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Found 75 results

  1. medici

    10 days with Diane-35

    It´s soon to post big changes. I´ve only been 10 days with it! The only thing i started to notice is a headache coming out of nowhere... hope it´ll go away soon. And i think i´m gaining weight? I´m in good shape, and i do exercise often but... it´s just my feeling about it! I will continue posting. Thanks for reading! (Also, for the acne, i´m taking Treclinac, a topical form of antibiotic and vitamin A that my derm prescribed me... it worked amazing on my skin! I use it at night. The only bad
  2. so it's been awhile since I've been on here. And I gave up doxy because in the long run it become ineffective so I wanted something more long term. So I have started Diane 35 and I have been on it for 11.5 weeks and if say it's gotten substantially worse... I have read that 3 months is the magic number so it a week or two i will be at the 3 Rd month mark so I'm hoping things start to improve. I'm assuming my acne is hormonal because I'm almost 18 and I had only gotten my period twice in my li
  3. PCOS, acne link: presence of polycystic ovaries not required for diagnosis. (Special report: gender-specific dermatology). Dermatology Times, Feb, 2003, by Liz Meszaros Toronto -- Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may be linked to acne in adult women, but its prevalence in these women and the specifics of which of these women may need more extensive work-ups and referrals are still largely an unknown. Dermatologists should be aware of the link and the treatment modalities available for PCOS, s
  4. Hello, I've been on Diane-35 for years, it's been lovely, but now I need a more reliable birth control pill, so I'm looking to switch from Diane-35 to something else. I've taken Yaz before, nightmare, terrible breakouts. I've read more negative reviews for Loestrin-24 than positive ones. Anyone have recommendations for a pill that may work after having success on Diane-35? I've also tried Ortho-lo before, without great results. I was thinking regular Ortho-tri-cyclen? The only thing that makes
  5. Maggie G


    It seems to have worked quite well for a lot of people. How do you get it in the US? I don't understand...=/
  6. I hear such great things about Diane 35 but its not available in the United States.. yet it seems to be available everywhere esle! Why isn't it here I wonder?
  7. I've had acne since I was in grade 7 and over the years it got worse and worse. I've tried a lot of products - oral and topical - but nothing seems to work, and if it does, it's only for awhile and then I start breaking out again. Now my doctor put me on the BCP Diane-35 and said that he thinks that it will help a lot. I'm really hoping that it does. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this to cure their moderate acne and how it went for them, and how long it is until you see results.
  8. Hello. I'm 27 years old and about 10 years ago, my hormonal nightmare began. At first, it started as mild to moderate (but awfully persistent acne) as well as painful periods, so I went to about 5 different dermatologists. Gynecologists and endocrinologist diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and since then I've been on and off with different types of birth control pills, and it's just getting tiresome. First, I was on Diane-35 for 9 months, then Metformin, then Accutane (which
  9. My doctor tried to call in for me to start Diane-35 but none of the pharmacies carry it, where do I get it?
  10. Hey all, Well, it's been a month (give or take) since I finished my 6 month course of Accutane. My reactions are... well, mixed. Sorry if this ends up being lengthy, I just need to vent I guess. My oil has come back almost entirely, which is really frustrating since I just experienced 6 months of the glory that is "normal" skin while I was taking Tane. Now my skin is oily when I wake up every morning, and after applying makeup I'm greasy within half an hour - just like usual. *sigh*. I'm prett
  11. i'm on tane so i'm taking bcp's. i decided to go on diane-35 cause i've been on that pill previously with no problems. i'm on about week 13 of tan and have 3-7 weeks to go (depending on what my derm says) so a good 2-3 months of bcp's to go. diane-35 is a lot more dangerous than other bcp's due to blood clots. i'm not sure if it's less or more dangerous than the patch though. i cant really change my bcp, i dont want to cause a big fuss with my derm (when you switch bcp's it takes a while for
  12. Hi Guys, I'm 27 and, after 5 years of crystal clear skin, i started getting super-blech cyst breakouts in September. my acne is categorized as mild-moderate and manifests on my chin and jaw line. i hate it! i was diagnosed with pcos years ago, so i know my acne is hormonal. i currently take 200mg of Spiro, 500mg of Metformin (insulin sensitizer), and have just started a round of accutane. my question, however, is about birthcontrol pills. ok, so i've been on virtually every type of birth
  13. I really hate how I feel on BCP. I either breakout more, gain weight, irregular periods, or depression! I was on Diane-35 for 3 years and it did keep me clear for awhile. I went off 2 years ago and my skin hasn't recovered at all. Big, painful zit all over, especially near my jawline and chin. I am so frustrated I could cry. Someone suggested I try Spiro. However, from the reviews I read, a lot of people seem to be on BCP as well. I really hope I can take it without BCP. I'm goin
  14. Hi, This question is for girls taking diane-35 for cystic acne and who are nearsighted. Have any of you noticed any changes in your vision (e.g. having to get stronger eye glasses or contacts) after taking diane-35 for a while? When I was taking diane-35 (from june 2003 to july 2005) my vision was changing like crazy. I had to go to the optometrist every 6-8 months to get stronger lenses because my eyes were hurting so bad. When I went off diane-35 my vision seemed to stabilize a bit or wasn'
  15. Hey everyone, I'm considering going on birth control since I'm breaking out really bad for no reason, I've tried everything and it wont go away, I'm beginning to think it's hormonal since I'm getting cystic pimpes which i rarely ever got before... anyways I was wondering if you guys can help me decide which pill to go on!! PLEASE...! I've never been on BC except ONCE. i've tried yasmin last year for about 3 months and it was the WORST thing i've ever done!!! It made me break out abnormally a
  16. Hi all I was prescribed the contraceptive pill (one similar to Diane-35) for my acne. Anyway, i've taken the pill for almost a month and i've seen no improvement. My acne has actually worsened (I used to only get acne around my mouth and on my chin, but over the past couple of weeks i've had breakouts on my forehead and my cheeks! - I never used to get acne on my cheeks!) I'm feeling very disenchanted. How long does the contraceptive pill take to clear up acne? Or doesn't it work for some
  17. I have heard of this but don't know anyone who actually took it. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it called something else? Is it the same as dinette?
  18. Hiya all, i've been on diane-35 ED for about 6 months, it hasen't produced any great results but if anything my pimples are smaller, occur less often and more superfical than before. Yet i still get the occasional bright red inflamed zit last for a week then breaks to the surface where it forms a hiddeous red dry scab for a week, then i'm left with the scar which red and very noticable and can last for more than a year. I fact since on diane my pimples seem to be smaller, but more inflamed lea
  19. I used to have nice skin, a few breakouts sometimes but overall it was beautiful. I took the Diane-35 pill for 4 months and it made my breakout in huge cysts in places I never had before. 5 years later and my skin has never recovered. Everything scars, even if I dont pick it. Its like my skin has lost its ability to heal itself. Has anyone else has a similar experience???
  20. I have been taking diane-35 since late 2009. buying it on a regular basis with insurance costs me only 13 bucks for three 21 day packs. something with my insurance has gone wrong lately and they said to wait 40 days until the insurance gets cleared again. i am on my period right now and i am supposed to start another pack on tuesday. the pharmacist says that if i went ahead and got one 21-day pack, it will cost me 40 bucks.. for one pack alone! im seriously considering waiting until my insuranc
  21. Hey guys..which of the above is the stronger anti androgen? Spiro or Diane-35 (Cyproterone Acetate) Tried researching it but there's not much info.
  22. I'm starting my second course of Accutane, once I've been on birth control for a month. During the first course, I was on Diane-35. But I got my period every 23 days, so this time around I told my doctor that I'd like to try something different. So she prescribed me Tricyclen (the 28 pill one; Diane was 21 pills). I've only been on it for a week and for some reason I'm breaking out pretty bad. My acne is getting worse as time goes on (which is why I can't wait to start Accutane again) but I don
  23. b4h


    My GP just prescribed Diane-35.... Gah. So, The Good, the bad, and the ugly..... what is it?
  24. i'm 15 and have had acne since.. oh, i don't know? 10? over the years i've tried almost everything. topical treatments either didn't work or stopped being effective shortly after. i found out two weeks into minocycline that i was severely allergic to it; erythromycin did nothing; birth control didn't seem to improve my skin and made me a raving lunatic. the only thing that's been effective so far is accutane, which i've used twice, the first time for 2 months and the second time for 6 weeks. bot
  25. I'm currently on Diane-35, and I'm just finishing up my third packet. The thing is, last week, my skin was clearing really well, then suddenly this week, I broke out again. It's just frustrating, cause I'll see my skin clearing, then I'll get a mini-break out. I went through an initial break out when I first started the pill, and the break outs now aren't as bad, just little whiteheads or what not....And I'm also doing the regimen. I've been doing it continuously and I still manage to break out.