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Found 91 results

  1. CasanovaFrankenstein


    From the album: Scarring from copper peptides and rolling

    Scarring that got worse from the use of copper peptides and rolling. I first used a 0.5mm roller and approx one year later a 1.5mm roller. I only used the 1.5mm roller 3 or maybe 4 times (this was a few years ago now), The 0.5mm roller i used maybe 10 times or so. I always waited a month or more between using the roller, except once with the 0.5 roller where i waited maybe 2 or 3 weeks. I used the strongest CP that was available (if i remember correctly), bought from Skin Biology. At
  2. (sorry for my english) (and for a long text) Hey everbody! I am writing on acne.org because I am lost and depressed and my life is forever ruined... when I was 17, i start getting really bad acne, because off milk products, weight gainer and SH*TH. that time, I did not think about changing my diet, to a vegan I just thought I was unlucky. when I was about 19 I began Accutane, and back then I didn't know the side effects besides dry lips,skin.. I am 22 know an have scars on my temples an chee
  3. hi everyone just curious to see other peoples Real results as I've began derma stamping my rolling and boxcars on my forehead with a 1.5 stamp from eBay . I stamp and apply vit C serum . I have stamped once so far and I'm going to stamp again at the weekend (6 weeks later) every night I have been using vit c serum and I cleanse with nip and fab glycolic face wash them tone with nip and fabs bee sting pads . so far my skin is a lot smoother and personally I think I. Have slight improvement whic
  4. Someone been on Accutane and have succes with needling treatment ?? of course 6 month at least after you ended the accutane ..
  5. If I scar easily and maybe heal slow( I think I heal slow ) Maybe because of accutane 2 years ago.. Is it then GAME OVER for me, to just fade my scars or made them a bit better looking with some treatments are needling /dermaroller,dermapen,dermastamp,single) a total no go? even with a small needle length?
  6. This question has been probably asked a lot but has anyone found any effective topicals to use on scars after dermarolling. Heard retin-A might be too aggressive to use in conjunction with dermarolling. Vitamin C or hylauronic acid maybe? Vitamin e? Just need some opinions on what worked for you to give me an idea of where to start.
  7. Hi all! I've been off accutane for 9 months. I had it in my head that you had to leave it 6 months before considering scar treatment, so left it longer just to be on the safe side. Today I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon about my acne scarring. He has suggested 3 treatments using the official derma roller, followed by one chemical peel at the end. I'm happy with this treatment plan. However, during the consultation the surgeon said "you've been off accutane for 12 months yes??
  8. Check out the photos of my current acne scarring. Would needling result in an effective (and cost effective) improvement in my scars? I have done some research on derma rolling, the DermaPen and the new e-DermaStamp (from the original derma roller company). I am leaning towards booking an appointment for an e-dermastamp treatment because I have read several articles about DermaPen and how it can cause micro-tearing. What are your thoughts on this? My story: I had severe acne which was cured
  9. Hello I have been using the derma roller 1.5 for acne scars for 6 months now, and 5 days ago used Tca face peel 12% and im barely getting any peeling, my question is what should be my wait time, I usually wait 2 months in between to derma roll my face , now that im using 12 % tca face peel how long does it take to heal cause its already been over 2 months since I derma rolled but I don't know if I should since I just just tca face peel, and also I don't think I have sensitive skin at all because
  10. Hi, I had a series of dermarolling treatments in the past and had good success with it, with some hyperpigmentation fading and my skin texture smoothing. I'm now mainly left with some left over hyperpigmentation from previously, as well as new hyperpigmentation from breakouts that I've had since my dermaroller treatment (the breakouts weren't caused by the dermaroller, just to clarify) that I'm looking to try and get rid of. It just frustrates me that any time I get a spot, I seem to be
  11. Hi, I have had quite bad acne for several years, until i got rid of it with accutane. Several years later, my skin tone has now actually gotten better, but I still fight with the scarring it left. I have many icepick-scars in the area of my nose, really deep ones on the temples (box scars, I guess?) and rolling ones on the cheek. The scars that annoy me most are the ones on my cheek (rolling), because it just looks horrible in most lighting conditions. Having had contact with several la
  12. The pictures below are the result of the first dermapen treatment Hi everyone, I have been wondering around this site and on youtube for the past few years trying to find out how to get rid of my rolling and boxcar scars on my cheeks. I was an inch away from having a CO2 laser done but I my mind kept telling me to try the dermaroller first due to how expensive it was I made a pledge to myself that once I find out something that works I will give back that knowledge. After sev
  13. Hi all, Recently I ordered and used owndoc 0.5mm, 1.5mm dermarollers and 1.5mm derma stamp. Because I roll aggressively my face gets covered in blood and blood creeps into behind the rollers and stamps needles (Please see the photo). They recommend to use plant sprayer to clean them. With the 0.5mm roller I didn't use the plant sprayer, just washed it under warm water, but blood didn't come of I even used small brush with soap. Then when I used 1.5mm roller I used plant sprayer every tim
  14. Hi, I'm new to this site - just wanting some advice/help regarding acne scars on my face. I've suffered from severe acne for about 10 years - it is now nowhere near as bad as it used to be with just the odd breakout now and again. However I'm left with deep scarring all over my face and it is seriously affecting my self esteem/confidence. I have recently been researching different treatments to see what the best option would be for my type of scars. I've emailed several skin specialis
  15. Hi All, I've never posted or replied any threads here but I've been observing for quite awhile. First of all, my acne scars are not severe... but I hate when they look very noticeable especially when I put make up on so I've been looking for the most effective way to get rid of them. I've been interested in the needling methods... but I hadn't found any websites that really showed the genuine results from real people until this blog that I'm going to show you. It is written in Thai, I'm sorr
  16. I am putting in tags and hope that helps help find this if the post bears fruit. I know there have been a lot of posts on this already but so far I only found really old threads. I've searched around the site and what came up are a lot of people asking for basic advice (I'll be fair, I need it too) without having their questions answered. Background--three cycles of Accutane, three years of Aldactone, usage of topicals now and then (like benzoyl peroxide) overnight, saggy inelastic skin
  17. Ok so I started a whole makeover process this week. Skin, hair, weight loss. So I decided to update you guys on the products I am using as well. Weightloss: NatureWise Green Coffee bean extract have not changed my diet as of yet so its just the pills. I am hoping that these pill do not negative affect myskin I started at 121.4 lbs Goal 114lbs Day 1:121.4 lbs****Sept 11/Day 2 : 120 lbs****Day 3: 118.8 lbs*****Day 4: 119 lbs******Sept 14/Day 05: 119 lbs*** Hair: Mega Tek This is a pro
  18. OMGmahface

    Day 29

    Day 29 - Did not pick today so tomorrow is day 30 and I will be posting pictures! I dermarolled today. I haven't been counting the days but I think its about 10 days since my first dermaroller session? Can't say ive seen good results (its just one session) but I haven't seen bad results which is still good news. I went a little rougher today since I was use to the pricking pain, but hopefully not too rough for my skin to handle. I've done some research, and I think i'll be buying the este
  19. OMGmahface

    Day 9

    Day 9 - picked at a black head, got a good sucker out. Its on a part of my face that I can't really see, so I don't really care if it leaves a mark LOL. also picked at something on my nose.... i'm ashamed. two picks... need to get this under control! I've decided to lessen my usage of duac to once every two days... I need my skin to heal and I know bp actually hinders it since it kills good and bad cells. Also! I bought a 1.0mm dermaroller. it should arrive in 2 weeks. Ive used it befor
  20. From the album: Eddie

    Wow, look at the improvements. I started using dermaroller this week and this thing WORKS for me. Today was my 3rd day using the Dermaroller. I use the 1.0 mm one. It is very painful , but that's OK, it is worth it.
  21. anybody who needling/roller/Pen with any succes `?
  22. I'm basically looking for something that I can do cheap and easily at home. Already have a .75mm Dermroller for complexion and looking to buy a 1.5 mm Dermastamp for my scars. Does anyone have experience with Dermastamping and doing TCA peels? I have shallow pitted scars that you can see in my other posts. Do you think I will have any benefit at all? My skin is pretty bad as it is so I figured I could at least try to make the rest of my skin look decent in the meantime. I'm thinking Derma
  23. Is it true or "normal" that after first time you dermaroll your scars can look worse(maybe deeper) or maybe new small scars can apears? because the dermaroller removes upper layers of the skin each time?? and then some scars can/could hide under the surface you never seen before, but they have always been there just not that eye-catching?? (for others than you of course) Is that the dermaroller's "thing" to nice and easy remove the upper layers of the skin and with the time, make the scars equa
  24. Hi guys! Won't bore you with my acne history.. if you'd like to know, check out my roaccutane log from last year. I thought i'd start a log of my scar treatment and hope to get pictures up... although I will admit I have yet to take any pictures of my scars as I find it really hard to do as I am so self conscious. Today was the first day I have ever sought any treatment for my acne scars. I have mild-moderate scarring on my temples and left hand cheek. I am having dermarolling done by a pro