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Found 3,830 results

  1. well after 3 years dealing with DISGUSTING cysts i think they are finally "gone' (but knowing my shitty luck ill probably get one tomorrow ) i now only get small red pimple/minicyst?( and what i call small an average person would cry over) anyway im somewhat over my face, im pretty much like, fuck it, i just stopped caring and put it out my mind but now my attention is directed to my red scars, pits and raised bumps. i could have a great day and come home and see my face in a mirror with outside
  2. On several different occasions, 24-48 hours after having either Dominos or Little Ceasers Pizza, I have had monsterous cysts come up next to my right eye, effectively closing the eye for nearly a week with swelling. The last time this happened the pizza was delivered to my job as a thank you from our bosses...I had to use 5 sick days and eventually was fired due to poor attendance. I now avoid pizza and am contemplating avoiding dairy all together. Has this happened to any of you??
  3. Like the heading says, I need some encouragement! I am new to this site; I just started Accutane and Googled ACCUTANE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES and found this! It’s great to know I’m not alone here because everyone in my life is making me feel so! Growing up I had the typical teenage acne that most of my friends went through, I was never really different. I Had mostly good days but occasional bad ones. Also, I am an artist and can do miracles with make up so when I had my bad days it real
  4. I'm 25 and hardly ever (even as a teenager) have had pimples or acne. However, I have had a large pimple/cyst on the end of my nose for 6 weeks now. I don't pop it intentionally, but it frequently breaks and bleeds. It will heal after a few days only to break again. I have tried sterilizing with rubbing alcohol several times a day and also a benzoyl cream, but nothing really helps. Any suggestions? What could this be? This seems way beyond an ordinary pimple and is starting to worry me.
  5. So my question is does anyone have any ideas on what to do with the red spot that can form after a cyst has been successfully popped? Meaning the red spot or blood mark it can leave. I know cysts should be left alone but sometimes there are exceptions. Any ideas?
  6. so, after suffering from cystic acne for the past few years, I've recently acquired a new skin texture on my face and back....wah waaaaaaaah. lol. long story short: acne sucks a** and it scars.... but, it's never too late for anything, right? so, i just popped my first accutane pill.
  7. sarbear3002


    Hey everyone! So the other day, right below my lip, I felt sort of a swelling pain, almost how a pimple would feel when you feel one coming on. Over the course of the next few days, it continued to get larger and larger, and was very red and hard. It doesn't have a head or anything but when I do try and squeeze it, it looks like there are three pockets of puss or something. I've tried picking it but the only thing that happened was a clear liquid surfacing, no puss or anything and now where I pi
  8. I have these hard acne things on the cheek that last for days-weeks that are hard underneath and they all form heads. Usually when one heals, another one pops up so I usually have a few concurrently. They are not painful though so are these cysts? I'm 27 years old and just tired of this. I am always thinking about my acne and don't want to go outside. This has severely affected my confidence and I am afraid to be around people.
  9. I stuck 2-3 cubes of ice in a plastic sandwhich bag and held it up to my face for two minutes, then took it off for two minutes, and repeated for about 3 times but nothing has happened. It still hurts just as much as it did before I did anything. Am I doing something wrong? Or do I have the wrong expectations? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  10. http://img144.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn0853.jpg Thats my bacne after my first course of tane. I have about 3 cysts on my back. I am thinking about going back on it to get rid of it for good, however the pimples, even cysts, usually leave fast. I am not sure if I should or not.
  11. Kraven Moorhead

    lump on forhead

    so i got this golf ball size lump right above my eye....i could tell something was coming up there about 3 days ago, but i had no idea it was going to get this big. so im thinking it was a cyst, i haven't got one in about a year....may i will have been off accutane for a year....just a couple mins ago im in the mirror looking at it, and deciding to poke a little hole and see if anything will come out....so i did...no puss...no whatever else comes out of cysts or pimples....just blood right away.
  12. I have read that you should (could?) put polysporn on a drained cyst to completely kill the infection and help it heal? Anybody else hear this or, better yet, has anybody tried this -- or anything else? I'm just worried about the "oily-ness" of polysporn and would hate to make matter worse....if that's possible Shelly
  13. Alright well I'm going to make this short because there isn't a lot to this. I've been on Accutane, taken many antibiotics, used tons of topical medications, tried natural stuff blah blah (for cystic, mainly). This is what I do now and my acne has gone. Morning: Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (original, not the clear gel) Neutrogena 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment (no alcohol, you can use the BHA of your choice but this one helped keep the redness to a minimum) Spot treat with Zapzyt 10% B
  14. PaulyD


    So last night i pig'd out and ate so many chips and lollies. This morning i wake up and my skin feels bumpy and NOW i go to wash my face and looks like i have a brand new freakin cysts WTF? I don't know for sure if the binge-eating is related to my breakout but man am i pissy. I was planning on meeting a girl tomorrow and I think the Differin cream im using is just making my skin red. Man
  15. acnesucks111

    What's Inside?

    What is exactly the substance whenever you release what's inside a cyst? I can't tell if it is like pus, or water or what exactly is inside? Anybody know? Thanks.
  16. wisestar84


    Hi, I'm new to this site but not new to acne. I have had ALL kinds of acne since I was about 16, am 24 now. I currently have severe cystic acne that is painful and leaves deep red marks and scars that don't seem to go away. I break out everyday! I have been on accutane once which cleared me up, but shortly after I got off I broke out even worse and I think the accutane had negative side effects on my body. My Derm then put me on Birth Control & Spironolactone which cleared me back up
  17. I have had Nodulocystic Acne for 27 years. It doesn't bother me as much today as it did when I as younger, but when I get the really bad break outs like now, I get depressed about it. My problem is that because I suffer from Bipolar Disorder, I cant use Accutane. I have been using Lymecyclin 300mg for 2 years now, but they only seem to be helping 40%. So I would be very glad if any one have any kind of advice for me!!
  18. --Val Pal--

    Sebacious cysts

    does anyone know why some people are more prone to cysts than not? a few years ago i had this lump under my breast area, and it became SO painful i couldnt even wear a bra or sleep comfortably. it worried me so much bc of where it was and bc it was a lump...i didnt have health insurance but i HAD to see what was wrong, so i went to a doc. right when i laid down n lifted my shirt, and the doc felt it he was like "ah this is a benign sebaceous cyst that is infected. i took two weeks of antibiotics
  19. Heather1988

    Do I Have Cystic Acne?

    Based on my symptoms can someone tell me if this is cystic acne? I am 23 years old and I have had acne since I was 12 or 13.I have some pimples that are tender to touch, do not have any pus that is visible, and are raised from the skin and are big and take a pretty long time to go away. Those pimples mostly appear on my cheeks, chin, and around the jaw line. The other pimples I have are sort of small,are a little red, non tender and have the pus in them. I have a lot of redness from previous pim
  20. I have been a chronic acne sufferer since high school. I took Accutane at 16 (I am now 27, 28 in two months) and it cleared up my face for nearly two years. After having my daughter, things began to start back up again. She is now 4, and my acne has gotten its worst over the last 6 mos-year. However, within the last week my face has gotten HORRIBLE. My cheeks are broken out in large red bumps, my forehead and temples are covered in small bumps, and I have several cysts on my cheek and chin. In
  21. Hi everyone, new here and I have a question. A few months ago I broke out in a a bunch of cysts with one particularly big one on my jaw. I started taking Evening Primrose Oil and using Retin-A, so most of the cysts have gone and my skin is starting to heal (although I'm still waiting for the initial breakout form the Retin-A). My question is... I've had a swollen lymph node under my jaw for weeks. I assumed it was from the big cyst on my jaw, but the cyst has been gone for a few weeks now.
  22. So, I had a pretty serious cyst at the front of my nose back when I was in my teens and not knowing better I popped it. Ever since then there has been a lump in place of that cyst. The cyst was regular skin toned, not red, not painful, but still very noticable. From lurking the forums I read that it is probably scar tissue. Recently, it became inflamed again. I'm not sure if it's the same cyst or if it's underneath or something, but if someone could tell me how, if it's possible, to get rid of s
  23. poordaughterhasacne

    question about cystic acne

    ok my daughter woke up this am with a huge under skin pimple of course today is the first day of school. anyway, I am not sure if this is a cyst or not. It is about the size of a pinto bean red and under the skin and painful. It is on her chin which is very congested with comedonal acne. If this is a cystic pimple is she now considered as having severe acne? How long does it normally take for a cystic type pimple to form? Can you get one of these if it is that time of the month? She has never ha
  24. I had a cyst under my skin for a while. But unlike many of my past ones it did not feel very large. The only thing that made it feel cystic was the fact that it was a bump under my skin (and in a cystic prone area) After about a month, it came up (yesterday). It still doesn't feel very large under my skin. And I managed to get to a head and lightly pushed a little bit of puss out before I saw blood and stopped. In the light, I can see a slight redness around the area of where the whitehead was
  25. Guest

    Severe Acne

    I Have 4 to 5 cysts on each cheek ranging from 3cm to 1 inch. They are very itchy. They are hard on the inside and soft at the surface. Losts Of Scarring. A New Pimple every Single Day, they stay for about a week or more. Plenty of Whiteheads very oily skin