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Found 500 results

  1. Is it safe to take a 1000mg Fish oil, zinc-free multivitamin and a 30mg zinc tablet with breakfast every day? Also, is it even necessary? I work out quite regularly, and I do eat frequently and some-what healthily, but my diet varies, so I guess I don't always get exactly everything my body needs on all the days of the week. I've also heard that Zinc, despite a lot of it possibly being a placebo effect, can contribute to clearing up your acne, which is always a plus side for us suffe
  2. To start off, I'm on a diet thats controlling my acne. Mind you, it doesn't get rid of it, but most part is controlled. However, the diet is VERY flimsy and I only restrict myself to 4-5 types of meals daily as I am scared to experiment as every time I mess up and eat something I think will be ok but is not, i get a really big cyst that ends up scarring my face 8 times out of 10. I have to constantly clean my bedsheets every 2 weeks and can't play rough contact sports in fear i'll cut myself and
  3. Hi guys, Im currently on my third month of roaccutane and im taking 40mg daily. My journey hasnt been the easiest so far. I feel my anxiety has worsened and my mood has changed. I find i have a lack of motivation and this led me to leave uni. Im generally a very big stress pot and i dont think roaccutane helped with that. I decided to leave uni and postpone it to focus on clearing my skin as it has always been a big insecurity of mine and after trying several types of antibiotics and differen
  4. Hey all, I'm wondering if there is any type of website or mobile app that helps with tracking what foods break me out and what are ok to eat. Fodmaps, low-sugar, low GI, low iodine, etc... There's a ton of dietary factors that affect acne (for me at least), and it would be cool if there was some online platform that could take all of these things into consideration. I'm actually a web developer and thought this would be a cool project. I was thinking about making something like this, but I wan
  5. my current diet is like 85% effective. I've got mostly clear skin, but every once in 2-3 weeks, I will still get a few bad cysts out of nowhere! What's worse is that, even when i dont mess with it, it still somehow scars! its seriously depressing. I mainly keep to homecooked meals as they seem the safest but sometimes when i'm out with friends i get a panic attack on what can i eat with them. It seems meat can vary from good to bad for me so I've tried the vegan diet and ordering vegan food from
  6. Hey everyone! I implore everyone still struggling with acne to check out the e-book, "The Clear Skin Diet." I bought mine through the Kindle App(go on Amazon if you don't have the kindle app)and I am currently reading it now. I am only a few chapters in and my eyes have already been completely opened. It is 10 bucks and, trust me, it's worth it. So far, I have learned that dermatologists are rarely taught about clinical nutrition(so how can they tell us that acne is not related to diet)?! Presen
  7. I've never posted on here before (but I stalk a lot of the threads!) and I finally thought I would, since my skin is currently the best it's been since I was 11/12 years old! The three dietary changes that I've made recently for my skin and overall health have been: -cutting out/reducing dairy -reducing coffee -ADDING spearmint tea I'm sure I don't have to say much about dairy, as many acne sufferers warn against ingesting much of it for various reasons. I recently realized I was bec
  8. So yesterday before I would go to sleep, I saw 4 (FOUR) new fricking cysts on my face, mainly on the forehead. I'm 15 years old and have had problem with mild to moderate acne in about one and a half year, but i've only had cysts one time before, and that time it was a relatively small one on my nose. But this was the worst breakout i've got in my life. Four on the same day, and one is even under my hair (pretty short hair)! So I looked devastating, just wanted to start crying, but I managed to
  9. Hey! So I did research and found articles saying exercise is good and bad for Leaky Gut. They found athletes varied, but often had bad bacteria and their gut, however people who exercised often get a boost in their gut health. I take it diet, and over exercising probably plays a role. I also read that intense exercise can decrease blood flow to the gut and intestines resulting in negative affects. If you have any info on this, please share. Also, please share anything you know abo
  10. Hey all i'm new to the forums and I have recently started a diet for my acne. I thought it would be fun to go on the diet with some other individuals. Here is a little bit of information on my acne and the diet. Now this diet 100% works, I can say this myself, the reason being is that I did this diet in the past and I got amazing results, I was so happy with the results and my new skin that I completely got ahead of myself and gave back into my old eating habits without fully finishing the diet,
  11. Hi. I am an 18 year old male suffering from what I would consider mild but consistent acne. The types of pimples I get vary. (I don't know the names of them.) They can be big, small, medium, red, whiteheads, painful, not painful. I very rarely get the painful ones however I do get them on a slight occasion. My acne is always around my mouth/chin/jawline and from what I have read, that means hormonal. The rest of my skin is clear. I am currently on Epiduo and have been since August 2013 and f
  12. Hello everyone, I have just started my second accutane course (60mg a day) and just looking for some advice. Firstly im taking 1 x 20mg tablet in the morning at around 7.00am then another after a meal at 4.00pm then the last one just before bed at 10.00pm.. would this spacing of the tablets be okay? Also i understand it is important to eat a meal which is high in fat. Im currently searching on posts what to eat but currently im eating for example for breakfast bowl of cereal, some toast
  13. I don't know what to do anymore. I am a 16 year old male and has had acne for the past 4 years, each year getting increasingly worse. At first it didn't really bother me, people wouldn't say anything about it and it was only mild. The second year I started to take medication prescribed by the doctor, and my acne came incredibly worse, I've tried every medication except accutane. After that I moved to all natural except for the minocycline, using home remedies which helped a lot more than the med
  14. Hello all, I started the Acne Bootcamp series by Dr. Neal, and have been on it for about a month now. I've started to see results, my bump count is dropping, but I feel like I am at a pivotal point in the treatment, and could really use some input to avoid going backward and having those costly mistakes that so often leave weeks or months of regret and repair. I'm 20 years old and I've struggled with acne since I was 13. I've had mostly cystic acne, bordering on severe acne, and like most fo
  15. I switched to a paleo diet a year ago and it was the best decision of my life. I don't know why some people refuse to leave that diet can be related to acne. I'm not saying that all people's acne is related to their diet. However, It is very clear that for some people their food choices is their aggravator, as it was the case for me. Now I'm going to switch to a vegan diet and can't wait to start this new chapter in my life! I am not giving out medical advice but I encourage people to try dropp
  16. After suffering from acne for many years, and trying everything, paleo diet, antibiotics etc etc, I am having success with a new diet, that treats insulin resistance properly. We know diet effects blood sugar levels, which in turn effects insulin levels and this effects androgen production, which effects sebum production which effects how bad our acne is etc. I tried to treat this using paleo, limited carbs high fat. It was too hard for me, I felt bad all the time, no energy etc. It was only unt
  17. Hi everyone, just want to give a background info before I get into what I am currently about my acne situation in hopes that someone might provide some useful information. My acne started at age 17, I did not even get pimples prior to that, nor did I even understand the concept of acne. The acne started off as mild, but by months time it had developed into moderate-sever cystic acne - the acne was/is only present on my cheeks and it seems to affect the right side of my face more than the left.
  18. Recently I have cut dairy from my diet in hopes of clearing my skin. I also have been using just cetephyl bar soap and tea tree oil. I've been dairy free for a few weeks and I'm already noticing a difference! Obviously scars will take awhile to clear but I have less bumps and irritation. I'm very careful about everything I eat. I read every label to make sure there is no dairy. It's hidden in so many things even vegetables and fish! (Butter) But I have been also eating more vegetables and also t
  19. Hello! I have some diet questions but first a little bit of background about myself... I'm 16, 5'7, 136lbs., I love to exercise and lift weights. I'm trying to build muscle over the summer and get a nice physique. I took accutane (40mg for 5 months) 10 months ago and I was clear for a little while. Recently i've been having breakouts around my cheeks especially in that area between my cheeks and chin parallel to the edges of my lips. I have acne on my chest and the back of my neck (acc
  20. Would love feedback on this. I've been following a super healthy diet of no added fats (except for tiny amount of EVO for cooking) and only whole foods --- lots of dark greens, tubers, berries, etc. and no dairy, sugars, alcohol, caffeine, junk, etc. I eat salmon or other wild fish a couple times a week. My skin has improved dramatically and I'm almost clear except for 1-2 small whiteheads every couple of days and a couple of flat red spots on cheeks every month or so (rosacea). A recent
  21. Alright so I am no expert. But what does it take to become an expert. Anyone can become expert on something or at something with dedicated time and researched knowledge. I am just here to help other acne victims because i was once one. Acne changed my life. I rather stay at home on weekends. I skipped full days of school and slept all day because i could not bare with it. I had acne since age 12 and it wasn't awful until this past year. Nonetheless it has always bothered me. This past year, it g
  22. Hi I'm new to this website but I want to preform a study.I'm going to be drink lemon water and applying lemon juice (undiluted) on my face.to see if my acne goes away.I have acne on my forehead and left cheek (surprisingly I don't have acne on my right cheek).I'll keep you guys updated
  23. I just wanted to share this informative and basic article on nutrigenomics, the study of gene-diet related interactions in the human body. I think nutrigenomics is a highly underrated field...perhaps there's more research done on this forum than the medical field, lol. To the list of anti-inflammatories listed in the article, I would definitely add DIM (for women). It has done wonders for my inflammation. Also, inositol helps with nerve-related inflammatory reactions. http://articles.mercola.
  24. So recently my acne has been changing my life. In emotional and physical ways. The past couple of months, getting rid of my acne has been my only goal. I did a bunch of research (internet surfing) and decided to knock out all processed, fake, fatty, etc food, and dairy, wheat, gluten, and sugar. I've literally bean eating those things my entire life, and can think back on when all i ate was fake crap in my childhood years. I thought this makes 100% sense that i have such bad acne now. I also fou
  25. Hello, I have had PIH for the past 8 months now, before that my skin was very clear and I would never really get spots. I can't ever really say for sure what the cause of my PIH is and I will never know but I think a factor is diet. My diet isn't great and it hasn't been the best this year and it's just weird how all of a sudden I get PIH now at a time like this where my diet is bad. Has anybody else noticed a link between diet and PIH? and has diet improved PIH? I don't get any new spots, s