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Found 49 results

  1. Okay, so after being on a strict regimen (see signature) for almost 6 weeks, I think my acne is beginning to retreat *viciously knocks on wood*. Whenever my acne decides that it wants to disappear, I know I am going to be left with a less than perfect complexion. All my scarring is thankfully superficial, but my skin tone is soooo uneven. I would day 95% of my scarring is dark marks, mixed in with the odd red mark. I have one tiny tiny indented scar by my right eyebrow, but I'm not too concerned
  2. I've noticed that when I get blemishes on my cheeks, they always scar or leave a mark, even when I don't pick at them. When I get pimples on my forehead, they'll leave a mark and then fade in like a month. Also, they clear up faster. On my cheeks however, I can have the tiniest blemish and it leaves a dark brown mark. I still have marks from 2 years ago. The pimples that hurt are usually the ones that leave darker marks.
  3. Hi there, I have decided to document my experience using no acne product. For awhile now I have used all sorts of acne topical medications. Erythromycin topical, benzoyl peroxide, benzaklin, clindamycin gel, and tretinoin cream. Now my experience may differ from others, but personally I was never really an acne ridden teen. I went through all of highschool having a few zits every now and then. And after graduating in 2012, decided I would.start trying prescription methods. I have been progress
  4. Last month, I had a breakout because of exams, and I applied some prescribed Clindoxyl gel (with BP) to deal with it. It cleared a lot of my marks, but left lots of dark marks. However, since most of these were on my jaw, they healed quickly (marks along my jaw tend to not last long). However, I had this one pimple higher up from my jaw, along that part of your cheek where your tongue can touch from the inside of your mouth, and I just kept applying a lot of BP morning and night. When it finall
  5. Summary incase you dont want to read a whole load: I have hyperpigmentation not acne scars Acne seems to be getting worse, may be due to stress, still using retin a Not sure about la mer brightening lotion New produts- garnier anti-spot exfoliator, vitamin c, quinoderm Missed my 4 week update/check in and alot (sort of) has gone down in these past weeks so I'm just going to do general updates (not timed) from now on. Firstly, I need to correct myself as I've used the wrong terms in
  6. Hi all, I'm planning on doing the 30 days no picking challenge to see if it makes a difference to my skin as I'm so sick of making my face appear even worse due to my incessant picking, leaving scars and scabs that take ages to heal and make it harder to cover up. I tried not picking for a few days a while ago and it definitely helped in terms of my complexion, so I want to try it again and see what happens, and whether it actually helps with breakouts and the spreading of bacteria. Anyone el
  7. Hey everyone! So I have been struggling with acne for around 5 years now. My first year of having really bad acne i constantly picked and touched my pimples, which left many dark marks behind on my forehead. Now just last year, four years after getting those pimples, have finally faded. However, I have many dark marks on my cheeks from more recent acne. I do not to pick at my acne, but a lot of the time when I'm scrubbing my face the scab on my pimple will fall off, which does the same thing
  8. I'm 21 and I've had the same acne since my preteens but starting getting scars or hyper pigmentation about 4 months ago. I don't think I've changed anything drastic in my routine but have been full vegetarian for over a year. It started with the mark next to my nose to the right of a healing pimple. Then a few months ago I got the marks in the cleft of my chin and the dark spot to the left below my mouth. Then a couple days ago I noticed the dimple scar to the right below my mouth but I don't re
  9. Hello everyone. I'm 21 years old. This is my first topic here. I'm feeling so angry that I needed some place to vent. I've had acne since I was 14, I started taking Accutane around 18, and it worked, so I stopped it, and I spent two years without any trace of acne. It was amazing! But around three months ago it came back all at once all over my face, and I suddendly felt like 14 again, and the reason is probably because I began eating cheese and milk again. The pimples went flat fairly quickl
  10. i've been on accutane for 2.5 months now .. skin is now smooth to the touch, but tons of red marks and scarring left behind .. not really sure which is which to be honest, me that's why i'm here. just wanted to post these to see if anyone had any advice for what i could do to help these fade in the next couple months .. really want clear skin for the summer !! i uploaded pictures from about a month into accutane to what it looks like now, anything helps .. please and thanks.
  11. Help! I have been using the regimen for 6 months now and I love the results I'm seeing but now I have scars that won't go away. The darker marks are easier for me to cover with makeup but the indentations just look worse with makeup over. What should I do?
  12. I have read several things about how petroleum jelly is supposed to light up dark spots. I wanted to know if it works i will be trying it soon.
  13. Hey guys! I need your help. So Im happy to report that Im 90% clear . But Im having two problems and I would really appreciate any help you can give me. First problem is that I have a lot of red marks and general redish spots where acne used to be. How do I get rid of that? Which products are the best to use and how much time will it take for them to disappear? The other problem I am having is that my complexion of skin is worse than before, the colour is uneven. I have a little bit more darke
  14. Has anyone had success using a tinted moisturizer to cover dark marks, red marks, and hyper pigmentation? I am a guy and don't want to deal with using makeup for days when I don't see a lot of people. Just something that will help me forget I have marks on my face when I look in the mirror or just go to the grocery store. Any help would be great.
  15. Good day to you! I would like to seek some help and suggestions about these scars, or dark marks. They started with small bumps and pimples but i cannot stop my self from picking them until they become scars and when they become scars, i will pick them again until they form bigger scars. and here’s the result. some of them got lighter by themselves through time but i have bigger new ones and they look awful. can someone suggest me what to do to clear them (the new and old scars)?
  16. Please help me doctors..! my face is getting covered up with ugly acne marks. I am using clean and clear foaming face wash. It clears out all active pimples but fails to heal my ugly dark marks on my face. I am also using garnier light serum spf 19 and it's been a week. Images below. I AM LOOKING VERY UGLY. HELP! PS: I live in a place where there are very less number of doctors.. IMAGES: https://imgur.com/a/58ej8 https://imgur.com/a/X6Mns
  17. please rate my acne from 1 being the mildest and 10 being the most severe - what can I do to get rid of my acne? I have oily, sensitive acne prone skin and ive heard reviews about dairy-free diet. Is it effective?
  18. I've been using the acne products for about 3 months now, and at first I definitely saw my skin become much calmer and less irritated. However, after the first month or so, I wasn't seeing much more improvement, and even though I use the jojoba oil in addition to the moisturizer, I find that by the time it's the afternoon, my face is usually very dry. Also, every time I pop a pimple or let it go away on its own, a reddish dark mark is left in its place. How long should it be taking for these mar
  19. Hello everyone. I'm 21 years old. This is my first topic here. I'm feeling so angry that I needed some place to vent. I've had acne since I was 14, I started taking Accutane around 18, and it worked, so I stopped it, and I spent two years without any trace of acne. It was amazing! But around three months ago it came back all at once all over my face, and I suddendly felt like 14 again, and the reason is probably because I began eating cheese and milk again. The pimples went flat fairly quickl
  20. I have some finacea gel (15% azelaic acid) that my mom gave me a while ago after she used it on her rosacea . I read it treats Post Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation, does it do that by taking the pigment away or just inhibiting the production of new pigment? And how long will it take to see significant results? I have very fair skin with moderate marks.
  21. My face is revolting at the moment with dozens and dozens of acne scars, blackheads, irritating bumps, and red swollen spots all over my cheeks, chin and forehead. I've tried a countless amount of creams, washes, masks, formulas, diets and lotions to try and stop it. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  22. These have been around for a while and i need to get rid of them. What should i do? I think the first one may be a hypertrophic scar and the other 2 are red marks.
  23. Lancome Dreamtone: "Ultimate dark spot corrector, beautiful skin tone creator" Benefits: corrects dark spots, uneven skin tone, colour irregularities (e.g. dullness & blemish marks) and brightens complexion. This just came out a few days ago. Usually I would wait til something had been out for a while and consumer tested and reviewed... Especially when it is so expensive... (£69) But I am so desperate to see improvements in my red marks NOW that I got it anyway... Has anyone else heard
  24. Hey guys, I think I've found an effective way to speed up the process of fading blemishes and red/dark marks. Ever tried hot/cold therapy? Basically it involves alternating hot and cold temperatures, typically used on swelling of sorts, but I do it on my face. Only instead of ice I just used cold water. What I do is every morning before I go out and a couple hours before bed, I would first wash my face with warm water(use a cleanser if you want). Do this for a 30 seconds or so, then imm