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Found 3,840 results

  1. mtngirl1324

    Should I try Accutane?

    Hi everyone! Newbie here. =) Unfortunately I'm not new to acne. I've been dealing with moderate-to-severe inflammatory acne for over a decade now- ages 12-23. I've been on dozens of medications, antibiotics, topicals, and regimens but nothing works for very long if at all. I always avoided Accutane because it seemed so extreme- I figured I'd wait to see if it would clear up with age. Apparently thats not what it has in mind. I have a dermatologist appointment this upcoming Wednesday morning and in the past months of waiting for it have decided I no longer wish to feel dirty or fourteen for the rest of my life and finally want to take that drastic 'last resort'. BUT in the past two weeks my skin has cleared up!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK?! I haven't had a new cystic pimple form and have only had 4-5 whiteheads, which is NOTHING compared to what I used to go through every day. My skin tends to do this every few years, but it always breaks out again eventually... and now that I've finally decided to go on Accutane its behaving? Its like some sick cosmic joke!! Do you think my derm will let me call it in when/if I break out again and fax me the prescription for Accutane? When I break out again I don't want to wait 2+ months to see her to get a prescription. She won't prescribe it if I'm presenting 95% clear skin will she? Of course it still looks awful, with all my scarring, but the breakouts right now are minimal. I just know my skin is mocking me!! Thats what it feels like!! I'm so frustrated right now.
  2. Or can I get them for smaller pimples? There are times when I get a pimple (not quite a cyst) and it's at a terrible location, like right between my eyebrows. is it ok to get cortizone injections for them? or would the derm/nurse think it's crazy to get injections for those??
  3. rychrismom

    Medicaton question

    My son is being treated for cystic acne with Claravis. He is on the first month of treatment, but due to the holidays he will not be able to get a refill and will miss his doses for 6 days. Does anyone know if this is going to cause any problems?
  4. I've been suffering from severe constipation for years now - sometiems it gets better when I'm using laxatives but usually I don't go to the toilet for about a week and then just have very hard poos. SOrry if this is grossing you out. I take Lithium which dehydrates me so I try to drink loads of water but it's never enough. Anyway, at the moment my cysts and skin in general are really bad and im wondering if you've noticed a connection between your bowels and your skin?
  5. Hey guys. I have a really sore and nasty cyst right under my lip. Its been there a few days now and I think its at its biggest. Its so sore though and its actually forcing half of my bottom lip up which looks as if I got hit by someone!! What should I do to treat it?? I really want to pop it but theres no whitehead on it. Worst still...I'm going out in like 6 hours, please help!!!!!
  6. Hi, I hope this isn't one of those annoying questions that you see allll the time. Anyway I have one cyst on the side of my nose, it has been there for at least a month and a half now and it doesn't hurt anymore, it's just kind of a dark pink color, and the bump is indeed getting smaller, but it doesn't look like it is fading. I wash my face twice a day, benzoyle peroxide and all that, and I try not to touch it. Unfortunately when I first had it I had the bright idea to try and pop it, it's just puss right? Haha. I had a sterilized needle and everything but all I succeeded in doing was making it bleed a bit, it was just a tiny hole though, no squeezing or anything. So did I mess up? Is this stupid thing going to scar my nose now? I have enough acne on there as it is, bla. If it is going to scar is there any non-dermatologist stuff I can look into? (until I can find a dermatologist in my area...)
  7. So... I've started accutane a little over two weeks ago so my three large cysts can be cured! So far, the only side effect is SLIGHTLY dry lips and eyes and one of my cysts got bigger. Other than that... the parts of my face that were already clear are looking glowy and still very clear. But that doesn't take away the impact of the large cysts I have I was curious to see if anyone knew how long the accutane will take to get rid of these cysts? They're fairly large and pretty squishy, lol. Not so much the hard ones. But anyway, I'm really excited about the upcoming months and was just curious if anyone knew the answer to ease my worries! <3
  8. Do you guys just spot treat your cysts with sunscreen or put it all on your whole face? I find it makes too much oil, but how important is it?
  9. It seems to me that there seems to be a common theme going on when it comes to cystic acne. I've noticed many adults...in their early twenties...complain about a sudden out of nowhere cystic flare-up. This very same thing happened to me beginning in late August of 2009 and I've been fighting these cysts ever since. I am 22. What could possibly be to blame for this phenomenon? Is it hormonal for all of us...or is something in our toxic air reacting it us individuals (I know thats way out there)? Fellow abrupt cystic sufferers tell us your story...when you started your cystic journey and what you've done to try to combat this devastating condition.
  10. ok so i have a 1 large cyst on my left cheek and its really dark because of all the dry up blood and it seems like the flakes also made it look darker and its really pissing me off cause im not dry or flakey in that part just that one spot is fill up with flakes and dried blood any suggestion how am i going to get rid of all this stuff? or should i just let for the cyst to slowly go down and remove all this?? am i allergic to this or my skin is sensitive? thanks for the help in advance
  11. Leebo


    Hi, im 17 and ive been suffering severe acne for about 2 years. Ive been perscribed all the anti-biotics my doctor could think of and after one session with my dermatologist i was given a 4month course of ro-accutane. I completed that with a 50% improvement and went back to see him. I was put on an extra 2months of ro-accutane. This has completely cleared my back and chest, im just left with some pretty nasty scarring. My face however, has had no effect from it. Right now i currently have 4 large cysts on my face. 2 of which ive had for 12months now. Im going to see my dermatologist again in 20days, and im wondering if anyone knows what the next step will be? I cant deal with more accutane. Im avoiding friends, uni, work cause im so self concious. The fact that accutane makes me look just as bad except with horribly flaky skin is just too much to continue with. Ive felt this way for way too long. Is there anything i can suggest to my dermatologist instead of more accuane? Thanks in advance.
  12. Like the heading says, I need some encouragement! I am new to this site; I just started Accutane and Googled ACCUTANE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES and found this! It’s great to know I’m not alone here because everyone in my life is making me feel so! Growing up I had the typical teenage acne that most of my friends went through, I was never really different. I Had mostly good days but occasional bad ones. Also, I am an artist and can do miracles with make up so when I had my bad days it really wasn’t too big of a deal. I was great at hiding it. Eventually I graduated high school and everyone seemed to grow out of their acne but me. Again, the make up skills worked great and still no big deal. I have always been a very positive, optimistic person, by the way. Moving on, I went away to college with some of my very good friends and had a blast. I even made the dance team which I worked SO hard for!! So back to the acne stuff-- it was there. Some days worse than others… then one day I wake up with this HUGE cyst on my cheek. This I could not hide with make up. And it hurt. It almost looked like I had some surgery done in my mouth because it made my face so puffy. It was there for SO long, too! I started getting these every once and a while. It really sucked for my self esteem but like I said, this only happened every once and a while… All of a sudden, I started getting them on my back and chest. Not just here and there… but a few at a time, alllll the time. And when they went away -- FINALLY-- they left red and purple scars that looked just as bad as the cysts growing all around them. I started seeing a doctor there where I was going to school who was awesome, very positive and gave me a few medications. He told me about Accutane and told me it would absolutely work but was VERY much against it. He pretty much scared me into not even considering it. That was the first I had heard of it and trusted him. SO I took what he gave me (I can’t even begin to name the different medications I’ve tried!), didn’t think twice about getting Accutane and kept my faith. Two years went by and thank God, my face cleared up beautifully. My face was flawless and I didn’t need my amazing make up skills anymore because I didn’t even use it. But the acne on my back, neck and chest ironically worsened. I stopped wearing cute tank tops and tube tops. I only bought racer back tanks that covered EVERYTHING. I grew my hair long and wore it down everyday to help hide my skin. And worst of all, I started making excuses not to perform anymore on my dance team because there was no way I could hide my body when I had to wear tiny little leotards with my hair pulled back in a tight bun or braid. I was not about to let all the football/ basketball players and fans see what was growing all over my body! I ended up letting it really get to me and stopped dancing. It sounds so dramatic and I hate that I let my acne problem do that to me but I did. So two more years passed and I am now back home, working, and I feel like my acne is almost controlling my life like it did when I quit my dance team because of it! It is probably 10X worse now than it was in college. It is all over my neck, shoulders and completely covers my entire back. I wouldn’t even call them zits… they are huge, bumpy bright red and purple cysts. Not only are they ugly, they are very painful. I have days where it’s hard for me to sit down in a chair or in my car because they hurt so bad. Or that I can’t wear a normal bra because the straps will irritate my back and chest so much. In the shower when the water beats against my back it hurts, too. UGH it’s sooo frustrating! It blows my mind that my face is so clear and my body is just covered! I always make excuses when my friends want me to go out on the weekends because I know that means I have to watch them all debate on what cute little tube top or dress they’re going to wear out while I find a t shirt. The worst part is I work VERY hard to stay in shape and then cover up my body every chance I can! It also means staying away from having any kind of relationship. I could never imagine letting a guy I like see me like this:-( I always avoid going to the beach or the pool. My family takes 2 or 3 vacations a year and I do all I can to avoid them… I know I sound SO dramatic but I can’t help the way I feel and I don’t know how to let it stop controlling my life. Lastly, onto why I feel so damn alone (thanks for your patience if you’re still reading, I know this is long!)… There are only 3 people in my life that know how I feel right now; That’s my sister, mom and cousin (because she KINDA went through the same thing a long time ago). I am fortunate enough to have A LOT of very good friends in my life who are so beautiful, inside and out, yet they have no idea how much stress I have been going through because of this. In my big group of friends, I AM the strong one. I am the GOTO girl when my friends are feeling sad, insecure and alone. To them, I am the confident girl that they strive to be like. I have a freakin’ tattoo on my hip that is the Japanese symbol for BEAUTIFUL! To them, the reason why I hardly date is because I am a strong, independent girl who won’t settle for just anyone. They think I avoid going out on the weekends or going to the beach or pool because I love and am very dedicated to my job (I work with children with autism and severe behavior disorders, it is VERY stressful so I use that as an excuse: I am too exhausted from work to have any fun). In reality, that’s all nonsense. I HATE looking in the mirror; when I’ve had a stressful day at work all I want to do is go out and let loose with my friends. I would love to be confident enough to date. If I ever heard someone I loved say they felt ugly, insecure or said they hated the way they looked they would get their butt kicked by me, yet I say things like that to myself everyday. I encourage my siblings and friends to be the best people they can possibly be and that they are beautiful no matter what and that nothing is more attractive than confidence… but I can’t even take my own advice! Also, as I mentioned before, I work hard to stay in shape… that’s because that’s how I was raised. I was raised to stay active and eat right and bla bla bla. All of my family, including extended family, is obsessed with working out and eating right. And now, because of this all new ALL NATURAL health trend my family is obsessed with eating everything natural. And that’s fine, whatever, but they are slowly becoming very against most medicines, too. They think eating a certain way will replace medicine. IT’S SO WEIRD TO ME!! They all tell me that I need to go off all the medications I am on, eat this and that and the other thing and my acne will go away. I get no support otherwise. They were just disgusted when I told them I was thinking about using Accutane! I have dramatically changed the way I eat because I felt desperate. I hate the food I eat. I fucking hate it (excuse my language). I’ve been eating almost all natural for almost a year now and have seen no change. My cousin will tell me, “that’s because you had a cheese curd at the fair the other day.†UGH are you kidding me???!!! IT’S SO discouraging. Now I’m a girl that loves fried ANYTHING; I love chocolate, I love candy and pizza and carbs and bloody red meat and everything bad for me. I feel like since I spend a lot of time at the gym and for the most part have a decent diet, I deserve to splurge here and there. I LOVE FOOD and have practically stopped eating it in fear of breaking out even more, which I’m not sure is possible! So getting to the Accutane part… After feeling like I have done EVERYTHING possible, I started looking up that DEVIL medicine that my dermatologist warned me about and actually read more good than bad. I couldn’t figure out why my doctor knew how much pain I was in yet refused to discuss the option of Accutane with me. I really liked and trusted him, too. Anyway, I had my family doctor refer me to the best dermatologists she knew of (that would take my insurance, of course) and gave me a small list. This was 3 or 4 months ago. The wait to get in to see these new doctors was like 6 months! I had absolutely no patience left so I searched and searched for a dermatologist on my own that could take me right away. I found one that could get me in like the next day... I can see why now! By now I am practically immune to the discouragement and pessimism that is surrounding me but I just thought my new dermatologist would make me feel better. As soon as he saw my neck and back he said he would absolutely put me on Accutane and that he couldn’t believe my other doctor refused to. But he didn’t say it in a professional way, in my opinion. He made me feel super embarrassed. He was saying things like “This probably makes you feel gross†and “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case this severe, wow, look at that..†I don’t know if I’m being dramatic like always but he really made me feel dumb. He kept saying to me that we would try this but even this may not work and that most people stay on it for 5 months but he’ll keep me on for 6 months and that IF this works I should understand that he can’t do anything about the scarring and bla bla bla… I just felt terrible after I left there for the first time. I understand that sometimes this may not work for some people and it’s a doctor’s job to warn their patients about the medicines they are prescribing but shouldn’t they also be encouraging, too? At this point I don’t care if I am being lied to, I just want to hear something positive from someone. I have been on Accutane for a month now. I have read and been told by my douche bag doctor that it will get worse before it gets better. But OMIGOD is it bad now! I am in more physical pain than I have ever been in from my acne and it has spread back to my face. My lips and eyes are so dry and my scalp keeps flaking. This was within the first 9 days of taking it, too. And did I mention I hate birth control pills (for those of you guy out there that don’t know, a girl has to be on 2 forms of birth control in order to be on Accutane). They literally make me sick to my stomach taking them. I can’t wear my contacts because of the Accutane right now so I have to wear glasses which makes me break out really bad around my nose. My whole body itches soooo bad! ESPECIALLY my back and neck… yet when I scratch and itch my back it stings because it’s already in so much pain to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, I am super hopeful now that I am on Accutane regardless of what my dermatologist says because of all of my own research and I really try as hard as I can to stay positive but I feel like now, more than ever, I am struggling the most. I just want to stop worrying about it. Insecurity is SO exhausting and I’m so tired of it. I have NEVER blogged before in my life and I never, ever talk about myself and have never vented about this to anyone, ever. So I apologize for this huge post!! I had no idea this website existed and I know I sound like a dramatic baby and you are all going through the same thing as I am but this felt so good to type out! I have never felt so vulnerable and I never let anyone see this weakness of mine.. For those of you who made it to the end of this, thank you, God bless and I would appreciate any kind of encouragement or help through this.
  13. hip-hop is life

    new cyst??

    well i went to school this morning and my skin looks ok..but then on the way home i noticed a cyst developing..i was sooo efFFin mad because i just healed a recent cyst..i get 1 cyst that starts out small n red but hurts n will grow for a while..then finnally grow to a head and..then after that one heals and the puss comes out shortly after i get another 1..its allways 1 at a time..it pisses me off cause for 2 weeks now ive been on differin gel and doxy..i thought these were gonna help but i guess not...should i just say forget all this nonesense and go on accutane???thank you
  14. robneedsclearskin

    Septra duration

    I got two questions regarding forum members who's been on Septra before or still taking this. I've taken Septra consistently for over a year now. Though the dermatologist wrote a letter of recommedation to my GP, who's really the one prescribing me this medication, he's hestitant to keep me on Septra longer while the Dermatologist said she had given some patients for up to five years on minimal dosage. I'm 35, yes one of them adult acne folks, and had severe cyst acne since my teens. When my stress and anxiety goes up, so does the number of cyst bumps. However Septra is for the most part keep them at bay, infact I've been cutting the pill in half, and it's still strong enough. I've stop previously before, so this isn't my first time on Septra, but the minute I took a break from the med, the cyst came back. This contributes to my stress and anxiety due to how other precieve me, and they come back even in full force. It's a vicious cycle. Another problem I have since I been on this is very very dry mouth, and that means bad breath for me even with regular hygiene maintenance. How long have you've been on this Septra? Do you get severely dry mouth?
  15. i have had this lump on my nose for about 3 or 4 days now. i've had 3 or 4 cysts in the past, but i can't tell if this is another one. at first i thought it was a normal pimple, so i tried to pop it and a little puss came out-- could this still be a cyst? now it is red and inflammed. what should i do?
  16. i have this HUGE CYST in the worst place ever. i want to push a needle into it soooo bad but im scared its gonna get worse. i want this thing out by tomorrow!!! how can i get all the pus stuff out???? HELP
  17. I started to develop acne after high-school. It was mild and it varied by time. When I started college It got a lot worse. I found out that chocolate and fry food specially the one from chain stores broke me out. So to make the story short I've been 4 years without chocolate or McDonalds, Wendys, KFC... etc. (yes it's better to be off those foods). I've decided to finally visit my Dermatologist, and have an appointment for April 25th. Also I've started a no dairy, no fry food diet. I'm only eating fresh fish and fresh chicken, along with lots of vegetables. It seems to be helping as I only have the cysts that are leftover, no new developing ones. I've also started to drink lots of water, however my metabolism which is extremely accelerated is not helping. I literally go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. I want to try accutane so I can live a normal life and eat anything I please (I miss my chocolate, and yes chocolate in my case does cause acne!). I think my acne is also associated with stress. When I'm on winter/summer break from college my face goes to a dormant estate, when I only get acne from eating greasy food. however when college comes around it becomes much less tolerant. I've also been on tetracyclin for about 1 month, which helped, but once off it acne came back. What should I tell my dermatologist, as to convince him to put me on Accutane. I don't want a temporary remedy, I would like to be cured. Thanks for your input if I do receive any.
  18. hi, i am almost 30 and after coming off of BC pills to conceive two children (in 3.5 yrs), my skin is horrible. My 2nd child is almost 10 weeks old. After my 1st child, BC pills and Dynacin helped tremendously. I have been on minocycline for 30 days and my derm bumped me up to 200 mg of Dynacin and 100 mg of Spiro daily, which has been almost 1 month. I have also been taking Yaz for 6 weeks. I had my first IPL Laser treatment Friday. Please help...when should my skin start improving. I have was on 100 mg of mino for 1 month and have been on 200mg of Dynacin for almost a month and no improvement on face. My back was covered with acne which has almost completely cleared, but no such luck on face. I have tried everything topically as well. PLEASE HELP, it is killing my self esteem and is painful.
  19. Hi , I am new here and have no idea where to start. Proactive saved my life; I NEVER get cystic acne or pimples unless I quit using Proactive because I think I am too old for acne(45). I am terrified of quitting Proactive because I have tried everything before but I can not use parabins anymore. I use the scrub 1X a day, the lotion 2X a day, my own cleanser/ makeup remover 1x a day and a really good moisturizer. I do not want to give up my moisturizer and am worried about exfolliation, since the scrub was a big part of Proactive. I can see maybe starting with replacing the Proactive lotion with the Treatment at first and trying the lotion for daytime. And you really have to wait 10 minutes after washing before applying the treatment..ouch! ...I need my moisturizer I am not a kid! Whats up with that " gentle" and long and tedious application
  20. zoomy99

    black colour cyst

    hey i had a big cyst that went imflamed... and disappear for a week or 2... and now it came back again and now it seems like a black bubble cyst on my head and its been there for 3 weeks. Its an air bubble cyst with no head filled with dried up blood or so. It doesnt seem like it will come to a head anytime soon... any suggests to speed up the process apart from nuking BP on it every night
  21. Has anyone who has had cystic.nodular acne cleared up using Dans regimen found on this website? I'm looking for honest answers. I read the success stories but none of them mentioned what type of acne they had. Anyone . . .?
  22. Would that be like a cyst? or what? reason im asking is should I use destin on it or just keep using 2.5 bp on it to kill it? I have pulled the hairs out from around it?
  23. pricel

    Pock marks

    Im currently on my 2nd week of Amnesteem and am noticing some pock marks on my chin and cheeck. Anyone else? Im hoping they fill in but am so skeptical and think Id rather have the cysts. pricel
  24. http://img144.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn0853.jpg Thats my bacne after my first course of tane. I have about 3 cysts on my back. I am thinking about going back on it to get rid of it for good, however the pimples, even cysts, usually leave fast. I am not sure if I should or not.
  25. Yso.Serious

    ugh, what to do?

    im new to this, so hello to all of you ! i have what appears to be an acne cyst forming about 3 inches under my eye >.< its still small though, and i dont think a cortizone shot is necessary...is it? i was wondering if i shud apply topical isotrexin (erythromycin and isotretinoin) or benzyl peroxide gel(5%) to it, which one is better? i dont know what to do! please help thanks