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Found 264 results

  1. My OB prescribed me Diane-35 last September 2018 up until February 2019 (6 months), and it really cleared my acne out after the first 4 months. My hormonal acne on my cheeks and forehead cleared so I only had the hyperpigmentation to worry about, which I can also cover with make-up since my skin's not bumpy anymore. So, I started getting small breakouts again after around 2 months of stopping but nothing to worry about much. YET. Now, I've been off Diane-35 for 4 months and I can feel my skin go
  2. hi guys i brought my blood test results to my dermatologist and she is convinced that my testosterone levels are slightly high (even though im on Diane 35) and they are the reason behind my monthly flare ups. So she suggested some dietary changes such as: consuming more organic soy products eating less animal products avoidind dairy eating flaxseed so my question is to ladies who have high testosterone like me:Do you guys did any dietary changes?Has it helped?What can i do about tha
  3. I'm 21 and I think it's been almost 8 years since I've left the house without make-up. My acne started when I was 13. I actually remember being the only girl in my year who wore foundation. How embarrassing is that? Later in high school more girls wore foundation, but there was a year or two where I was the only one. There was even a time where a teacher tried to make me to go the bathroom to wash off my foundation (I only wore foundation and powder for oiliness, no mascara etc.) because
  4. Hi! I need advice (again, i posted prior to this about taking accutane or something like spiro) and am not sure whether to ake accutane or BCP pills. I have pcos, and get really bad hormonal breakouts mid cycle and the week before my period starts. I am 25, and i have suffered like this since i was 14. I manage the condition with healthy lifestyle and a green plant based diet, and exercise and have even managed to drop 60 pounds, however, i still breakout and it leaves marks and small sca
  5. So I am just wondering...for those of you ladies out there that cleared up completely during pregnancy (at least once)....what birth control do you use to control your acne and how effective is it? I'm asking b/c I've been trying to find a bcp that works for my particular type of hormonal acne (mine cleared up completely my entire pregnancy with my daughter). I've tried Diane 35 and it broke me out horribly. I'm thinking I need to try something else...but want to try to avoid the breakout if
  6. does anyone know if cyestra 35 is the same as diane 35? i asked my docotr for diane 35 but gota perscription for cyestra 35 instead. any reviews would be much appreciated. thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm on my third month on Yaz and after a horrible initial break out, my skin is finally getting clearer and less oily than it was before, BUT it is still oily for me. And that annoys me so much because when I was on Diane 35, which I had to stop taking because it made me sick , my skin was completely oil-free after just two weeks. So does anyone know if it takes more time for Yaz to get rid of all the oilyness, or is this just as good as it gets? Thank you!
  8. Danette


    I decided to stop taking Yasmin, or rather the generic version my derm prescribed me, after 6 months with absolutely no results whatsoever in my acne or oily skin, if anything, it left me with lots of scars from the horrible initial break out it gave me, and now I even have acne in places I never had before. Diane 35 did work for me but it made me SO sick I had to stop taking it. I honestly feel like dying. I don't want to go to work and I don't want to attend classes tomorrow, all I want to do
  9. Hello there, Reading this message board has introduced me to Spironolactone for the very first time, and I think it could be precisely what I am looking for. I have hormonal acne, consisting of deep whiteheads and pustules around the mouth. A previous dose of accutane has taken care of the cysts (thank god!!). I have recently been prescribed both Diane 35 (bc pill) and stievamycin mild topical treatment. The stieva leaves my skin very thin and the whiteheads are terrible to pop, leaving me wit
  10. Hi, this is my first post ever but I really wanted to share with everyone how I completely got rid of my acne since for the first time in forever I am thrilled with the condition of my skin. Maybe it will do the same for you! For starters I have been to about ten different dermatologist in my life time. I have tried almost every medication on this website and almost every face wash and lotion on here as well. I've done the apple cider vinegar drink...even gone as far as urine therapy which is SO
  11. Hi Girls! Firstly, without making an essay out of it here is a quick run down of my acne/bcp history: Acne since I was about 14, progressed from mild to moderate about 16-17yo, not long after I turned 17 however it settled down. Still getting inflamed zits at this time, usually 1-2 at a time, and blackheads and such but definately improved. At 19 I went on Diane 35 for birth control (I actually only told the doc it was for birth control too - he must have taken one look at some of my remaini
  12. Since I'm nervous about the new generic YAZ and the fact that it hasn't been out a month and the company already admitted to LYING on the product label and I can't afford YAZ I think its time I try a new pill. I was on the generic Ortho Tri Cyclen before and that made me breakout and gave me a lot of other problems, so I don't think I want to go with that even though they don't have a generic for it anymore still worries me =/ So are there any other pills that anyone has tried that are approved
  13. hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out....i had pretty good skin for most of my life(I'm 22) just the occasional pimple around my jawline every now and then...however ive had menstural irregularties and alot of hair...so recently i hadnt gotten my period in 3 months and i noticed i was getting acne random bumps, cysts all over and increased hair growth also.. I went to the gynecologist and was diagnosed w having a right ovarian cyst and hormonal imbalance( basically more testosterone
  14. My dr put me on diane 35 i am on it now for 2 weeks my skin looks great but i am still spoting any idea wen it will stop.
  15. Heyy i was wondering if anyone could help me out. I just started taking diane 35 a week and a half ago......my skin had just recently ( 2 months or so prior to starting diane) began to break out and it was minor just a 2 or 2 pimples aong my jawline.....i had a blood test done and i had a hormonal imbalance due to which i wasnt getting my period reguraly hence the acne hence put on diane....... so now the problem is that since starting diane my skin has started brekingout like crazy!!!!!
  16. I've ordered Diane 35 from planetdrugsdirect.com for years. New Zealand sourced product. Very reputable site
  17. Soo basically, been on DKR for a year and a half, but it lost a big part of its efficacy after about 6 months, but ive been trudging through for the last year to see if it would get better. Well it hasn't. Went to the doctors this week, who recommended the pill as the next step. Fair enough! Just got few questions though, im currently on a diet, i know that the pills reputed to make women gain weight, is this in all cases?? what have you experienced in terms of weight gain/loss?? Also, im an i
  18. ok girls i'm desperate here, i have painful nodular acne, but i'm not really oily, i think my acne is hormonal cause it's mostly on my chin. i was on diane and i suppose i noticed a reduction in how many nodules i would get monthly, but not really sure if it worked as well as it should. please share, especially if you've tried both. also i'm scared of the initial breakout from spiro, how can this be avoided, if any of you have? thx so much!
  19. I hear such great things about Diane 35 but its not available in the United States.. yet it seems to be available everywhere esle! Why isn't it here I wonder?
  20. hello all i'm new here! first post! i'm 17, i've had bad acne since i was about 11 and i started taking diane 35 around march last year, i was recommended to take the pill for three months, but skin didn't really improve the first three months, actually got worse, so i continued taking it for six, and by the end of the six months, september, my skin was COMPLETELY CLEAR! Experienced the happiest moments of my life with clear skin so, on my mom's advice (not good to take pills for too long,
  21. Birth control pills have about a bazillion side effects. Most arent so good, but not everyone gets all of them... and some don't get any side effects apparently. I have tried every pill under the sun and every single one of them regardless of the dose gives me migraines. Never fails. These migraines are so bad that I puke, get vertigo, cant eat, etc and I have to miss work until it goes away. And these migraines are due to the estrogen withdrawel when I come off the pill for my little perio
  22. I have had acne for almost 20 years ( I'm 31). I took Diane 35 or 'Dianette' as it is known in the U.K. throughout my 20s and had beautiful skin! I moved to the U.S. 2 years ago and found out that that drug is not available here. Now I am taking spironolactone and Yaz and I feel nauseous all the time and my skin is the worst it's been since my teens. I notice some posters here in the U.S. are using Diane 35. Please fill me in on the secret! This is really getting me down, I am so frustrated that
  23. I started on Diane 35 a month ago and it has made absolutely no difference. I wasn't expecting it to clear my skin in 1 month but I thought there may be even a slight improvement. How long did it take everyone else to get it working?
  24. I have been taking Diane 35 for 1 week and it made my skin breakout really bad should I stop taking it????? I am so scared that my skin will just get worse and worse. Please if any one has had any experiences tell me what I should expect or what to do.
  25. I've pretty much tried everything under the sun for my acne from the age of 16 - Tetracyclin, Benzamycin Gel, Minocin, Differin, Clindoxyl Gel, I'm currently using Diane 35 (OCP) for acne .. but I've had the worst breakout ever on it .. and now my skin is a mess .. Mind you, I've only been on it for 3 months .. but I feel like it's not really doing the job. I'm currently considering going on Accutane .. but I'm not really sure if my acne is severe enough to risk some of the side effects. I hav