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Found 101 results

  1. gkitten25

    7 Months

    Hey, so just checking in with my monthly update. Nothing new to note, month seven of dianette and differin. No breakouts, scarring still fading. Feel so much better with and without make up. I think it will take me a long time to get over my insecurities about my skin because my last breakout was the worst I have every had. This regimen is keeping me clear and giving my skin time to heal. I am hopeful that in a years time things should be even better, as I have heard that hyper pigmentatio
  2. gkitten25

    Week 12

    So 3 months mark of dianette and 11 weeks of differin. Not much difference to report, I did get one spot/blocked pore in my breakout area on my cheek, I burst it (I can't help myself). It kina scabbed over a wee bit and is now away apart from the redness. Stil have that blocked pore/cyst but though in the last day or two that it was maybe going down a bit. Chin is still very clear as is the rest of my face. I keep getting frustrated thinking I might be left with a couple of scars. but as ti
  3. Hey, so as promised here is my monthly update for you all. It has been just about six months or maybe a little bit more since I started using Dianette birth control and differin to help with a really awful breakout and general terrible skin I was suffering from for about six months. I have keep weekly, then monthly blogs to help anyone else who is starting a similar course of treatment. I think I have mentioned in my previous entries that my breakouts stopped about the 2 and a half to 3 mont
  4. so it's been a while. i have some progress... tomorrow is my last day on the pill for month four! it's been so quick! anyway - what i wanted to say was those little spots died down eventually and my face is slowly beginning to clear up! i am happier than i have been - a bit more confident and my birthday is less than two weeks and i dont think i'll be that paranoid about the pictures! hallelujah! aside from the chin spot i got which i'm scared about because i think i feel another brewin
  5. Hi im a 17 year old girl and ive had acne for the past 4 years but ive been getting spots since ive been 11. Its the usual story, ive tried everything including zinteryt, benzoyl peroxide, duac, lymecycline, tetracyline ( been on antibiotics for the past 2 years) and also differin cream and 3 types of birth control. My acne was never on my cheeks until i started using birth control and now its only gotten progressively worse. Ive tries microgynon which gave me headaches, the implant which made t
  6. I want to share my success story since acne.org community really helped me through my tough times dealing with acne. Ive been on here for years and never wrote but i feel like now i owe to the community to share my experience and how I got rid of my hormonal acne. Short background story: Was acne free all my life until 20 years old. Started breaking out first comedonic acne on my forehead then my chin and then finally cysts on my cheeks. No one in my family had acne like that before so it was
  7. After staying clear on Yasmin for 2 years, my acne flared up worse than ever 5 months ago regardless of the fact I was still taking my Yasmin religiously. Two months ago (almost) the docs and a private dermatologist changed me over to Dianette due to the Yasmin working so well for me the first time, however these hormones were no longer right for me anymore. I decided to make a log of my progress due to finding the logs of Dianette on here so helpful to read whilst I was waiting for my pil
  8. So I thought I'd start this Dianette journey with you guys! A little background. I've had moderate to severe acne throughout my teens, starting from when I was around 14. I am now 18 and have been on several topical treatments and antibiotics. I have a history of eczema which was almost completely eliminated due to using steroids on my face. Now it's only on the back of the bottom my head, but as a result of using the steroids, my skin has inevitably become very sensitive and thin. When I
  9. Hey! I'm female, 28, uk. Month 1 - 30mg per day Month 2 - 50mg per day (I think) Month 3 - 50mg per day Month 4 - 50mg per day Month 5 - 60mg per day (stopped 1 week early) I took overall around 125mg per 53 kg body weight over 4 months and 3 weeks. I'm 5 foot 6. I missed a few pills during the entire course if I stayed away from home and forgot to pack them so my total takes that into account. I pretty much grew up using this site and I always intended I would update again when I wa
  10. Hi all, new user to this website. Looking for some advice on what to try next!! I never ever had acne as a teenager and then at age of 26 I suddenly developed blister like spots on either side of my mouth on my chin. Was initially diagnosed as a herpes infection but did not respond to aciclovir. Eventually diagnosed as acne and prescribed lymecycline. This controlled my symptoms for about 4 years and then suddenly stopped working. Over the last year and a half I have been prescribed minocy
  11. Hi, I am 21 year old female, suffered with acne as long as I can remember. The only time my skin cleared up completely was when I took roaccutane and had a clear spell of about 2 years, however the acne has recently come back. I went to the doctor complaining of other symptoms such as missed periods and depression, they sent me for tests to which I have now been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. Could this be a new cause for a different type of acne? I have been prescribed dinette whi
  12. Hey guys, I need some skincare advice as I am extremely upset with my complexion. I have always had clear skin up until March this year when I broke out massively, at the age of 22, I am talking twenty plus spots not one or two! Due to having anorexia for six years, I have never really had my periods regularly and I am still having them rather infrequently. I went straight to the doctors and I had blood tests done. My vitamins were all fine and my liver/gut both came back healthy however my
  13. Hey guys! I wrote a piece about 2/3 weeks ago and looking back at it makes me so sad. It’s when I first started taking dianette and my skin purged so badly. I was getting spots in places I’d never had spots before and they were red, inflamed and angry. I put BP on one and woke up with an oozing crust the next day over my chin. It was so sad and so intense as I’m 20 now and have been on accutane twice, as well as dianette twice, but have relapsed after both. Accutane worked for the short term but
  14. My skin went through a dry patch lately since I switched from my regular cleanser to a sulphur soap. But it's the regular dryness I get where I still break out. Anyway, as always I'm back to an oilier state. I'm a living oil factory. smh I also started taking my contraceptive pills again - it's ethinyl estradiol and cyproterone acetate (Krimson or Ginette where I live, Dianette in other places). I started taking them in 2010 for my menstrual problems, stopped because I was sick of taking an
  15. It's been a month! And in the past three days my skin has been a total rollar coaster. It felt like all of the spots on my face decided to pick up and move to my chin. I had twelve inflamed, under the skin nasty spots all on the right side of my chin. There were so many and they were so painful. But after an intensive course of steaming and hot compresses they all came to a head, were popped, and a liberal coating of honey was applied for most of the day. As of now my entire face is cle
  16. Okay it's definitely been a couple of weeks since I have been on here but I have finally hit month 6 third day!!!!!! Changes, you ask? Hmmm, well, my face is now smooth. i get the odd little spot and i mean ridiculously little and the scarring is slowly beginning to lighten. I can wear make up, go out and feel pretty again but i wish that the scarring would disappear. i'm still on the vitamins, i am very careful with make up but i am beginning to feel happier in my skin. I can handle it
  17. right so i've always had pretty severe acne, started when i was around 12 and progressed quite rapidly until it covered my entire face, neck, chest and back. its always been incredibly irritated, bright red, sore, itchy, lots of nodules, a few cysts. at the age of 14 i tried an antibiotic called ethromycin, that worked for a few months but then stopped, i was then prescribed a more powerful antibiotic (cant remember the name) and that didn't work either. for a year or so i lived with the most
  18. I always had clear skin as a teenager with the odd breakout here and there but nothing that wouldn't fade away within a few days. When i turned 21 my skin took a nose dive. I was breaking out all the time and the spots were fairly resilient to treatments. I tried changing my diet, upping my water intake, but still no change. So I went to the doctor after id say about a year of battling this and was prescribed 12 months of Dianette. My skin took up to 6 months to fully clear but now its perfect..
  19. Hi everyone. This is my first post. I was put on Dianette after; Antibiotics, different Contraceptive pills, Topical creams etc did not work. I have had acne since I was 13 (now 21.) Acne has affected my life In such a bad way, I am so fed up now. After numerous doctors appointments I finally persuaded him to put me on Dianette, this was 7 weeks ago. Since then I have seen absolutely no improvement in fact I think they're getting worse. I have read online it usually takes up to 3 months to see a
  20. Are There Any Safe and Effective Treatments for Seborrhea (Oily Skin)?

    What Is Seborrhea (Oily Skin) And What Causes It? The medical term for skin oil is sebum. When the skin over-produces sebum, the condition is called seborrhea. Seborrhea is characterized by: Shiny, greasy skin Enlarged skin pores The primary cause of seborrhea is an increased amount of male hormones, called androgens, that are present in both males and females. However, there is some evidence pointing toward the possibility that lifestyle factors, such as excess sugar intake or high calorie...
  21. Hey guys, I have two questions for you: 1. Is it likely that the extremely dry lips I'm experiencing at the moment could be in any way related to the Dianette I'm taking? Has anyone else experienced this with Dianette or any other birth control? 2. Does anyone have any recommendations for a lipbalm that is really moisturising (my lips are currently in tatters) but that won't break me out? I tried the original Vaseline thinking that petroleum jelly should be non-comodogenic but unfortunat
  22. Hi everyone! Need some acne buddies to chat to!!!! So i have been taking spiro for well over a year now, it seemed to be working but in the last few months I have been breaking out loads. I am taking 50mg, do you think i need to up this??? I have also started using epiduo at night. I am so desperate i have even started cutting dairy out cos i have read of quite a few people who have done that and it has helped. it's rubbish though, i am already craving a pizza!!! Just could do wi
  23. Hey there, Been on Dianette for 6 months now. Only in the past month or two has it really cleared my skin, so i'm really happy with it. However, after my Doctors appointment yesterday he said i must come off the pill after the next 3 month package, taking me to 9 months. However this is just before my holidays so i'd really like to stay on it just another 2 months to take me to 11 months? Is this too long? Has anyone been on Dianette for ages? Before Dianette I was on Yasmin, which I ha
  24. So basically I have moderate acne which is concentrated on my cheeks and some on my forehead. I only had mild acne before I started using differin which wrecked my face and made my acne so much worse!! The doctor then gave me dianette and lymecycline to take. I am now starting pack number two of dianette and I'm having mixed results about it. My skin did get worse in the first month but some days I look at my skin and it's ok but then I breakout!! How long will it take for the dianette to wor
  25. Hello guys! Really hoping for some help on here of someone whos used Dianette for acne treatment Firstly, heres a little background story. Started to get mild acne when I was 16, so went straight to the docs and put on Yasmin. Worked amazingly for 2/3 years up till I was about 19 and had good skin throughout. However, at 19, my skin absolutely exploded with sore, scar causing acne. I was so confused as I was still taking my Yasmin religiously however the docs informed me that your hormones