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Found 1,787 results

  1. So I was gonna see a Derm for the first time to get a cortisone shot, I can't believe how much they charge! For cash patients, it's $90/visit! I have insurance, but it has a $1200 deductible. I'll just tough it out and save myself the $90.
  2. I have these really dry patches of scabby skin on my back from a couple of pimples a few months ago (one was much longer). Very low on my back, about 2 inches above my pants. They are really similar to these patches of dry tough skin that I get on my scalp; they get tough, dry, sorta like a scab but they never heal like that. From looking at other posts it looks like emu oil may help but I've tried many things and they don't seem to help (Neosporin, moisturizer, cortisone cream, all sort of "s
  3. I have a question about over the counter hydrocortisone 1%. I scraped my face a little before Christmas of 2008. So, a little over 3 months ago. It scabbed and healed, but left a pink mark on my cheek, about the size of a quarter, more oval shaped though. I really want this pinkness to go away but don't know how to get it to do so. Would hydrocortisone relieve this pinkness at all?
  4. I got a half dose cortisone shot for a bloody pussfilled sore one yesterday. It seems to be reducing in size, but is still present. I got a half shot because I was nervous about the side effects, which I was told were very rare. Has anybody here had any positive experiences with these? Should I be worried about a pitted scar? Is this likely?
  5. Ph-rank

    Regimen questions

    Hey again Just thought I'd asked a few questions please n thanks! Firstly; in me regimen, I only apply BP at night, not in the morning; and my acne seems to be okkay with it; 1 or 2 spots coming every few days, but if i used it morning / twice daily, advantages disadv.? Mornign might cover up old acne more ? n with sleep producing oil at night , maybe not best t odo it at night ? Also, with stubble and a beard, in the past this has caused spots- but with teh regimen can I grow much stubble, or
  6. I am current in month 3 40mg twice a day. Initially I broke out pretty bad its calming down. But I have left over what look like maybe scars they are red almost purple marks where I had the breakout almost like a bruise. They were small cyst but cleared up just a few on my jawline and forehead that I got some cortisone on but a few did not go all the way down. My main question and concern is why are these red marks taking so long to go away they are not permanent right? I had one on my chest th
  7. I've battled acne since I was in high school. My mom would never let me go to a derm until I was 19. At my first visit, my doctor prescribed me Accutane. But at that point the damage was already done, I have scarring. Accutane was great. And for someone who had cysts all over their face, I was still pretty jolly, probably because I had nothing to lose...it couldn't get any worse than that. Now 3 years later, I started breaking out a little again. The oil came back. So did the cysts. I got a cys
  8. member123456

    please please help!

    i used to tolerate bp pretty well but since starting birth control my skin has become MUCH more sensitive and i just now realized this, after it is somewhat too late. i only use bp in 10% strength as a spot treatment and it usually goes fine, but i must have over applied bc now this area on my chin/cheek next to my mouth has become very upset! it got rid of the cluster of zits i had but my skin became very very dry then it got very red and raw, and it continuously peels. i have been nursing it w
  9. My derm gave me 0.1% hydrocortisone to tame the BP induced redness and irritation but it doesn't seem to work. I increased the strength myself to 1% and now the redness and itching are really under control. Is it OK to use 1% hydrocortisone for a few days? I'm concerned about it being too strong for the face. Thanks!
  10. willow569

    Small, hard cysts

    Wow, I can't remember when I asked other board members a question here! I'm usually the one answering questions, but, I do have something I've been wondering about. Maybe someone can help with this question? I'm usually 95-100% clear. I mostly get noninflamed acne when I do get spots. I don't get inflamed pustules anymore and I never was prone to large cysts. But I do sometimes get these small, pea-size, hard, under-the-skin bumps. They get just slightly inflamed and a little red, but that's
  11. irishharry7

    accutane length

    Hi. My 16 year old son has been on 80mg/day of accutane since March of this year. He is starting his fifth month. He is also on adoxa at 200 mg/day. His derm was on the original studies done on accutane, but I am wondering if what she is advising is right. He has gotten 3 very mild peels on his back, shoulders, and arms while on this (1st in April). He has very severe acne on his upper back, milder on chest and shoulders. I always thought that is wasn't advisable to get peels when on accu
  12. princess_nannan

    recurring cysts

    I have a few cysts on my jawline that won't disappear. They're fairly small, it's the only part of my face where I get cysts, and I'm not even getting new ones, but I can't get these to go away! Every so often they'll get close enough to the surface that I can drain them, and they'll shrink down, and sometimes they'll even shrink down on their own, but they always eventually get inflamed/infected again. I've always heard that you can't really spot-treat a cyst, and the best thing is to wait f
  13. Age 42. Have been seeing a derm for the past year, trying to get my skin under control, rather than give up on it. She started me out on sodium sulfacetamide wipes and Solodyn. Solodyn cleared me up around 90%. My neck was starting to feel smooth instead of lumpy, which was so nice! Solodyn made me itch really badly. I lasted 4 months on it, and then couldn't take it any longer. Derm put me on Ziana (retin A). My skin couldn't tolerate it. She wanted me to spot treat, not use it all over as p
  14. You see a couple minor bumps under the skin and just go about your usual cleansing routine. I use the DKR cleanser, the toner and followed by the bp. You think you are doing just fine and that those bumps will be a thing of the past and then you notice that they only increase. They become more inflamed and larger and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it regimen or no regimen. At first they were slightly tender now it just hurts lying on your pillow. You continue using DKR in hopes t
  15. Hi, I'm new here and I just want to share my problem with all of you....I am 31 years old and for the past 3 years I experienced the worst time of my life: battling adult acne. I never had this problem before but once I hit 29, they hit me....BAD My acnes are mild/moderate and they all focus on my chin...I began with those superficial pimples & white heads, then later I had these red cysts with pus (yuke!) and now..they've upgraded to these deep skin big red ones that are hard underneath,
  16. Okay, I have a cyst that is purple, has survived 5 cortisone injections, and accutane. The cyst is about the size of a quarter and very inflamed (It sticks up like a mountain.) As you know, I had been taking Accutane and Bactrim before I discontinued Accutane and Bactrim because of tinnitus, so I went to the derm today. He prescribed Bactrim and Rifampin for the cyst. The drugs work synergistically, he said, and are anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial. The doc said he's seen successes
  17. so i have these weird bumps under my skin, not inflamed, but feel like a pea under my skin. i got one injected with cortisone but it didn't work (its been like 4 days). would this just be a matter of needing more injections or could these weird lumpy things not be cysts? has anyone else had this experience and found out how to get rid of them? theyre SOO ANNOYING!! im dirving myself crazyyy
  18. ohhh my god, people pls help me, what should i do atm with this big cyst? I am 40 days into my Accutane course and i didn't have any IB, but suddenly i got a big cyst from a whitehead, next to it there was another whitehead but this one didn't get inflamed, it just pushed out some pus and i managed to get the whole core out. But then it seemed like it got a bit inflamed and joined the other already inflamed and became this HUGE cyst, pls tell me what to do, i'm so worried. Is this anything to do
  19. i have very bad cysts in one area of my face and he gave me MINOCYCLINE , how long does this usually take to work with you, my doctor said it varies from person to person. thanks and he gave me one cortisone shot but it was too painful to do the rest of the cysts!
  20. Ok, so for 8 days now I have had a red bump on my face. It is painless, and has not come to a head. I had a cortisone shot on Thursday, and it shrunk it a little bit. But now it is back, and seems to be getting larger. I have not tried to pop it, or play with it at all. Should I go back to the derm or give it some more time? I am freaking out because it is completely unlike any pimple I have ever had!!! GRRR.
  21. have any of you experienced small, hard, almost whiteheadish type of bumps that are only slightly red, but do not hurt? from past experience and affirmation from my dermatologist, this is believed to a be a blackhead lodged in the skin, irritating it. she said extraction rarely works in these cases, but my mom thinks she said she'd inject it. i'm assuming with cortisone. does this course of action sound apt? i wonder if an injection would dissolve a blackhead or dislodge it or something.
  22. I just got four cortisone shots on some cysts and was wondering if i could apply proactive to these spots later tonight? thanks!
  23. bob1212


    I got this red lump on my nose , doesn't appear to have a white head , and is roughly the size of a small pinky finger nail. I have quite a few blackheads on my nose is it possibly one of those got infected and created this lump? , im also diabetic does this play a role? Also how can i get rid of it? i heard peopel talk about cortisone shots but do i need a derm to get one? or can a GP or walk in clinic do it .
  24. Before I get to the monster that is trying to swallow up my left eye, let me give you a quick backround. I have had pretty mild acne since the age of 13. No big deal. Well last summer I started getting cystic acne, not all over my face but a few huge ones that kept coming in. As one began to heal another would appear, then another. So I went to my doc and he gave me Doxycycline-- worked like a charm, yay. Then I figured, alright that little spell is all good and done with so I went off. Well l
  25. hey ppl whats up?so about 2 weeks ago i had a huge cyst right on the side of my nose after 3 cortisone injections it finally went away,drained then scabbed and now there is still a lump under the skin?why??? and what can i do to get rid of it?thanks:)