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Found 3,568 results

  1. Hi all. So, I have no doubt in my mind that right now, I am depressed. I don't know if it's ever been this bad before....and my skin's never looked worse either. I've always struggled with acne, but during my first semester in college, I got the worst breakout I think I've ever had. It was weird because it was a ton of red marks on my cheeks, but not many raised pimples. So, I would just cover it with makeup and I thought I was okay. I wasn't taking any medication or doing anything because I was in college so I couldn't get to a derm. I think, in all honesty, my birth control is what brought on the breakout. Meanwhile, I have had this friend for months now who emotionally abuses me on a daily basis. We basically started off flirting with each other, and as the semester progressed and we became more comfortable with each other, he started teasing me a lot. The teasing has gotten worse and worse to the point where it seems like he actually wants to hurt me. He'll call me ugly, pretend to vomit when he sees me, talk about how stupid or useless I am, and then play off all these things as "jokes" if I seem upset. So, I played them off as "jokes" too. Meanwhile, near the middle of the semester, we started hooking up on the side whenever we were alone. He would only act nice to me when we were alone and then we would end up kissing etc. It made me feel as though he didn't mean all those "jokes" he made and actually cared about me. But now, yesterday, I came to a breaking point when I heard him make a joke about my acne to another good friend of mine. I was so hurt because he knows that I care about him yet he doesn't care at all about me, obviously, or my feelings. He's manipulative, and has threatened me before that if I made him angry enough he could make me want to leave university. He uses these threats to make me not stand up to him and then reels me back in with false, sweet words when we're alone. I honestly have never met anyone in my life who speaks to me the way he does, and it's with utter disrespect. It depresses me that I've allowed myself to be treated like this by someone, and someone I thought cared for me deep down. I have the support of my other friends, but it doesn't help my mood all that much. I feel so depressed about my skin, my social circle, everything. My skin is still pretty bad; the hyperpigmentation is bad. It could be worse, much much worse, but my depression is already set into motion. I feel like it's going to be so difficult to focus on my studies this semester, and I really need to make good grades this semester. I feel so broken and don't even know what to do anymore. Honestly, I wish I could be happy, I really do.
  2. princess kay


    I'm fourteen and I've been suffering from Acne for about 2 years. I have tried literally everything except roaccutane, which I'm not allowed to be put on because of my depression. I'm getting fed up with having horrible skin. I have extremely low confidence and self esteem, I even had to give up wearing foundation and trying tinted moisturizer and my skin still seems to be dry. It almost seems as if now the only way to fix all my problems is if my skin has cleared up. I'm on Levlen ED right now which is a type of "pill" and I tried doxycycline but it only made my acne worse. I've used a Vitamin A cream called Trentinoin Retrieve Cream which makes no difference now, as well as Benzac AC which made my skin extremely sensitive and sore while making no difference. All types of scrubs and washes seem to hurt and sting my skin. I've tried Clearasil, Clean and Clear, Garnier, and numerous other scrubs including a benzoyl peroxide scrub that only dries out my skin. I just don't know what to do anymore, no products are helping my skin and nobody is giving me any advice. I've asked my doctor, dermatologist and my parents and for the last two years all they say is "Lets see what happens." Could anybody please give me some REAL quality advice? Thankyou.
  3. Hey, I heard White Willow(AKA Salix Alba L) is good for cleaning the blood. Is it good for acne? Are there any side effects? I have tend to have depression, cancer(many people in my family had) and chron disease(my dad had it). May it cause any of these things? I take Citalopram, Milk Thistle and a lot of vitamins. Are there any interactions? If possible, please post a research or a FDA article. Thanks!
  4. Just felt like talking ranting a bit.. Lately i've been suffering from extreme anxiety and depression. I've never ever been to a doctor for this before, and never been on meds. I've delt with depression on and off before throughout my life, but this time, its just controlling my life.. Its been 5 years since I took accutane and had acne, and ive been clear since, but im just extremely depressed and im not sure the exact reason, and its just a tough situation for me. I miss the acne days . When I took accutane and had bad acne back then, yeah I was extremely depressed throughout the whole process, I used to cry alot back then, atleast a few times a week. But it never controlled me, I worked a fulltime job back then and performed well with that and graduated highschool. after that, I went 3 and a half years without crying 1 single time, even though I got depressed on and off. Last year everything went great for once, I graduated college, was a straight A student, moved out, and worked a few different jobs, all of which came at the right time, I even got promoted at 1 job. Since I graduated college, not sure the exact reason, but i've been having extreme depression problems, where unlike in the past, this time it just prevents me from fully living. i'm just not fully focused, I feel over whelmed and like i can't do anything at times, im distracted, and i feel like if i was in school still, i'd fail out because i just dont have that same focus and drive that i once had, and i have no motivation anymore. I only work part time now and even thats too much for me atm. I've had alot of bad breaks throughout life, and since i graduated college, nuthing went right. I had 2 bad relationships that really hurt me, theres just no jobs out there and its just tough to get started. I'm afraid to seek help, because i landed 1 career in law enforcement right now that im going through a recruitment process for.They do a thurough check on everything, and if they find out im going to a counselor/on medications for depression, it can cost me a career. I used to be a hard worker and managed a business when I was only 18,and always felt i was capable and deserving of any job, now im just so dead from depression i dont feel i can work hard anymore and i dont feel like im even worthy of this career. And even worse, if this career doesnt happen for me, if i fail any of the recruitment steps or just flat out dont get in due to economy or other reasons, theres nothing else out there for me right now. i'm 22, and i worked so hard last yr, only to graduate to nothing, and on top of that get my heart broken 2 more times. Ahh thats my rant. I really wish i could be the depressed 17 yr old kid with acne i once was, cuz atleast then i dint have the pressure of getting my life started, and atleast then my depression somehow wasn't holding me back like it is now.
  5. evianwater

    My thoughts on Acne

    Dear Readers, Like all of you, I have suffered from acne problems for a while now, still do, and I decided to share a little on my thoughts. Before I carry on, I just want to clarify that I am not an expert or anything. I have not found a solution or cure to acne. I still get them every now and then, and the red marks never go away. I am just here to share my thoughts. Ps: I am not a writer, and I am not very good at writing, so I am not going to draft my thoughts into a nice little piece of article and make sure everything flows nicely. I am just typing out whatever flows into my head. And my English is not very good, so bare with me. Pps: I just woke up one day and decided that I am going to write an article on this, so it might sound like a whole lot of rubbish, and I apologize in advance for that Ppps: The more I write the more I feel like I don’t know what I’m talking about, I apologize about that So let me just share a little bit of background information about myself. I am a guy, 22 years old, and had suffered from acne since I was 19. My acne type is moderate. And I have, like almost all of you here, tried everything I can try to cure acne. I have spent thousands of dollars from high range skincare products all over the world from east to west, Japanese to American, topical to oral medication. EVERYTHING. I know how it feels when it doesn’t work. I even change my diet tremendously into more vege less meat, no alcohol, no crisps no fries… so on and so forth…..basically I tried everything. My thoughts on this whole acne ordeal: 1) I believe that our (as in us acne sufferers) skin is SENSITIVE. Doesn’t matter if you are born with sensitive skin or not, all the acne treatment stuff you put on your face will make your skin sensitive and fragile. They are all chemicals after all. Slapping on layers and layers of chemicals on any part of your body will definitely irritate it, let alone our delicate facial skin. Hence, I started using the simplest skincare products specially made for sensitive skin. I believe that pimples, all that pus, all that redness, all that painful cyst, is a reaction to irritation the skin is facing. So my theory for this is, you don’t irritate your skin and your skin won’t irritate you. 2) Having said that ALL facial skincare products are one way or another CHEMICALS, I am not saying not to use them at all. Use them, but not use too many types of them. Let me illustrate this with my own experience. When I was still finding THE PRODUCT that will save me from acne, I was always on the look out for new products to try. I will search online, read magazines, read reviews, buy and try, if it doesn’t work, discard, and the whole cycle repeats itself. And in order to make the most out of this whole experimenting frenzy, I have different sets of products for day and night. Different cleanser, toner and moisturiser for day and different cleanser, toner and moisturiser for night. This allowed me to try out many products in the same period of time. This went on for quite a few months, or even a year. It didn’t work. I kept breaking out. One fine day, when I was doing my usual skin routine, I just looked into the mirror, look at my acne clad face, and I just said to myself, F*** THIS SH**!! I give up. So I selected the mildest, least damaging ones, and threw away the rest. From then on, I just used the same cleaser, the same toner and the same moisturiser day and night. Changing products often pisses the SH** out of my skin. It is not happy with me constantly feeding it different chemicals. Let it get used to one and that is it. Having done that…..I would say my skin is LESS REACTIVE….BUT! Unfortunately I still get pimples every now and then (one or two every fortnight)….smaller ones….less reactive and angry. 3) As I mentioned in point 2, I discarded all ‘damaging’ products. Here, I will describe what damaging is, in my point of view. One of the cleansers I’ve used for a couple of months is a DAILY DEEP PORE DETOXYFYER with microbeads in it. It is made for oily skin, and has beads in it but not as intense as a scrub, it has clay to absorb the excess oil of the skin. This cleanser gave me a lot of problems. It is made for daily use but I guess our delicate skin cannot withstand being rubbed against a sandpaper every day. The Skin will be pissed and react by forming inflamed spots we call pimples. And I would say the same with scrubs. 4) Don’t look into the mirror often!!! And don’t wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is scan your face with your fingers to spot any new pimples. IM SURE WE ALL DO THAT. It is as if we look for pimples on purpose. Here is my friend’s theory: the vicious cycle. The more you think about it, and be stress over it, and get depressed over it, the more pimples you gonna get ( yea I think pimples has something to do with stress coz it screws with your hormones). And when you get more pimples you stress more, and go into depression and the cycle goes on and on and on. So…..in the end….I just don’t give a SH** anymore. Well I have to admit I don’t entirely not give a SH**. But I learnt to move on. I feel a pimple coming, I still go OMG NOOOOOOO!!! But after I take a deep breath…..tell myself LIFE GOES ON!....keyword here: LIFE GOES ON. Its true, so what if you get a new zit, yea u feel like the end of world is here, but you still have to live, you still have your daily activities, your family who really loves you, your friends who are always there for you, the people you love and care for. SO MANY REASONS TO LIVE. And watch motivational materials once in a while. One time I saw this talent show, showing this armless Chinese boy playing the piano with his feet. I was like damn, this is some really intense message this boy is sending out to the world. If he can conquer his disability of being armless, what is a couple of zits compared to that! And don’t get me started on the poverty and war and a whole lot of other issues this world is facing out there. I’m not trying to be mother Theresa or anything, I am just saying, if you divert your thoughts away from your zits to something of a bigger scale, you will feel much better. 5) GO OUT AND GET INVOLVED!!! I have been through the phase of : SH** I got so many zits now, I’m hideous, I don’t want to get out of the house, I don’t want to be in pictures etc etc etc. Been there done that. But I have to say, the more you hide yourself, the more you get cooped up at home BECAUSE OF YOUR ZITS, the more to shy away from socialising. It is gonna make things worse. Because when you stay at home because of it, you WILL thinking about it….and not to mention the MIRRORS AT HOME……depression….vicious cycle…you get my drift. GO OUT, HAVE FUN, JOIN ACITIVITIES, ANYTHING….when you’re out and about, not only u stop thinking about it, you will start to feel that there is so much this world has to offer, so many new people, so many new things. Basically, the world does not revolve around our zits 6) I don’t wanna get photographed. When I go out I feel like everyone is looking at my acne clad face. YEA I FEEL THE SAME TOO. But then again, I am not sure if I am giving out the correct message now but I have learnt to….not care so much.....more like I give up caring. Some people are born into this world to be movie stars, pimple free, good skin…very very good looks. They are just made for holywood. Leonardo Dicaprio, Zac Efron, Megan Fox, blab la bla bla. And for the majority of us, we are not. Some of us are a little overweight, obesed, short, not in the right proportion, head too big, head too small, acne, blab la blab la and the list goes on. The world is made like that. We are only human. Despite people saying that this world is a torture to be in, we are put into this world to suffer, I believe when you open your horizons……and learn to not care so much about the petty little stuff that is not so smooth in your life, instead learn to embrace all the goodness this world has to offer, and of course, care about the others who are less fortunate, who are unable to stand on their own given their conditions. Channel your care and energy to them instead (because their problems are on a much bigger scale compared to yours) and you will soon learn to not care so much about your acne problems. 7) OK I THINK THIS IS GETTING TOO LONG NOW. So how is my condition right now. Like I said I still get them. Once every fortnight or so? Red marks are still there. But it is definitely less reactive. And the pimples I get are smaller now, goes away faster… 8) Oh and I have to say……for us sensitive skin it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO MOISTURIZE!! I feel like it is more important than your oil controlling whatever sh**tz. Moisturize your skin…it will be happy, irritate it further (including overly oil controlling it) it will be pissed at you. So now….Im using a gentle cleanser, Moisturizing toner, moisturizing and soothing serum…..and a moisturizer…….everything made for sensitive skin…..I have oily skin but I choose to just stick with moisturizing instead of oil controlling, and I feel that it doesn’t get oily (or oilier)….so yea….as long as the skin is happy…. ONCE AGAIN THESE ARE JUST THOUGHTS OF A BORED DUDE WITH ACNE PROBLEM……I WONT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR CONDITIONS WORSEN AFTER FOLLOWING WHAT I SUGGESTED. IF YOU THINK IT IS A WHOLE LOAD OF BULLSH**, JUST IGNORE IT, DON’T FLAME ME! GOOOOOOD LUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
  6. I didn't start it first. The thing is having scars caused me to have depression. I feel restless and have chronic pain (a very lousy mood all the time). Just awhile ago, I just felt in a bad mood and showed some displeasure on my face (though I didn't complain or anything). My father just shouted and scolded at me quite harshly, telling me to change my attitude and he's sick of living with me. Thinking retrospectively, he does have a reason to scold me. I would be f-ked if my son pulls a long face everyday. But the thing is I feel uncontollable pain or displeasure all the time, showing it through my face is just a natural thing to do. I've tried being smily and stuff like that but it feels very forced. I'm really quite close to breaking down mentally. But as with everything mental, people think im faking it or that im just whining.
  7. I'm going to make an appointment with my gynecologist for next month. I know this is more than just an external skin issue... I know I've been going through a lot of stress lately, but I've ALWAYS been an anxious/stressed out/Type A kind of person and this has never really taken such a serious toll on my skin. ...It won't let me upload any pictures right now, but there are some on my recent entries. I'm really hoping I can find a birth control that doesn't have the suicidal/depression side effects that I experienced while taking Yaz a year ago. Because it really did wonders for my skin, but after a couple months of taking it, it made me muy loco! Bottom line: I feel defeated and desperate.
  8. I am a 21 yo girl who has suffered fluctuating cystic acne from age 15. I have been on Dianette (with Marvelon breaks) since I was 16. I wish to come off Dianette asap because I think it may be exacerbating my clinical depression. However, I am worried that Dianette is holding my acne back so that when I come off it, it will return with a vengeance. I have been on the regimen for approx 6 weeks, and it is helping a little. But my skin is very difficult to monitor because it is so variable - one week I will have no active cysts, then 10 will pop up within a few days. I am looking for advice: do I come off Dianette and straight on to Accutane OR come off Dianette, continue with the regimen and then go on Accutane only if my skin deteriorates? I don't want to risk the scarring that may result from quitting Dianette and not taking Accutane straight away, but I also don't want to take Accutane unless I really need too. Absolutely any advice would be much appreciated, thanks guys PS I have tried the following without success: oral tatracycline antibiotics, Differin, 2.5% Panoxyl (non-regimen style).
  9. Lately, I've been feeling like crap. Many, many things are going on right now . I wouldn't say it's stress, it's more like sadness. Not stress. Even tough my scars are still there, like always, I feel like my acne is getting better... and I've been doing the same things I usually do, like drinking LOTS of water and avoiding sugar, etc. Oh, and I've been avoiding sex for almost 2 weeks now... But I've done that before, and didn't help! That's why I'm guessing it's the fact about me feeling like garbage which is helping right now. Have you ever considered this? Or am I just going through strange "bad-good-luck" times right now? Edit: I can't blame the lack of sex anymore.
  10. I envy those who always had mild/moderate acne. I envy those who can remember a time they had clear skin. I am fifteen years old and I've had acne for 3-4 years. Since on tazorac, I went from severe acne [severe enough to be prescribed accutane] to moderate acne with ALOT of scars. To treat these scars, I was to get a series of TCA peels. Turns out my mom doesn't want to pay for it anymore. I don't have the money to pay for it. I am so sick of living like this. All I wanted was to start September 2006 with clear skin And I don't think that's happening I can't remember the last time I had clear skin..I don't even know what clear skin looks like on me without looking at pictures from the past. I'm week 10 on tazorac and it seems I am still peeling.. and the scars aren't any better. I just break out less. And all the clogged pores I used to have are gone. The scars I am refering to is hyperpigmentation.. I don't have redmarks. I am dark skinned. For those who say I should take accutane.. There is no way I can take it. I have history of depression & other things and I doubt I will be allowed to take it anyway.. For those who say, who cares just live life.. I tried. I don't feel like putting pounds of make up anymore.. it does more harm then good. I hate wearing so much makeup.. I feel so fake. I would rather stay home and cry then go out with pounds of that crap on my face. Going to school is such a hassle. I am so close to giving up.
  11. pockgirl

    Unusual scar!

    Hi all I had a relatively small nodule on my cheek which eventually after 2 weeks got a head on it so I did very gently squeeze the puss out....it has healed really really well and it doesn't look as if it will scar...however, the area immediately to the right of it now looks slightly depressed. I can't understand it, surely it is usually where the actual zit is that the depression happens? Please let me know why, I could just be imagining it! Pockgirl
  12. TorturedbyLight

    Treatment & Prices $$

    Hi! I'm planning on getting some kind of treatment for my scars. I have mostly little dents and bumps on my forehead and chin. I also have 2 depression lines on my right cheek, just above the crease created when you smile...and the left cheek has a very slight lump about 1 1/2cm. I'm pretty sure I'll need some kind of augmentation for my right cheek. It's not that they're really deep, but it's not the skin that's the problem. It's the absense of fat tissue underneith. My dermatologist mentioned a laser treatment but we haven't disgussed anything further. I was wondering what the price range usually is for different kinds of laser treatments? (preferrably the more powerful kind). Thanks! *edit* sorry, I meant to put this in the scar forum. I'm a n00b.
  13. defaultaccount

    Where do i go now?

    Hey, ill try and cut a long story shirt! i first got acne when i was 12/13 years of age, and saw a doctor who put me on (erthrymisin) excuse my spelling, and it cleared perfectly for a couple of months. since then its just gotten out of control. i was then refered to a dermotologist when i was 15 years old (during my gcse's boy how i would regret it) who put me on ruaccutane. the course seemed to be going fine and yeh ill admit the side effects were pretty intense. and about 2 months into the treatment, i stopped going to school because of depression etc. which my mother thought was linked with the ruaccutane (may well of been) so she then made me stop the treatment. im now 18 and since then ive been on antibiotics, which we all know do pretty much nout in your later teens. however i was watching the This morning show a few months back where i heard abt the N-lite laser treatment. http://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/microsites/acne/ (check it out!!!) and it had a lass on who had used the treatment and by the look of her it cleary works! ive today been checking out the laser reviews on this site abt n-lite, and people are saying there skin is worse, and are parting with considerable sums of money and seeing no / if not worse results at the end of it. i have a consultation booked next thursday at laserase in newcastle, and am now considering pulling out does anyone here have any ideas as to what i should do??? cheers richie
  14. My daughter will be starting treatment with accutane soon, and I am very concerned about the possible side effects. Has anyone experienced any psychiatric side effects from this medication?
  15. goodnamestaken

    my regimine log

    well i had acne since around the 6th grade im in 8th now...it depresses me alot i get corny jokes thrown at me and stuff.ive tried basically everything clearisal,proactive,off brands,oxy i dont feel like naming them all lol so i tried this clear skin regimine about a month ago and i think its working pretty good i get alot of white hads and like little areas that are really red and get a bunch of whiteys cysts i think idk though but yeh since clear skin regimine i still get white heads alot and stuff but not as bad...its starting to improve alot...so i guess ill just start from lets say one month... today i got some big red spots that i woke up with last friday as whiteheads ive been trying to get rid of them all weekend but ya know...it was basically a break out i think it was from stress...im an actor in school ive been in all my theatre arts classes plays and we performing this play for the first time..on top of that im in a dress(im a guy) yes a dress im a male ladybug..its a short and its supposed to be for lil kids...but yeh there annoying me hopefully theylll clear up...i get alot of spots that i guess used to be pimples and it adds a whole lot of definition to my face RED definition lol...there starting to go away THANK GOD! but yeh today i got the best comment in the world!! i have a gf that ive been with for awhile i love her alot... she does modellling stuff..she has really clearist skin in the world...and im really insecure and depressed alot so yeh i love compliments she told me im breaking in...i was like what and she said all my acne is getting better...i was so glad to hear that...idk its still taking forevore and these pimples on my face right now wont go away...ive been considering accutane...but the side effects are pretty scary it will like add on to my already depression and insecurity...if i do,do it ill do it this summer which is soon but i probally wont....ya know ill post some pics up tomorrow and hopefully ill find some form when i started..that i wasnt putting tinted clearisal on my face....lol but yeh i did that alot...and i post some new pics well ill talk to ya later guys...bye by the way right now im using....st ives gentle apricot scrub...2.5 bp from when i was on solvere...and arbonne moisterizer...i was using the arbonne soap for about a week...i hated it,it made me break out bad i had to get more apricot for some reason i like it alot i think it works for me this is my third bottle....i have this mask stuff you leave on for ten mins i got from proactive when i was on that i might put that on tomorrow...i did it last week once cause i found it in a droor of old acne stuff lol....it worked really good..... P.S. ive been wonderin any good pills i could combine with my regimine i saw like natures cure in cvs but idk...no accutane for now please i might go on that way later but im unsure and my acne probally isnt bad enough....well ill talk to you guys later....by the way im a 14 year old guy just incase your wondering about my age....does masturbating really make acne worse?...haha jk...but seriously
  16. Im a lurker and occasional poster on this board. For me, living with scars is at times very difficult because I believe it makes me look awful and freakish. I am very self conscious and constantly wonder how the world looks at me. Do my friends think im hideous? Pity me? Do the scars hold me back? Could I achieve more if I didnt have them? When i see another person with scars, I constantly compare mine to theirs. Are they doing the same to me? I think its impossible to be objective about my skin. There are some mirrors where you hardly notice them, and others which shows every one-- which one is closer to reality? Life is hard enough without worring about your face. We live in a very superficial society. Fat people, for example, take a lot of abuse and I think they probably could identify with us who have scars. But I have no control over my scars, and id like to think i could lose weight. These things are permanent. I can honestly say id give almost everything i have to have clear skin. When i see people with clear skin I am so jealous. I know there are people who suffer more than me, but only those with acne scars know the pain they can cause. Anyway, I had to get this off my chest and rant.
  17. Hi, i've been secretly lurking around on these message boards, usually in times of desperation or depression, and it has definitely been of great help to me. so firstly thank you. (you being the message board, i suppose) anyhow i was in america over the summer and i was prescribed MINOCYCLINE 2x100mg a day for my mild/moderate acne. (leaning towards the moderate, i'd say) now back in england, my medicine ran out and i went to the doctor and was given MINOCYCLINE MR (modified release), but only ONE 100mg pill a day. And Duac once daily gel - which i really like. but thats beside the point. I have just continued to take 2 pills a day rather than the prescribed 1. my question is: do you think it is a bad idea to take 200mg a day rather than my prescribed 100mg? is the fact that my NEW minocycline pills are "modified release" reason enough to just take ONE a day? my worries are that because these new ones are MR, that taking 2 of them a day might be TOO MUCH. that is, it might do damage to my liver or something. or my kidneys. university has just started so i have curbed my rampant drinking, which im sure helps a bit. thank you, and good night.
  18. praise the lord, keep faith, allow god to be your savior, believe!! bp gel, water, moisturize, GA peels also may help contain the onset of more acne worrying is bad because it causes stress. i know its hard not to feel down when you have acne but try to be in high spirits and make yourself believe that you're a superstar. more often times than not i see acne sufferers slowly becoming depressed. depression is really harmful to oneself. acne is just some small bumps and it shouldn't be the end of the world for you guys. mind over matter ya'll. - your faithful companion marvin
  19. I’m 22 and I have had Acne since I was 11. I have been through a lot; I was made fun of at school. I have had only one girlfriend in my whole life. She told me she would never touch me because she was afraid of catching my acne. I am a virgin and I have never been kissed. I have spent a lot of time alone because most of the time I don’t like to go out a lot or meet new people because I am so ashamed of myself. I don’t have many friends. I cut myself and I see a psychiatrist and take medication for the extreme depression my acne causes me. I have only talked to one person about how much I have been bothered by this. This person was my best friend but she broke my trust about something and told a bunch of people something I said. I was so embarrassed I wanted to kill myself. I refuse to answer her calls or ever talk to her again. After that I lost all my ability to trust anyone. I would give anything in the world to have a girlfriend who loves me but in my heart of hearts I feel I will always be alone. I have a lot of trouble talking to girls because I feel they are better than me. The times I have showed interest in girls they often say something mean to me. I cry all the time because of how bad I feel. I feel just about everyone in the world is better than me. I talked to my mom about this and she says I should move to a new town and get a fresh start. I don’t want to run away but I feel if I stay here I’m going to end up killing myself. I once tried to ask out this girl with acne that was like mine but she told me I was ugly and gross. I would love to meet someone who has acne like me and would understand me but I never have been able to. I really don’t know what to do with my life anymore. The people on this board are the only people I can relate to in the world. I wish things were better but I just don't see any improvement ahead.
  20. Alright well I'm on Accutane now and hopefully if I don't die before the end I'll have clear skin. So for all you post Accutane people, did the depression and shit go away after you got clear? Or do you still feel the same?
  21. Ok i wrote a long thread last night about depression, and maybe I should of taken a different approach. To the people on this board who dont have a mental ailment, and are just upset and negative, being negative wont do you any good ever! It will only hold you back, you have 1 life make the most of it. Be positive and thats all there is to it. Everyday is a new day, just focus on today, and making today good, thats it, forget yestarday and dont worry about tomorrow. This is the 1st step towards success.
  22. Hi all. I started getting severe acne right out of high school. So for about the last 5 years I have been through hell. I have been diagnosed with depression. I have seen a psychiatrist and seem to be getting better. I have absolutely no self esteem left. I have tried EVERYTHING. From accutane to proactive to birth control to acne gels. Thats just to name a few. I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments that were suppossed to rid me of my acne. Nothing worked. I have lost most of my friends because I never want to go out. I am now labeled a snob and bitch. They dont understand. I am afraid of telling them how I feel. I feel pathetic. I am constantly hiding my face. I hate the way ppl look at me and say, "shes so pretty but too bad about the acne." They seem to think that I dont take care of my face. Which is hardly the case. Recently I started using head and shoulders as a body wash. Although I dont have body acne my skin felt so much smoother. You know when you shower with hot water and you get a temporary rash on your chest and back? Well when I used head and shoulders I didnt get that. I thought to myself, well if it works for my body, why not my face? At the time I was using minocycline and even with that I was breaking out quite a bit. So I started using head and shoulders about a week ago and my face is 100% acne free. So my question to you wonderful ppl is, should I continue using head and shoulders on my face? I mean it is still a shampoo. Do you think this is bad in the long run? I dont know what to do. I have finally found something that is working and Im not even sure if I should be using it. I dont want to ask a derm because they always try to sell me there products and trust me Ive bought enough of them. None of them work. No offense to anyone but derms are only after your money. Thats my opinion. I have been to 3 and they always make me buy the most expensive product. In the long run I am left with no money and still have acne on my face. Head and shoulders has also noticeably reduced my redness. Any info or advice would be great guys. Thank you.
  23. Hi, I just finished my tenth pill of Accutane. I'm very worried about long-term eye and liver damage. And depression. Also after my 8 month treatment I hear the damn acne usually comes back after 2 months! I just want the blackheads and cysts on my back to go away for good and thats why I started accutane. Im not expecting perfect results at all, just that I have smooth skin. I am a hypocondriac I cant help it. I dont know if I can handle having clear skin while on the accutane then im off and it comes back I might die. Its like a tease! someone please reassure that im just freaking out and ill be just fine and this will all be worth it. Thanks
  24. Hi, Is anyone here from the UK? it seems alot of people are from the USA! Anyway, I have booked an appointment with my doc on monday. I have tried everything so I am wondering if Accutane will work for me? Would I have to be passed on to a Dermtologist (sorry about spelling)? Also would I get the treatment free on the NHS? Also will they give it to me if I have had a history of depression? Thanks for asking me questions ... if anybody does!
  25. Alright, let's end all of the shit about why people are here and why they aren't here right now. Somebody already attempted to do this. But let's establish the purpose of this board, I will take the first stab at it, feel free to comment and criticize all you want. These are ranked, 1 being the highest priority 2 the second most...so on and so forth. 1. To instill a positive attitude amongst all of those battling acne, regardless of its severity. This means giving people strength in the tough times but ALSO helping to ease them out of comfort zones, because the only way we grow as individuals and feel good about ourselves is if we do things we don't think we can do. 2. To be REALISTIC about how we face the situation that confronts people we are trying to help. This does not mean telling people they don't have it bad enough to be here. It means trying to convince people that people in general DO NOT CARE about a few spots on your face and that they are causing themselves undue misery 3. To hear, without judging, the rants and diatribes of members looking to vent their frustration, anger, depression, anxiety etc etc BUT NOT TO ENCOURAGE ANY SELF-DEPRICATION or SELF-CONDEMNATION. The desire to help people feel better should supercede your own need to have people feel like you. Just because acne affects us all negatively does not mean we should persist in our negativity. If we can find ways of helping out others we automatically benefit the whole community as well as ourselves. What the board should not be... 1. A place that people come to as an escape. Comments?