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Found 11 results

  1. I understand that there is a "window of opportunity" minutes and hours after needling to take advantage of the newly formed micro channels in the skin by applying topicals which can penetrate at a much deeper level and therefore enhance their effects. Similarly though, I'm guessing there are certain products you should probably avoid during this period as well. So, what should you apply to the skin and when? For example, Vitamin C serum is something that is commonly mentioned as a topical to u
  2. Hey guys I've been using the regimen for a couple of months now religiously. I still suffer from extremely flaky skin but my biggest problem are my scars. I want to start dermastamping and I know its not recommended, but I have these pigmentation spots and scarring for over a year now. I'm glad to have my acne under control but I can't deal with these scars anymore. Please let me know if anyone here is using a microneedling device while on the regimen. How long do you go without bp to let t
  3. Hello folks, When I was 14-15 I got horrible acne and after half a year of monstrous acne I could get Accutane. My skin seamed to be fixed but after a while some "normal" acne blossed up on some of the spots where I had had acne previously. I didn't care too much about it however until now, I realised I wanted to fix this skin when I am now 22. I have been dermastamping (dermaneedling) for 8-9 months now and I have definitely seen improvement. I have tried LED. However, the last weeks I
  4. Hello everyone! I have very minor acne scarring, mostly tiny indented pock marks and 2 boxcar/icepick scars (fairly shallow and small). I have decided to try derma stamping for treatment but I need some help from you all! Acne scars are taking a toll on my confidence, social life etc and I just want to live a normal life again. I have a few questions to ask you? 1. My pock marks are isolated, not clustered for the most part, what size of the derma stamp should I buy? 2. I am under topicals
  5. just my thought bt heres why: since skin doesnt seem to have "memory" of shape the spot was before, also the actual its repair/refill ability??? (i cant believe this. some motherfukin starfish can regrow its whole leg (leg? or arm? tail? the star ray? nt sure wht is it bt yea) practically from scratch bt we cant do even tht??) nyways the fixing scars with dermaroll/stamp/needle is mainly just trying to swell nd aggravate the spot? then does tht mean u cant actually dermaroll ur whole fa
  6. Ok, so here's and update: I recently called another private clinic in the Boston, MA USA area inquiring about setting up a consultation for acne scar reduction... Well, they said that they only provide LASER services and NOT surgical techniques (subcision, needling, fillers, etc.). I then called a Boston area hospital and spoke with their dermatology department about my situation and setting up a consultation.... Guess what, they also only do LASERS!!! WHAT THE FVKC!!!! IS THERE
  7. Hi I am new to these forums but I have been here a few times. I was really confused about all the information regarding derma rollers, and well in needling in general and improvement in specific scar types. I believe I was reading that it has only been studied (vastly understudied yet hope inspiring) but mainly it improve hypertrophic/keloid type raised scars. But where does that leave other ice pick indention scars? And is the science behind collagen stimulation even remotely feasible? I want t
  8. I see that some of you guys are recommending the Dermaroller and Dermastamp in order to treat rolling scars (pock marks). In order to elevate the skin back to "level" again (flat, in other words) the tethers that tack down the scar need to be severed between layers. The tethers are what cause the skin to crater (pock mark). Please explain how a Dermaroller or Dermastamp will release the tethers so that the skin will lay flat again. I don't see how it's possible, unless the scars are extr
  9. Hello, im 22 years old and after accutane i was left with some deep scarring on my both cheeks( some boxcar scars and many tiny but pretty deep ice pick scars. Does dermarolling/stamping really help with actual indented/pitted scarring? I will be more than happy if you post your experience. My scarring often makes me depressed and I wasted to much money and time on it already and if this thing does not work I will just try something else.
  10. Hello folks, I've been dermastamping for 8 months now and I'd like to say that I have seen some improvement, however, I noticed like two weeks ago that one of my bigger scars had turned white, then I noticed more and more of my scars had also become white. So now I've got like 14 scar zones on my skin that is white, I believe they are now white scars perhaps? The attached picture is 2 white scars from my forehead. (Sorry for the lousy image quality) I've also been getting a few white marks
  11. Hi all, I have a big question which I can't find an answer about needling. I have read a lot here and still reading. People like lamarr, mumsoned, thelegend, and many other veterans which I cannot remember now gave me real inspirations in needling. Had I known needling 10 years ago, I could have already gotten nice and decent results. But then, I probably would be a chicken to try it out.. Alright here's the next million dollar question. We all know when a wound occurs, the skin will t