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Found 42 results

  1. Was just wondering where some of you purchase your dermastamps/rollers and retin A here in the US. I normally order from owndoc but the wait on shipping time is a little off putting.
  2. wouldnt that make them even worse/redder actually? what does redmark consist of exactly? what does area need to regain previous color/normal skin actually?
  3. Hi all, Recently I ordered and used owndoc 0.5mm, 1.5mm dermarollers and 1.5mm derma stamp. Because I roll aggressively my face gets covered in blood and blood creeps into behind the rollers and stamps needles (Please see the photo). They recommend to use plant sprayer to clean them. With the 0.5mm roller I didn't use the plant sprayer, just washed it under warm water, but blood didn't come of I even used small brush with soap. Then when I used 1.5mm roller I used plant sprayer every tim
  4. Hello folks, I have been dermastamping for a while now and the two last times I included using red/infrared LED lamps to increase collagen growth. What I didn't think of was my hypertrophic scars which are a product of excess collagen growth. Is it bad to use the LED lamps on my hypertrophic scars after dermastamping? I found this source: http://www.rheumatologynews.com/fileadmin/content_pdf/san/scms_pdf/vol27_i4_Light-Emitting_Diodes.pdf Where it says the following: "imposed on the indi
  5. Someone been on Accutane and have succes with needling treatment ?? of course 6 month at least after you ended the accutane ..
  6. CasanovaFrankenstein


    From the album: Scarring from copper peptides and rolling

    Scarring that got worse from the use of copper peptides and rolling. I first used a 0.5mm roller and approx one year later a 1.5mm roller. I only used the 1.5mm roller 3 or maybe 4 times (this was a few years ago now), The 0.5mm roller i used maybe 10 times or so. I always waited a month or more between using the roller, except once with the 0.5 roller where i waited maybe 2 or 3 weeks. I used the strongest CP that was available (if i remember correctly), bought from Skin Biology. At
  7. xxkinachixx123

    Where To Buy Dermastamp?

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing a dermastamp but I hear purchasing a dodgey one could do more bad than good. So could anyone here who's experienced recommend where they purchased their dermastamp? Also has anyone purchased from the site below and can testify? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Derma-Micro-Needle-Stamp-1-5mm-Scars-Acne-Pits-Wrinkles-CIT-/231313658682?pt=US_Skin_Care&hash=item35db5e533a&_uhb=1 Thanks
  8. If I scar easily and maybe heal slow( I think I heal slow ) Maybe because of accutane 2 years ago.. Is it then GAME OVER for me, to just fade my scars or made them a bit better looking with some treatments are needling /dermaroller,dermapen,dermastamp,single) a total no go? even with a small needle length?
  9. Hi all, I've been using my .5 roller 1-2 times a week for a couple of months. It's really improved a lot of issues caused by barrier damage (my skin routine helped too). My scarring is looking better and my texture is improving. I want to use a 1.5 stamp every six weeks instead of the roller because it seems a lot easier, and I want to go for more textural improvement. I have to say that rolling takes me a long time, and I'm super busy this semester with constant school and a new job. I can'
  10. I am putting in tags and hope that helps help find this if the post bears fruit. I know there have been a lot of posts on this already but so far I only found really old threads. I've searched around the site and what came up are a lot of people asking for basic advice (I'll be fair, I need it too) without having their questions answered. Background--three cycles of Accutane, three years of Aldactone, usage of topicals now and then (like benzoyl peroxide) overnight, saggy inelastic skin
  11. hi everyone just curious to see other peoples Real results as I've began derma stamping my rolling and boxcars on my forehead with a 1.5 stamp from eBay . I stamp and apply vit C serum . I have stamped once so far and I'm going to stamp again at the weekend (6 weeks later) every night I have been using vit c serum and I cleanse with nip and fab glycolic face wash them tone with nip and fabs bee sting pads . so far my skin is a lot smoother and personally I think I. Have slight improvement whic
  12. hellolie

    Worsening Scars

    Hello everyone! In desperation of lessening the appearance of my scars, I lightly stamped them a month ago with a 1.0 mm dermastamp. By "lightly" I meant that there was no pinpoint bleeding and it didn't hurt that much. For the first week or so, it looked plump (due to the microswelling, I'm assuming) and since then it has looked worse. Since I tend to pay too much attention to my scarring, I thought it was me overreacting or being too preoccupied with it. But, when I spoke with a friend who
  13. It's now been just under two years since I had really severe acne, although I do still have minor acne (normally one or two active spots at a time, and plenty of congestion around my nose and chin). My acne left me with quite a bit of scarring - mostly boxcar and rolling scars, with no icepick scars. My forehead is probably the worst - lots of little, deeper scars all over - while the scarring on my cheeks is slightly shallower, but larger. I also have little red marks from previous spots and a
  14. Lafleur18


    Hello, I quit my accutane treatment about 6 months ago, and can now finally do some more treatments for my scars since it's adviced to wait atleast 6 months after accutane. I 2 sessions of restylane fillers, the last one I did a month ago but the result has not been what I expected. I've heard alot about dermastamp and dermarolling, but feels and seems like dermastamp is the way to go. So I've booked an appointment to a dermastamp treatment in 10 days and will hopefully see some good resu
  15. Hi guys, I decided to give skin needling a chance. Recently I got my second subscision and I think my deepest scars aren`t that harsh anymore, so I now want to improve the skin texture and also smooth the rest of my mild to moderate scarring. I tried to use the forum seach, but it`s either not working or did it wrong. I would be very greatful if you can refer me to a legit source where I can see the basics. I'm sure these questions has been answered thousands times here, but what I need to
  16. I'm basically looking for something that I can do cheap and easily at home. Already have a .75mm Dermroller for complexion and looking to buy a 1.5 mm Dermastamp for my scars. Does anyone have experience with Dermastamping and doing TCA peels? I have shallow pitted scars that you can see in my other posts. Do you think I will have any benefit at all? My skin is pretty bad as it is so I figured I could at least try to make the rest of my skin look decent in the meantime. I'm thinking Derma
  17. aFantastic

    Derma(Stamp/roller/pen) Advice

    Hello to one and all. I have been following acne.org for a long time. I saw a thread relating to Dermarollers/Dermastamp/Dermapen which spoke about peoples experiences with these methods for scar revision. It was a few years old so Im bringing the questions back again for an updated discussion of the outcome of this treatment. WHAT: 1.) What size needles were/are you using? 2.) What kind of scars were/are you treating? 3.) What topicals, if any, did/do you use before & after each treatment?
  18. Hi, I'm new to this site, so basically, I'm 24 years old and used to suffer from acne when I was younger but it pretty much cleared up from the age of 15,16. I get an odd spot here and there but nothing like I had before touchwood. Anyway it's only the temple areas that I have the scarring, and so far I've tried dermastamping and have done it for about 9months so 1 treatment every six weeks within those 9 months. I feel like it has gotten a bit better alongside it I use a vitamin c serum that co
  19. rachel911

    EDS Dermastamp

    Is the EDS dermastamp any good for shallow atrophic scars? Is it better than dermaroller or are they both useless? I can get the dermastamp done with a needle length of up to 2mm.
  20. Hi folks, I am someone who is yet to try skin needling for my indented acne scars and have spent a lot of time reading various topics on this forum and other internet sites over the past few days to try and educate myself on the subject. It seems that some people have yielded some really good results from either derma rolling or derma stamping – skin needling, if you will. Now, it would seem to me that in order to maximise the results that you can achieve – you should do other things in ac
  21. I want to start with dermastamps or dermaroller for to hopefully fix ice pick scars and even out skin texture. I know there is a debate on how much pressure you should apply when you use dermastamp or dermaroller. That question ultimately boils down to do you stamp or roll your face until it bleeds or not. I have used a 1.0 mm dermastamp in the past, but it is pretty tough to make my face bleed with just dermastamp. Is bleeding necessary to damage skin to the right extent? I don't mind how l
  22. Using Derminator for the first time,I am oily skin,How can I care?When did I start using sunscreen?thank you all
  23. I am a bit concerned here because it really does seem that my skin texture has become worse. I noticed
  24. Minnie11

    Time between Dermastamp

    Does anyone know why the recommended time between Dermastamp treatments is 6 weeks? I've had 2 treatments with 10 weeks inbetween and a 3rd treatment booked with another 10 week gap. Have I left the time in between treatments too long? Thanks for any replies.
  25. Hi there! Just joined a few minutes ago in order to ask you guys advice about my acne treatment. So I'm in my mid-20's and have had acne since I was 20. I still get pimples here and there, but I think most of pimples have stopped if I moisterize. I have a lot of scarring going on, mostly ice picks and red marks, and I'd like to do away with them with your help! Most of these were caused by popping cysts that formed, leaving a lot of red scars and coloration. So here's what I'm doing right n