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Found 17 results

  1. Maria=2325

    Diane35 And Duac - My Log

    Hey guys. I'm starting this personal log because as of today I'm starting on Diane35 + Duac daily gel. I've had acne since I was 13, but it's being very varied how bad it's been. While it was annoying as a teenager, I never suffered from very low self-esteem. Now I'm 24 and my acne has turned cystic. Also, I have no friends who are struggling with acne. I'm starting my professional career, and my skin is acting like I'm a teenager. I have never been so frustrated, and I finally decided to
  2. I felt that I needed to share my story as a year ago it was me searching acne.org looking for a possible cure, feeling my lowest self esteem I have ever felt, feeling like everyone can see my acne even though I wear make up and feeling like my boyfriend cannot fancy me looking like this. I was willing to give anything ago now as my usual benzoyl peroxide was not working anymore, I went to my doctor who prescribed me epiduo (0.1% adapalene/benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) and started me on the contraceptiv
  3. clearskinjourney

    Dianette For Acne

    Hello guys! Really hoping for some help on here of someone whos used Dianette for acne treatment Firstly, heres a little background story. Started to get mild acne when I was 16, so went straight to the docs and put on Yasmin. Worked amazingly for 2/3 years up till I was about 19 and had good skin throughout. However, at 19, my skin absolutely exploded with sore, scar causing acne. I was so confused as I was still taking my Yasmin religiously however the docs informed me that your hormones
  4. Hi! First, I apologize for my English because I do not know well. (thanks to google translate ...) I am here because unfortunately in Italy there are few and confusing information about acne. Do not yet know this forum and I could direct me to the topic that might help me in my situation. Let me tell you my story: 17 years in the summer I had the first outburst of acne, moderate. I went to the dermatologist and I have used creams, to no avail. I did some analysis to find cysts in the ovari
  5. Hi everyone, I registered today in this community, and i'm amazed about all the information you can find here A little background first: I'm 24 y.o. and i have acne since 13 (after my 1st period). I must say that i never went to see a derm, mainly because my mother (and everyone in general) would always tell me that it was an age problem, and it would go away. Also, i'm now skeptical about going to the derm, because for what i know, in most cases (at least in my country) , they just mak
  6. Hi ladies, I started taking Kelnor (generic of Zovia/Demulan). This is a high estrogen pill, since those typically help acne. However, the older I get, the more I worry about my health and the more research I do, the more it seems like BC and synthetic hormones are awful for women. How do you feel? I'm also trying to get in the best shape of my life and I've read that estrogen increases fat cell size, breaks down connective tissue, and increases cellulite. I'm so torn, I want so badly to have cl
  7. clearskinjourney

    Coming Off Dianette

    Hey there, Been on Dianette for 6 months now. Only in the past month or two has it really cleared my skin, so i'm really happy with it. However, after my Doctors appointment yesterday he said i must come off the pill after the next 3 month package, taking me to 9 months. However this is just before my holidays so i'd really like to stay on it just another 2 months to take me to 11 months? Is this too long? Has anyone been on Dianette for ages? Before Dianette I was on Yasmin, which I ha
  8. Brodeigh

    Hormonal Acne? Help?

    A week before my period my face COMPLETELY changes. It looks oily, discoloured, inflamed, bumpy and acne prone. I had a hormone test before my period which showed high androgens but then after I took the test again it was okay, so basically my androgens are high before my periods. I don't want to take the pill for many health concern reasons and I had really bad side effects when I tried. Diet never seems to help me. What do I do? My doctor suggested some type of minocycline or something. I aske
  9. sammycat

    Month 1

    Hello to whoever is reading this blog! I started taking Diane 35 and Spiro both on the same day over a month ago. Since then, I have been spending a lot of time here posting my concerns as well as reading about other people's experiences. Since I was posting almost every week, I figured I should just start my own blog so I can track my progress as well. Since I don't wanna retype everything I've written in my posts, I will just copy-paste most of them In order. ) About me: - I am 3
  10. sammycat

    Month 2

    Week 2: Been taking Diane 35 and Spiro for more than a month now. The good news is that there have been NO new breakouts for over a week now. The bad news is that the old cysts from the initial breakout are taking FOREVER to heal. There are currently twin huge pimples right between my eyebrows, they used to be a trio but the other one dried up and I was able to drain it. In addition to that, the cyst in the corner of my mouth (the largest cyst I've had to date, by the way) is still lumpy u
  11. I was on roaccutane until October which completely cleared my back acne + facial acne wonderfully. I had clear porcelain skin. At the beginning of February I noticed I started getting a few pimples on my back again (as well as a couple of minuscule ones on my chin when it was nearing my period). My main concern was that my back acne might escalate if I didn't do something about it so I went to the doctor and was prescribed dianette (or co-cyprindiol as it is called in the UK). It's week 5 a
  12. Hi everyone, I am new here and had learnt a lot from you guys. I'm now 28 (female) and I have been had acne since 16 and broke out like crazy around 20. My doctor put me on accutane for 8 months, 20mg a day and my skin was all clear and keep clear for 6 years without even one pimple on my face!!!! After I move to Melbourne in 2014, my acne came back!!! But this time is different, they are mainly on my chin and jawline, and forehead. I went to the derma and he prescribed me Diane 35. I have he
  13. Marissa87

    Spiro & Diane Combo

    Hi all, I'm brand new here! I've browsed the forum for quite a while now and you all just such a good support group, I wanted to join in! Every time I google something acne related, I end up here. Spiro & Diane 35 combo - Who's tried it? Good/Bad. How long did it take for you to see results? Was there an initial breakout? I've been on it for about 2 weeks now. I have no results - I can't really tell if its getting worse or staying the same. I started taking photos of myself every mor
  14. Hey guys, I'd just like to give a general account of my acne and treatments and see if you have any suggestions. I used proactive for a long time, only really the scrub/cleanser. I was pretty lazy and wouldn't use it every day. I've never had perfect skin, but i'd never had bad skin either. About 3 months ago, I decided to stop using proactive. Unfortunately, I did so in an (extremely) foolish way. I just decided to wash my face with water. (so stupid) anyway, whereas i had previously
  15. StylishWind

    diane 35 diary beginning

    Hello, I am a 17 yo girl who fights acne. i began to had acne when I was 15. i have mild acne, especially on the T zone and apple cheeks. Sometimes my face looking ok but sometimes I have few cyst or undergrowth red bumps(hate them!!) and it affects my mood a lot and I don't wanna go out (although I am a very social person) this is ruining my life!!! Body skin is clear, sometimes 1-3 pimples on the chest. Because I have tried so many things and my acne usually flare up before and during the peri
  16. Hi guys, I just started taking Spiro this week at 100 mg a day along with Diane 35. I have read that they prevent new cysts from forming but I was also wondering if they heal existing ones faster?? I currently have 2 deep cysts on my chin which led me to believe that my acne is hormonal. Thankfully, I haven't experienced the dreaded initial breakout (or not yet, knock on wood). But these 2 cysts that I have show no signs of disappearing for more than 2 weeks now. They are like ugly red bumps wit
  17. solneschka

    Diane 35 Vs. Spironolactone

    Hi everyone, I've taken diane 35 for 6 years because of my hormonal acne but now I became ugly spider veins at a age of only 20 and I'm sure that diane has caused them because I do not smoke or drink, my weight is 45 kg and I do sport. In Germany Diane is the only thing you get for hormonal acne and pcos but as I want to stop it I have to find a alternative. I read a lot about spironolactone that is not allowed in Germany as a treatment for hormonal acne but in the U.S it is widely spread.