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Found 22 results

  1. I found my confidence recently. Acne was finally not a problem. I was smiling and happy and going on dates with wonderful guys. Life was good. Then today one of my close friends saw me drinking a shake and asked why. I replied "I want to look good for the beauty pageant I'm doing next year!" He simply replied "What are you going to do about your acne? Girls with acne never win." And in that moment, I lost my confidence. I couldn't find it anymore. I just put my head down and walked away.
  2. Hi everyone! The unfortunate combination of heavy acne and extreme scarring unfortunatly left a lot of scars on my chest and shoulders. I have come to terms with it years ago and today am a very happy person and confident person. My face is almost completely free of any marks though so nobody suspects a thing when I am wearing a shirt. Thats exactly what makes dating tough for me though because they don't see it untill we get physical for the first time. I used to be so terrified about it tha
  3. Hi everyone, For those of you who are depressed about your acne, can you please help me understand? Can you please help me be a more supportive boyfriend? Nearly six months ago, I started dating a great woman I now love and with whom I see some real future potential. Such a great connection! She is in her late 20's, I am in my early 30's. The first three or so months, her face was quite clear and she never mentioned anything about her blemishes. In the last two months or so, she has sta
  4. Yes you read that right... I'm just curious really. Has anyone from acne.org ever gotten married or started dating from this site? I think this site has a lot of potential, especially since most people here understand what other acne sufferers are going through- and hey, it's a great conversation starter plus it's something every datee would have in common! Boy: "Hey, so.. I got this pimple..." Girl: Smiles. "Me too!!" If nothing else, a great icebreaker. So are there any succes
  5. I'm at 27 year old female looking to date a male with acne scars. Please message me. I'm desperate for love again. If you're single with acne scars , post here.
  6. after suffering from acne for 7+ years all I feel is hate and anger now. Especially towards younger people around my age (20) They think they are living the life. Bullying from it messed me up and I don't think there is ever going back to being happy.
  7. Serious question, I'm 21 and have zero experience with girls never even kissed one and this is all due to acne. Girls ignored me and thought I was grotesque in high school because of it and now I feel behind everyone else in the dating/sex scene and I barely have a social life as it is. Acne screwed me over hard when I was 14-16 now I'm clear but crippled if that makes sense. Anyways every girl already has a bf so getting a gf at this point is impossible. The only thing going for me right now is
  8. Hi everyone, I'm 18 (almost 19) and I've been struggling with acne for 2 years now (mild acne at first, but it gradually became worse). I took a 4 month accutane course, which cured my acne. But now (1,5 months later) I'm still left with all the purple/red marks, I have some blue circles under my eyes (skin thinning I guess) and some minor impurities left on my forehead. Other than that my pores seem to have gotten bigger and my skin is still wrinkly (dryness I hope). I've never really
  9. This is a longish post, but I want to explain where I'm coming from on a personal level. Like always, reading through the forums has made me feel a lot better about the current breakout of cystic acne along my jawline (oh you tricksy hormones!). But it also got me wondering. This is more of an academic question than a self-pitying one, and I’m asking only women for two reasons. One, men primarily approach, while women are approached (not always, but old traditions die hard). Two, I think
  10. I just want everyone to know this. I know a man who has many very deep acne scars. Yet I have seen this man date very attractive women! He does work out and takes care of himself. Yet he has deep ice pick scars. I just wanted to share that with anyone here who might be feeling low about themselves. Just because you have acne scars does not mean your love life is over. Far from it!
  11. Hey all, I started the regimen about 2 months ago and was wondering what your experiences are with dating. I have this fear that I'll be making out with a guy and he'll smell the bp or something like that...or it'll kill your mood if he puts his hand on your face, and you're imagining all the bacteria getting on your face from his fingers. Do you ever feel that way guy/girl, same thing, how do you deal with that? And does the recipient actually smell the bp on your face, do t
  12. I’m currently 23. Just started accutane a week ahí. I’ve never had a boyfriend and I think it’s because of my acne. I’ve dated but I can’t help thinking that they’re looking at my face because of it, I topped wearing make up cause I don’t want to make it worse but it makes me feel so insecure. The funny part is I wouldn’t mind if I’m dating someone with acne or whatever but I feel they do. Gay guys are usually really shallow. I’m just scared to date anymore and I know I don’t need no man lol bu
  13. 1st month: 60mg/day Initial breakouts? since last post, 3 days ago, i developd 5 extra pimples and the scars and blemishes look more promiment. My lips are dry and my scalp itches. I may have a date or something this weekend, i don't feel like developing anything with anyone for the most important reason that i don't want to kiss with dry lips and end up getting an infection due to its sensitivity. No i don't have or ever developed herpes, thankfully. I just don't want to risk anything w
  14. Hey Everyone, So my family has been bugging me about dating for awhile now as I've been single and haven't gone out on a date in 2 years. So, I recently tried the whole online dating thing. The only men I could muster up the courage to go out on a date with are disabled vets. I don't know. I guess in my mind I thought that they have something different about them that they are probably self-conscious about, so maybe it will make me feel better and I'll have the confidence to actually go. So
  15. Hi all. I'll start off by saying that I'm a 21 year old guy who's been fighting mild/moderate acne since I was 15. Ever since I began having acne, I stayed away from dating. During this period, there were some moments where products cleared my acne and I was able to date without worrying. I've also had girlfriends who accepted my acne pretty well. Now I'm off all of those harsh and useless (imo) products and I feel like my acne is somewhat under control with daily cleansing and moisturizin
  16. I'm a fun person. I have a nice personality. I have a nice stable popularity. I just dislike it when it comes to feeling comfortable around girls. I feel like my acne is a major turn off when it comes to dating a girl. I just feel so insecure. I never get called out for my acne. But i know it's there. The way the world is theses days, looks over power personality. I'm currently using the regimen. If my acne go's away a whole new door will appear. I just wunna look in the mirror and see a handsom
  17. I want to share something with anyone who is going through a grueling bout of emotional torture due to acne or scars. I know of a man who has many deep acne scars on his face. Yet this man dates very attractive, sexy women. ALWAYS! He does keep himself well groomed and is in shape. I just wanted to share this with you.
  18. Hmm interesting stuff, so you know i have been taking Accutane here and there for the past 5 months, though only of two months supply. Had to end it early because of side effects and stuff. So i have 5 pills left, i took five pills 3 weeks ago and my skin has remained dry. Usually i would stop taking it for two weeks and oil would return. After three weeks my skin is scaly dry, specially on my cheeks, very noticeable too. Interesting, could my oil glands have adopted to dryness rather than t
  19. Hello! Haven't posted in a while - I think this is where folks with indented scarring used to post about emotional stuff regarding scarring (vs. the 'Emotional and psychological affects of acne' forum). Basically - I've been on a number of dates with this guy. He likes me, but I'm pretty sure he has not seen my scarring as our dates have been in the evenings and in dim lighting. I have scarring on both cheeks. He wants a committment. How do I bring up / show my scarring to him?