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Found 50 results

  1. I had dermapen made in 2 clinics and both said to me that if the skin is bleeding the needles have enough lenght. Is it that right? I thought that for scars it must be high lenght....
  2. Hello guys, i have one isolated atrophic scar. It's fairly shallow and about 1cm diameter. It's been there for years, and I've tried dermarolling off and on for about 6years. I just ordered a 1.5 mm dermapen. If anyone else has tried this, wondering how many times to stamp the area per session? Thank you! I'll be happy to post pics for my fellow scarred individuals. Once I begin the process.
  3. I have visited this informative and honest forum so many times and I thought it is my turn to write to share my experience so far. Currently, my experience of subcision 7 weeks ago is not very positive – at the moment. It seems many people have had good experiences but I do think my old acne scars appear worse and I have some raised nodules. I don’t want to put any one off having treatment as we are all different and things still could work out for me. The main reason I am posting is 2 fold – to
  4. Hi, so in the last year I've had a fully ablative co2 laser twice and dermapen 7 times. However, it's been exactly one year and things appear worse(attaching photos). The scars on the lower left of my cheek have filled in the most but the rest of the cheek, where before I didn't really see scars now look like almost raised scars and just more scars in general. I don't even know what else to do. Has this happened to anyone? Before after
  5. I have always had oily acne prone skin and also with cystic acne. I have one scar in particular that bothers me more than any other and it's an ice pick and it's right on my cheek bone. I also have one on my nose that bothers me pretty bad. This past year I went to the dermatologist and he gave me spironolactone and tazorac. The spironolactone helped a lot with the cystic acne. He then had me do dermapen. I had 3 treatments before I realized I was blowing $200 everytime and it wasn't ever going
  6. Someone been on Accutane and have succes with needling treatment ?? of course 6 month at least after you ended the accutane ..
  7. If I scar easily and maybe heal slow( I think I heal slow ) Maybe because of accutane 2 years ago.. Is it then GAME OVER for me, to just fade my scars or made them a bit better looking with some treatments are needling /dermaroller,dermapen,dermastamp,single) a total no go? even with a small needle length?
  8. Check out the photos of my current acne scarring. Would needling result in an effective (and cost effective) improvement in my scars? I have done some research on derma rolling, the DermaPen and the new e-DermaStamp (from the original derma roller company). I am leaning towards booking an appointment for an e-dermastamp treatment because I have read several articles about DermaPen and how it can cause micro-tearing. What are your thoughts on this? My story: I had severe acne which was cured
  9. I recently had tca cross and dermapen with Dr Chu in London and the results on one of my scars is so bad, I can't stop crying. I had a small icepick right between my eyes and now i have a huge crater. I am waiting to hear back from my doctor but I don't think anything can be done. I am such a fool for getting this done. I hate my face now.
  10. The pictures below are the result of the first dermapen treatment Hi everyone, I have been wondering around this site and on youtube for the past few years trying to find out how to get rid of my rolling and boxcar scars on my cheeks. I was an inch away from having a CO2 laser done but I my mind kept telling me to try the dermaroller first due to how expensive it was I made a pledge to myself that once I find out something that works I will give back that knowledge. After sev
  11. Hey guys, long time lurker/member here. I had a Roaccutane treatment back in 2007. Since then my acne has pretty much died down, but has left moderate scarring on both of my cheeks. One side has a 2cm rolling scar that's fairly indented. I finally got around to going to a dermatologist last year, and due to my brown skin complexion, he advised against laser and decided three dermapen w/ platelet rich plasma treatments would do. He advised three treatments, a month in between each. Now I'
  12. I am putting in tags and hope that helps help find this if the post bears fruit. I know there have been a lot of posts on this already but so far I only found really old threads. I've searched around the site and what came up are a lot of people asking for basic advice (I'll be fair, I need it too) without having their questions answered. Background--three cycles of Accutane, three years of Aldactone, usage of topicals now and then (like benzoyl peroxide) overnight, saggy inelastic skin
  13. Hello everyone, Me: I am not often here and I have acne scars from severe cystic acne. Actually, I now have moderate acne and it's very internal based. I will get on Accutane again or one of their many variations now as it reduced my acne in half even though I never completed a full treatment due to cost or life issues as a young kid/man. Some Info: I am here to address an issue I seem to be coming across when it comes to skin resurfacing treatments. I went to my dermatologist and they ha
  14. I'm 26, light skinned, have acne scars and polluted skin (trying to combat the latter with peelings to some success). I believe my acne scars are mild, they're definitely not deep, they look like spots. I can post pictures, or if someone would be nice enough I'd send a PM with the worst lightning possible to show my face Anyway, I've heard that in some cases dermapen is used by beautician not a doctor. I'm definitely going to try derma pen but my question is - some suggested a micro needling (d
  15. anybody who needling/roller/Pen with any succes `?
  16. Hello, I recently got the chance of being able to try out a scar-reducing procedure with a microneedling device known as the Dermapen. In general, though, is scar treatment more effective when the scars being treated are more fresh, so to speak, (e.g., 1 to 3 months) compared to treating them when they've aged (3+ months)? Would anyone know if the Dermapen would be more effective with scars that are recent compared to older scars?
  17. Hi folks, I am someone who is yet to try skin needling for my indented acne scars and have spent a lot of time reading various topics on this forum and other internet sites over the past few days to try and educate myself on the subject. It seems that some people have yielded some really good results from either derma rolling or derma stamping – skin needling, if you will. Now, it would seem to me that in order to maximise the results that you can achieve – you should do other things in ac
  18. Hi all new to this site and first time posting. Hoping to get some advice and help. So here goes my story.. I had 1 dermapen session done with . 5mm needles by a doc and I have been having uneasiness and heaviness on my lower face since then. I was put on antibiotics in the beginning for a week which helped but the heaviness and uneasiness is still there. I sometimes feel my lower face i .e jaw area is slightly puffy or swollen but it's not visibly swollen so no one can tell. I m worried what is
  19. Hello to one and all. I have been following acne.org for a long time. I saw a thread relating to Dermarollers/Dermastamp/Dermapen which spoke about peoples experiences with these methods for scar revision. It was a few years old so Im bringing the questions back again for an updated discussion of the outcome of this treatment. WHAT: 1.) What size needles were/are you using? 2.) What kind of scars were/are you treating? 3.) What topicals, if any, did/do you use before & after each treatment?
  20. Hi there, So I've recently bought my own home-use dermapen that I would like to use to treat some box scar scars along my cheeks, red marks, and some hyperpigmentation. I understand how to use it, it's preparation, after care etc. But before using it I would like some advice on clogged pores. Am I able to dermapen over the clogged pores? Will there be any consequences in doing so? Hass anybody else done this before and found it to be fine? Advice would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hello people, I have had hyperpigmentation for a long while now, 4 years roughly, following my moderate acne. I have read about the effects of Dermapen, this may be the thing which could help me. However, here is were my doubts set in, am I too young to use the Dermapen? I thought maybe wait until 21, when I am fully developed? Please let me know what you think, or if you have any comments, suggestions Kind Regards, Fruit Samurai
  22. Yesterday afternoon, I had my first Dermapen session with a trained professional. She used a 1.5mm needle and put Proderm Hydrogel on my skin after the treatment. Yesterday was as expected: my face was red and a bit sore, nothing out of the ordinary. I was washing my face with tepid water and reapplying the gel every two hours as directed. This morning, however, was another story. I woke up to find my face covered in tiny white pustules, like whiteheads! It's so awful; it looks horrific and i
  23. Good day to you all I have been bothered by stubborn blackheads on my T-zone from when I was in my mid teens, and being young and unaware of the following consequences I've picked alot at my nose and therefore have some ice pick scarring. This is taking a huge toll on me mentally and I have therefore just recently started scar treatment, whereas I took my first dermapen treatment last week, two more planned as for now. I would really appreciate some tips for what treatment-method you guys think
  24. I had the procedure done last friday, dermapen, for mild acne scarring. its been 48 hours, the estethician who did it to me told me not to use sunscreen for 4 days because of the chemicals that it has and that my skin is opened and dilated. However i think shes exagaggerating a bit and that by now i should be ready to use it ? zinc oxide sunscreen for now im only using moisturizing cream. thankks
  25. I am thinking about getting a punch excision for a very large pore on the side of my face, under my eye and to the left of my nose. Would it be better NOT to get any microneedling done with a dermaroller before a punch excision was done as a means of keeping the raised walls around the large pore more precise as to give the plastic surgeon a better chance of a successful surgery? Or, would it not really matter?