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Found 28 results

  1. Hi everybody! Ive been dealing with a large amount of cheek acne for a little over a year and I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions in getting rid of it. I'm 23 and just started getting acne about a year ago. As a teenager I really only had a zit every once in a while. It's quite upsetting because it really makes me feel self conscious and insecure and I'm afraid that it will scar. It came out of no where so I don't really know the exact cause. In looking at
  2. soooo im new to this, i decided to sign up because it's just really refreshing to see other people understanding how i feel because in real life nobody i know does. feel really embarrassed and bitter even about typing anything on here just because i hate the fact that my life has become this and i also hate anyone knowing that i suffer with this condition because it's humiliating, even though nobody on here knows me. but whatever.. over the past few months i've been feeling so low and as patheti
  3. Hi, So for a bit of background: Developed acne after turning 22. I would say it's always been mild to moderate (think it's hormonal due to the fact that I'm a woman and noticed it would be much worse in stressful times and on cheeks/chin). Had to go on oral steroid for 8 weeks. Bam. Right after the steroid got huge cystic pimples on one cheek/ in a cluster. Looked like normal cysts so just thought they would heal up. Fast forward two months later (two injections later) there is still a spot th
  4. Hi everyone So here's my story: I have had acne since I was about 12, I'm 23 now. It's changed a lot over the years, but I ALWAYS had acne. I don't even know what I would look like with clear skin (though I dream about it sometimes). Right now I have a bumpy face; many closed comedones, blotchy skin, lots of large pores. Just saw a new derm who was very nice and prescribed me birth control, spiro and epiduo. Here's the thing...I'm kind of at the end of my rope. I've been on a shit ton of m
  5. I need URGENT help. I've been on this water only regimen for 6 so weeks now and the dead skin cells are becoming an issue. without exfoliating, dead skin cells arise, and whenever i exfoliate with a washcloth REGARDLESS OF HOW GENTLE I AM I ALWAYS F**KING BREAK OUT. WTF.... i refuse to go back to using products. I need assistance. do help me, I have had enough of this turmoil i need to move on now. LITERALLY MY NOSE FEEL LIKE GRAVEL AND THANKS TO MY WASHCLOTH WHICH I USED 10 SO HOURS AGO I NO
  6. Okay. So after a year of struggling with my acne..along with my quickly depleting self esteem, I have decided to come to this website and ask for help. I am at a point in my life where I feel too disgusted and self conscious to leave my house and the fact that I go to school with overcritical teenagers does't help either. My skin has started to build up over the last year and it is at a point where I don't know what to do anymore and I have never felt more discouraged. It first started between m
  7. Hello, I'm sure tons of people are always on here asking what to do about their acne, so I apologize for using this platform to reach out for help, but I badly need it. I am a 20 year old male and my acne problems have only been getting worse and worse for the past 3-4 years. I have tried nearly everything, over-the-counter creams, peels, proactiv, aczone, progesterone, antibiotics, washes, you name it. Nothing has worked, or they have worked very temporarily and then suddenly stopped. What
  8. I literally have tried every possible solution. I have had acne for over 20 years now and I know first hand the emotional damage that alters your personality and causes terrible depression. Often I have just wanted to die or live alone forever. I have tried every single product on the planet and nothing worked. I was having some other health issues that led me to take a product called plexus. It partly involved a pro biotic and a bio cleanse pill that I took every day. That stared help
  9. The image shows my current left cheek. Now, I have these frustrating red marks that arent exactly pimples/not bumpy but are just sort of kind of there. Some of these are marks left by previous acne but most of them never really developed into a full sized pimple and just have been lurking there below the surface in all their annoying red faced glory. Note: they're a lot redder than by what you can tell in the picture and it really takes a toll on my confidence. So. Here's my questio
  10. Hello guys. So, I'm almost at the end of month two. I hesitate whether isotretinoin is working or not. Are these acnes still inflammed or are there only marks left? When will they leave?
  11. I made sure they are taken in a bright light and most noticeable angle .I have few questions .i took 4200mg of isotretinoine i quitted taking it for 2 months ( Biggest mistake in my life ) and now m retaking it for another 9000mg throghout 7 months, im 77 kg , i also get one small cysts everyday ( under my lip u can notice them )will they leave a scar ? and how to prevent it ?when will i start clearing up ? will isotretinoine prevent scarring from these cytsts ? ( i've got already scars that
  12. *DESPERATE FOR CLEAR SKIN BY APRIL 1 2015 - GOING ON VACATION* Hi there. I am a 16 year old female on ziana and 100mg minocyline every night. Last year i achieved beautiful skin after 3 months on epiduo and doxycyxline but I became resistant so the derm switched it up. However I am 2.5 months into the ziana regimen and am not pleased. I haven't seen any improvement honestly and have just recently gotten huge cysts on my naturally clear forehead.... I get so hopefull from peoples stories that s
  13. Hi i'm new here but I didn't know where else to turn. I've had acne since i was 5 years old. I am about to turn 21 in 3 months and I really need advice/help/anything! I've tried everything. As of right now i'm taking bactrim and i also take hormone pills to bring on my period. I take estrogen and progesterone. My acne was bad before i started them but it seemed to get worse and worse as my autoimmune symptoms got really bad. (i have lupus and sjogrens) I use aczone in the morning and tazorac at
  14. The bumps appeared one morning out of nowhere, two weeks after a car accident I had in July. My gyno put me on BCP because she said it would help to clear up my 'whiteheads' These are not whiteheads and now in the last four months I've developed painful cystic acne as well. Retin-A didn't help. Spiro didn't help. Sulphuric soap didn't help. I try to eat as clean as possible. My face burns and itches as well. Any ideas???????
  15. Hi. Ok so my acne right now is the worst its been since high school! Im desperately needing help! Im 31 and suffer from hormonal acne. December was an extremely stressful time for me. (A death in family and another traumatic event happened). My face, around my mouth, just exploded with acne! Some of the acne went away, but the hyperpigmentation is really bad! Cysts, pustules and whiteheads. Id been using Cetaphil Oily Skin face wash as my skin is quite oily. With Benzac Ac 5% gel. Followed b
  16. Can a kind soul help me? After using a thin layer of MoM on my face in the morning, when I wash my face using a cleanser at night, will the layer like stop my salicylic acid cleanser's ability to unclog my pores and do its work etc? And after that I would put my spot treatment serum would it affect the serum acne-clearing ability too? Cuz I heard the layer of MoM stays on even after washing?
  17. I am absolutely DESPERATE at this point! I've seen one of the best dermatologists in the state only to be prescribed Spironolactone for hormonal acne, which I refuse to take because it's mainly given to those with heightened testosterone/androgen levels in this case, and my blood tests showed I'm actually low on both. Alternatively, he suggested another course of antibiotics (orally and topically), which have proved helpful in the past, but my naturopath advised I steer clear of both, since my g
  18. my skin is pretty much clear. just a couple pimples. i don't have a problem with them but i'm so tired of all the scars. i tried apple cider vinegar and there are no improvements. my mom does not agree with me trying laser treatments and it is also expensive. so please does anyone have a solution? i have really sensitive skin so nothing harsh like skin peels. I'm seriously so desperate. i just wanna be able to go out without make up and enjoy looking in the mirror when my skin is bare.
  19. Hello, I have been struggling with acne since I was 12 years old. I am 18 now and things seem to be getting worse and worse. I am in college now and I seem like I am the only one with acne. I develop white heads and black heads on my chin and cheeks. I also develop pimples on my chest, shoulders, and back. My facial acne is moderate but can tend to be severe and my back acne is extremely severe. Large pimple completely cover my back. I have tried almost everything including benzoyl peroxide, sca
  20. Around 8 months ago at the age of 35 I started getting really bad acne including cysts around my jaw, chin and on my neck. I went to the doctor who put me on Oxytetracycline which made no difference. I had started increasing my milk intake from around a spash in a cup of tea or coffee to drinking around 1-2 pints a day as my personal trainer said I needed to get more calcium in my diet. When the antibiotics failed to work I googled milk / Adult acne and found lots of forums about it c
  21. Can anyone give me some tips on home remedies or otc products that'd serve as a quick fix for this? This redness honestly showed up about a week ago, but I don't know why I can't deal with it. I've tried numerous natural masks (baking soda, turmeric, honey, etc.), but none of them seem to make that much of a difference. I have some leftover Ziana from my dermatologist, but I don't know if that'd be either helpful or even a good idea. It's weird though, because prior to the flare-up on the right-
  22. Somebody please help me. I have had scabs in the past, but never like this. For some reason my face decided to break out really bad after being completely clear for 3 months and I (the idiot I am) tried popping every single deep nodule I got on my face. I had 2 on my forehead and one on each cheek. The two on my forehead have been huge scabs since Sunday, and I have another huge scab on my left cheek that formed yesterday. When I say huge, I mean these scabs are literally ruining my life right n
  23. Holy crappppppppppppppppppp. So, i got this job interview at a grocery store were you will obviously have to deal with people all day, but believe it or not this is not what im worried about. The main thing im worried about is all the scarring i have on my face, arms, neck, and i dont know if you have seen pics of my scars, but i used to have a post on here with pic's of my scars and acne, but that was 2 years ago i think, so i dont even know if that post is still here. Anyway, you might of seen
  24. help pls my acne is being so weirf di keep getting red puffy skin with acne idk what to do it makes life so hard.. ive been on accutane twice i use retin a every otgher night retin a micro 0.04% and exfoliate still 1 a week idk what to do my complexion is shattered and makes me unhappy