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Found 30 results

  1. So I recently moved to South Korea and since arriving I’ve had a flare up of acne which I haven’t seen since I was 17. I was prescribed doxycycline and a topical cream back then which worked wonders and for the past few years I’ve only experienced the odd break out and some scarring. So I went to see a dermatologist here in Korea who again prescribed me the doxycycline but no topical treatments as he said they have minimal affect in his opinion. He also told me not to use ANY other cosmetic
  2. This persistent condition is more than skin deep. It can leave not only physical, but also emotional scars, and that’s why it’s particularly hard to deal with it. Acne is one of the most common dermatological issues, and according to some estimates, as much as 85% of the population suffers from it at some point in their lives. It’s characterized by greasy skin covered in pimples, blackheads or whiteheads. Many adolescents have to deal with sudden acne outbreaks, which are mainly triggered
  3. Yesterday I took the plunge and posted here for the first time. Acne (however mild) has been 'my secret' for about a year now. I realize people know I have it, but I don't talk about it to others and they don't mention it to me. First of all i'd like to mention the help I've recieved from this website. By reading what Dan has to say and what other memebers have had to say, has really helped me a lot - you guys are so knowledgeable. All I can say is thank the lord one of us is, I still have a
  4. From the album: Makeup works wonders sometimes

    Cover FX cream foundation B15 Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation "Golden" Physicians Formula loose powder bronzer Everyday Minerals blush I was surprised how great my skin looked in this photo and loved the look of the combination of all these products, but they were contributing to clogged pores unfortunately. The Bobbi Brown foundation would be the safest to use though.
  5. Hi everyone! I just ordered my kit along with both the jojoba oil and the aha treatment and I will be starting it very soon. My question is about using makeup while on the regimen. I know it recommends not using makeup, but that just isn't possible for me in the type of job I have. I currently use clinique stay matte with a real techniques beauty blender type sponge. I feel like I have acne cosmetica on my chin because of it. I was looking at switching to Cover FX liquid foundation because its
  6. Hi all! Only on Day 2 of the acne.org regimen. I use makeup almost everyday. Before beginning the regimen, I would remove my makeup as soon as I got home. I figured the less time the makeup was on my face the better. However, now when I get home it is too soon for the 2nd washing of the day. Should I clean the makeup off my face even though it has been less than 12 hours since the morning wash? Or is it better the leave the makeup (and the medication underneath it) on until it is time for
  7. Hello guys! So here's an idea. I think we should have a special topic dedicated to ways to cover up indented scars, either on a daily basis or for special occasions etc. I don't think this topic should be under Cosmetics & Grooming, because it easily gets lost there between all the topics related to acne only. I guess we all know that hiding acne and hiding scars are two different things and most people who suffer from scarring visit the Scar treatments subforum only. Also, covering up sca
  8. Has anyone tried orange corrector/concealer for hyperpigmentation and NOT dark circles? I'd like to know what your experience was, which ORANGE correctors you have tried..? I know it's common to use for dark circles, sun damage and to prevent brown skin tones from looking ashy when wearing foundation, concealer, powder & all these dark products have a very high pore clogging rate. Anyway lol, let me know what worked and didn't. Cheers!
  9. Hi there, I'm 23 and this is the first time I've ever posted on a forum... NOOB indeed... I am on day 3 of my ACCUTANE and have become addicted to reading the horror stories on the net - particularly the 'it gets a lot worse before it gets better' types. I was just wondering, how do people cope with their daily lives when they're looking a certain way? Peeling badly, acne at its peak, etc? I'm currently in university and am dreading showing my face for the last few months
  10. Hey everybody, I am looking for a very sheer makeup that doesn't break me out. I have sensitive skin and I am currently on the regimen. Basically just looking for something to give me a little more evenness without cakeyness. I just seen a commercial for the brand Covergirl Clean Sensitive Skin and so I hurried and went on to their website and this makeup is fragrance and oil free, noncomedogenic, and nonacnegenic... Sounds perfect! but just need some comments from anybody who has wore this make
  11. Hey Y'all, I've been interested in looking more into cosmetics lines that are specifically tailored for problematic skin, and are also known as corrective cosmetics. These brands are usually for acne prone, rosacea, extra dry, sensitive, or other problematic skin types. So far I've been looking into Physician's Formula, and Cover FX's products, but I'm still hunting for other good lines/products Does anyone know of any other lines like these two, and do you have any recommendations for cer
  12. Hey, everyone. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I wanted to speak directly to some recent or current accutane users about what foundation has worked best for you. A bit about me: I have sensitive skin and I've been more prone to cc's than ever, so I need something that covers but is non-irritating. I have a lot of PIH/PIE, so a light mineral makeup or tinted moisturizer won't work. The following foundations have worsened my skin: Fiona stiles - the alcohol content stung my skin,
  13. Hello! I know it is high recommended not to use make up while on the Regimen but I am too insecure to go out in public without any make up on at the moment. Dan suggested that if you must wear make up, stick with Almay but I was wondering if you guys had any other make up suggestions? Also, how did you wash your make up off? Do you still stick to your usual make up routine or did you have to change it because of the Regimen? Thank you!
  14. Hello all, I have been suffering from light acne for a while now and have a good regimen that has been helping keep things under control. However, it recently occurred to me that my hair product might be contributing to my breakouts. I use either waxes or pomades and, while many of them are top of the line grooming products, they do contain beeswax and oil-based ingredients. I am afraid that these ingredients might be transferring to my pillow and onto my skin. Does anyone know about a m
  15. Just wondering...they're supposed to be infused with natural ingredients, and they are supposedly gentle on acne-prone skin as well and many of the reviews on their website are positive. Also, if you have how do they work out for you?
  16. Hi all - First, a little background: I'm currently a sophomore in college and never had too much of an issue with acne except for a moderate breakout here and there until my freshman year. I began to have acne on my forehead, a place I had never struggled with before, about a year ago. I had been on Minocycline throughout 11th and 12th grade which worked great, but it was this time last year that I began to have some nasty side effects. I then went on Doxycycline from last spring until this
  17. is wheatgerm oil considered comedogenic? i know jojoba oil is considered similar in constituency as sebum and is considered non-comedogenic. do u guys have any idea about wheatgerm oil (used in any product like cosmetics,sunscreen)??
  18. Hello, I have acne and acne scars, and I am looking for a good foundation that will not only cover them up flawlessly, but also not make the problem worse. I believe I have combination skin because in some spots it seems like my makeup just runs right off, but in others it can appear ruddy and dry. Also, I am on a dermatologist skincare routine for my acne and scars so that alone will soon probably dry me out. I am willing to pay, at the most, probably $25 dollars a foundation because I'm st
  19. Hey y'all So today is day three using the Acne.org regimen. There's a slight difference since yesterday - not much, but it's still there. The biggest change I noticed was between days one and two of using The Regimen. When I reach day seven I hope to up the dose of benzoyl peroxide. My goal is to be clear in three weeks. But I know these things take time and I don't want to jinx them, so I'll just say I hope to be clear in a month - if not, i'll persevere. I really do find it difficult to li
  20. Hi. In South America we have a product called "Cicatricure". I've never used it but it has good reputation in minimizing scars, including acne scars. Basically it's just a moisturizing gel. I'm planning to buy it to use as a moisturizer after applying benzoyl peroxide, but it has a lot of plant extracts, so I don't know if it could be comedogenic or irritating to the skin. Here are the ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Allium cepa bulbo extract, Hydrolyzed oyster shell extract, Centella asiatica
  21. What experiences have people had with using fake tan and how it makes the acne and/or scarring look? My experiences have been positive as it makes redness looks less pronounced, just wondering what anyone else thinks?
  22. Wow so today I found the page that talks about cosmetic acne. Never in a million years did I think that make up would be causing my acne. It wasn't causing it anywhere else why would it be causing it around my chin? After reading about cosmetic acne I feel like I finally figured out what caused it in every first place! Thank you Dan! Now I will have to stop wearing make up and will sure to continue using acne.org regimen. THis a big step for me ! An embarrassing journey but I know I have to do
  23. Hello everyone! I have been researching primers for a while now but unfortunately i have not been able to find many primers that are specific to acne/problematic/sensitive skin! I have just purchased the Bare Escentuals prime time oil-free primer. Has anyone tried this concoction?! I have super sensitive skin and break out to almost everything. So have stuck with one foundation - Everyday Minerals (Godsend), for 5/6 years now and am too scared to try out anything else - including conce
  24. Today marks day one of a new regimen that I am going to stick to. All the other regimens I stress out and get pissed off because my skin starts to burn and what not, all that fun stuff that comes along with SA and BP. So I've decided to really give Lush products a go. I've owned the coalface scrub before which I actually ran out of before switching back to crappy acne products, and I have a very soothing moisturizer. So now for my skin at the moment. I had a breakout last week (today is now
  25. Today marks day one of a new regimen that I am going to stick to. All the other regimens I stress out and get pissed off because my skin starts to burn and what not, all that fun stuff that comes along with SA and BP. So I've decided to really give Lush products a go. I've owned the coalface scrub before which I actually ran out of before switching back to crappy acne products, and I have a very soothing moisturizer. So now for my skin at the moment. I had a breakout last week (today is now