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Found 500 results

  1. HELLO EVERYONE I need you help asap I am getting close to my 6th month using hydroquinone before I have to take a break for a few months I have SEVERE HYPERPIGMENTATION I MEAN SEVERE since I was about 8 I am now 20 and just now using hydroquinone I hear about people saying how it only take hydroquinone a month to heal or 6 months and hydro has definatly helped me I notice a difference but I DEFINATLY HAVE ALOT MORE HYPERPIGMENTATION to go I wanted to know is it normal for it to several years tre
  2. I have had acne since I was 12, and after decades of OTCs, expensive prescriptions, dermabrasions ( three to be exact), and a face lift, I can honestly tell you what may be the best possible solution to rid yourself of daily erruptions. I won't go into the long details of what hasn't worked, just to fast forward to what I have found that does!! The very BEST over the counter products I have, and still do use, are Old Grandpas sulphur soap, Bye Bye Blemish (sulpur based drying lotion, not reall
  3. Four days ago (11/20/2013) I had dermbarsion, co2 laser and recell performed by Dr. Maini in Nottingham. Today I got the bandages off. While I’m too red to make a final assessment, I am optimistic that I will have a good outcome from the procedure. The procedure was carried out under local anesthesia. I’m not a huge fan of needles, so getting the injections was not too pleasant. Then the doctor took the skin sample for the recell. He took the skin from behind my left ear. The C02 laser was
  4. Hey guys, I am VERY self concious about my scars. I work in customer service, so i ALWAYS feel people are just looking at them. And it always makes me look down, and avoid at looking people in the eye. Its very disheartening to me. I had severe acne for 10 ish years. So I just wanted to know, what type of scars do you see? And what would you treatment do you think would be most beneficial? I went to a plastic surgereon and he recommended either Fillers, Excision, dermabrasion, or lasers. Wha
  5. I have been a member here since 2009 and desperate for normal skin. I had subcision (2 times) , Sculptra (5 times), fractional CO2 laser(>10 times) not alone other useless procedures such as Cooltouch and Fraxel Restore, yet none of them can make a difference. Last month I made another attempt to mechanic dermabrasion (that is a procedure in which the practitioner remove the dermis with a diamond-head kit) My face bled and secreted for ten days and my face is still very red and s
  6. I had discussion with a cpl of doctors in the UK for ReCell combined with an invasive treatment. I am planning to travel to the UK in the coming months and shall decide accordingly. One suggested Dermabrasion and recell (Dr. Maini) , while the second fraxel, subcision and recell (Dr. Khan). Dr. Khan's view is since recell was intended for burn victims, the skin needs to be burnt off using laser, and his work can be seen in ernestoria's thread I should mention i have brown skin tone (in
  7. I just wanted to share my latest scar treatment experience. I think I am finally satisfied with my skin, to the point of not thinking about or seeing my imperfections when I look in the mirror. I don't have that kind of obsessive, gnawing concern with how I look and how it is ruining my life. I have a better attention span, I am more hopeful, and just so much happier now that my skin is better. I feel so much healthier that I can see how ill I think my scars were making me. I truly hate acn
  8. d.herrb

    My Story

    Hi I´m new at the forum & just wanted to share with you the treatments that worked for me, I had acne since I was around 12 but around 14 got really bad, i tried everything until a dermatologists put me on accutane which finally stop acne but i was left with several ice picked scars and the same story i tried peeling, a couple of erbium lasers, IPL, creams but none of it worked until i finally consulted a plastic surgeon and i han subsicion on my scars and injected some fat on them, after t
  9. Hi all! Okay, I've been lurking on here for a long time now, usually in my varied attempts to find info about getting rid of my scars. So I finally decided to sign up. I'm 27 and had awful acne as a teen, and now I'm left with lots of small pitted scars, mainly on my cheeks and forehead. I hate them - they really wreck my confidence and look terrible in certain lighting. I'm determined to get rid of them. So far I've tried a TCA peel, Pixel laser treatment, microdermabrasion. I've heard of De
  10. Guest

    dermebrasion question

    Just out of curiosity, but do only derms.plastic surgeions perform dermabrasion? (i am talking about the one that can permanently mess up your skin)? Or do beauty shops (like the places you get facials and whatnot), perform dermabrasion as well?
  11. So here's the story: I'm a 19 y/o sophomore in college. All through high school I had flawless skin, until I moved away my freshman year. I started breaking out horribly (not too many cysts, just HIGHLY inflamed pimples) and over the past year and a half, I've worked to where the acne is now pretty much finished. However, those adorable little hell marks all over my face and neck leave much to be desired. I feel like the main cause for my sudden outbreak may have simply been stress, i.e. the str
  12. Here is the tips to get rid of acne I found accidentally on internet and it works, and I want to share these useful tips. 1. Do your own research on the product’s way of how to treat adult acne or consult your dermatologists about your skincare products if those are safe enough to use. 2. Cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing are some of the usual procedures how to treat adult acne. Choose the clean and proper materials for the best result that you should go to
  13. I just purchased the PMD (Personal Microderm System). It looks so promising. I was a fool and decided that I should test it on my temples. The problem is, I was applying differin which is a retinol and I think I'm suppose to stop any retinoids 3 days prior to using the system. And to top it all off, I was too aggressive. So given my lack of adherance to the directions and just plain carelessness, my temples are now extremely red. And they have been this way for a day already. I applied neosporin
  14. Ok, so I have been reading this site for years and joined to see if anyone could give me some suggestions. So let me tell you a bit about my skin. I am in my 20s and have lived in a humid climate all of my life, so my skin used to be great and a touch oily. When I moved to Idaho, my skin went crazy! I all of a sudden had dozens of deep cysts embedded in my cheeks along my blush line and serious blackheads in my chin and lots of little bumps all over my forehead. It made me very self conscious.
  15. i read a lot of nice things about Dr. Yarborough but apparently he retired already. who is the current best doctor for dermabrasion? and did someone take over for Yarborough? and if so are they great also? thanks for the info
  16. Hey guys, so if you don't know milia are those super annoying little flesh colored bumps on your skin. In reality they are clogged pores. I have tons of them and they are all slowly but SURELY turning into pimples! And when I say I have tons, I mean TONS. I wanna get rid of them before they keep turning into zits. Anyone have any ways to get rid of them? I was told to get the Olay Regernerist Microdermabrasion Kit but I am weary of running out and spending over 20 bucks on it if it won't work.
  17. Can someone please help me identify my scars and give me some advice for the best treatment for my skin? I was thinking about trying microdermabrasion or possibly a chemical peel. Not sure if either of those would improve my skin or not. I know they won't really help deep scars. I like that they are relatively low risk and somewhat affordable. Also my local Aveda spa offers some facials that sound promising: http://www.aveda.com/enter/stores/spa_services.tmpl I'm really not sure if I should b
  18. ****SKIN Soooo I get microdermabrasion and a chemical peel. I end up with a big red patch on my right cheek bone. The red patch turns dark, almost brown. And now my skin is peeling. And over the dark patch is just a layer of hard, dry skin. My makeup won't even sit right on it. No matter what I do, I never win. I hate my skin and it hates me. And I think I might just give up and let it be pimply, or dry, or however the hell else its wants to be, and just go out without makeup and say screw it.
  19. hi i'm new here so i guess ill start this off by introducing myself. ive had acne for 6 years, being pretty severe for most of it. tried everything from micro-dermabrasion to going to a dermatologist. neither really did it for me, up until i changed derms 6 months ago and started to read up a lot more on acne using this site. my sister also had a problem with acne, and had to resort to using accutane which is something that i'm trying to avoid. everything the new derm has been prescribing for me
  20. Hi All! I really want to share my story with you guys and to get to know your opinion. The misery started when i was 12 years old. My adolescence phase of my life just started and during the age of 12, just some pimples came up like every boy around that age has. The difference was that my pimples were getting worser and worser during the months. I visited the general practitioner when I was 14 and he gave me (Ro)accutane and send me to the dermatologist. During the first four months, my acne w
  21. helloo there! was wandering if anyone able to give me advice on a couple of things. I have combination skin which is extremely oily - i have been using BP 4% which has cleared up the odd cluster of spots that i would get but my problem is blackheads!! since probably age of 16 i have has blackheads completely covering my nose and all of my cheeks and obviously all over my chin - the blackheads in turn just make my face look an absolute mess. The texture is horrible - my pores are huge and no matt
  22. DAY 1 Hi everyone! English is not my native language, so please bear with me while I'm making mistakes. I'm 30 years old and have had the problem of compulsive face picking for over 20 years. After watching nichibeicafe's confessional videos and reading this forum for the first time just yesterday I decided to stop picking at my face. I was really impressed at nichibeicafe's progress, found her very charming and somehow started thinking that I could do it too. I feel so incredibly inspired. I
  23. I've purchased a couple of at home microdermabrasion creams including the one from the Skinn line. It is recommended to splash your face with warm water first and then massage the cream for a few minutes into the skin to exfoliate. My question is, has anyone ever massaged these creams on dry skin for an extended period of time? I read a review on another site where a guy vigorously massaged Neutrogena's Microdermabrasion treatment on his dry skin (where the scars were) for 15 - 20 minutes. He s
  24. i started gettin acne since 10 yrs (cystic acne)..which later developed atrophic scars..5 yrs back i had done microdermabrasion 15 sessions along with TCA 10% chemical peels 4 sessions but still no use... now started fractional laser ,underwent 5 sessions ,cudnt find much improvement..i have red marks all over the scars(arent reducing with retino-a/melanin creams/tca 10% /laser).... i am attaching my pics wht to do next ...do i need to go for dermaroller or TCA 100% or excision or anything e
  25. Hi My skin is oily but sensitive and prone to spots and PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). I've tried so many products to get rid of spots and marks, BP - made matters worse; chinese medicine, worse still, microdermabrasion - removed some marks but spots were terrible A few weeks ago I decided to try Health Aid Vitamin A cream, I use it in the mornings and use the Health Aid 50,000 IU Vitamin E oil at night - SUPERB! My skin is getting smoother and softer with no breakouts as such on