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Found 3,530 results

  1. Low self esteem really sucks. You have to love yourself before you can allow someone else to love you or fall in love. It really is very true and something I have learned. I never really understood sayings like that. When those stupid depression commericals used to come on, I honestly wondered how the hell could anyone be depressed? Life is great! Well, now I answer the commericals back when they ask "where do you want to go?". Nowhere. "Who do you want to see?". No one. Acne/scars affects my
  2. Mz. Deadsiemusie

    Tane, version 2.0

    So this is my second time taking accutane. I took it when I was 15 or 16 and stopped after 3 months because I didn't have insurance anymore. I am now 23 and have noticed that my skin has gotten worse as I get older. I get painful cysts and nodules that don't go away. My skin is super pale, so the red marks and scars really stand out. I am moving and going back to college in the summer, so I decided to give accutane another shot. I've already completed 2 months of treatment- 60mg a day. My derm
  3. HorribleScarsonmyback


    Hey everyone I have been reading up about this Fraxel Laser treatment and am seriously considering getting 4 or 5 treatments on my face and back and perhaps my arms and hands to get rid of freckles,My back has lots of scars mostly the white lump kind but still a few reddish ones and my face consists mostly of superficial depressions althouhg I have two deep deressions on my right cheek,Does anyone know or has anyone any experience of this treatment and does it work on scars to improve them and m
  4. californiagirl1


    Hi, I'm a first-time poster and thought I'd share some information about my recent treatment with Artecoll by Dr. Romano in San Francisco. I'm a 41-year-old female of Irish descent. I've suffered extensive scarring on both my face and back. The scars on my cheeks were rolling, with several ice-pick type scars (medium depth), a couple of boxcars, and a lot of superficial scarring spaced closely together. I've never had any treatments for my scars prior to last week's injections. I shou
  5. this is my first post here although i've been reading these forums for a long time now. i spose i should start by explaining my situation,i used to have really bad acne,really bad,but through the use of a good wash and BP i managed to clear it abit.im now left with really bad red marks that haven't cleared in 10 months,about 2 pimples every 4 days or so at the worst,and thankfully no scars. but these marks are horrible,my complexion is very dull and the state of my skin amongst many other thi
  6. In my experience I have had moderate acne on my face, severe acne on my back and it has never held me back from being a star in basketball, having hot girlfriends and being the popular guy at a lot of parties. When the ever so critical time of nudity has happened you know what? People really don't consider it ugly and a lot of girls really kinda like it, it's scary but true. I am a savante genius since youth and never once have I ever held acne any differently then any other affliction or
  7. Ok, constantly i'm being reminded that my skin was never "bad", and I shouldn't have worried. Well, the truth is, yes, I had plenty to worry about, and I just want to clear up some things about myself so this kinda stuff doesn't keep popping up everywhere. (and yes, I posted this on my album comments, but I want to post it again so more ppl can view it) ...So let me start off by saying all of my pics posted in my album are fairly recent...none of which were taken when my acne was at its 'peak'.
  8. razzledazzle

    About accutane

    I'm not thinking about going on accutane (sp???), but i'm a very curious person, and I was wondering if anyone knew why accutane could cause depression.
  9. Everyone is always going on about how much they hate themselves around here. My life sucks, yeah. I've lost a few people that were very close to me because my acne has forced me to push them away. I can't make eye contact with people. And I restrict myself from going to social situations. I can't even look myself in the mirror without becoming down or depressed. But I don't hate myself. Instead, I look for ways to keep me holding on such as school, friends, religion, sports, dreams, and the kno
  10. laurakae31

    am i going nuts?

    hi, i'm new on here. i've read some peoples experiences and they are quite interesting and it seems everyone is reacting or not in a different way. i've been on accutane now for a moth and two weeks. was taking 40mg for a month, now up to 40 one day and 80 the next. my face is clear which i haven't experienced in nine years. i have.. i mean had hehe cystic acne. no fun. my problem here is this, i'm a very high strung, emotional(at times), some what depressed 22 yr old. well pretty much normal i
  11. I'm 160lbs, 20 yrs old, male, and im going to finish 40mgs for 4 months in half a week. I'm wondering when horrible side effects will taper off. I mean, how long it will take for my lips to look normal, and when this accutane induced depression and laziness and emotional side effects will start to go away as well. Also any other physical symptoms. Give me a time span especially for the emotional side effects because I have had some pretty bad anxiety attacks I guess you could say and some people
  12. I feel like a post whore today, but I look through this thread and it really is a shame how people are so down on themselves and how they are suffering. I hate to see anyone hurt, but I know what it's like because I'm depressed and it really is an everyday struggle. But anyway, when I was in high school, a motivational speaker came to my school, and he said something that helped me not weak because of my depression, but strong because of it. I actually CRIED just because it touched my heart so
  13. Hi. I've been on this forum for a while, severely depressed by this cluster of scars on the left side of my cheek. I had an idea, which might sound stupid b/c it would result in one big scar. Do you think it's possible to excise a portion of my facial skin that is roughly the size of half a quarter and suture it together? This would theoretically create on long scar about the length of a quarter on the side of my cheek. Quite honestly, I think this would be much better than those giant pockmar
  14. I just had a silcone injection into a moderately deep rolling scar on my right cheek. The depression appears approximately 90% filled; although, I"m not sure if that is due to swelling or the silicone itself. Let me know if you guys have any questions. Silicone injections are permanent by the way
  15. man, just this evening i was feeling content, went out my family to a restaurant, ate whatever yummy food i wanted (without guilt), came home and did some studying. then i took my shower and started doing my regime.. and then i just stared at my face and started to get REALLY REALLY stressed and fustrated. i'm now completely upset, especially since ive been breaking out in places thats not normal for me, and i look retardedddd. i get into a really BAD mood, hopeless, and i feel like nothing ca
  16. Bubbalicious87

    The Acne Survey

    Hi everyone!!!! I'm conducting a survey into how acne is perceived and the beliefs surrounding treatment for it. The results will go towards enabling those with acne to have an easier time when selecting an effective treatment for it. There is a bit more information about the survey below: Although neither life-threatening nor physically debilitating, acne can severely affect social and psychological functioning. Patients with acne often show anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem, repo
  17. OK here we go. I have been suffering with acne and adult acne for more that 22 years as well as back and chest acne. All being of moderate proportion, cystic in nature, and very tough to get rid of. It seemed to be multiple break outs of cycling acne and I couldn't stop them no matter what i tried (and I've used most acne products over the counter and prescription.) I have combination skin so its dry and oily at the same time, and Very tough to treat. So here's what helped me cure this annoying
  18. I've had acne since I was 11 years old. I got my first cyst at the age of 12. I'm now 17. I've been thinking about Accutane. I realise I cannot just 'get it'. I have an appointment to a dermatologist next Tuesday, and I plan to tell her about everything I've tried. I have tried countless over the counter products aswell as prescription medications (topical creams) including oral medication (antibiotics, birth control) with little to no effect. I exercise and eat healthy, I do not suffer from
  19. I'm going to start using Accutane in a few days and all over the place I see the warning about depression and psychosis. I know that there is no proof that Accutane causes this but I'm still worried about it. I have no history of depression or anything. How often are patients effected by Accutane in this way? Are there any studies that show a percentage? Thanks for any help.
  20. BECAUSE IT MAKES U FLARE UP AND BREAK OUT LIKE NEVER B 4, of course ur gonna be depressed and thinking of killing yourself, i mean you'll joke about it but ur not stupid enough to actually commite suicide. Stupidest thing i've ever heard lol! =D>
  21. I have been sitting in my room for 3 days straight now, when I go out it's the hoodie up hat low and just to get enough food so I don't starve. I've been sleeping all day in this mini-depression because I had the worst breakout i've ever had spring up on me on Sunday. I went to the docs yesterday and got 100mg Caps of Minocycline 1% Clindamycin with the applier stick Now I can deal with normal breakouts and pimples, as a matter of fact, i'm greatful for the way my face was before this. The whi
  22. HELLO! I am VERY skeptical about oral hormone treatments, my doctor prescribed Ocella "GENERIC YASMIN" (I was on it before but stopped taking it, along with stopping my benzaclin and retin-a routine WHICH CLEARED ME UP TO PRISTINE CONDITION because I didn't have health insurance for some time and well my Acne flared up to horrible, painful cysts, nodules, papules, pustules, you name it I have it starting in January.. oh and also hyper pigmentation, as I am from Caribbean and mediterranean ancest
  23. I'm turning 17 years old next month and i'm sad, miserable and depressed. I'm so fed up with my acne and i look horrible. I even got into depression bcuz of acne and had put my life on hold before it heals. I've been struggling with it for years since i was 12 and a severe continuous broke out totally ripped me apart and took away my confidence last year. I became very self conscious and insecured ever since. Now, all i could think about is my acne. I would lock myself up in my room and avoid an
  24. Hi all. I started getting severe acne right out of high school. So for about the last 5 years I have been through hell. I have been diagnosed with depression. I have seen a psychiatrist and seem to be getting better. I have absolutely no self esteem left. I have tried EVERYTHING. From accutane to proactive to birth control to acne gels. Thats just to name a few. I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments that were suppossed to rid me of my acne. Nothing worked. I have lost most of my friend
  25. I didn't start it first. The thing is having scars caused me to have depression. I feel restless and have chronic pain (a very lousy mood all the time). Just awhile ago, I just felt in a bad mood and showed some displeasure on my face (though I didn't complain or anything). My father just shouted and scolded at me quite harshly, telling me to change my attitude and he's sick of living with me. Thinking retrospectively, he does have a reason to scold me. I would be f-ked if my son pulls a lon