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Found 12 results

  1. Ok so I received a cortisone shot for 2 cysts that I have on my jawline. One of them has been there for a month and got really big. I got the shot Wednesday morning and it is Thursday night where I am and it has reduced it a little bit but the derm said I might need another shot in 6 weeks. Like fml I am realy depressed. I just can't deal with this anymore :/ sure I might be over reacting because it still might flatten some more but I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself if it doesn't. I fee
  2. Just shy of the 2 month mark! I've had some ups and downs, but am still feeling confident this will be a good long-term solution. Taking 100mg/day of spiro and have tried to slowly taper off the doxycycline, which I've been taking 200mg/day of since August. I didn't think it was helping, but over the last 2 weeks every time I lower my doxy dose, I have a breakout! So maybe it was helping after all. I don't mind the daily spiro since I know that's okay for long-term use, but the antibiotics are r
  3. Hello! The purpose of this blog is to document my struggle and (hopefully!) my acne cure. I've had acne-prone skin since I was about 15 years old, and am currently 28. Here's a quick recap (you can skip this part if you don't want the long version ) --- From 15 - 18: struggled with various breakouts that would get better with drug store-brand topical medication, but I was also VERY bad about picking at my face so I think it made it much worse. Started birth control when I was 17. From 19 - 24:
  4. I had cystic acne on my face years ago and several military doctors I had seen over the course of about 4 years (I was in the military at the time) gave me cortisone shots while not explaining any risks of atrophy and fat loss; I just trusted them and knew nothing about acne and skin treatments at the time. The internet was just up and coming and I had no access to it and didn't know half of what I do now - I don't think doctors knew half of what they do now. Now 2 scars in particular are in t
  5. Happy New Year! 2013 didn't start out as I hoped it would. Just got back from the derm and had to get 3 more spots injected with cortisone to reduce the inflammation and swelling. What the heck happened?? Well, I was wondering that too, since I was on such an awesome path with the spiro. Like anyone who has ever struggled with acne, or any kind of medical issue for that matter, I've googled a bajillion "solutions" to the problem. There are a lot of theories out there, most are a little crazy, bu
  6. I've had a huge acne cyst on my cheek for about 2 months now so yesterday I went to my dermatologist and had a cortisone injection. I did my research before and read that I would see results in the same day. I woke up this morning and checked it and it doesn't look like anything has happened? Its still red, inflamed, and huge. Should I be concerned??
  7. Hi, I recently got a cortisone shot about 2.5 weeks ago for a cyst (no pain) on my cheek. After about 3-5 days it has gone completely flat, but still purple/reddish. About a week after I got the cortisone shot, I noticed that the cyst has started to pop up again in the same spot and become red. Also another cyst/nodule right next to it (that was there previously) started to sprout as well. I was prescribed Acanya (again) and Aczone. Been putting Acanya just on the cyst and don't see any real i
  8. CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP IVE HAD THIS CYST ON MY NOSE FOR A MONTH AND HALF NOW A WEEK AGO I WENT TO GET A STEROID SHOT. It only shrunk in size but didn't flatten now it goes up and down in the size daily but regardless it's still noticeable. What can I do what should I be doing please help!
  9. Hi guys, I just wanted to ask if any of you have had the same experience. I have a pea-sized cystic pimple just before my right eye, below my eyebrow. It's one of those annoying under-the-skin lumps that's swollen and red but with NO head so I can't pop it. I've gone to my dermatologist three times already for cortisone/steroid shots. She tried to prick/extract the thing but she can't get to the pus because it's too deep. Instead, she injected it with a LOT of the solution (steroids) in pure/con
  10. I've had a huge acne cyst on my cheek for about 2 months now so yesterday I went to my dermatologist and had a cortisone injection. I did my research before and read that I would see results in the same day. I woke up this morning and checked it and it doesn't look like anything has happened? Its still red, inflamed, and huge. Should I be concerned??
  11. I was given a cortisone injection for a cystic pimple on my face on Wednesday. It is now Saturday and nothing seems to be happening. The cyst is still the same size and the only change seems to be gross discoloration around the cyst. Is it still too soon to contact my dermatologist? I read somewhere that the cortisone shots are supposed to work within hours and it has been days for me. I'm getting concerned.
  12. So I have two sebaceous cyst on my face( one on cheek and one near the mouth ). They started about 8 months ago, I went to several dermatologists and all suggest me not to have them surgically remove cause it will leave scars. So, I took several courses of antibiotics which did not help. Then one of the doctor tried to suck out the content inside using a syringe which he managed to suck out some pus and bloods but sadly after a week, the area are still swollen and painful. The doctor decided to