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Found 72 results

  1. So the lemons have been making my face look and feel better but recently where i have my acne scars they have been getting red around it and im sure its from the lemons. I was trying to put on moisturizer but it burned really bad, (it did not make my whole face red, only around my scars) I have stopped using lemons for a while, and i will try again soon. Also, this may only be for me im not sure if other people have experienced this problem
  2. So, I haven't posted in almost 5 months because the last time I logged in I was in my way to recovery, so nothing very interesting was happening. After I finally got the hang of it, for the first time in my life I started seeing real results. The Regimen works, at least it did for me. In March I was still using a finger's lenght of Dan's BP twice a day, and even with the moisturizer and the jojoba oil, I was still experiencing dryness and peeling. So I brought it down a notch and currently m
  3. My skincare routine doesn't work as efficiently as it used to and now my dark spots won't go away. How can I get rid of them without lightening my face? I don't want to lighten my face because my face is already 100x lighter than my neck and I have even lighter patches on my cheeks which makes it even worse! I'm only 14 so I can't do anything dangerous like lasers and stuff.
  4. I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and I don't know how I can make it go! I also have a lighter patch on my face and I don't want to get my whole face lightened because my face is already lighter than my neck and body! Help...
  5. I have always had clean skin until April of this year that I started getting cystic acne. I don't know what's causing it I just know that I have tried so many things and none of them work. I went to the dermatologists who's injected me with about 8 cortisone shots this year alone and the cystic acne keeps coming back in the same places. I have to pay out of pocket at the dermatologist office and its getting so expensive. He gave me tretinoin cream, veltin, and a spray that smells like chlorine
  6. Hi all, I've had acne since I was 13. I'm now 21. Back then, I thought it was hormonal. Now I know that it is 99% diet related. Some foundation does break me out, usually the ones with SPF, but I don't wear makeup regularly. How do you guys get the motivation to eat super clean? Junk food like fries, hamburgers, etc breaks me out. Pizza breaks me out horribly, and I'm not sure if I'm lactose intolerant (parents said I was as a baby), so probably. I don't cook really and I don't drive either, so
  7. I've been battling acne scars for quite some time now. I never use to have this problem, or with acne in general. My face did break out as I got in the teen ages(end of elementary going into middle school), but it did clear up. Now I'm stuck with whatever is on my cheeks, and also been breaking out a lot. I noticed just the slightest acne marks a long time back but it wasn't something I was worried about. I used so many acne products, and face washes and nothing seems to help. I also used
  8. Hi there, I'm looking for clarification when it comes to clearing my dark spots. I bought the acne.org treatment (cleanser, BP treatment, moisturizer and AHA). I don't currently have any active acne other than little bumps that showed up as you see in the pictures below while using the BP. All of the dark spots that I currently have on my face, chest and back are due to excessive picking. (Although I know I shouldn't, it's due to anxiety that I pick at the pimples I would get). What I'd like
  9. ever since i was a kid i’ve picked on my arms, badly. there was always a lot of whitehead’s and i’d spend hours picking at every single one. now years later i’ve finally stopped but now the dark spots are horrible. how can i get rid of these? they bring my self esteem down so much:( please help
  10. From the album: acne

    HELP me with my face and acne. Its been one year and it has not improved. Any tips and advice would be great
  11. I've been doing the regimen for about a month now, And I must say I'm LOVING the results so far. I currently have no active breakouts and really praying that I found the cure to this horrible adult acne. There is however one thing I notice and that is my skin seems to be getting darker. My skin is clearing up but my skin has turned really dark, with a lot of discoloration. I'm wondering if anyone else is dealing with this. Thanks!
  12. Hi my name isaac, im 17 and also a junior in high school. I been struggling with acne and its not going to well, i don't know what im doing wrong, i just feel sad, disgusted with my face, i want to burs into tears really. cant even look at my friends in the eyes when they talk to me, i been really down, tried so many things but nothing seems to be working, my face right now is dry, flaky, uneven, acne, dark spots, and hyper pigmentation lots. I tried to leave my skin alone but i just cant. I kee
  13. I take really good care of my skin (sunscreen, facial masks, moisturizer, products targeted specifically to fade red marks, etc.) and I don't have an acne problem but every. single. time. I get a zit it results in a flat red post-acne mark that takes ages to fade. This problem didn't start until last year and some of those first red marks I ever got still haven't faded completely, and it's been a year. It's really frustrating. Why did my skin become this way all of a sudden? Why am I so prone to
  14. Hi I am new to the boards and I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this but I could really use some input I am 19 and I have had dark spots on the corners of my mouth and the crease of my chin for about 6 years. The corners of mouth would sometimes get extremely red and irritated, followed by dry and very flaky, before they would finally "heal" and go back to dark spots. The line on my chin always stays about the same, sometimes getting dry and flaky. I went t
  15. I was just wondering, how long after getting clear on the regimen did the post-acne dark spots/hyper-pigmentation/red spots take to heal? Furthermore, after this healing process, does your skin tone now look even? Or are their still remnants of hyper-pigmentation that refuse go away? Thanks
  16. Hello there, I’m new to the community. I’m having acne or related on my phase. I have attached couple of pictures but not quite sure what they are. Those appears to be dark spots in my phase formed when I unnecessarily touched pimples and eventually they turned into like this. I never used any scrubs or facial cleaners until last month. After having my first facial, folks advised me that these can’t be removed with any facial or micro treatments instead I have to use scrub and cleaners
  17. I have been suffering from dark spots (due to picking my face) since I was 11. Now I'm 15. Recently, I have been noticing that my face has been going lighter and lighter and now I have a skin tone that makes me look absolutely sick like a zombie...My skin tone has gone lighter, but the dark spots haven't moved at all.. I need a lot of advice to how I can get my skin tone to get a bit darker. Help me... Here's my skincare routine: - Papaya soap to cleanse - St, Ives Apricot scrub to exfoliate
  18. ive been using retina a mostly for my dark acne scars i have dark/tan skin and the medicine gave me burning itchy flaky skin and i understand thats normal so i continued the use but it left me with even bigger dark spots on the places where i applied the medicine i want to know if i should stop using this medicine because of the dark spots if left me?
  19. I've been trying to get rid of these for a long time, and it seems like nothing has been working. It seems to me like they're acne scars but I can't really tell. They're not raised and if you feel my skin it feels smooth and like there's nothing here. I have mild but persistent acne and have been going to a dermatologist for a few years to try and clear it up. Right now I'm taking antibiotics and using aczone and retin A creams. The topicals dry out my skin so much and make this area even redder
  20. I have one of the WORST cases of acne. I'm not sure what it is. Depressed is an understatement on how I'm feeling. I've tried cutting out Dairy and everything. I've spent $30 on products; Clean & Clear BP 10% Wash, Neutrogena Salicylic Acid 2% Wash and I have every vitamin moisturizer you can think of. Dark spots, painful acne, under-the-skin acne... white heads calmed down due to the products but they still erupt (as you can see). NO RESULTS!! I don't think hormonal acne is THIS bad.
  21. I'm currently 23 years old, and never really had any issues with my skin growing up (#tbt to when a single pimple sent me running to the dermatologist). Around a year ago my skin started getting very finicky, with more breakouts than usual. I had a birth control implant put in (Nexplanon) in summer 2014, which although it is notorious for causing acne flares, I didn't have another choice at the time because of high BP, etc. etc. I took Solodyn 115 mg for about 6 months with not much improvement,
  22. This is both sides of my face. I have some acne but most of this is just red scars that are still red and haven’t really faded away. I used to pop my pimples and pick at my face a little bit and scratch things off of my face but now I don’t even pop my pimples. I feel insecure about my face without makeup. I feel like I’m not living my best life with this constantly on my face. I feel like I’m battling myself. I’ve tried lots of stuff for my face but nothing seems to help. I wish someone could H
  23. Hi anyone who reads this. I posted a picture to show my situation and am very embarassed just posting it. I have been dealing with acne for about 3 years and I constantly have new pimples, I really cant remember a time that I have not had a pimple on my face. I had clear skin all my life until about 3 years ago when i noticed some black heads and starting trying to squeeze them out and then started putting alchol on it which made it worse then tried Proactive ( i have noo idea why) which ma
  24. Does anyone have a good way to treat scars /dark marks for mixed /biracial skin. My mother is white and has fair skin and my Father is Hispanic and has very tan skin. My Skintone currently is light /medium but I can get very tan. I attached a couple pictures to show what my skin tone is. But the problem ive found with having a darker skin tone or being mixed is that scars, at least in my experience, turn brown or a little darker than my natural skin color. And everyone will say is because I pick
  25. Hey! This is my first post. I am an African-American teen and I don't have any pimples but alot of acne scars! It's looks different for my normal skin as you can see in the picture below. I need recommendations on what to do! It's has gotten less over time but not noticablely!! I need a natural home remedy or a medicine I can use to get rid of this. I'm pretty sure this is Hyperpigmentation caused by previous acne but someone correct me if I'm wrong! I start school in a month and a half and I w