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Found 28 results

  1. The 2 month mark is here! 8 weeks! This is a crucial milestone, people. A crossroad of sorts. This is the time I told myself I'd evaluate my progress and decide if I should continue... Well? What do you guys think? Is it worth sticking it out another month? Another 2 months? Forever?!?
  2. Fingers crossed my improvements stick! We all know how that can go
  3. Hey kids. So I just finished week 3/started week 4. And I'm still pretty pleased w the results of the regimen! As a reminder I'm using 1/3 fingers length of bp twice a day, with dans cleanser and Cerave moisturizer twice a day too. I also just started my 3rd month of the bc pill Trinessa... I try and wear as little makeup as possible. Some Clinique concealer under the eyes and on any zits usually makes me half presentable for a day at work. But I'd like to start trying maybe adding a primer
  4. Not sure if the mods could address this. It's something that kind of bothers me on acne.org, a forum that supposedly supports various approaches to acne. I know the main point for some (Dan) is to make money off of the regimen products (let's be real, $$$ is part of the reason why this site exists, even though it's helping a lot of people). But I still think that in the list of possible acne treatments here http://www.acne.org/treatments.html , natural remedies shouldn't be labeled as largely in
  5. Hey, I live in the UK, so Dan's products are not readily available. After reading good review after good review I have decided to order some of the products off amazon.com after you guys give me some advice At the moment, twice a day I cleanse and exfoliate (the freederm range) and then moisturise. Two weeks ago I started using BP 5%, in 3 days my acne was really improving, but the next week was met with peeling skin, and even some cuts. I immediately stopped using the BP 5 and focused on hea
  6. Check out this loveliness. Hyperpigmentation never looked so good! This girl can GET it.
  7. Here's an adeeeshional peeeecture (read in a Russian accent) I've been really into Russian stuff lately I dunno.
  8. SOOOooo I mentioned last week that I wanted to try a primer/bb cream, yea? Yea, no... Bad idea. For only 2 days last week I tried the Smashbox primer light. It made my face dry as a dinosoar's ass. Needless to say, I live in the desert and it's over 100 degrees daily right now. PLUS the water in Vegas is super hard and terrible for dry, sensitive skin, like MINE OF COURSE LOLOLOL. So only 2 days of this stuff definitely made me break out. I went back to just my regimen and things are improv
  9. Hello Everyone, i am new here and have been on the regimen for a solid 2 months. i have seen some results, but really am not happy with the results i've been having. i've been wondering if i can incorporate Witch Hazel into my regimen, which is Dan's products. i've heard amazing things about Witch Hazel, and i've had Dickinson's witch hazel for a very long time just sitting in my cabinet, because it was my cousin's and he just left a full bottle here. PLEASE can anyone tell me where i can incorp
  10. Hello, I have only been on the regimen for about a week and I have just started to used Dan's AHA for my dark spots/acne scars. I know that you are supposed to be on the regimen for 4-6 weeks before using the glycolic acid but before the regimen I had been using Epiduo for about 6 months, so my skin is used to the benzoyl peroxide. I have only used the AHA for two nights, and both times I did what Dan said and mixed a little bit with my moisturizer before bed. So for my nightly routine I: cleans
  11. Hey guys, I been using adapalene (retinoid; highly pure vitamin C). Its a very strong gel, however I need to get prescription for it all the time. I just wanted to know will my face be more tolerable to irritation?
  12. Hello. Recently, I started a topic and I attached a picture. I realized when I searched up my original username (also used for other social media accounts, so my friends can search it up too) the picture popped up. I decided I could just delete the picture, but it still popped up. So I changed the content, asking for someone delete it. Please I just need that one topic deleted. This is the topic http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/339954-how-to-remove-red-scars/ . I can't sleep at night or co
  13. So that primer/bb cream disaster that happened last week showed its true colors this week. And those colors were RED AND WHITE. you know those lovely colors when they erupt on your face. It was not cute, boo boo. It all was concentrated on one side of my chin, as you can see from the pic (keep in mind, this is me w eye makeup and some concealer on. Not the normal sexy clean face bathroom shot rawr) Things have calmed down significantly since Sunday/Monday this week. Now it's Thursday and the
  14. What a difference this regimen tweak has made! After the Hiroshima that happened on my chin last week, the dryness and breakouts were only getting angrier. True I thought it was the sunscreen, or my diet... But looking more at the ingredients of Dans moisturizer and the reviews on this site, I started to ponder that maybe my skin just isn't a fan of licorice or oil...? And all in all, this yellow moisturizer just wasn't cutting it in the whole "moisture" department. Even layer after layer, My
  15. Enjoy, homies. Let me know what y'all think! ❤️ Ps sorry I just realized I kind of look like an alien lol please excuse the blue bug eyes and large forehead. I promise I'm a human!
  16. Waddup! Things are still going great on the regimen! Not too much has changed since last week. I only got one active pimple this whole week and I noticed it yesterday. It was so hard to notice because it's under my chin. Weird! Anyway, still breaking out a little in my back, but still an improvement from 2 weeks ago when it was overflowing with large, painful and itchy whiteheads. Gorgeous! I think my hormonal cycle has the most to do with that. I only use dans cleanser on my back usually when
  17. Same old same old me here, everybody. Still SO happy w my progress. Did get a few small zits here and there. But SMALL and FEW are the key words here. Never did I think I'd describe my acne that way! Woo hoo for small victories! Although I still have some dark leftover marks and one or 2 active pimples, I seriously am so happy I gave the regimen a chance. And to think of all the stuff I've been trying the last year! However, I'm keeping in mind the many factors involved here, and any of the
  18. Womp there it is! Some amazing progress since I last posted. This pic is make up free and this is ALL hyperpigmentation!!
  19. Again, I am wearing concealer and eye makeup. But you can see my 2 active breakouts and lots of red marks lingering .... Lingering...
  20. Thought y'all might want to see a selfie w makeup and such. This was me on my way to my lunch break last week. Proof that you can have acne and still be a kick ass human being! Girl power! (Insert British spice girls accent)
  21. So I'm attaching a pic in some different lighting than my sexy bathroom. Don't let the mood lighting and wet hair fool you. I am an acne sufferer! Regardless of the shitty photo, rest assured the regimen and Trinessa are still working their magic. I'm being an acne soldier and am disciplined as hell with it. That's why my progress has stuck! Hopeful that I'm not jinxing myself
  22. Dolla dolla bills y'all. Just hyperpigmentation now!
  23. Me in all my make up free before bed glory. #wokeuplikedis
  24. Day 0 Hey everyone, I'm Dan. I'm 19 years old, and I've been battling acne for 5-6 years. I started off fighting it by using benzoyl peroxide (Clindoxyl), which worked well for a few years. It got worse after a while, and after going through retin-A/stieva-A and tetracycline pills to no lasting effect, I felt like something needed to be done. I have dry skin, especially on my face, and am prone to getting pimples around my eyebrows. In the past few months I've also been getting neck acne, whic