so it has subsided from severe to moderate acne. The last dermatologist told me I’ve tried everything. Well, that was helpful... I just want clear skin or at least as clear as I could go get. I really have bad acne especially during my period and most of them are retained in my chin, jaw and l
  18. Hey everyone, my name is Nola. I'm quite lost and I need help deciding what I should do about this acne. It seems hard to ever get a response on here anymore, so I'd greatly appreciate any help. I've recently got my hormone saliva test back and I need help deciphering it. but first, my background: 23 yr old female, I've been taking spironolactone 100mg for 2 years now..It got me completely clear in 4 months. I've recently started breaking out again (although not nearly as bad as my pre-spi
  19. I've been taking DIM (Estroblock) for two months. My skin is getting better although still breakout before my period. The annoying this is that my period used to be like clockwork. It was very dependable. Now it's early or late. Kinda making me crazy. Especially when it's late. My tubes are tied so I don't expect pregnancy but I think any woman wonders when she's late. Has anyone else had this side effect? I'm trying to figure out if it's the DIM or just something my body is going through. Thank
  20. Hello. Im new to this site. First of all i wanted to figure out what type of acne i have. There are several small bumps i seem to get that dont go away. Been having it for couple of years and it just doesnt get better. also i cut the pill and im scared it might get worse ... How can i cure my acne and are there any other options than accutane or the acne.org Regimen? has anyone Tried estroblock? A side Info: i eat super healthy, keep everything clean and wash my face with afr
  21. Okay so I posted on here a few months ago talking about how Vitex & DIM ruined my face and gave me severe hormonal acne. During the span of those few months I wasn't really sure what Vitex (primarily because I was only taking DIM for a shorter amount of time) did to my hormones. I knew it had somehow shot up my androgens since testoserone and DHT are the main factors in severe cystic hormonal acne, but I wasn't really sure how. At the time that I bought and was taking vitex I didn't know tha
  22. Hey everyone! I really want to tell everyone about something called reishi mushroom. Its the only thing besides DIM, that ever helped me, so I wanted so much to share! I have seached alot about acne and taken EVERY supplement availeble. Everything that helps hormones, acne, liver etc., and been on a lot of diets. There is some links to experts and why they recommend reishi. http://mosskincare.com/reishi-for-acne-liver-support/ http://thelovevitamin.com/18220/get-off-estroblock-stay-cle
  23. I wanted to share with you what has finally worked for me with my stubborn, hormonal jawline/throat acne. First of all, I am a 49 year old woman who has battled acne off and on since puberty. It calmed down in my late 20s to late 30s (birth control) but after the births of my children I had my tubes tied and did not go back on the pill. My skin started to break out again but I was too old to go back on the pill. Periods are longer and more cramps too, unfortunately. So, for the last 5+ years I
  24. Continuing my first blog (My Severe Acne Journey)... I am currently 25 and about a month ago, I started to break out AGAIN on my chin, jawline and mouth area. What the heck?!?! I have been on ACCUTANE TWICE and am still suffering from acne??!!? What is this all about? I finally realized that it HAS to be something that is going on internally, so I FINALLY decided to take the holistic approach to curing my acne... and I am SO glad that I did! First off, I started eating WHOLE FOODS and
  25. I decided it's finally time to share my story here, since my journey with hormonal acne is coming to an end! YAY!! I spent countless hours on these forums when my face exploded back in June. It took me 2 months of trying everything under the sun to finally find my fix (found on these forums actually!). And 2 months since then to feel human again. Here's my story: 5 months ago I had clear skin. CLEEEEAR. Boom. Hormones went nuts in June. I had a breakout on my chin, then another one, then