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Found 69 results

  1. I was wondering, what's the best option for dermarolling between a very harsh dermarolling session(2.0mm rolled until face was swollen and purple) with some subcision or multiple normal dermarolling sessions with same needle length.(all done by a specialist) My thought was: Multiple sessions are better because it breaks the scar tissue on the day which is done and starts the healing process weeks after and when the next session is done it breaks the new scar tissue formed while your skin is
  2. grumpybunny

    Three month update

    From the album: Microneedling Journey

    I definitely think I see a difference on this side after three months, though. And overall hypermigmentation is much better.
  3. what exactly the effect/damage is? its said u gotta wait ~4-6 weeks after session to let collagen rebuild (also rebuild or grow new one????) BUT U GOTTA REMEMBER tht we all r agiiiiingggg! since age of 15 we r all getting oldass every day so does anyone know WHAT IS THE SPEED THAT COLLAGEN ACTUALLY GOES AWAY/BREAKS DOWN?? bcs is it even slower than tht boost we r trying to achieve from dermarolling/stamping or anything else? and how does it makes sense to get scar filled and
  4. Hiya people! Was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with both Dermarolling and Salicylic Acid Peels to fade shallow acne scarring? I've had "moderate" acne for 3-4 years now! Approaching 20 in two months time so I know how much of a pain acne can be. Not just a pain in the bum, but it has literally wrecked my self-esteem to the point I've isolated myself behind the glow of my computer screen frantically searching the net for a glimmer of hope when it comes to removing these dr
  5. I understand that there is a "window of opportunity" minutes and hours after needling to take advantage of the newly formed micro channels in the skin by applying topicals which can penetrate at a much deeper level and therefore enhance their effects. Similarly though, I'm guessing there are certain products you should probably avoid during this period as well. So, what should you apply to the skin and when? For example, Vitamin C serum is something that is commonly mentioned as a topical to u
  6. This question has been probably asked a lot but has anyone found any effective topicals to use on scars after dermarolling. Heard retin-A might be too aggressive to use in conjunction with dermarolling. Vitamin C or hylauronic acid maybe? Vitamin e? Just need some opinions on what worked for you to give me an idea of where to start.
  7. I just found this study online, in which the participants' scars were treated with microneedling and glycolic peels, both performed on the same day. There was significant improvement. I am curious to find out if anyone has ever tried this. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22151943
  8. I was thinking about dermarolling for these scars I know it takes time but I don't mind doing the complete proper research and investing a decent amount of money into it, what types of scars are these if its possible to tell? and would they respond to dermarolling in a lengthy treatment. I also heard about the Dermastamp and im not sure if that would do the same thing but it sounds easier for spot treatments. Another problem is redness with some scars. I also have some scars that seem to be ice-
  9. If you've done some reading on the treatments available for scarring, you probably would have come across horror stories; especially from laser. After all, its just nature to overestimate the odds of dreadful but infrequent events. And I'm ultimately, not rewarded for not taking any action. Somewhere in April, I've tried out dermarolling; which I'd seen slow but substantial results from. Strengthened by newer advances in technology, I'm glad that I've finally took the first step to solve my prim
  10. Hi, I had a series of dermarolling treatments in the past and had good success with it, with some hyperpigmentation fading and my skin texture smoothing. I'm now mainly left with some left over hyperpigmentation from previously, as well as new hyperpigmentation from breakouts that I've had since my dermaroller treatment (the breakouts weren't caused by the dermaroller, just to clarify) that I'm looking to try and get rid of. It just frustrates me that any time I get a spot, I seem to be
  11. So i've been reading about anything and everything i can find on dermarolling, i have some pitted scares on my upper cheeks, and i've been looking into ways i can improve them. (i am a realist and i know they most likely won't fully go away but i'm looking to improve them as much as possible!) i just have a few questions before i start... What size needles did or/are you using? (where did you buy the dermaroller) I really don't want to get a piece of sh*t one :I If you've seen any impr
  12. Hi again, Just wanted some help on natural products to use. I have atrophic and box shaped scars on both my cheeks and I am desperate to get rid of them. To correct those I am planning to use a dermaroller at home after a week. Can anyone please suggest me good natural products I can apply after dermarolling? I am too scared of retinols, synthetic vitamins A and C entering the blood stream since dermarolling could certainly increase absorption of any product by n thousand times. Bleh! N
  13. Was just wondering where some of you purchase your dermastamps/rollers and retin A here in the US. I normally order from owndoc but the wait on shipping time is a little off putting.
  14. Hi, First time poster, I am seeing a plastic surgeon tomorrow about an unrelated issue. Should I just ask her about my agony over the 6 to 8 pock marks left on my face over the last 25 years that have caused me so much anxiety? Or is that crossing the line since I am seeing her for something unrelated. I am willing to pay her out of pocket if those marks could be filled in! I have read many threads about acne scar correction. Many seem promising while others sound totally disheartening! I
  15. Well I finished my accutane course 6 months and a week ago yesterday (kinda) and I also started dermarolling yesterday. The thing is I've taken about 10 40 mg pills in-between my accutane *finish* and I was wondering if I should continue to dermaroll? And also, who else has dermarolled recently after a an accutane treatment, and what results did you get?
  16. Ugh... ProFractional really screwed up my skin. It's been 7 months since I had it done and I wish I could go back and warn myself to never mess with it. My skin is more sensitive, gets red and blotchy very easily, cannot handle Retin A micro anymore - none of these were issues in the past. My scars are also more obvious. I can't believe I paid to do this to my skin Anyways, be careful if you are considering this. The reviews seem extremely mixed. I am not the only one that has ended up with
  17. Ok so I started a whole makeover process this week. Skin, hair, weight loss. So I decided to update you guys on the products I am using as well. Weightloss: NatureWise Green Coffee bean extract have not changed my diet as of yet so its just the pills. I am hoping that these pill do not negative affect myskin I started at 121.4 lbs Goal 114lbs Day 1:121.4 lbs****Sept 11/Day 2 : 120 lbs****Day 3: 118.8 lbs*****Day 4: 119 lbs******Sept 14/Day 05: 119 lbs*** Hair: Mega Tek This is a pro
  18. Hi guys! I was thinking about starting dermarolling using Lamarr's protocol from these boards, and thought I should share my journey with you guys! Now, before you look at the pictures, the camera does not do the scarring any justice. The scar I have circled in the second photo is actually visible (the whole area that I have circled) in harsh lighing from at least a couple of yards, which is really bumming me out, It kinda looks like someone took a stamp and stamped that thing on my face
  19. Hello, I made a similar post a while back in the cosmetic threads, but I figures that this may be a better place to get some information. I was wondering what the best way to cover up scars is? Please keep in mind that I am talking about shallow scars (and a few shallow boxcars). I know that some people use Dermaflage (sp?), but I think that may be a little overboard for me (though I guess I could use that, just less of it). Do any of you have any experience with covering up (at least to
  20. I have neglected my skin for years and have forehead lines and acne scars all over my face. I decided to jump into dermarolling after seeing so many before and after photos of people with similar problems. I bought myself a 1.0mm dermaroller and did my 1st session last Friday. My face was very red and I had 2 spots with blood one on my nose and forehead. I applied Hyaluronic acid right afterwards and my face stung quite a bit! The following day, it was still noticeably red but after that my
  21. Hi, I have two scars (out of four) I'm thinking of dermarolling. One is 1 year & 1 month old and the other is 1 year 6 months old. I wonder if the skin is still growing trying to fill in. Does demarolling get in the way of surface skin regrowing? I think I will consult a doctor soon but wanted to get other people's thoughts on this. Thanks.
  22. I have scars that are practically identical to those in the first picture and was wondering what treatment you think would be best. The pics I took were under pretty forgiving light and are definitely far worse at different angles/lighting. I've been looking into subcision lately but really have no clue. What do you guys think would be a good treatment or place to start? Disregard my terribly dry skin and premature gray hairs.
  23. Hello Guys, long story short I had really bad acne when I was a teen and now I'm 21 and left with very unsightly acne scars. Im currently stuck in a place where I'm debating whether I should just love myself and accept this as a part of who I am or seek out treatment for it. Sigh it just makes me so sad because I feel so ugly at times because of it. do you guys mind taking a look at my skin and giving me tips/things to try im currently considering dermapen tca cross I have nev
  24. Can anyone tell me which treatment would be best for my scars or whether there are any other treatments that may work? I've heard that laser/fraxel could help but there have been too many horror stories about it going wrong and I can't risk my skin getting worse. And judging by the photo, roughly how long will it take for my skin to look better? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!