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Found 780 results

  1. tasharae17

    Cystic Acne Help!

    I was just diagnosed with mild-moderate cystic acne, and I am trying to get pregnant. Because of this, my doctor is really reluctant (for good reason) to put me on medication/hormonal therapy for it. I was wondering what OTC or natural products you guys use to keep cystic acne under control. Any suggestions are gladly appreciated!!
  2. Maria=2325

    Diane35 And Duac - My Log

    Hey guys. I'm starting this personal log because as of today I'm starting on Diane35 + Duac daily gel. I've had acne since I was 13, but it's being very varied how bad it's been. While it was annoying as a teenager, I never suffered from very low self-esteem. Now I'm 24 and my acne has turned cystic. Also, I have no friends who are struggling with acne. I'm starting my professional career, and my skin is acting like I'm a teenager. I have never been so frustrated, and I finally decided to
  3. I have always had clogged pores on my skin. I have tried many things to try and cure it but then it only makes it work. I just leave it alone, but sometimes cystic acne pops up and I don't know what to do about it. This has been going on for almost 2 years and I still don't know what to do. This morning I realized that a pimple popped up. Help?
  4. Hi Everyone! This is my first time reaching out to anyone nonetheless a lot of anyones! I'm almost 23 years old and I've spent the last 12 years struggling with acne. Not only does it bother me in the physical sense but it has gotten to the point where I can't be in fully lit rooms for fear of people seeing my skin (even with makeup on) and I have avoided mirrors unless I'm face planted into one looking at all the bumps. I have tried OTC remedies, all natural ingredients remedies, all the kit
  5. jaahsx

    Cystic Acne??

    Hi All, I am currently 21 and have developed what I think is Cystic Acne, I have painful red bumps on both my cheeks which eventually form big pus filled inflamed zits. I also get this on my forehead and around my mouth however, on my cheeks they are constantly there and there is more than 10 red marks on both of my cheeks but some of these are flat red blemish like marks. Throughout my teens I got the odd pimple here and there but nothing too serious that a blob of toothpaste over night could
  6. I AM HEALED. AT AGE 58. I have suffered with horrible disfiguring cystic acne since my first period. I have had only the best dermatologists across the world. Literally. I joined the AirForce at 18 and always under a derm's care. From accutane to the regular crap they hand out in little bags. Cleaners, moisturizers, etc. I had it all, There is NO acne treatment, home remedy or otherwise that I have not tried.... But after 2 months of taking SPIRONOLACTONE. I am healed. I am uber healthy,
  7. Im desperate for help. I cant take Accutane for my cystic acne due to birth control etc. I can only use progesterone as i have hormone problems. Whats the next best thing? I dont have severe acne, maybe 2 -3 cysts a month but they are scarring. Id love to try the Sulfacemitide but cant get it in the UK. Is there anything that has the same ingrediants? Im 37 and jist totally stuck.
  8. Hi guys! Just checking in. I haven't really been on here for a couple of days since I've been busy with work. I guess I just wanted to give a quick update on my skin and also since I have been on the regimen for a couple of months now...a quick "what I have learned" post. HERE'S WHAT I'VE LEARNED: 1. Everybodys skin is different. And the same product will react differently to different people not only because of their skin types but also because of their skin sensitivity, or where they live, o
  9. StormDust

    How Does Do Your Acne Cysts Start?

    I am 30. Since my early 20's I started getting acne cysts. I usually get one or two at a time, but as soon as one gets better, another appears. When I used to get a cyst I would just wake up and there is was, hard red bump under the skin, or I would feel a sore bump and then it would grow and get red and more sore. More recently though I have had a really tiny small what appears to be a spot on the surface of my skin and I haven't even worried about it thinking it will just go in a couple of
  10. bpeyton3

    Desperate For Help

    Hi everyone! So I've been lurking acne.org for about two years now and this is my first time posting. I'm very desperate to find a solution to my chronic moderate cystic acne issue. Sorry this is so long but I really would love some advice! Ok so here it goes: I'm currently almost 20 years old and throughout my teenage years I suffered from a little bit of acne that healed very quickly and it started to get better as I got older. Never ever washed my face. But silly me before college decided I
  11. So today is my first day of trying the acne.org regimen but since my products haven't arrived yet I will be using some of the products I have at home. Facewash: Dermalogica Ultra calming cleanser Treatment: Tretinoin cream 0.1 Moisturizer: Dermalogica Active moist with a vitamin e oil capsule to help with my scaring Last night I also started the Epsom salt soak to try and bring these cysts to heads. I'll see how this works and let yall know.
  12. I am desperate for any advice and help. Long story short, I've had bad cystic acne since I was about 14 or 15 years old. I'm talking about the deep, under the skin, extremely painful, pimples all over my face. I have tried literally everything. I've been on rounds and rounds of several different oral antibiotics that seem to work temporarily until I become immune to them. I have been on oral birth control twice which seemed to only worsen my acne. My mother is an esthetician so I have had all
  13. Ok so ive had like the most shitty year and a half ever and this is really depressing me. Basically ive always had pretty good skin. A few breakouts during that time a month and a occasional small pimple here and there. The thing with me is i suffer from depression and am obsessed with my skin being clear. When it is i feel pretty ans high self esteem. When i break out with more than one or depending on size and all that i feel super ugly. Like i dont want to be seen, im 31 and its been this way
  14. From the album: Week One / Day 3

    WEEK ONE / DAY THREE (I was using Proactiv until it ran out and then I switched to the Regimen because Proactiv was too harsh on my skin.) My skin become even more dry. I was not using a moisturizer, as the Proactiv kit does not provide one. This made my skin extremely irritated and flakey. I noticed that my skin was "hardening", which can happen when you use Benzol-Peroxide, and it was becoming even darker in color. I noticed areas that were inflamed were no longer, however,
  15. Hello everyone! I'm Tyler and I'm going to be chronicling my journey on Accutane (Isotretinoin). First off, let me give you so background information. I am 16 years old, a male, 6'2, and 165 lbs. I'm very active, with basketball taking up my days almost everyday after school. I've had acne since (my guess) 6th grade. I think that is when someone first said something to me about my acne, and man did it feel belittling. But people get older and more mature and people stop saying things!
  16. Ok so I received a cortisone shot for 2 cysts that I have on my jawline. One of them has been there for a month and got really big. I got the shot Wednesday morning and it is Thursday night where I am and it has reduced it a little bit but the derm said I might need another shot in 6 weeks. Like fml I am realy depressed. I just can't deal with this anymore :/ sure I might be over reacting because it still might flatten some more but I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself if it doesn't. I fee
  17. Eh1996

    Please Help

    I have been experiencing acne for years now. I was on birth control for quite awhile and it only made it worse. After going through a surgery and having to be on narcotics for over 2 months I found myself with an incredibly red rash all over my face and linked it to eating gluten. Unfortunately after a year of cutting out gluten and being able to control my face, my skin condition has come back. I went to the dermatologist and they told me to try to eat gluten again and prescribed me adaplene (d
  18. I was just wondering if anyone knew roughly how long the average pimple should last? So from the time in starts forming and you notice it, and then as gets bigger and forms a white-filled head, and then flattens. How long is a healthy time for this process? And at what point would you consider that pimple to have stuck around too long? I know some people say that the longer is sticks around the more chance it has of forming an dented scar, so after how long should you start to worry abo
  19. I have always had clean skin until April of this year that I started getting cystic acne. I don't know what's causing it I just know that I have tried so many things and none of them work. I went to the dermatologists who's injected me with about 8 cortisone shots this year alone and the cystic acne keeps coming back in the same places. I have to pay out of pocket at the dermatologist office and its getting so expensive. He gave me tretinoin cream, veltin, and a spray that smells like chlorine
  20. getschwifty

    Tazorac Users

    I'm currently on my 27th day of Tazorac (I've only used it five times so far - twice a week for the first two weeks, no application at all on the third since my face became so inflamed that I was put on prednisone for 7 days and I applied my fifth yesterday) and my face looks and feels so horrible. It also hurts a lot. I'm not even sure if this is still IB but my derm is positive that I will get clear skin before my birthday next year. I need some success stories to help me trudge forward in
  21. Meggles22224

    How I cleared up my adult acne

    I don't know if this will work for you, but it helped me so I wanted to share hoping it can help someone else. I have struggled with acne for a long time. I'm 31 now and had success with Accutane in my mid teens and again at college age, then Spironolactone when I was in my mid twenties. Spironolactone was the best! Until it wasn't. It stopped working for me after 3 years. I was so disappointed, I thought I'd found the answer. I started getting cystic acne again and it was brutal. It was all
  22. Hello everyone, I am writing to share my experience with accutane and to see if you guys are experiencing the same. Let me start by saying that prior to using accutane, i didn't have severe acne, more like recurring underskin pimple that were very painful and unesthetic. I've been on accutane for 4 months now. My first 3 months' dose was 40mg/day. I didn't experience severe dryness of the skin nor the lips. It was dryer than usual for sure, but not to the point where it was peeling off as i'
  23. Hello, Does anyone else have this kind of acne? Anyone know what it is? I’ve tried just about everything in my lifetime and nothing seems to improve my condition. I am in my late 20’s now and have had this for about 15 years. Please see the picture to see if this is something you can identify and any advice for what helped. Most of the time you cannot see the acne, only in certain lights. Then it looks awful. It’s almost as if every pore has a bump.
  24. Hello out there everyone! I'm just gonna jump right in. I'm 23 years old and I swear I thought I'd outgrow this acne. I started having issues with my skin when I was about 13, but back then I was able to get rid of it just by changing my diet (IE, no more sodas like 13 year olds tend to go after, and more water). Everything was calm up until my junior year of high school and my face blew up with a vengeance: painful cystic acne around my chin (it hurt to smile =/) and forehead, redness, w
  25. Trina6241

    Cystic Acne Story

    I really need help figuring out what is going on with my skin. Ever since I was a pre teen I remember having pimples on my chin, but only on my chin. I figured it was just hormones and it never really bothered me. Then I started breaking out on my back. Just in this past year or two, I've been experiencing a LOT of nausea and motion sickness that I never had as a child. I also feel very dizzy when I do things when I never used to have a problem even at amusement parks on every single ride.