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Found 25 results

  1. I’m a 19 year old male and I need desperate help in regards to how my face looks... I’ve been trying to get it on track for the past year and have been unable to do so. Very frustrating and my self esteem has really taken a hit. The thing is, I look good from a distance. However, up close I feel/know I look horrible. Here’s my issue: It all happened about a year ago when I got a little bit of acne and starter vigorously using acne products on my face. My face stared to get worse and severely
  2. I'm 19 years old male and I've been suffering acne for the past 5 years. During this time I've used almost everything (bp, salicylic acid, zinc oxide you name it), now my skin looks really old, flaky and most of all oily on the top but looks dehydrated AF on the bottom. I've used bp for the past 2 years which helped with acne but it never solved the problem. Looking now I believe that it was bp that damaged my skin permanently. Now I'm going as natural as possible. My routine: AM - wash face w
  3. Hi everyone, just a question to help narrow down a product that is right for my skin. I have extremely sensitive dehydrated oily skin which is prone to small breakouts. Over the years I have been on benzoyl peroxide cream and the duac daily gel as well the antibiotics of which I have forgotten the name, tetraclyine I believe. Anyhow this was over 3 years ago now and my skin has dramatically improved. But These products have drastically dehydrated my skin also. I use aveeno products to was
  4. Hi All! Just after some advice re Spiro. I started on 50 mg for 1 month, went up to 100 mg then up to 150 mg at the 4 month mark. Almost overnight, my skin went from an oily shiny mess to (what feels like) a prune! I feel SO extremely dry and dehydrated and have so from the start. I drink atleast 3 litres of plain water a day, along with either peppermint or camomile tea. Absolutely NO caffeine and one or two wines a month maybe. My lips are always dry and flakey. Although I never get dizzy, nau
  5. Hey all, So I have extremely oily skin in combination of dehydrated skin. I suspect that my skin is so dehydrated that my body is overproducing oil to compensate. The thing is I'm at loss on what to do. I drink at least 2L of water each date, applies Sebamed Moisturizing Gel morning and night, and it still feels extremely tight and dry after washing with Sebamed Liquid Body & Face wash. Anyway I'm get recommendations on how often I should wash my skin. Most will suggest the 1x or 2x s
  6. Hi, My acne has come back in the six weeks and it is becoming increasingly severe. I think the main reason is because I have over-exfoliated and now I've damaged my skin barrier. My skin has sooo many fine lines and feels dry, causing it to breakout. However, no moisturisers or anything are rehydrating my skin and there has been no improvement, often when I focus on hydration, I have to discontinue acne topical treatments which breaks me out and some hydrating products break me out. Can any
  7. My face feels tight, especially after washing. It's usually pretty red (forehead, cheeks, nose) I have clogged pores on my cheeks/ forehead, blackheads on nose, some on forehead/ cheeks I have red marks on cheeks and a few everywhere else, and a little light scarring accutane cleared me, but acne came back, i think because i started to use products again differin .3% worked after a while, but it made me pretty red and irritated pores clogged after stopping differin i was thinking us
  8. So, I'm 24 years old. I don't eat any junk food and have made sure to chew slowly/take my time eating since Jan. 3. I regularly drink 70+ ounces of water (since I'm only 155 pounds). No soda. My diet consists of fiber rich foods like almonds, bananas, beans, natto. I eat lots of veggies (salad every night). My face has always been the combo type--dry in some areas, acne prone in some parts of my face and areas where I just NEVER get zits. Starting around September 2017, I started
  9. Starting tonight I will not wash my face with anything. Soap, cleansers, even water. And use no moisturizer, toner, nothing. I have damaged my skin from soaps, retinoids, acids, lotions, and I need to let it heal. I have many clogged pores and overall pretty dehydrated skin showing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as red marks, and blackheads. I will also try to eat healthy, fruits, vegetables,water, very little meat/dairy/breads. I also will not jerk off, or take any drugs. I will exerci
  10. Ok..so my skin is really messed up..whenever I try exfoliating my skin gets raw and a orange peel like texture but after about three days it looks good then builds up a lot of dead skin .. Which I'm forced to exfoliate then the bad texture comes back seriously it makes me look old cause it's a wrinkly texture then after three days I look young I'm just wondering what's the cause of this ?.. I do also get sebum plugs on my lower half of my face but honestly I'd rather have dull skin then deal wit
  11. Hey guys! Long time lurker here, trying to find someone with similar symptoms, but I decided to finally just post something to try and get some answers. I've had acne since my sophomore year of high school (Junior in college now), but the type of acne is different. I had typical acne (lots of pimples) and I went to see a dermatologist. She put me on doxycycline, but I underestimated her warning of must wear sunscreen outside and got a really bad sunburn at a cross country meet. I wasn't
  12. Hi everyone, so I've got a bit of a weird one for you. I have really oily skin only on my forehead, but don't have really any acne, and my skin still feels slightly tight when I make a funny face, or raise my eyebrows. I suspect it has something to do with dehydrated skin, but I'm not sure what to do. I use a gentle oil based cleanser at night and a splash of water in the morning, and both times using a serum, as well as moisturizer after cleansing. Have any of you had this problem and been a
  13. Hello, I'm a 16 year old boy and I would like to know some tips or advice you guys have for my skin. I have: Oily but dehydrated skin, I produce a lot of oil around my T zones (nose and forehead), majority of my acne is located on those T zones, I have giant pores, when I make a "face" my forehead becomes very detailed and somewhat leathery & wrinkly, I drink a lot of water but don't eat that healthy, I don't exercise too often only just ab & bicep workouts once a week, I used the a
  14. So I've been using proactiv for about four years and just recently my skin has started feeling pretty tight around my forehead (my only problem spot) and still has an oily look to it so you can see my lines in my foreheard. I looked online and found its most likely dehydrated and stripped of its natural oils. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get my skin hydrated? I would stop using proactiv but I find it does the best job of getting rid of my pimples and I still get some on my fore
  15. So I'm about 10 days post-Accutane, but towards the 3rd or 4th month of my course, my skin became dehydrated, not dry. Now I'm having major problems with indented lines appearing in my skin that won't go away, and just overall bad looking skin. Plus, my forehead broke out in a bunch of small bumps out of nowhere. Anyone have advice for helping dehydrated skin? I might get my thyroid tested later today, as I also experienced some symptoms of hypothyroidism while on Accutane. Maybe that would h
  16. Hello, My face is dehydrated. I have many clogged pores. It feels tight and shows fine lines. From years of bp, differing, salicylic acid washes and accutane i believe. My skin gets oily, so i think its really just missing WATER. My skin barrier is weak, so red marks are slow to heal. Ive tried the caveman regimen, but my pores get clogged. I thought exfoliating might help to moisture could get to my skin, instead of being blocked by dead skin. Has anyone has dehydrated skin and found a fix
  17. I have been using epiduo for about 4 months now. Before my epiduo, my skin was not that oily except for my nose but now my skin has became incredibly oily and shiny. My skin has somewhat clear but my plastic looking skin is unbearable as it becomes oily within 10 minutes of just washing face with water and it also feels tight. Even then after washing my face, it is very shiny. The problem with this is my skin will not absorb anything, it wont absorb the moisturizer. Now my question is regard
  18. Hi. I'm an 18 year old with skin that has been abused by products. My ignorant attitude has damaged my skin and I fear it is beyond repair. The tight, red and oily skin I have been left with is much more devastating for me personally than the mild acne I had before the products. Having identified my skin as dehydrated whilst also lacking the money to buy a wide range of products I was wondering whether the caveman regime would help repair my skin. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi All! I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and might have a possible solution. I'm 2 weeks into the regimen. I love the cleanser, the BP does its job, but when I get to the moisturizer... !!!! 15 minutes or so after I put it on (as Dan suggested), it dehydrates my skin rather than making it feel moisturized and soft. I can barely move my face. It also makes my skin yellow and itchy too. I look tanner than my sister who plays football everyday. Help?? Advice?? Suggestions??
  20. I have had a small amount of acne since 8th Grade but now being in 9th Grade I have gotten a lot more. I have most of my acne around the far back right side of my face, forehead, and chin. I'm fairly sure I have oily but dehydrated skin. I currently use Cetaphil Facial Cleaner and Cetaphil Moisturizer, I haven't seen any improvement and it might've even gotten worse. I don't know what products to use + I have been seeing this "Caveman" regimen and only wash your face with water regimen and was w
  21. Hi I need some advice on products from you guys. Whenever I wash my face with products, soap or face wash it leaves my face really dry. I need to wash it with products because my skin gets really oily after a while and forms hardened plugs in my pores which is really annoying. Also the soap I use now doesn't completely get rid of the plugs as is. Do you know any face wash that clears your skin really well (preferably with AHA or BHA) and a moisturizer that moisturizes really well but is not gr
  22. I have had acne and skin problems since I was about 15. I started off using benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and progressively got more obsessed with a topicals and finding a way to decelerate my acne. I would try anything and many things I read about on the internet in succession and eventually I noticed my skin not getting any clearer and it was becoming dry and oily and flaky. I tried soaps, harsh cleansers and scrubs, oils, topicals, antibiotics and crappy, cheap moisturizers. I K
  23. I've had on and off acne for about 4 years. As I get older it gets worse. It's a weird kind of acne... more like the clogged pores and whiteheads. I used too drying products, which in the end made me really oily. I was so confused -.- And now my skin is pretty much immune to all acne treatments. Now I figured I have dehydrated skin. Routine: -Wash face with honey I can't use anything else besides oatmeal. hurts too much! -100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum Or after wearing foundation/concea
  24. Finally found the reason why my skin doesnt respond to any acne treatments. I've been using treatments for about 3-4 years. My skin is very oily, but dehydrated. Im using honey as a face wash, because everything else kind of hurts my face. Right after I wash my face... it's all tight and flakey in some areas (around my mouth HURTS), but then the oil starts pouring in. I get tons of clogged pores (forehead mainly, tzone area). Also I'm moisturizing with 100% hyaluronic acid.
  25. I have utterly dehydrated skin. Fine lines, extreme oiliness, the continuing feeling of tightness, acne. I literally don't even wash my face anymore. I haven't used harsh chemicals in months. I use moisturizer, but that actually makes my face more dehydrated. If anyone has help, please help me.