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Found 27 results

  1. Clove20

    Week 1

    I was gonna simply go dairy free but since i dont eat that much meat and i have recently seen some animal videos i decided to try veganism for 6 months in hopes of results. so far no new break outs have been puting lemon juice on my skin every other day and it is glowing! i see my scars diminition already but its probably my imagination, its too soon:) i am taking a nutrition class in college so i am eating alot of vegitibles, beans, and tons of fruit. i am drinking about 10 glasses of wate
  2. HumorousHam


    From the album: Untitled Album

    The before pic is from march 25 and after is today April 16 just thought I'd post another progress pic of each side
  3. Hi everyone! I just made a profile and decided to start a blog about my acne. I think it'll be a good way to reflect on what I'm going through and track my progress. I haven't decided yet if I'll put pictures up of my skin, maybe in a few weeks when (hopefully) I've improved a little bit. I'll start with a description of me and my skin, but I'll put it in the blog description as well for any newcomers once the blog has gotten longer. I'm 20 years old, female. I go to school at a small colle
  4. APRIL 2017: After two months of weekly sessions with my local Chinese doctor, my skin looks CLEAR and radiant! I used to have mild acne (extremely oily skin with blackheads, whiteheads and 2-3 painful cysts everyday) mainly on my cheeks and temples but also on jaw, behind my ears and on my back. I suffered with acne for 17 years and tried everything: the regime, Retin-A, Roaccutane (for 1 year), antibiotics, the pill, Implanon (5 years), sulphur, tea tree oil, baking soda, turm
  5. Here we go... My story is similar to so many users on here, especially those who have tried the caveman regimen, because I have been on everything (antibiotics, topicals, retinoids, Accutane, birth control, BP, medicated cleansers, vitamins, you name it) and NOTHING has worked. Everything works for a little while and then the acne comes back at some point or another. So I guess everything worked but nothing lasted. So here I am, trying to heal myself the au-natural way. Thanks to blogs like
  6. I had acne starting at 11 years old. I am 31 and am cured 3 months strait for the first time. I promised I would blog when I found my cure so that I might help someone else. I had 3 different distinct acne issues: -Excessive sebum in pours leading to blackheads, whiteheads and enlarged pours. -Cystic Boils -Acne that would weep, ooze and crust over, cystic, and otherwise (sometimes hot oily boils) I did the regimine from acne.org for a long while. It cleared up 90% of my acne but
  7. From the album: nancy

    My acne looks better i try to avoid processed food but my oh my i cave in to seeds, sunflower seeds that is and coconut juice drinks.I stopped eating corn tortillas as i feel those are just garbage modified corn .... and i have seen more improvement. My menstrual cycle gives me huge pimples ahhh
  8. Hi everyone! Need some acne buddies to chat to!!!! So i have been taking spiro for well over a year now, it seemed to be working but in the last few months I have been breaking out loads. I am taking 50mg, do you think i need to up this??? I have also started using epiduo at night. I am so desperate i have even started cutting dairy out cos i have read of quite a few people who have done that and it has helped. it's rubbish though, i am already craving a pizza!!! Just could do wi
  9. Hello all So I have had clear skin for a while now following my regime but still have acne prone skin. In the past consuming dairy products = Spots. Avoiding dairy is the first thing I would advise anyone to do. I naively decided to try consume Organic Grass Fed dairy products. Thinking ah they haven't been injected with hormones so it won't cause how acne. How wrong was I. I got to day 4/5 and starting breaking out & skin became inflamed. I later decided to research the matt
  10. I can't believe it's already been over a month!! That went by so freaking quickly. So I've definitely pegged dairy as the culprit of my cystic acne. Last weekend, I ate a pumpkin roll with cream cheese frosting in the center, then went to a Friendsgiving dinner in which EVERY DISH had dairy (except the turkey itself) and the next day - BAM. Cystic acne on my forehead. Since then I've been good about avoiding dairy and no more cysts - though today I ordered bubble tea not even thinking about da
  11. Week 2 of using Adapalene and Lymecyline. I have been using the Adapalene every night for 11 days now and taking one Lymecycline capsule every morning. When using the Adapalene there is a well-known 'breakthrough period' which I myself am experiencing at the moment. I have found that every morning when I wake up after applying the cream, I have lots of small spots on my chin and around my mouth. This does obviously make it hard to persevere with a product that appears to actually be making my
  12. HumorousHam

    Little improvement

    From the album: Untitled Album

    My face definitely improved from March when I stopped eating dairy but it is still getting small breakouts and the scars are still there... Thinking about cutting sugar out next to see if can get more improvement
  13. truestuff


    From the album: nancy

    i felt ugly persistent acne since i was 11 or 12 till i decided to change my diet when i turned 18
  14. Hello all So I have had clear skin for a while now following my regime but still have acne prone skin. In the past consuming dairy products = Spots. Avoiding dairy is the first thing I would advise anyone to do. I naively decided to try consume Organic Grass Fed dairy products. Thinking ah they haven't been injected with hormones so it won't cause how acne. How wrong was I. I got to day 4/5 and starting breaking out & skin became inflamed. I later decided to research the matt
  15. So, i have previously made a log on here before in the hormonal forum becuase i thought my acne issues had been related to wacked up hormones since it is only forms around my jawline BUT with trial and error in diet i have come to belive i have a severe sensitivity to anything dairy and red meat (in acne terms anyway) so about a month ago i took out dairy and my skin cleared up miraculously and stayed that way for pretty much the whole month even on my period. then this month i decided maybe
  16. If I go dairy free to reduce acne breakouts, can I still drink almond or soy milk?
  17. annie ell

    Tip #2

    Lay off the dairy products. I've read that there is a strong link between the amount of milk consumed and acne. research suggests that although milk and other dairy products do not cause acne, they may be a contributing factor. I haven't had milk or yoghurt for 3 years now. I can't say I had a notable difference, but due to the amount of medication my acne has slowly been improving anyway. However I did notice that if I did happen to have milk everyday (such as when I was camping for 3 w
  18. I'm on Day 7 and my acne is drying up! The Azelaic Acid has helped with the redness. I have gotten 2 new large cyst type pimples on my chin but that's also due to my time of the month. Other than those 2 cyst I’ve gotten zero new pimples. I’m not sure if it’s the Spiro or the dairy free diet but I’m seeing a difference. It’s not significant but every day I see my skin getting a little bit better. I’m having trouble finding dairy free foods at the regular Wal-Mart/HEB grocery stores so I’m goin
  19. I didn't update over the weekend and I wish I would have. Because, like I said in my first post, I was trying not to binge on weekends and what did I do?? Exactly that. We'll see over the next couple days if anything pops up because of it. So the zit on my lip got HUGE over the weekend and it's finally going down but it's still super red. The forehead bumps are finally going away too. I haven't had any new cysts form yet since starting the caveman regimen (which is HUGE because I just got
  20. I feel extra gross about my skin today. The ones on my forehead got inflamed, but the same thing happened to the ones on my chin, so hopefully that just means they're healing. I also got some whiteheads around my lip lines, which I'm honestly not surprised about because I was wearing lipstick basically everyday to try and distract people from the fact that I wasn't wearing any foundation. I really miss cheese today. That sounds like such a silly thing to say but I LOVE cheese. Grilled cheese
  21. So the tiny white bumps from yesterday are still there. Three of them got inflamed and got bigger - I'm thinking this is from me washing my face yesterday. They just want to be left alone! The cyst on my temple is pretty red and raised, which could mean any number of things. I did pretty well with my diet yesterday! (Dairy/gluten/sugar/caffeine/hard-liquor free) The only place I slipped up a bit was a co-worker offered me a 100 calorie pack of pretzels. I figured since it was such a small
  22. This is how I cleared my acne. Acne all starts from your digestion guys, if your body isn't properly eliminating toxins it will show through your skin. Some foods aren't meant for everybody, everyone's body is different. Like a lot of people, I found that my body did not agree with gluten and dairy. They were toxic to my body. Change your diet, change your skin, change your life. Here's a short video I made that's worth your time. The transformation is amazing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?
  23. With the Spiro I haven't seen a huge difference in my skin but I have had to go to the restroom a lot! I’m a small girl 5’2 ½ and 100 lbs so I can’t really afford to lose the water weight. It def helped taking the full dosage at night. It actually made me sleep better than usual. Also after some research I’m trying a dairy free diet to help with acne & my wonderful husband is doing it with me. The research I’ve read says that the acne causing hormones are in all milk products so we are
  24. Two months ago: today: So this girly needs some advice from women who have or are suffering from hormonal acne and have used birth control to control their acne breakouts. Background: I have suffered from anorexia for the last 6 years (since I was 16) and due to this I have never properly had my periods, only the occasional one every now and again. However since maintaining my weight, still low but healthy enough (BMI 15, if that is any help to anyone), I have had a massive hormonal breakou
  25. I cannot believe it is day 21!! I thought I was going to be way more diligent about posting here but life gets busy, what can I say? Anyways, I've been really good with my diet after I had an incident. It's actually pretty funny now that I think about it. My last blog post talked about how much I missed cheese. Well, the next day I split half a pizza with my husband and yes - I broke out! And I don't mean the whiteheads I had before, I mean big ugly cysts. It took awhile for my breakout to me