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Found 22 results

  1. I am dairy and gluten intolerant and know I should cut it out, but I look at people with clear glowing skin, stuffing their faces with cheeseburgers from McDonalds, and am extremely, extremely confused!!! Someone please explain this to me. Also, I was vegan and gf for 8 months, dancing everyday and STILL had spots. Please help me if you know anything about this subject. I was wondering if childhood diet has anything to do with it? When I was younger I used to eat so much melted cheese and fr
  2. My friend started taking it a few weeks ago and i've heard of people incorporating it to their daily routine. I use it for masks and i've always been curious about ingesting it. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and stuck with it long enough to see a positive effect?
  3. (Thanks in advance but I know the dangers of buying accutane online..but I know this site very well and can confirm they're legit..) But anyway I'm self medicating and I've been on 40mg to 20mg for the last month.. I want to do a low 20mg a week dose now as I believe it's less toxic and better for a longer period of time... would I have to wait and detox the current month of accutane and then start over with the weekly 20mg or can I just start taking it every week?
  4. I've recently started supplementing with standardized Milk Thistle one time a day and wondering if anyone has any success, experience with helping with fat digestion and liver cleansing which would ultimately help with inflammation and skin? I am taking doxy in conjunction with Spiro and really wanting to treat my liver well and aid it in all it's work. Since taking doxy I also take a good probiotic, but I noticed an increase in bloating and IBS symptoms since on the antibiotic. However,
  5. Hello everyone, this was the worst week ever! Last thursday (7/7/2016) I took milk thistle 270mg/daily for only 3 days. 2 days later I got a big deep cyst every day. I am crying the whole day because I did 6! Vbeam sessions to get rid of old red acne marks and now my face looks terrible again... I googled if there is a connection between milk thistle and acne. I found a post of a woman who had the same problem and suffered over years from the detoxing effect of milk thistle. She still got thes
  6. Hi guys, I'm currently in my third month of accutane at 70mg a day. To be honest, I've been having a pretty mild experience. I didn't get an IB, no dry skin, and my pores got smaller and my pimples stopped almost immediately. I SHOULD note that I don't have severe acne, I have moderate but VERY persistent adult acne, and my derm put me on accutane because absolutely nothing else was working on me. Anyway. Because of the Christmas break I've spent the past few weeks eating terribly and onc
  7. Hi everyone! Newbie to acne.org here. I was drawn to this site because of this thread: I read so many comments on there about Isotherapy for reversing the damage of Accutane but haven't found any information on how to actually do it. Was wondering if anyone out there has done it successfully and could tell me how to do it. Any other information on getting accutane out of my system would be greatly appreciated. I've taken three rounds of it and have both IBS and TERRIBLE constant migra
  8. zakadams762

    Herbal Supplements

    I recently found success with the use of Dandelion and Burdock supplements. These are very helpful detoxers and also are said to help with acne. I am not very familiar with any scientific claims, but this worked for me, and was pretty inexpensive. My acne seemed like it was brought on by wheat and oils and also a lot of other normal foods, so I suspected something was wrong with my gut internally. This has helped dramatically! I hope this helps. (additionally I am a fan of apple cidar vinigar a
  9. Hi! I posted this on a help wanted thread, and since I'm going through a TCM/vegan diet herbal purge, I'm finding myself with the opposite problem I had last week that I posted the Royal Jelly/Coconut Oil/Pearl Powder healing mask for dry, flaky, mature skin for. Yes, I have oily, active blemishes in places I never get them; hairline, cheeks, jawbone and eyebrows - even a few on my back! Luckily, I have years of experience addressing oiliness 1) 1-2x daily Sulfur Soap, any brand- a
  10. honeyhon

    detox breakout

    so i started eating very healthy bcz i thot it would help my skin... i started juicing fruits everyday etc but.. i have got so many whiteheads lately... i know its a detox process.. but how long will these whiteheads would take to go...also i have stopped juicing etc.. m back to my norml diet bcz i dont wanna brkout more...plz help...nd dont mind my grammatical mistakes...plz does anyone kknows how long will these whiteheads would last
  11. Here is my new acne log...this time I am serious! I am not going to go into my entire acne history but basically I've had average here and there acne when I was younger, but once I hit 18/19 my skin started getting bad and now I am 21 and my skin is just not good. Though I can say, my skin is moderate acne but it has been better/worse at random points. I have spent hundreds of dollars, maybe even a few thousand over the years trying to fix it. I've done antibiotics, proactive, creams, mask
  12. **Preface note from a month later. TCM works, but it is not a cheap, easy fix. The detox breakout sucks, and seems to go on for couple of weeks, but the herbs/acupuncture eliminate infection fast, balance oil, evens tone. It takes patience and 100% patient compliance, but I saw results immediately (ie. what cleared/healed, what was purging, over all total lesion count.) Dr said I should be totally clear in two more weeks.... and she was right!** Since I don't socialize, I have nothing but time f
  13. I don't know how many of you heard about the acne no more program(mike Walden). Is it a scam ? Please I want honest reviews about it.
  14. I'm at the end of my rope with acne. It all began 8 months ago when I went on antibiotics for perioral dermatitis. It was very minor compared to the way my skin looks now. I have had problems with acne in the past and had used everything for Proactive to baking soda. However, in the year leading up to my POD breakout I had very clear skin and I used only a mild African black soap for a cleanser and Emu oil as a moisturizer. It seems my skin was the nicest it had ever been and I was using very
  15. Hi everyone, I've done two courses of Accutane in my life time, one long one and then one shorter one a year later to finish it off. (see older posts for details). It's been exactly a year since my last pill and I am noticing some definite side effects just kicking in as of recently. The side effects are annoying but pretty easy to cope with from a day to day basis... Here are the symptoms I've noticed since stopping accutane: Dry eyes Dry skin Tingles (hands, feet, face) Dizziness T
  16. I started taking Zinc supplements about 4 weeks ago (50 mg Now Brand Zinc Picolinate). Yesterday I started a Cold (sneezing, very stuffy/constant runny nose, stuffy head feeling). This is weird because this is the first time I've gotten a Cold since I was a kid. I'm 30 now. Is there some sort of detox effect going on? On the plus side, Zinc (in addition to a healthier lifestyle) is helping immensely with the acne! I went from many huge hormonal cysts to clear (just have scars left). I'm also
  17. ZestyShow

    My Regimen Experience

    Back story first: Developed acne at age 16. Started Dan's regimen minus the moisturizer and face wash at around age 20-21. I'm 23 now. The regimen completely withheld breakouts for me. I suffered from occasional cystic pimples and took FOREVER to heal. I began eating healthy at age 21. Exercise at the same time. I was technically acne free for quite some time. I was happy. Except.. I felt trapped by the regimen. So during the last year of me being on the regimen I began chipping away at the am
  18. Has anyone tried Edible Earth's Digestive Detoxicant and Trace Mineral Supplement? My acupuncturist gave it to me a month ago to clear out toxins and ease my digestion but I was nervous to use it. Basically, you dilute a bit of the clay in water and drink it throughout the day or at night, always on an empty stomach so that only toxins can be pulled out. I was nervous about a detox breakout, but the clay is supposed to absorb the toxins and then gets pushed through the bowels. Well, today I saw
  19. Hi all, I'm currently on Accutane. For the first 4 months, I took 40 mg daily and now have been bumped up to 60 mg for the rest of my treatment. I would like to know if anyone has experience taking Isagenix while on Accutane. It involved a cleanse/detox, and recommends that it is not taken with antibiotics. Has anyone else taken Isagenix, or done another cleanse while on Accutane? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Hi, roaccutane laid me low for many years, but now i'm close being back to full health. A year and a bit ago i found that doing a severe version of the atkins diet - avoiding vitamin A; so not eating fish, dairy, eggs or liver - for short periods at a time, cos so difficult, massively and enduringly improved my symptoms. I made a video explaining this. please share it with anyone you know suffering long term side effects. thanks
  21. Hi there, Just as a foreword, I am a 25 year old male, and have extremely erratic bouts of acne. I was mostly clear in my teens, and even through college, with the occasional pimple every now and then. Strangely enough, my acne didn't kick into full gear until around 23. The following post will be a description on my recent experimentation with a more holistic approach of diet and elimination to see how it affects the severity and frequency of acne on my face/body. As this is my fi
  22. billygirl

    Day 984

    What better time than Lent to give up all the things you enjoy eating? I know I'm a couple of days late, but I've decided to give it a proper shot. Another attempt - yet another attempt - at clearing my skin up and feeling vaguely good about myself. I thought I'd share a little history. I've dug out some pictures of me over the last 19 years. The early ones are blurry (35mm scans), but you get the general idea. My acne has rarely been classed as severe, but it's been with me my whole life. It'