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Found 1,000 results

  1. I have a make-up tip for all the girls (and guys if they want to try it too) on Accutane (or not) who want to cover up their existing red marks/or active pimples. I heard so much about this green concealer that is supposed to help mask red marks so I bought the highly reccomended MAC "Colour Corrector Green Select Cover Up." So I used it yesterday and it was astonishing. I dabbed a little bit on the red marks then put a little regular concealer on top so I didn't look like Kermit the Frog, an
  2. well im a guy and i use makeup to cover up red marks or if i get acne. i havnt had any acne in a while but i have 2 fairly noticeable red marks on my left cheek. ive been using concealer for so long now to cover up spots and i dont wanna stop. while i have no problem more or less lying to almost everyone by wearing makeup im afraid to have a relationship with a girl because i would feel like im lying to her and and i wouldnt want to do that. i know i should just tell her but im afraid shed think
  3. This upcoming semester I'll have an 8 AM class. It's bad enough I have to get up early, nevermind have to religiously follow a skin regimen. So my question for you is, how do you do it? Should I get up at 7 AM? Do you really wait 5-15 minutes in between each step? Oh, and on top of all this, I'm self-conscious about my redmarks, so I have to hide in a stall with a mirror and spend a couple of minutes covering up my spots with a concealer stick. Why hide in a stall with a mirror you ask? I
  4. alliask


    i'm on a quest to clearness from my mild-moderate but persistent acne. i've had it for 3-4 years and i believe it's getting worse. i will try and win this battle once and for all. currently, i have 3 nodules on my forehead and some red marks. on average i get about two nodules or cysts a week, and sometimes zits. i want to be 100% clear. i don't have a strict regimen right now, but i'm pretty careful when it comes to my skin. on an average day, i use C&C blackhead scrub in the morning
  5. kandimunki

    Kandi's accutane journal&pics

    I've been searching the web to read real people's association/memories/experiences with Accutane and I have decided to try my best to share my experiences as well. I've been suffering from bad backache and my right knee has started acting up along with other things we'll hit later on... but I just want to say how thankful I am to have others journals to refer to. I was seriously freaking out about what is happening to my back because I read that joint issues are a "possible side effect" but I
  6. Is the moisturizer a must? I feel it doesn't allow me to apply concealer as well. Is this true? Also, my face never gets red or flaky.
  7. I'm going to start a new routine. I'm going to wash my face with ivory soap with warn water, rinse with cool. Put on enthromycin benxoyl peroxide stuff, then put a little concealer on. i'm going to take a doxycycline pill try and stay away from eating/drinking sweets, alcohol, stuff that's bad. not only for acne, but for general health and bodily homeostasis take another doxycycline pill wash with aveeno facial cleanser, and apply an aveeno toner as well and before i sleep take a vitamin
  8. swim4life12

    Oily skin

    My skin gets really oily during the day but at my school they dont give us time to like go into the bathroom or w/e. How can i get the oil off without sumdging my concealer (which, btw, doesnt clog pores)
  9. someone posted something about a concealer, it had an image of the product packaging in the post (the post may have been old) and a link to drugstore.com or something similar.. i think it was purple or blue, and seemed like it was clean and clear or something.. but it was a skin clearing concealer stick. anyone recall what this is?
  10. I tend to use just two things on my face: Biore Cleansing Cloths and Cleand & Clear Concealer. I like both a lot, except the Clean & Clear only has two shades in Concealer so either you're tan (not me) or pale (me). So it's either too dark if I use the darker shade, or it doesn't provide the right coverage witht he pale unless I put tons on. So what product do people recommend? oh, I'm Caucasian, with generally pale skin and I tend to break out. So something that has a form of Acne medic
  11. owen

    owen's log

    ok im on my 6th day of accutane.i have noticed no side effects whatsoever (touch wood)! cant believe it ive not got dry skin or dry lips or dry eyes.i have very oily skin so i have noticed that it is not as oily and my skin is dryer but not to the point where i need to use moisturiser.i have noticed a slight improvement in my skin already. i am on 30mg a day which i will be taking for 2 months. Ive seen the list of side effects and basically i am just waiting for something to go wrong....... but
  12. californiaCA

    B5 treatment log!

    Day One - 2/21/04 Alright, here we go! Background info: I am a seventeen year old female with mild acne. My skin is very healthy and nice in the areas that arent broken out, but my acne is not contained to any certain area. So when I do break out, it could be anywhere random and the red spots linger everywhere. I am so sick of waking up wondering where the next spot will appear and having to spend an hour putting on concealer all over. I am ready for a real change! I have tried every o
  13. amandaheartslush

    My personal regimen

    I have combination sking (oily t-zone, dry cheeks) This week: Morning: Mask: LUSH love lettuce fresh face mask (for exfoliation) Cleanse: Erno Laszlo sea mud bar (*mask every 2 days: Mario Badescu whitening mask) Tone: Mario Badescu glycolic toner Moisturize: LUSH imperalis moisturizer on cheeks and G.M. Collin derm renewal gel-cream on forehead Murad acne treatment concealer with 2.0% salicylic acid on any pigmented/problem areas Night: Pre-cleanse: Remove all makeup with extra virgin o
  14. Hi there, I'm Zeru, nice to meet you. c: I've had acne since I was about ten years old. From a very young age up (until about seventh grade), I wore my hair in the same way: very long, with bangs. I still remember my first pimple, weirdly enough--my skin was totally clear except for one pimple on my forehead. Being a ten year old girl, I was morbidly embarrassed. And the solution, of course, was to hide up this pimple with those lifelong bangs I always had. Within a year or so, I had
  15. roadrashed

    Before And After

    I started accutane 1st January 2011, the 1st photo was new years eve so literally the day i started accutane. I was 17 when i started it and took it for 4 months at 70mg daily. To be honest im not sure whether i recommend accutane or not, i think its helped my acne alot however it has came with a price. Everybody (including myself) researches the side effects and success stories of accutane and just assumes that your going to have a rough time but then have clear skin forever, its not necessaril
  16. How can I relieve my skin of this horrid flaking and peeling.. I`m basically at my wits end here. I moisturize every day and every night but to no avail my skin is still so FLAKY! I need to be able to wear make up and this has basically just ruined that. I use RAM 0.1% every third night. The morning of the night after I use RAM I wash with cleanser and use a microfiber cloth to try and get the flakes off and it looks like its ok then. But AS SOON as I put concealer or foundation on my skin i
  17. bbinn333

    Critique My Regimen!

    Hi all... I'm new to the site & from Canada. I wanted to get some external opinions on my regimen & have been peering over the forums for years. My skin is extremley oily & my estheticians say that my pores are very, very deep & large. Lots of tiny blackheads, a few cystic acne with not much inflammation at the moment, mostly redness. Here's what a usual day is like: Morning Use L'Oreal Hair Shampoo (No Sulfate - Better for acne) Use Keracnyl Cleanser Use PCA Clears
  18. I have been struggling with acne for almost a year. Not last January, but the January before last, I used Proactiv for the one or two bumps that were on my face. I wish I could go back to the skin I had then. My face really didn't blow up immediately after discontinuing the product though. It wasn't until May or June of last year that I started breaking out around my jaw and chin area. I had never broken out there before. Usually, I only broke out on my forehead, and it wasn't bad at all. I star
  19. Hi all! I saw a dermatologist for the first time on Monday 13th December and used my prescribed Epiduo for the first time last night. At the moment my acne is pretty bad, lumpy red and with both under skin spots and whiteheads, on the positive side, It is mostly on my forehead but it has got worse in the last 6 months. My cheeks are clear, but I have blackheads on my chin and a mixture of black and whiteheads on my upper back. I have been using the Lumieclear (light treatment) for 2 month, but I
  20. On my 16th day today. 50mg daily - 70k - 4 month course planned. My initial breakout started after 3 days and was bad - spots everywhere, including where I'd never had them before (high on the cheekbones), and my face felt like a war-zone. But this only lasted a few days, and now my skin is better than it's been in many, many years. OK, I've got the dryness & flaking, but even that seems to be slowly improving. If this is a sign of things to come then I'll be overjoyed. Went out this m
  21. What should I do if I can't deal with the flakiness caused by the BP? I have used several different BP products in the past in several different doses and I just can't tolerate the flakiness. I read a book on Acne... wish I could remember the title but the solution/regimen in the book was something like this: Morning: Wash face with Salicylic (sp) acid gel cleanser such as murads. Once you've rubbed it into your skin let it sit for 2-3 min before completely rinsing it off. Wash face with a G
  22. Most of my acne is easily covered by makeup. However, I'm rather prone to getting just one or two big red zits, always on my chin or upper lip! Most of these are also easily covered by concealer, so it looks like I have pretty clear skin. Now, onto the point of this topic! It always seems that whenever I have one of these giant zits, my boyfriend always wants to have the long, slobbery kiss sessions (for lack of a better term, haha). All my makeup ends up coming off easily and the zit is expos
  23. So about a month ago, I opted to add AHA into my regimen. I purchased the Alpha Hydrox Creme and the Foaming Face Wash (which is by far the most awesome face wash I've ever used). I've used alpha hydroxy acid before and my skin had no problems with it. I spot tested anyway, had no problems, and went ahead and started applying it BEFORE BP day and night as instructed by the company and a dermatologist that I called up. For about a week, my skin became a lot softer and the flakes around my nose v
  24. I've been using retinoids on and off for several years and decided to give Taz gel .01% another shot. I decided to start with using it every 3rd day and have so far only used it twice, but already my skin is peeling horribly to the point where it's very obvious and making me pretty self conscious (especially since I wear concealer, which looks very bad applied over the peeling skin :/) How long will this stage last? Will my skin eventually get accustomed to the irritating affect of the Taz and
  25. neuflar

    Log: Here's to hoping!

    Hi reader, Well, I have been on this combo for a quite a few weeks now and decided to post my experiences so far - this is my first post, I have gotten a lot of information from this website and figured it was only fair to return the favour by contributing to this fantastic forum of experience! Here's a little background: I'm 24, female and have only experienced acne this year. I began taking Diane 35 when I was 19 for PMS reasons, and have been fortunate to have problem-free skin until... La