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Found 563 results

  1. So its been a couple of weeks since i wrote last (Actually posted inbetween but got erased by the hacker incident) I've pretty much been going through a re-intial breakout with AHA. Had quite a few little pimples on my acne-prone forehead which came and went in a couple of days (still left little scars though...) I also got a few on my jaw/underjaw/borderline neck. I never use to get acne here, well rarely, but since i tried lemon juice, drinking 1 whole lemon a day, my jaw has been breaking out like crazy, maybe i was detoxing but after one straight month and it getting worse i had to stop. I've been a touch fickle, i was suppose to not add anything to my regimen and just let my skin calm down from the damage i've done to it this year but i've tried a couple of things because i feel like i need a spot treatment. I tried some old Sudocrem i had lying around from before i went on the regimen last year. Used it for a couple of days as a kind of spot/area treatment to see if it would do anything, but i didn't notice anything positive and stopped. Then a couple of days ago I found some old pure tea tree oil and thought it'd be a good idea to use as a spot treatment/mix with my aloe gel. I havnt used TTO since i gave myself contact dermatitis with a 20%(i guessed) toner i made from the TTO. Think using TTO might have backfired, where i've applied it the last couples day my skin has been pretty angry, redder than the surrounding skin and the texture is different. Also applied it to an old scar and now i have a small under the skin pimple forming. Another note: I cut dairy about 6 weeks ago, and lets just say its been underwhelming. My skin hasnt really improved at all and my jaw actually got worse but thats due to the lemon juice. Really close to reintroducing dairy again, not like i ate that much anyway more for my cereal, but i might hold out for a couple more weeks.
  2. Recently I've heard alot about how for those whos acne is down to hormones giving up dairy can be good. If you think about it it makes sense. Cows get pumped full of hormones to make them produce milk- then we drink the milk and take in extra hormones! Anyone tried it? x
  3. Ok long story short ive had to battle acne for a very long time but just last year i started getting these itchy bumps in between the webs of my fingers, these itchy bumps resemble little tapiocas...they are tiny and have a dimple in the center. and are very itchy. i also started getting similar bumps on my arms and elbows...legs, etc. around this time i also started developing weeping eczema on my face... ive had extensive blood work done at the request of my doctor to see if there was anything wrong with me and it all came back normal. ive had bacterial cultures and biopsies done on the itchy spots and those all came back normal. i even had a biopsy done on a new cluster of bumps that appeared on my hand by a dermatologist. i asked if he would be able to see that i have dermatitis herpitoformis from the biopsy and he said yes (but i read that in order to successfuly test for DH..u actually have to do a biopsy on the area AROUND the lesion? not the actual lesion itself?) so im confused...anyway the test came back normal too.. no doctor has ever suggested that i have a gluten sensitivity...but my own research online says that i might have it. my question is 1.) i read that only people of european descent can have celiac disease is this true? 2.) has anyone on here suffered from eczema, WEEPING eczema to be exact due to gluten? is that even possible? 3.) if i do have asensitivity to gluten why am i only suddenly now developing these itchy bumps,eczema ?? ive never had these before in my life prior to last year... (im 24 years old) i need help this has been driving me crazy
  4. geniouschilds


    i read that dairy is a big nono...mainly because the hormones used to be injected in cows to have them grow faster and fatter. so im trying that and i suggest you guys out there do the same. and lets all keep everyone posted on how the extraction of milk from your diet done for you acne.
  5. Twinlab Zinc Caps 30 mg with zinc gluconate and picolinate, these are the added ingredients: Gelatin, Purified Water, MCT, Magnesium Stearate also, what do you think of the combo with gluconate and picolinate? TY
  6. ryanward

    Dairy = bad

    OK I am new to this site so I would like to start a new topic. I am 19 and have had really bad acne for my whole life, starting in the 6th grade. I tried everything, all kinds of antibiotics and stuff... My junior year of high school, I took Accutane, which of course helped my backne, but not my face. So after so much frustration and a full cuorse of Accutane, I was freaking out pretty bad that I wold never get rid of acne, so then I for SOME reason stopped drinking milk and eating dairy products, an idea I had toyed with for a very long time. So, of course, it was hard to give up at first , like I would be tempted to cheat and eat this and eat that, but after a while, I stopped eating milk completely just to see what would happen. I was discouraged for a long time, but after about 2 months of eating absolutely no dairy, I had almost completely stopped breaking out. I have no idea why the time lag was soooo incredibly long in stopping dairy and stopping breaking out, but it worked, and now I am a junior in college, with minor break outs, really nothing worse than your average... Oh yeah, I sometimes do break out still, you won't believe it but, STRESS ACTUALLY DOES MAKE YOU BREAK OUT. A point I cannot stress (LOL) enough. Oh yeah, and this new topical medicine called "Duac" works soooooooooo well...
  7. Olive_Leaf


    About 3 years ago I eat meat and cow dairy all the time. I had bad acne on my face and very bad acne on my upper back, it was so bad that I would never where anything that would show my shoulders. So now I eat no meat and only goat dairy, and I all so eat all organic food. I have no acne on my shoulders anymore , I still get it on my face but it’s not as bad. So I think that what you eat really does matter (for me anyway) Just wont to know if there might be something that I might still be eating that is still giving me my face acne. Any input would be fantastic Thinks, Olivia
  8. i need to eat these dairy products to gain more mass. i was wondering how much am i able to eat or drink daily? eggs, yogurt, milk
  9. Why dont we start a thread about great ways to make gluten free/ dairy free food! We can make it fun and yummy! Here are a few of my suggestions: GREAT simple tasty snacks: -Crunchy almond butter on top of rice crackers sprinkled with sea salt yummy -Take an avocado and scrape out all the "meat", mash it up in a bowl, add some sea salt and lemon juice and dip some rice crackers or any gluten free cracker in it . -Cut up some apples and dip them in some nut butter (usually not peanut butter... seems to make people break out) -Get some organic hummus and dip some carrots and celery in it. Meals: -Stir fry... stir fry is awesome!! I usually go to my local organic market and buy some exciting sauces... usually I use mango chutney, wheat free/gluten free tamari and or soy sauce, black bean sauce, sweet and sour sauce or honey... sometimes I add nut butter for a nice asain nutty taste . I usually use coconut oil or seasame oil to cook with... just a tiny bit, and I fry up my free range organic chicken or beef and add some awesome veggies plus some fun crunchies like almond slivers or sunflower seeds. Mean while I cook up some yummy organic rice or vermicili... yummy stuff.... -If I want something quick and simple I usually buy some organic turkey sausages, boil one up... boil up some broccoli or any veggies you want, and then I make some rice or I buy pre-packages organic poatoe wedge fries and they bake pretty quickly in the oven... VOILA... -You can buy gluten free rice wraps and make some yummy wraps as well... they are usually rice wraps. -Amazing thai salad: organic lettuce, red/green peppers, chopped up carrots and cucumber... almond slivers or sunflower seeds are optional... cook up some chicken and sprinkle with garlic and sea salt. Cook up some rice vermicilli and rinse under cold water. Make sure you buy an oragnic asian sesame dressing. Mix it all together and VOILA!! Yummy! Your turn!!
  10. Whale

    Dairy and Cysts

    I cut dairy out of my diet for about a year and a half and stopped getting small cysts all together. I would get them along my jaw line below the corners of my mouth. Always came up in the same spots. I also noticed this when ever I eat rice or bread I get small pustules under my lower lip. Always in the smae spots after eating the trigger food. When I stop eating those kinds of food I never get them. Anyone else notice them coming up in the same areas?
  11. Hello everyone and anyone reading this. So this is a 5 year update since getting on accutane. I dont breakout at all now. The only time I get pimples is when I eat dairy and when I drink orange juice or eat oranges. I think I finally found out why I used to break out so much in my teens. I used to eat a lot of dairy food and drink acidic stuff like orange juice a lot. Ive read a lot on this and a lot of other people broke out because of dairy and when they stopped eating it they stopped breaking out. That is probably just one thing though to try out. I also drank a lot of protein drinks cause i used to work out and even now i notice after i drink protein shakes i break out so watch out for protein drinks as well. This is the second time im writing this as my first post closed on me for some reason and im about to get off the metro train. Take care everyone and add me on instagram if you like and ill add you back its adam60634. Heres a picture of me of how i look now. Oh I will finally go see a derm about these stupid acne scars cause they still bother me. If anyone has any suggestions on acne scars please let me know. Peace.
  12. I am clear (basically) and have been so for several months now. Around a year ago I stopped consuming dairy products and honestly it never really seemed to help when I was just trying OTC and other holistic things. What got me clear was some prescription anti-biotics, retin-a, and benzaclin. However, since I dropped it I have had a grudge against everything dairy, because for so long I have practiced under the belief that it causes acne. For me, milk and cheesy stuff just "seemed" like natural culprits, probably because I have been so heavily influenced by the words of everyone on the internet desperately searching for solutions. Now that I am clear I have grown sceptical about this theory. For almost 4 months I was dairy free but still had tons of acne without improvement because I was still experimenting with things recommended online (honey, eggs, a BP wash that I know realize I always did wrong, water only, salicylic acid, and even toothpaste!). Finaly I grew some balls and went to the doc, his prescriptions undoubtably cleared me. Yet still the stigma associated with Dairy remains because of what I read. The evidence associated with a dairy-acne relationship seems a little cloudy and non-specefic to me. Now that I'm majoring in biochemistry I can add my 2 cents about what I've read. First I looked at what we know about the cause of acne. As far as we know acne is caused by the over production of sebum made in the sebacious glands of our skin, clogged pores build up the sebum and bacterial growth is influenced- hence a pimple. We THINK acne could be influenced or aggravated by heredity, hormonal imbalances, cosmetics, dirt and MAYBE by food and stress. Next the theory regarding milk is that consumption of hormones in the product are in turn causing acne. They need to specefiy HOW hormones from a cows milk can have the exact same affect as a humans hormones at the site of the receptors in our body. The chemical structure of the "androgens" (which is assumed to be present in very small amounts in milk) is also only similar to the structure of ours. C02 and C0 are "similar" in structure but are very different for obvious reasons. I have looked at the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (2008) and it seems the study concering acne/milk merely concluded that a sample of milk drinkers had more acne than non milk drinkers. They need to take into consideration EVERY aspect of these individuals lifestyles inclluding their heredity to make an accurate assumption, and this would be extremely difficult. The results are not established and are likely flawed because each person in the study is different. Unless they studied 100 clones with acne and 50 where milk drinkers and 50 where not milk drinkers than the results will never be completely reliable. It just seems so far fetched and way to simple to be reality Cow->Hormone (Androgens)->milk->human->Androgen->DTC->Acne That is poor logic and is not considering the complex mechanisms of the body which naturally balances hormones and gets rid of the unused ones and unrecognized (COWS...) ones. Even if it is that simple, just because the body has a hormone does in no case means that it MUST use that hormone. People need to give more credit to their bodies. If dairy could cause acne than why doesn't everyone who consumes a lot of dairy get acne? By this logic they should all get acne. Of course I could be wrong in my thinking, and if I am please let me know because I am sick of being mislead. Does anybody know any place where I can get a concrete relationship between the two? If not than I am really convinced that dairy should be fine for me, and it will not take away my clear skin from me. Also I have learned that listening to uncredible people over the internet has always sent me nowhere.
  13. Ellie1

    Sugar-Free And Going Strong

    I managed to avoid eating any biscuits yesterday night, even though they were lying temptingly on the sideboard. No new acne when I woke up this morning - hurrah! - but on the downside I picked at my left cheek yesterday, so woke up to a huge inflamed lump. Not a pretty sight. I also remembered to do a sea-salt mask this morning, which I should do more often - it doesn't prevent spots coming, but seem to help dry everything up and take the inflammation down. I am currently on two cups of green tea with lemon per day. It's not the same as black tea and milk, but at least it's healthier. I am beginning to think that dairy might be more of a culprit than sugary snacks, although I'm sure that neither of them help. A couple of months ago I had a horrible stomach flu that lasted for weeks, and I was drinking loads of milk which helped to settle my stomach. I was also ODing on those probiotic yogurts to try to rebalance the bacteria. I wonder if this might have prompted my current breakout situation. But on the other hand I also ate tons of chocolate over Easter, so it might be related to that little binge as well. Anyway I am praying for no new spots because I have a date this week which I've been looking forward to. It's going to be enough effort trying to cover the mess on my face as it is, but flat marks are so much easier to conceal than raised bumps. I was feeling so sorry for myself yesterday and crying about my skin, which I know is stupid because things could be so much worse. There is a woman who works in a pub near me who has terrible facial burns - puts my skin problems into perspective, which is no bad thing.
  14. last night i ate nearly 2 pints of ice cream, tortilla chips, a glass of wine, and an organic soup (one good thing), nothing contained gluten but the ice cream had lots of sugar, it has been a good 7 hours since i ate the ice cream and so far no breakout, i usually never eat ice cream but a glass of wine makes u want to enjoy life , i know that the next morning after a beer i always have a new spot, so this is surprising i thought for sure i would have at least 1 and i have none so far (very exciting) maybe im really just gluten intolerant, i always notice bad digestion problems after a beer and always a few spots, i remember even when i was acne free that after i had a few slices of pizza the next day i would be on the toilet with the runs, and i just found out my mom said as a kid i would turn red from barley soup, could it be that its barley only im allergic to. any help appreciated
  15. First off, let me preface by saying this is 8/13th joke Ok everyone, I am about to embark on the ultimate dairy experiment. Does dairy cause breakouts? Well golly, Ill find out. Best of all... its not even by choice... So I just had my wisdom teeth out yesterday... and can't eat anything solid. Gatorade just isn't doing it... I like to life weights, so I need to keep up my calorie intake. I also like tasty thing... Hmmmm, what has a lot of calories, is in liquid form, and scrumptoulescent? Milk(shakes!). So for the next few days, I really only can eat milkshakes/ milk. Its fall break on campus so I dont have many other options. In the past, I had tried my best to avoid dairy/ eat unhealthy, but I really dont have much choice (I cant really make stuff like mashed potatoes/ smoothies and what not). I think its better for me just to get the calories than to worry about eating unhealthy. So I just finished my first milkshake... and I have a gallon of milk and another shake in there. By the way, the shake was delicious. So... what will happen when I drink only milk stuff for about 3 days straight (im gettin more shakes each day, yummmmmmmmm)... We wil find out... Haha Though I admit its kinda silly... oh well. I figure what the hell. I know I won't notice much change, but if my face explodes, Ill find out at least I react to it... (though then Id have to become vegan, Im already veg, and that'd be tough!!!) Tehehehe, Ill keep ya posted
  16. ReiseReise


    ^^ Like the question asks I'm following a Dairy free diet and wonder if anyone knows how long before you would see results if any? how long does it take to purge the Dairy out of your system? Thanks
  17. onefatalgoose

    Dismantling The Food Pyramid

    Whole grains, Dairy, and Meat products are very actively promoted as healthy things to consume in our society, and we can see this in the food pyramid. But is it smart to be getting your nutritional information from the FDA and the pyramid? Many people aren't aware of how corrupt the FDA is. You've got people in the FDA with one foot in the grain industry, and one foot in the livestock/dairy industry telling you these things are what we need to be consuming for our health. And some of the members of the FDA have been associated with Monsanto and their genetically modified crops and herbicides that come with them. Not to mention rBGH that is given to dairy cows. And if you don't know about Monsanto, they are a greedy, corrupt company void of any moral values or concern for human life other than their own. And that is putting it lightly. They don't even consume the patented, yes patented, GMO's that they are spreading around the world. These people do not consider your health a priority, believe me, they don't. Whole grains: Whole grains get discussed on and off in this forum, but here's a couple discussions that I really liked regarding them. For people who are already aware of how bad whole grains are, this won't be anything ground breaking, but for those who aren't, i want to make sure you are well aware of how bad these things are for you. Also they are one of the most genetically modified foods out there http://www.marksdail.../#axzz1ymEEYANl http://nourishedkitc...give-up-grains/ Dairy/Meat: There is a reason you don't see calves walking around taking sips from their mother's udders. They've reached an age where they can find adequate nutrition from food in their environment. The same concept applies to humans. As soon as children are able to consume baby food and are taken off breast milk, they should be done with any milk products (aside from fermented products like organic yogurt and kefir) Many people are also unaware of all the crap they inject into dairy cows like rBGh and IGF-1, not to mention antibiotics. Or the tasty pus that gets into milk products due to the cows developing mastitis. Dairy has also been linked to weakening of our bones, and it's very acid forming, if you're concerned about your ratio of alkaline vs. acidic forming foods (which you should be). Also i'd really like for someone to show me some essential nutrient that we can only get from cow's milk that we can't find anywhere else. And i'm not talking about probiotics from fermented raw, uncooked, unadulterated milk. People who consume high amounts of meat and dairy have been found to have more calcium in their urine. Calcium that is being taken from the bones in order to neutralize the acids, thus keeping our blood at a consistent 'ph'. When you consume your proteins through plant based proteins, many acid buffering minerals are already present in the food, so they don't need to be found via the calcium in your bones. Or if you're like me and eat raw eggs, you can make sure to eat more alkaline forming fruits and vegetables alongside them in order to compensate. And that is one of the problems in this country. Our portions are largely meat with vegetables and fruits as a side dish, when it should be the other way around https://www.msu.edu/...um protein.html "Milk has a positive potential renal acid load (PRAL) which triggers a protective biological reaction to neutralize all the damaging acidic protein before it reaches the kidneys. The body is designed for survival, so it sacrifices bone density to protect the kidneys and urinary tract because the latter are essential to survival. And the most readily available source of acid neutralizer is in the bones. So even though milk contains calcium, it ends up sapping your bones of that crucial mineral." - exert from save our bones One more article discussing dairy and it's harmful effects on the human body http://www.encognitive.com/node/1388 "Since bone is largely composed of calcium, it might appear logical to link calcium intake with bone health. Western women are now encouraged to consume at least 1,000 to 1,500 mg of calcium daily. It is curious, however, when cross-cultural data clearly shows that in less-developed countries-where people consume little or no dairy products and ingest less total calcium-there are much lower rates of osteoporosis.33" -exert from the encognitive.com article I've always been a bit skeptical of the Food Pyramid, but it wasn't until about six months ago that i started researching and hearing from others on this site how corrupt and backwards it is. And again, my goal in creating this post is to get people who are unaware of this aware. Many members of this site have been aware of this much longer than I have, but I think it's important that everyone knows
  18. user19n

    Dairy products

    How many of you avoid ALL dairy ? -Do you think keeping dairy out of your diet helps you acne? Ive been avoiding it for a while and acne is still a problem - do you think if i added, only, yogurt / cottage cheese to my diet i would break out baaad?
  19. I want to avoid these foods for a month to see if diet is causing my blackheads. I might try reintroducing brown rice afterwards if it made a difference. Anyways, does this look like a balanced meal plan? I want to make sure Im getting all the proper nutrients. B-fast: Smoothie- coconut milk frozen blueberries spinach 1 tbsp coconut oil stevia lentils with seasonings salad mix and avocado Snack: Walnuts Lunch: Coconut Milk Soup- coconut oil coconut milk chicken lime juice chicken stock cilantro green onions ginger 2 carrots and a peach Dinner: 2 organic eggs w salt and pepper salad mix and avocado strawberries Thanks!! Oh and for supplements I take: Zinc 50 mg Calcium and Magnesium Vitamin D3 2000 Iu Iodine-free once a day multi
  20. I would appriciate any info or personal experience on dairy causing acne breakouts or flare ups. I have head dairy can be badfor your skin due to the horomones but I am not sure if this is true. I love dairy products and often crave cheese. Some nights I will eat a whole block of cheddar by myself. But staying clear is more importnant to me. Please give me some info!
  21. IHateAcnesoMuch93

    Gluten And Dairy Free! Wanna Join Me?

    Hello everyone! Like you, I suffer from acne... I am 18 years old right now. Lemme share with you my experience briefly. For the past month I have been on minocin, and I have also received topical treatment from my dermatologist (my cream has benzoyl peroxide included). I have noticed some big change but I myself have tried to be extra careful with the treatment. Here are some of the following things I've been doing: -Taking a shower everyday which includes washing my hair everyday. I know it's not the best thing for your head and hair, but at least it keeps the oils away from your face. Also tie up your hair during the night, if you have long hair that is. I have no active acne on my forehead right now and I strongly believe that this is one of the reasons. I should also note that I shower in very high temperature, which opens my pores and lets my skin use the cream medicine's goodness much more. - Having my hair back in a ponytail often and avoiding touching my face and irritating my pimples in any way. Whiteheads are so tempting to break, aren't they? DONT DO IT! It's probably something you already know but seriously, keep your hands away from your face! It's better to have 2-3 whiteheads instead of popping them and transferring the bacteria to the rest of your face. If I knew it sooner! Right now? I don't have active acne on my forehead, nose and chin. My pimples are consentrated on my cheeks, and for some reason, mostly on my right cheek! In terms of hygiene and product use, I am following things very strictly and I can say that for the first time in my life I am taking care of my skin much more than I used to. I have accepted the fact that I am pretty much just cursed with sensitive skin and need to take more care of it than others. But anyway! The pimples I have on my right cheek seem to react and spread more whenever I eat gluten or dairy products. So here is my suggestion. From the beginning of next week, I will start a completely gluten and dairy free diet. I will be posting a new entry every day to keep myself motivated, and I shall also see for myself if gluten and dairy, or one of them, affects my skin. Because diet DOES affect your acne guys! Maybe not for everybody, but it does for many people! If you have tried everything and it's not working for you, then maybe it's something you put in your body that is hard to digest and the reaction is shown on your skin. Why not give it a try? Care to join me?? I will really try to follow this for 1 month and even more to see if here is any difference. It will also allow us to cleanse our bodies from heavy food that is hard to digest. Lets try it everyone, why not?? I will probably also post photos if I actually start seeing significant difference because I'd love to help anyone out there. My heart really does out for you, I know how it is to have acne and how much it can affect your self esteem! Much love and hope! Talk to you again soon!
  22. I'd been dairy free for a year now and rarely if ever broke out. I also followed the treatment regimen below. This Thanksgiving I ate cheese several times and now have two bright red papules - one on my cheek and one on my chin. I follow a strict doctor prescribed allergy diet (gluten-free, sugar free, etc.) but dairy was supposedly okay to eat. I chose to avoid dairy because of the acne connection. Eating cheese is the only thing I changed in the past month and whammo...2 big red zits!!! Can't get a better experiment than that to show how dairy can cause flare-ups.
  23. AutonomousOne1980

    another dairy issue

    it is believed by many people on this site that dairy affects their acne to some degree. i tend to agree with this, but cutting out dairy to try and improve acne presents a few problems, a new one i have considered, is that cheese is a decent source of vitamin k2, and by reducing cheese intake, you will reduce a good source of vitamin k2. some older issues with cutting out dairy i have posted about before are b12 and of calcium. dairy is a decent source of b12, and from my experience it is the best source of calcium, ive compared it to all forms of calcium, the only one i like that is comparable to milk is calcium phosphate. i believe the best choice is to stop drinking milk and choose cheese as a source of calcium for the reason that there is little lactose in cheese, which makes it easily digestable. consider this info- http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/03/31/...E62U4VO20100331