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Found 10 results

  1. So the only new pimples I'm seeing is white heads in my nostril crevice (If its called that I dunno), You know, where the nostril meets the cheek. Those ones arent so bad because they can be quickly popped with minimal damage! Other than that NO NEW PIMPLES have formed since starting this regimen. By the way folks you need to be careful when spelling regimen that you dont spell REGIME! LOL I've seen that. Anyway the only problem I foresee is how bloody expensive BP is. I'm a bit relucta
  2. Still nothing major going on--I got the impression from the boards here that like, you popped one pill and immediately your lips cracked and peeled off--luckily, it seems like it takes a while for the dryness to kick in! I have noticed that it is starting to hurt to use my Clarisonic though, so it might be time to retire that. Also, anyone else wake up feeling mildly hungover taking this stuff, despite not drinking? So weird--must be the dehydration?
  3. Today I decided to go for the dosage increase. I have started on 30mg which was prescribed by the Derm. It was off my own back I decided to start with the 20mg rather than the 30mg, due to my mental health history and usual sensitivity to antibiotics and medications. There is nothing much to report really. My skin is dry compared to normal but after the Cetaphil moisturiser I feel greasy for the rest of the day. The tip of my nose is peeling slightly still and my upper cheeks are a little sens
  4. Hi .. There are no words, my skin is as dry as a desert. I can't smile because my skin is hard to "move" Also there is no improvements today.. I decided to put jojoba oil on my moisturizer ! Let's see how it's going to evolue See you tomorow! - Salut J'sais pas quoi dire, ma peau est sèche... J'ai du mal a sourire, le fait d'être sèche m'empêche de la bouger comme il faut, Et puis en plus, il n'y a pas vraiment eu d'amélioration de ma peau aujourd'hui.. Je vais mettre de l'huile d
  5. I'm on day 5 of Accutane (isotretinoin) 40mg a day and my acne is the worst it's ever been! I suffer from sever nodular cystic acne that affects my whole face and my upper back and chest, I was wondering if i should stop taking the accurate or to let it run its course, even if that does mean having more severe acne for a while.
  6. littlelids

    Day 5

    Woke up today feeling absolutely fine and I'm pretty sure it is due to the fact that I treated myself to an eyelash lift last night which has boosted my confidence a bit. The beauty therapist I saw last night was on roaccutane for 18 months and it was great to actually speak to someone face to face, who had amazing skin, who could talk me through their experience with the drug as all my friends have flawless skin. Sure, she was brutally honest about the side effects but having seen how she h
  7. Okay so I had practice today and I sweated a ton. I felt so grimy and I had to resist the urge to wash my face. I decided to just pat my face with a clean towel and this did the trick. ( I guess i tricked my mind into thinking my face was clean :D ) anyways I felt my face after sweating and every pimple that had a head on my cheek was gone!!! I guess sweating helped push the toxins out and create a protective barrier. I now only have one tiny Head left on my cheek! My whole face seems to be slo
  8. sbee242

    Accutane Day 5

    It is near the end of Day 5, and I definitely started to notice the dry skin side effect today. I woke up with my face a little flakey, and I used my Neutrogena moisturizer before I put on my makeup. Needless to say, my makeup looked terrible. It attached to the clumps of dead skin/flakes and looked patchy and gross. I also had to keep applying Carmex because my lips would start to get dry. When I first woke up my head was aching and it felt like I had a slight ringing in my ears. I know th
  9. FavreErvaf

    Day 5

    Okay, so started day 5. Been taking my Absorica at night with glass of whole milk, a spoon of peanut butter, 3 fish oil capsules, and 8 pork rinds. I have noticed my strength and energy have gone down a bit. I was working out like crazy before I started and now I just cannot keep up with where I was. It's okay though, I'll do what I can, it's better than sitting stationary and doing nothing. Definite nasal dryness now, and definite dryness post shower. I go to work every day with eye drops and c
  10. No new acne, thank god! I know i shouldn't have done that but i popped the three pimples that hurt me. I hope i didn't cause any scarring. The skin on cheeks started to peel and so did skin on my nose and forehead. I've been feeling a bit down again today and my head hurts a bit. It's probably because of the whole exam season because i'm stressing so much.