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Found 563 results

  1. For those who are questioning whether your meat-free, dairy-free diet is lacking in essential nutrients and affecting your skin/health, here is some info to help . All info below is from Wikipedia. AMINO ACIDS and Protein There are 20 amino acids. 11 are made within our bodies. We get the 9 others from the foods we eat. If your diet includes one food from each catagory, you are getting "all of the essential amino acids to make complete protein. ==============================================
  2. esoteric23

    Organic Dairy Products

    Here is a little background on my situation. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years and have struggled with an eating disorder for about 8 years. I have been working very hard on my eating issues for the passed two years. I have struggled with mild to moderate acne since I hit puberty at about 14. Recently I went on birth control (beyaz) to help with my hormones and PMDD. It really has done wonders for my skin but I am still getting small pimples here and there. I have debated if I should cut out
  3. Hi I am 20 years old and have moderate acne. One thing I never tried was a no dairy diet. I really think this could be my big break where I get rid of acne. I love dairy, but am willing to give up milk, cheese, yogurt. I am fine with mixing my protein powder with water. Problem is, my protein powder says it contains milk ingredients. So does my protein bars. More specifically it says "Contains milk and soy ingredients". Are these isolated ingredients that won't cause acne or must I also cut thes
  4. last night i ate nearly 2 pints of ice cream, tortilla chips, a glass of wine, and an organic soup (one good thing), nothing contained gluten but the ice cream had lots of sugar, it has been a good 7 hours since i ate the ice cream and so far no breakout, i usually never eat ice cream but a glass of wine makes u want to enjoy life , i know that the next morning after a beer i always have a new spot, so this is surprising i thought for sure i would have at least 1 and i have none so far (very exc
  5. EsmereldaSunshine

    Cutting out dairy products.

    I am allergic to dairy products, when i have dairy i break out in spots all over. I just thought that maybe some of you guys would like to try not having dairy for 2 months to see if it helps. The ingredients that mean dairy are; MILK PROTEINS; Casein, Caseinate, Whey, Whey powder. MILK SUGARS; Lactal bumin, Lactose, Lactic acid (E270). MILK FATS; Butter cream, Butter milk. I hope this helps.
  6. Jesi

    Dairy & Acne

    Hi Everyone! I've signed up today to see if I can get some help.. I've had full blown acne for around 10 months, and never had it in my life before this.. I'm trying to cut dairy out of my diet for a few weeks, as I would like to see if it's affecting my skin. And would like to know if there is a particular milk I can drink in the mean time - one that isnt so "dairy" ...? Im fine without cheese, yogurt, ice cream (all fav foods!!!) but milk.. I dont think I can go without milk... Any thoug
  7. MagentaStraberry

    Decrease In Dairy

    I have been using various antibiotics to fight my acne for the past few years, but have not seen incredibly great results. I may have seen slight positive results, but my skin would ultimately return to as it was. I strongly believe that Doxycycline negatively impacted my health by moving my body to have grand mal seizures (the most intense seizures a person can have). I have had two grand mal seizures while taking Doxycycline. My new year's resolution was to alter my diet in order to contro
  8. user19n

    Dairy products

    How many of you avoid ALL dairy ? -Do you think keeping dairy out of your diet helps you acne? Ive been avoiding it for a while and acne is still a problem - do you think if i added, only, yogurt / cottage cheese to my diet i would break out baaad?
  9. em88


    i've been trying a dairy free diet for the past few weeks and been having soy milk instead on dairy milk- is this a good idea or pointless?
  10. I would appriciate any info or personal experience on dairy causing acne breakouts or flare ups. I have head dairy can be badfor your skin due to the horomones but I am not sure if this is true. I love dairy products and often crave cheese. Some nights I will eat a whole block of cheddar by myself. But staying clear is more importnant to me. Please give me some info!
  11. I'd been dairy free for a year now and rarely if ever broke out. I also followed the treatment regimen below. This Thanksgiving I ate cheese several times and now have two bright red papules - one on my cheek and one on my chin. I follow a strict doctor prescribed allergy diet (gluten-free, sugar free, etc.) but dairy was supposedly okay to eat. I chose to avoid dairy because of the acne connection. Eating cheese is the only thing I changed in the past month and whammo...2 big red zits!!!
  12. Yesterday, i ate out for almost every meal, and had a lot of dairy products like sour cream frozen yogurt etc. (im not dairy-free but i am very limited) Today my face looks more inflamed and i noticed a few new zits, which is weird because my skin was clearing up and calming. Is it just a coincedence, or do you think it would be the dairy?
  13. I want to avoid these foods for a month to see if diet is causing my blackheads. I might try reintroducing brown rice afterwards if it made a difference. Anyways, does this look like a balanced meal plan? I want to make sure Im getting all the proper nutrients. B-fast: Smoothie- coconut milk frozen blueberries spinach 1 tbsp coconut oil stevia lentils with seasonings salad mix and avocado Snack: Walnuts Lunch: Coconut Milk Soup- coconut oil coconut milk chicken lime juice chicken stock ci
  14. Why dont we start a thread about great ways to make gluten free/ dairy free food! We can make it fun and yummy! Here are a few of my suggestions: GREAT simple tasty snacks: -Crunchy almond butter on top of rice crackers sprinkled with sea salt yummy -Take an avocado and scrape out all the "meat", mash it up in a bowl, add some sea salt and lemon juice and dip some rice crackers or any gluten free cracker in it . -Cut up some apples and dip them in some nut butter (usually not peanut butter
  15. Olive_Leaf


    About 3 years ago I eat meat and cow dairy all the time. I had bad acne on my face and very bad acne on my upper back, it was so bad that I would never where anything that would show my shoulders. So now I eat no meat and only goat dairy, and I all so eat all organic food. I have no acne on my shoulders anymore , I still get it on my face but it’s not as bad. So I think that what you eat really does matter (for me anyway) Just wont to know if there might be something that I mi
  16. Blazemore

    Question about dairy

    I gave up all dairy for 3 months, and saw a major improvement in my skin. My question is, is it the lactose that causes acne, or something else? Lactofree says they're real cows milk with the lactose removed, so would this be a good alternative, or is it something else (hormones etc) that causes it?
  17. AutonomousOne1980

    another dairy issue

    it is believed by many people on this site that dairy affects their acne to some degree. i tend to agree with this, but cutting out dairy to try and improve acne presents a few problems, a new one i have considered, is that cheese is a decent source of vitamin k2, and by reducing cheese intake, you will reduce a good source of vitamin k2. some older issues with cutting out dairy i have posted about before are b12 and of calcium. dairy is a decent source of b12, and from my experience it is the
  18. or maybe he has insulin resistance... Somebody needs to tell this Heisman Trophy winning athlete that he needs to eat healthier and exercise more!
  19. crossover42092

    Diet And Acne Pics Included

    I started getting cysitc acne when I was senior in high school 3 years ago. It Really bothered me a lot and my self esteem dropped a ton. After cutting dairy out of my diet the cystoc acne generally went away. (Im not embarassed to take my shirt off in public anymore). One day the summer between senior and freshman year of college I noticed that I have small acne all over my forehead. It happened over night and it was really oily and bumpy, but never with white sebum. Now (junior year of college
  20. vaporjourney

    Dairy or Sugar?

    Ok, I've done alot of reading on this forum today, and i decided to register to ask this question. Lately I've had persistant and moderate acne, and I've noticed that I have also increased my intake of sugar through 2 pop-tarts for snack that I used to never eat, and also I have 2 bowls of cereal in the morning instead of one. These past 3 weeks, my face has been worse than normal. Granted, my face has NEVER completely cleared, it's usually much more clear than presently. I'm considering wip
  21. princessdaphne

    Dairy Replacement?

    So, for those of you who don't consume dairy, what do you eat to get the calcium you need? Especially because I'm still growing, I can't just cut out dairy and still be healthy. Dairy contributes to strong bones and teeth and healthy growth, and calcium tablets and vitamins aren't really the same thing. I've heard kale is a good calcium source, but what other foods could provide me the nutrients I now get from dairy? I'm thinking of cutting out dairy from my diet.
  22. im looking for "organic" dairy products, like milk yogurt cheese and stuff like that... in your experience, did it break you out?
  23. which causes huge cysts on my face. I'm 100% sure that is the cause for me. I have stopped dairy now but is there any medicine that will allow my to use milk incase I accidently eat something that contains dairy since everything contains dairy nowadays.
  24. Holistic health, summarized 21 years ago:
  25. ryanward

    Dairy = bad

    OK I am new to this site so I would like to start a new topic. I am 19 and have had really bad acne for my whole life, starting in the 6th grade. I tried everything, all kinds of antibiotics and stuff... My junior year of high school, I took Accutane, which of course helped my backne, but not my face. So after so much frustration and a full cuorse of Accutane, I was freaking out pretty bad that I wold never get rid of acne, so then I for SOME reason stopped drinking milk and eating dairy produ