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Found 45 results

  1. hello, I have been battling trying to rid my cheek of these stubborn spots since a bad breakout back in November. although they have faded noticeably using just a saclictic acid scrub, I just started using a light glycolic acid mask some nights, as well as bentonite clay. They seem to be helping. However, I have a dermatologist appointment in 15 days and I am curious about bleaching methods. Does anyone here with fair caucasian but not porcelain-like skin have any experience with products like
  2. I was advised to try the baking soda mask to fade the post dark spots ( hyperpigmentation ) but I don't know how much to leave it , some say 30 seconds , some say until it dries , some say 20 minutes .... so now I'm confused what do you guys think ?! and thanks for the help in advance :
  3. Hello! I have some red and dark marks left after acne on my cheeks. I am done with my accutane course 30. May. I'm thinking around 1 month there will be full sun out and such. And my marks is probably not 100% gone by then... Can I tan without them getting worse? Or do I have to "hide" until my marks are faded completely? And 5. September - I'm maybe leaving to Bali and I will get sun on my face all the time there. But I think my marks will be more faded around that time though. What d
  4. ever since i was a kid i’ve picked on my arms, badly. there was always a lot of whitehead’s and i’d spend hours picking at every single one. now years later i’ve finally stopped but now the dark spots are horrible. how can i get rid of these? they bring my self esteem down so much:( please help
  5. any tips on how to deal with this problem ive had some time, need an answer/solution that has worked for u in the past. I have a combination skin type, gets dry but gets very oily throughout the day. if any photos are needed then comment so
  6. Hello! I have some red and dark marks left after acne and wonder if the vitamin E oil can make it fade quicker? Anyone have experience with this oil?
  7. I know sun makes them worse, and I avoid the sun religiously, but I recently got a job at a grocery store in the prepared foods department, where I have to spend a bit of time in front of a big hot oven everyday. The temperature can get pretty warm and you definitely sweat a bit, but my question is can plain old heat from ovens darken your hyperpigmentation? And if so is there anything I could wear to prevent this? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, I've been on 2 courses of accutane over the past year and a half, and its pretty much done its job. My acne has gone, however I'm left with some pretty terrible red marks. These marks were also from the beginning of the course, so they've pretty much been there for around a year and half and have only slightly faded. One is on the left side of my cheek, and the other is on the right side. I have no idea what to do, any suggestions would be appreciated greatly! Here are some
  9. Warning: Long as Hell I'm going to include many things I've experienced in the past with my skin (not just the current issue) so that anyone reading this can hopefully take something away from it. And so that the history of my skin is not an unknown variable in what happened to me. Today: My entire face is wrecked right now. And I don't know what to do, I'm pacing around my house,losing sleep, sobb
  10. I am in the first week of my fourth month on Ortho Tri cyclen bcp. My skin has never done this before: I now am covered in post acne red marks. Where once a pimple was I am now left with red marks almost 3 months later. WHY I am struggling a lot I am not sure what to do anymore
  11. My acne is not very noticeable indoors, but in sunlight everything is visible.My entire face is basically covered. I've had this type of acne for years now. At least 3 years. Some of my small pimples get big enough to squeeze and white stuff comes out, so I'm assuming that my acne is tons of whiteheads. I went to the dermatologist and he gave me pills( deoxyclicline) and Bezaclin and that worked great for my large pimples. I asked him about this acne I have now and he said, "Ohh, those are jus
  12. I’ve been working to fade the hyperpigmentation on my face , I’ve controlled my acne , I still get a pimple or two monthly , but what I want to know is when I get a pimple or a white head what can I do to it so it doesn’t leave a red or brown mark behind it ? and I would prefer if it's a natural way , I don't like to use chemicals on my face and thanks in advance ..
  13. Earlier this year, I went on accutane due to my severe acne and it was probably the best decision i have ever made. Tretinoin, proactiv, natural oils, dieting tricks, bp, sal acid, antibiotics, etc etc never help people who get severe acne the way accutane does! I really regret waiting so long to do it. I had great results but unfortunately was left with lots of bad scarring . I ended my 4th month of accutane in may (80 mg/day) and that was about 4 months ago! My current routine is just using
  14. Hello All, I've attached several photos, they include my forehead, cheeks and between my eyebrows. Q1: I would like to know if this is what you would call acne? Q2: I would like to know what is causing me to get these spots and how do I prevent them? Could it be my diet? I'm 18 years old and would have to admit that my diet does consist of a lot of unhealthy foods. Q3: I wouldn't mind getting spots, if they didn't leave behind dark marks that stay for ages! The most noticeable dark marks
  15. Hi everyone. So basically i have this mark because i tried to pop a pimple and went way to hard (i know it’s wrong but what can u do ). So this mark came up. At first it was super red and now it’s kind of dried up a bit but it’s still kind of pink ish. I was wondering what i should do to help it get away. I tried aloe and Vaseline and aquaphor, I’m not sure if i shoukd let it dry out or keep it moist. Thanks so much also sorry the pic is weird i just colored out the rest of my face
  16. I'm 15 years old and I've always had acne but it started getting worse about a year ago. My mom took me to the doctor a couple months ago and I was prescribed minocycline which helped clear most of my acne. Now, I'm stuck with these dark marks on my cheeks and forehead that are taking FOREVER to go away. When I go to school, I wear makeup but it's not full coverage enough to cover everything. It causes me depression and anxiety almost everyday. Please give me some advice (The two scars under
  17. I've suffered from severe acne since I was 12, went on Lymecycline at 13 for 6-7 months and have been left with dark marks and these scars? (I'm 15) Lymecycline cleared my cystic and pauple acne but my skin doesn't look that much better. At first I thought my scars were enlarged pores so I tried pore strips etc. - they didn't work. I suspect they are ice pick scars but I genuinely don't know. Could someone please suggest what they are and possibly give me advice on how get rid of them. Thanks in
  18. Hello, Within the last couple of months I've gained interest in finally getting my acne scars fixed. At the same time, I am scared of getting the wrong treatment which is why I plan to schedule an appointment with a board certified dermatologist. Even then I am aware that unwanted side effects are always possible even under professional examination. That being said, I would like some additional feedback as far as what treatments some members/administrators of this forum would advise me to
  19. Since the age of 13 ive had severe back acne and to an extent some bad chest acne that also extends to my stomach. I am 24 now and until the age of about 22 did i have never ending acne pop up on my back and other areas in my body. Before i would have 5 + pimples on chest and stomach and about 20+ pimples on my entire back at a time. As of now i get very few spots on my chest body and back. I am now left with an entire back left with acne marks and uneven skin texture. My chest and stomach has a
  20. So since my last post which was almost 6 months ago my skin was doing really well no break outs my scars were fading - picture from my last post - those have now faded but as I mentioned last tI me it's a constant cycle with my skin. Just before Christmas I broke out quite badly around my jawline - which was either to do with a new bread I started eating (daily) or new oil I started using - I stopped both immediately! So I broke out on both left and right hand side of my face (not too concern
  21. i have these little red spots on top of my forehead and on both of my cheecks is where its really bad pleasr somebody tell me what it is and how i can treat it ive been using the regimen and everything is fine i havent broke out for the past month but i cant figure out how to make these red spots go awaywhat are they dark spots or what kind of scars? idk if i should get mederma or meladerm pleade help pleade please please please help!!! here are pics http://s11.postimage.org/3selnomyb/IMAG
  22. Okay I have them all over my face they are not really dark but they are noticeable on both sides of my cheeks I'm worried about them can't go to the derm yet but before I do can someone tell me if Accutane gets rid of acne and dark spots? please please please !
  23. Okay, so after being on a strict regimen (see signature) for almost 6 weeks, I think my acne is beginning to retreat *viciously knocks on wood*. Whenever my acne decides that it wants to disappear, I know I am going to be left with a less than perfect complexion. All my scarring is thankfully superficial, but my skin tone is soooo uneven. I would day 95% of my scarring is dark marks, mixed in with the odd red mark. I have one tiny tiny indented scar by my right eyebrow, but I'm not too concerned
  24. I've noticed that when I get blemishes on my cheeks, they always scar or leave a mark, even when I don't pick at them. When I get pimples on my forehead, they'll leave a mark and then fade in like a month. Also, they clear up faster. On my cheeks however, I can have the tiniest blemish and it leaves a dark brown mark. I still have marks from 2 years ago. The pimples that hurt are usually the ones that leave darker marks.
  25. Hi there, I have decided to document my experience using no acne product. For awhile now I have used all sorts of acne topical medications. Erythromycin topical, benzoyl peroxide, benzaklin, clindamycin gel, and tretinoin cream. Now my experience may differ from others, but personally I was never really an acne ridden teen. I went through all of highschool having a few zits every now and then. And after graduating in 2012, decided I would.start trying prescription methods. I have been progress