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Found 19 results

  1. I have been battling pimples my entire adult life. But for the last 14 months I have been experiencing the worst acne of my life. This time there is something different, this acne is more persistent. In my future blog posts you will read about my history with acne medications, birth control pills, treatments, ointments, the list goes on. I was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which I will elaborate on in another post. But for my first entry, I thought I would discus
  2. gkitten25

    7 Months

    Hey, so just checking in with my monthly update. Nothing new to note, month seven of dianette and differin. No breakouts, scarring still fading. Feel so much better with and without make up. I think it will take me a long time to get over my insecurities about my skin because my last breakout was the worst I have every had. This regimen is keeping me clear and giving my skin time to heal. I am hopeful that in a years time things should be even better, as I have heard that hyper pigmentatio
  3. I want to share my success story since acne.org community really helped me through my tough times dealing with acne. Ive been on here for years and never wrote but i feel like now i owe to the community to share my experience and how I got rid of my hormonal acne. Short background story: Was acne free all my life until 20 years old. Started breaking out first comedonic acne on my forehead then my chin and then finally cysts on my cheeks. No one in my family had acne like that before so it was
  4. My OB prescribed me Diane-35 last September 2018 up until February 2019 (6 months), and it really cleared my acne out after the first 4 months. My hormonal acne on my cheeks and forehead cleared so I only had the hyperpigmentation to worry about, which I can also cover with make-up since my skin's not bumpy anymore. So, I started getting small breakouts again after around 2 months of stopping but nothing to worry about much. YET. Now, I've been off Diane-35 for 4 months and I can feel my skin go
  5. I used Diane-35 for 6 months (September 2018 - February 2019), and cleared up my acne. After stopping, it came back. Is it okay to restart using Diane-35 now, after a 5-month break? Note: I have hormonal acne. No PCOS, whatsoever.
  6. Hey guys. I'm starting this personal log because as of today I'm starting on Diane35 + Duac daily gel. I've had acne since I was 13, but it's being very varied how bad it's been. While it was annoying as a teenager, I never suffered from very low self-esteem. Now I'm 24 and my acne has turned cystic. Also, I have no friends who are struggling with acne. I'm starting my professional career, and my skin is acting like I'm a teenager. I have never been so frustrated, and I finally decided to
  7. I am going on Diane 35 since antibiotics did not completely clear me and neither has anthing else. I have acne on my cheeks and they have never gone away. What are your experiences with diane 35? how bad is the initial breakout? Can I start Diane any day I want and then postpone my period until the end of the pack? Im confused.
  8. Well, It has officially been 12 weeks. I have literally 3 bumps, small. So this has worked for me. Im just waiting to see what happens with my spots because they have faded a TEENY bit, its gonna take a while, but atleast I don't really have ACNE on my face right now, its just spots left from acne. I suggest you use this regimen, you don't have to, im just making a friendly suggestion. When on this regimen, don't pick anything, because although it clears those spots it takes a while, so I re
  9. Hello everyone! So basically as the title implies, I am starting my journey of switching birth control pills while using spironolactone. This will be a skin diary that I will update as much as I can/ when I have any noticeable changes or preferably, no changes to my skin. About me: I had mild-moderate acne when I was 14 after starting my period. I had a very long and heavy period to the point it was affecting my quality of life, so my doctor started me on Alesse, a low dosage birth control pil
  10. So it will be three months exactly in a few days and still no improvment that's substantial my doctor said that at least 3 full months to even start noticing improvment a which I kind of discouraging but I'm gonna give another month and if four months goes by and still nothing I guess I put too much faith in Diane 35
  11. Hey users! Been on Dianette for 11 full months now, starting my month 12 tomorrow. However, this is my last month and will be a full year on Dianette so my doctor now wants me to change back to Yasmin. Prior to Dianette I was on Yasmin for 2 and a half years, 2 of which my skin was great but the last 6 months it was really quite awful! Preying my skin won't go back to the bad stage and it was just a random blip of my hormones, however, just wondering what other peoples experiences of the D
  12. Hey Girls, My name is Sarah and am 19 years old from Melbourne, Australia. I've been on Estelle 35 (generic brand of Diane- 35) due to skin problems. I have never had bad skin as such, but the hormonal pimples I do have on my forehead and on my cheeks in particular have made me really self conscious (especially during the day time and harsh lighting) and this is the reason why I've decided to try this Pill. - See photos below. In the past, due to myself not being confident in m
  13. Day 3: I've never done a log before but I want to have a place where I can actually compare improvement instead of just get annoyed or whatever. I just took my third diane 35 pill and I know it might seem crazy to get an initial breakout so fast but my cheeks have been full of pimples since I started. Also, the first night, I didn't take with a big meal and I woke up at 4am to vomit. The sickness got a little better and I haven't thrown up since.
  14. I was looking back at photos from when I was 14 and I was amazed at how clear my skin was ! I was a late-bloomer, so puberty didn't catch up to me until I reached 15(ish) - It got me thinking, that maybe my acne was hormone related and so I have been placed on Diane-35/Dianette/Co-Cyprindiol. I've decided to do a weekly log (as such) so that I can hopefully look back and see some improvement ! Started: 26/10/17 (aged 17 and 1 month) Skincare Regime Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser (twice d
  15. If I am going to go back on Diane-35 (After 6 months of use, last pack was in February 2019), how should I take it if I'm on my day 5 of my menstruation cycle (meaning, I have my period now lol)? I could remember my OB telling me to take 2 pills when I first started because I was on day 7 of my menstrual cycle. Should I just wait for my day 7 again and take two, just like how my OB told me to before? Note: My menstruation has always been regular, always on time. I usually have my per
  16. My acne days were over the moment I learned about my PCOS. I was diagnosed with PCOS last year August. I already knew something was wrong with me. It is not the usual teenage acne. Mine lasted from 2012 until 2016. I did everything I can to make my hormones normal. My acne was a mess. I had acne all over my face: cheeks, nose... you name it. I tried a lot of products. Skincare products and makeup products which can help me cover up my hideous face. I am now taking up Diane 35 and I have a speci
  17. Hi everyone! Okay so this is going to be me documenting my acne journey.. with the help of birth control! I'm someone who likes to ramble quite a bit so sorry in advance. Background - My acne began when I was 13. It started off as quite a lot of pimples (small whiteheads) around the forehead. I think this could have been attributed to my very dramatic side fringe that covered practically half my face (we all had those, right?). When I got rid of the fringe, my acne cleared immediately. So t
  18. Hello!! I started using Diane35 last June01, and I am deciding to discontinue it as i am currently taking Accutane for 3 months. Will I breakout because I am discontinuing Diane35? I am taking 30MG/day of Accutane, and i only started feeling the dryness these past few days. Thanks!
  19. Hi everyone I was wondering if I could have some advice on the Dianette/ Diane-35 birth control pill which I've just been prescribed by my GP and am due to start in a few weeks (I first have to complete my strip of Marvelon tablets, which I've been on for about a year). If anyone could share their personal experiences with this drug I'd be very grateful. So basically I've suffered from acne for 6 years now (I am now 18). Clinically it's never been anything too severe (although it doesn't