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Found 11 results

  1. J_g_93

    Bumpy forehead

    I'm kind of at my whits end. I've always had great skin, maybe a random pimple around the time of the month. However around last November I wanted to try to go all natural in my skin care. So I started to use a vegetable based soap with tea tree oil and Jude's jojoba and rose hip oil to mosturize. Well apparently over two months my once smooth forehead developed all these freaking bumps. Now since January I've been trying without success to beat them. I'll admit I didn't introduce the products i
  2. Hey, I am wondering what is the best mattifying/oil control moisturiser that can be found in the UK? I have an oily tzone, but dry cheeks, so I want something that actually moisturises but controls my oily tzone to keep it matte. Any suggestions?
  3. I've been on Spiro for almost a week now, 50 mg/day. I really like how drastically it has already reduced my oil production, it's a god send to have way less sebum on my scalp/face. But I am concerned about how dry and peely my skin is becoming. I washed with just plain water several times today, and I'm so dehydrated and need a LIGHT moisturizer...but all of them seem to break me out badly! I am not sure what to use, as fatty alcohols/acids [like cetyl/cetearyl alcohol] are major triggers. Ce
  4. I’m 18, I’ve had acne since middle school however it was never bad and never hurt my self esteem really until my sophomore year of high school. My acne started to become more serious but still wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I started washing my face and using salicylic acid regularly, my skin would get dry because I never used moisturizer but not flakey or anything and I had virtually no excess oil. The acne didn’t improve so I cleansed more and more harshly, went to the doctor and they ha
  5. Hello, I really need help with my condition. I have posted here before but over the years I have not been able to find a solution to my problems. Here is what I am suffering from: 1. Extreme OILY DEHYDRATED face.After I wash my face (with water only) and put on moisturizer, my skin feels very very tight. About 30 minutes later my skin is extremely oily, but still very tight and dehydrated. I looks awful, very leathery. All this time I thought I had dry skin, but according to many articles onli
  6. Well, it's been almost a week and dove soap is not what it used to be. I don't know what is changed in the last two years, but I seem to react to it over a very short time. It appears to be very drying and irritating. there's also the issue with the water in my apartment. It's not good, and I need something that's going to combat that. I've settled on Spectro jel because I was informed by a pharmacist (I know, not a dermatologist but somebody with some knowledge of chemistry) that spectro h
  7. okay so i have combo/normal acne prone skin & i have been on a wild goose chase for a moisturizer that doesn't make my skin feel tight. it's not necessarily dry because i don't get dry patches and flakiness, my skin would be more oily than dry if anything, but even after i moisturize my face, it still feel like i never put any moisturizer on. does anybody know why this is & what products i should buy to fix it??
  8. I hadn't logged in to acne.org for a few months since my acne had subsided using a combination of an extreme diet overhaul and the modified caveman regimen (you can read about this further here if you would like more detail: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/356222-i-finally-healed-my-acne-with-pictures/#comment-3552807 Since logging back in I have read through my old caveman regimen log, and seen a video post by a YouTuber who's advice I have trusted throughout my journey with acne. She
  9. So, I've always had pretty oily skin, but now b/c of coutless face washes, treatments, creams, etc. my skin is now also very dehydrated (I know oily AND dry, just great - __ - ). My acne is fairly mild, but very persisent. I have blackheads on my nose, and blackheads/closed comedones on my forehead and nothing I have tried has been successful in fully eradicating them. Now, my major problem is b/c my skin has become dehydrated, treatments that used to work as short-term solutions for break-o
  10. I desperately need to hydrate my oily/dehydrated skin, but majority of moisturizers cause clogged pores. The issue is oils and silicones (omg they are in everything now!!)..dimethicone, cycomethicone,trimethicone..I CAN'T USE THESE. Oh and my skin is sensitive to fragrance, dyes, scents. Massively. I need a oil free, silicone, beeswax, waxes, shea butter, cocoa butter,Salicylic acid free moisturizer with and without spf. A Few Products/Brands I have tried and do not work for me Ne
  11. Hi everybody! I'm a 19 near old Caucasian male living in the UK that has problems with skin in general. I'll keep this short and sweet. Ever since about a year ago, my skin has changed for the worse. I used to have oily skin that looked quite nice and was easy to maintain with products that are good to cleanse and clean skin. Well, here lies the dilemma. About one year ago my skin turned from oily to dry in a month, i guess. It refused the regime i was on, which was the acne. org cleans