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Found 500 results

  1. Just one last word before I leave, I have been using a super good concealer called 'amazing cosmetics concealer'. You could get it from sephora and it's AMAZING. With just a tiny little portion, my face looks flawless without foundation. People couldn't tell I am actually breaking out. For those who are desperately in need of something good to hide your acne/scars, I would highly recommend this. It is a little bit pricey. The small one costs around $28 CAD and the big one costs $48. But it lasts
  2. hello! i'll let know 1st that i've less or no idea about doing make-up. i use a sunscreen that my derma had prescribed.its MELAGARD 50+. It's got ZINC OXIDE alone with few other chemical blocks in it. as zno does,it leaves a slightly pale look. covered look. i have a concealer from AVON. AVON STICK CONCEALER. now,what i want to know is CAN I USE THE SUNSCREEN ALL OVER MY FACE AND THEN PUT THE CONCEALERS JUST ON MY POST-ACNE SPOTS/BLEMISHES ETC?? DO I NEED A POWDER/COMPACT/
  3. Hi all, I just wrote a tutorial on my blog for covering acne- with pictures and a step by step guide. Feel free to check it out. I used to be a professional makeup artist and also have acne- its actually not too bad at the moment but has been severe in the past. Whilst I'm having a flare up I thought it would be a good time to create a picture tutorial: www.4loveofmakeup.wordpress.com Here are some product recommendations- i swear by these! Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage conc
  4. Guest

    My regimen log

    Hi, I'm Lindsay, I'm 28 and I've had acne for about six years. I had amazing skin when I was a teenager, but it all went to shit when I stopped taking the pill. When I was 22, I found out I had a blood clotting issue and my dr told me not to take oral contraceptives. I came off the pill and started getting spots almost immediately. I'm lucky because my acne is mild, but I get huge, painful cysts on my chin a couple of times a month (usually around my period). They tend to stay beneath the
  5. For a male, if i just want to reduce the oiliness and redness on my face just a bit without any thing heavy or noticeable, will just a bit of powder on my nose and cheeks be okay? or do u have to apply concealer, foundation and all the other stuff 2? is powder alone safe? I have moderate acne, blackheads, whiteheads, papules and maybe a few nodules.. i cant tell the difference. but its just blotchy, red skin tone. any help suggested
  6. owen

    owen's log

    ok im on my 6th day of accutane.i have noticed no side effects whatsoever (touch wood)! cant believe it ive not got dry skin or dry lips or dry eyes.i have very oily skin so i have noticed that it is not as oily and my skin is dryer but not to the point where i need to use moisturiser.i have noticed a slight improvement in my skin already. i am on 30mg a day which i will be taking for 2 months. Ive seen the list of side effects and basically i am just waiting for something to go wrong....... but
  7. Day One - 2/21/04 Alright, here we go! Background info: I am a seventeen year old female with mild acne. My skin is very healthy and nice in the areas that arent broken out, but my acne is not contained to any certain area. So when I do break out, it could be anywhere random and the red spots linger everywhere. I am so sick of waking up wondering where the next spot will appear and having to spend an hour putting on concealer all over. I am ready for a real change! I have tried every o
  8. :D/ What I've discovered. . . I've been on a mission to get rid of acne, prevent further scarring, and get rid of current acne scars. I have spent a lot of time researching ideas and trying various things. I am still looking for better and improved methods. The follow is what I've discovered so far: 'Age-Less Skin Formula' by Bluebonnet made my skin look wonderful, radiant, and gave an overall glow. Take one capsule daily. It did absolutely nothing for acne but I liked what it
  9. someone posted something about a concealer, it had an image of the product packaging in the post (the post may have been old) and a link to drugstore.com or something similar.. i think it was purple or blue, and seemed like it was clean and clear or something.. but it was a skin clearing concealer stick. anyone recall what this is?
  10. hey everyone- Do you mix moisturizer with your foundation before applying foundation? If so, what kind of moisturizer? Also, do any of you know how to apply foundation/concealer without having streaks? That always happens to me and when I try to blend the streaks, the foundation/concealer comes off of my skin and the blemish shows once again as if I hadn't done anything!!! AHHHH! Thanks for your help!!
  11. When ever I put concealer on (like the kind thats in a stick form) after I moisturize it always kinda balls up and gets flaky. Whats going on? and how can I prevent it?
  12. i went to get dermablend and the lady sold me the "quick fix concealer" but i was thinking this was not what everyone else was talking about on here so what exact dermablend products do u use?
  13. I am searching for a concealer that provides good coverage for pimples and pimple marks and heard that estompe lumiere does it. Has anyone here tried it before or is using it? Just share your opinions all right. Thanks a lot!
  14. It's called: Loreal Ideal Balance Combonation Skin foundation. It covers pretty well, although it feels a bit greasy like the other Loreal foundations. To go with it, I also got Loreal Combonation Skin concealer stick- that's where the real magic is. This is a good concealer stick. What I really want is no more purple marks all over my face, but hey, I guess I'm on my way... I want summer! I swear, my school wants to kill us! (September 9-June 23). We'll die from the heat! On the bright s
  15. ok im on my 6th day of accutane.i have noticed no side effects whatsoever (touch wood)! cant believe it ive not got dry skin or dry lips or dry eyes.i have very oily skin so i have noticed that it is not as oily and my skin is dryer but not to the point where i need to use moisturiser.i have noticed a slight improvement in my skin already. i am on 30mg a day which i will be taking for 2 months. Ive seen the list of side effects and basically i am just waiting for something to go wrong....... but
  16. Hi, I am new to this board. I have severe cystic acne and have tried everything to camouflage these scars to no avail. The products I have used sit on top of the scar but do not fill the scar in. I have even used Clearisil (tinted) and have actually had the best results with this product getting a flat more matted finish. Yesterday I bought Dermablend creme concealer having heard that it covers up just about anything. I was disappointed with the results. It does not fill in the pits. I cannot b
  17. Okay, I have been at the aromaleigh site for about one full hour....and IT'S MAKING ME DIZZY! Shopping for make-up has never been so complicated!!! ARGGHH! I ordered a bazillion samples and I think I probably, maybe, possibly FINALLY know which is my shade (after endless, frustrating hours of experimenting with tons of combinations). So now that I may know my shade, I'm not sure which is better: the Pure Powder Loose Mineral Face Powder ~or~ the Pure Cover|Loose Powder Concealer and Foundat
  18. Hey, anyone use green concealor? I've tried Maybelline's concealor and find it too green and that it is causing breakouts. ](*,)
  19. :? Yikes, I need some advice! I'm on Dan's regimen and I have been using Cetaphil skin cleanser. The problem is that it does not remove my make-up at all! Even if I'm just attempting to remove very light blemish concealer Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I use a toner after cleansing to remove any traces of make-up? Or should I try a make-up remover before cleansing? If so, what kind? Or should I try a cleanser that does remove make-up entirely? Please heeeeeelp! [-o<
  20. Come on people....let us know what is good for you. I'll start. My skin type: Normal to dry. color MAC NC30 with yellow undertone. Foundation & Concealer Rimmel Hydrasense Flawless Hydrating Make Up (foundation): More like tinted moisturizer than foundation. Very light coverage. Great for people who want to even out your skin tone. I love it because that's all I need in foundation. If I want to cover any scar, I use concealer. Rimmel Hydrasense Concealer: I don't like the
  21. Hi, I've had mild to moderate (mostly moderate) acne for about 9 years (I am 22). I have tried a number of antibiotics, other prescription drugs, Retin A, other topicals (too many to list), and probably every OTC cream/product out there (from the drug store stuff to serious skin care products to proactiv). Nothing ever worked for me, and I mean nothing. I would read all these success stories and they would upset me - not that I wasn't happy for the other person, I just knew it would not work fo
  22. how do you do it....do you wash it off before using a alcohol free wipes (eg witch) and then do the face wash/bp stuff after or wash it off whilst doing the regimen....im using proactiv at the moment and i dont know when to take off this small amount of concealer i put on my face, because i know when i use the cleanser wash thing in the shower it probably wont remove all the concealer and it will just remain there and make the skin red or something. At the moment i just wipe it off using those w
  23. Has anyone tried Laura Mercier secret camouflage? I'm thinking about giving it a try but it's not sold where I live. I'm going out of town in three days and I know it's sold there so I would like to purchase it. I wanted to hear if it really works first though? Anyone tried it?
  24. i feel i can speak for some of the girls with acne out there who cake on the powder. I keep reading posts from other acne sufferers criticising these girls, and since i'm one of those who do it let me offer my perspective: I KNOW i don't look good with the powder caked on my face, especially up close, the texture looks funny. On the other hand it takes hours in front of the mirror if I were to use foundation and concealer and try to achieve that natural "glow" that I simply don't have. AND if
  25. Hey everyone.. Im a Dude with mild acne.. I just started using SA to rid me of these few blemishes.. and haloween is coming up and I have a few red spots and coming pimples.. so I decided to go as a Girl (Kobe Bryant Victim). I want some concealer and some lipstick.. do you guys think the Nuetrogena Skin Clearing Concealer will be cool on my face.. http://www2.eckerd.com/product.asp?catalog...%5Fbeauty%2Egif I can smear this shit all over my face right?? Haloween is tommorow .. a quick