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Found 2,402 results

  1. hello everyone i would really appreciate a little bit of help if you can ok so even at my age of 23 my skin seems to go through cycles of being very bad, spotty but i can live with it and ok, although its usualy quite bad i always just assumed it was because of my age but i'm getting a bit old now to be having teenage acne i will be trying this regimen for a while and if it doesn't work i may even go for the just water approach Mornings- Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash Evenings-Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash applying Clinique 2.5 Scruffing Lotion possibly a small amount of duac and exfoliating once a week with Clinique Face Scrub for men i had been using Clinique Liquid Face Wash Regular Strength but that only seemed to make a big difference for a short while. i also had been using a very lot of duac mornings and evenings sometimes straight after shaving- not sure if this makes any difference? i even went as far as borrowing my girlfriends concealer about 2 weeks ago and since then the right side of my face has just broke out ridiculously i am not sure which skin type i have but have decided to go and get that checked this weekend to see if that can make any difference sorry for being so long winded it's just getting that bad!
  2. Hi all! I saw a dermatologist for the first time on Monday 13th December and used my prescribed Epiduo for the first time last night. At the moment my acne is pretty bad, lumpy red and with both under skin spots and whiteheads, on the positive side, It is mostly on my forehead but it has got worse in the last 6 months. My cheeks are clear, but I have blackheads on my chin and a mixture of black and whiteheads on my upper back. I have been using the Lumieclear (light treatment) for 2 month, but I haven't seen much improvement. I thought it would be interesting to record my progress with Epiduo to help other people. Well, after one day I'm amazed that some of the redness has already gone! I can't feel any underskin spots (the really hurty ones!) and my forehead is looking like it usually does with concealer on it, ie:- bumpy but not red! so far so good-I'll try update over the next weeks on a regular basis.
  3. i'm a guy in showchoir here, and though i have active acne i can usually keep the breakouts away. however, i have a ton of red marks because of the acne i used to have, and i asked my friend if she could put concealer on me because guys are required to wear makeup to our performances. well, it didn't break me out, but i left it on too long (like maybe 12 hours or more) since she put it on me in the morning and i didn't get to wash it off till i got home very late that night. well, it messed with my skin tone and i have big discolored spots on my cheeks, since my friend applied it first as a foundation and then used it to conceal smaller (but still big) sections of my face. it makes me more self conscious now, because i still have a ton of dark marks, but i also have to deal with faded lighter spots on my face. my dermatologist just told me to wear a different makeup at performances, but didn't know what to say about fixing my skin tone. can anyone help me? here's what i'm currently using: day: neutrogena visibly even foaming wash (it supossively evens out skin tone) aveeno 30 spf face sunblock (to keep dark spots from darkening more) night: neutrogena oil free acne wash avita tretinoin cream 0.025% ALSO, i already have some 100% aloe vera gel, since it has good reviews here on this site, but don't know whether to use it in the morning or at night, and where in my regimen. thanks for any help!!!!!!!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm a guy in college and I need some makeup advice. I've been using this Neutrogena On The Spot concealer stick thing and a little brush. It works pretty well and doesn't look obvious, but it takes 15 minutes to perfect and it's a very precise task! I've managed to have none of the guys find out I use a concealer i in the morning in a bathroom stall with a small mirror - What a task for a guy... Plus they discontinued that product and replaced it with something in a liquid form and it looks so fake! So I need makeup that is undetectable and quick and easy to apply on my little red scars from acne. Hopefully something I can do within a minute. If my buddies find out I'm wearing makeup I'm toast! I don't think I need this foundation stuff. I only have a few small red spots on my face and they're very small as it is. Any suggestions?
  5. deletethisnameplz

    i'm desperate!

    So...I'm a dude. I wear makeup. Had this good shit. No longer made. Have some shit now. People can tell I'm wearing it. I have really bad hyperpigmentation and I want to cover it up. Dermablend covers it good but it looks so fake and pasty on me I feel so trashy not to mention the normal emotions for a guy wearing makeup. Oh it also takes me about an hour to put makeup on trying to blend it all good and what not but it still looks like I'm wearing it. I need some help everyone! I only hang out with people at night because I'm afraid they'll notice the makedup me during the day in the light . I really need help on finding something that will look not fake on me but also covers up my hyperpigmentation well. I'm thinking about tanning to give myself more options for skin tone and what not plus I hate being all pale and shit. Please...someone give me some suggestions with some good foundation and concealer to use. Also maybe some suggestions on using. Before and after pics would be nice too. I'm pretty much suicidal without makeup and near suicidal with it knowing that people know I'm wearing it. Please...somebody help me.
  6. hey all, i'm currently on the neutrogena on the spot, but will soon be switching to dan's gel. the thing i don't like about the ots is that it ALWAYS beads up and is hard to cover with makeup. whenever i try using foundation, it's a nightmare. so i was wondering, is dan's gel better for makeup use? right now, i'm just spot covering with concealer, but i would like to do a full face coverage. thanks.
  7. Guest

    maybelline ques.

    i have used maybelline's everfresh and coverstick concealers in the past and loved them. i also have used their purestay pressed powder foundation (about a year ago), it worked pretty well. However, i have decided not to wear any kind of foundation again (except a moisturizing liquid one on razor burn, concealer clumps up in razor burn). only concealer and powder from now on. however, i recently switched to their shinefree pressed powder from a long use of CG clean powder. it works much better, BUT, when i went to target to buy a new one (I go through a lot of powder), they were out of ivory, my color, in the shinefree, SO, I had to get their finish matte powder. it looks much more opaque. So, here is my question, FINALLY!!! Does it work better or worse than the shinefree one? also, how are Almay's pressed powders? I looked @ them too and even the lighest shade was looked too dark for me. Thanks a lot!!
  8. i can't take it anymore! i'm on accutane but i haven't seen any results yet. i have a ton of red marks that i need to cover up. i use foundation and concealer but there's still some redness. has anyone used the estee lauder or smashbox primers that are color correctors or any other brand? they say they cover redness but i don't want to buy something that's $40 and it won't work or it will make me break out more. thanks!
  9. Ok so ive been on accutane for almost 3 weeks and i have a couple of questions.... If you have answers or advice for any of them that would be awesome!!!! 1. What do you eat when taking your accutane pill? I drive myself crazy over this everyday... i want full absorbtion and i never know if im doing it right... ???? 2. Girls>>> What makeup do you use to cover red marks??? foundation/powder/concealer... i need FULL coverage.....????? 3. What do you all do as far as not looking pale like Casper the ghost?? I am thinking of a self tanner or mystic tan to look like i have sun.. i mean i live in florida and its summer.. this pasty white is just not accpetable... ????? WHATEVER YOU CAN HELP WITH WOULD BE GRRRRREAT! THANKS EVERYONE
  10. My skin is looking pretty bad at the moment, and have just started roaccutane, would it be ok to use mineral makeup to make my skin look better until roaccutane starts working? Or will it make the roaccutane not work too well, and will i have slower/ or no results if i use a concealer whilst on the course? Many thanks. Kieran
  11. the best ive found so far is Boots Botanics pore perfecting 2in1 blemish wand (covered with Rimmel stay matte powder) ...anyone reccomend any other good concealers i can wear all the time?
  12. OMIGAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALOE IS BEST THING GOD EVER PLANTED ON THIS WORLD. (btw, broccoli is the worst!!!!!! ) hahaha. ok, i'm gonna start raving about this now. i've used Lily of the Desert 99% aloe vera gelly for 2 nights now. the results are definitely there. it's amazing. though i'm gonna continue posting updates as i keep on going. this is the exact procedure, i only use it at night: 1. cleanse 2. tone 3. lotus oil-- this is a mix of essential oils that keep my oiles at bay, also a wonderful product btw. 4. aloe vera gel 5. spot treat with tto here are the AMAZING results i'm seeing only after 2 applications: - less redness and red marks: prior to using aloe, my skin was going beserk due to poor sleeping, stress, and damage caused by bp. my skin didn't exactly like bp, so i stopped, but my complexion was really screwed up. for the first time ever, i had to use concealers to cover up. i didn't have many pimples, but for some reason, my face was red, rough, and had a lot of leftover red marks. right now, i can dust on some powder and go. - more moisturized and supple: my face feels HEAVENLY after i apply it. i didn't experience the tight mask-like feeling some pple reported. but that could be the toner and lotus oil i use before hand. when i wake up, other than the zits and stuff, my face really does look like a hard-boiled egg. ultra soft and smooth. - after just one night, it has caused most of my existing pimples to come to heads. so i presume it's speeding up the healing process????!!! - pores SEEM smaller, but that could just be me hallucinating or something. will update this later. - my complexion GLOWS!!!!! so far, no results yet on blackheads. i don't really expect it to do anything. i've had a strawberry nose since like forever. of course, i will continue updating. here're some info about LILY OF THE DESERT: - bought for cnd6.99 at alive health centre - ingredients: 99.5% certified organic aloe vera gel, carbomer 940 (a thickener and suspensioner, no info about it clogging pores), vitamins A, C, and E. - what's said on the packaging: effective relief from sunburn, minor cuts and burns, bites, chaffing, cold sores, rash and skin irritations. a soothing moisturizer for sensitive skin. no artificial coloring. no fragrance added. no animal derivatives. non animal tested. - the product is colourless. and looks jello with some airbubbles. quite cute actually. and lastly, i will be bashing another brand of aloe gel: jason natural cosmetics. ARGH, caused the worst breakout of my life, EVER! just don't buy it, pple. i was so scared to try anything with aloe in it afterwards. ugh... oh, did i mention that ALOE IS BEST THING GOD EVER PLANTED ON THIS WORLD? WOOOOOOOOOOT
  13. I had a small spot on my chin so I put some of that brown clearasil stuff on it, but then the area around it started getting red and peely after a couple days, so i put on more of that concealer to cover it up, but that is what is making it worse, but i tried washing the stuff off and having nothing on it, but the red didnt go away, and now it is red and tender and peeling and it looks like crap, what do i do????????
  14. depressed17

    green concealer?

    iv heard its pretty good 4 red marks...any1 know where i can buy some?
  15. I used to use this oxy thing that was like make up in the way it would cover up your pimple by adding your skin color to it, but also fight the pimple at the same time. I'm sure there's a lot of stuff like this, but I haven't found the oxy one on sale anymore, so do people here have other recommendations? Anything would be a big help.
  16. This upcoming semester I'll have an 8 AM class. It's bad enough I have to get up early, nevermind have to religiously follow a skin regimen. So my question for you is, how do you do it? Should I get up at 7 AM? Do you really wait 5-15 minutes in between each step? Oh, and on top of all this, I'm self-conscious about my redmarks, so I have to hide in a stall with a mirror and spend a couple of minutes covering up my spots with a concealer stick. Why hide in a stall with a mirror you ask? I'm a guy! Oh, P.S. kind of unrelated but I've noticed dryness on the skin around the outer corners of my eyes, yet I don't put BP there. Somehow it seeps under my skin or something and dries that area. What am I doing wrong?
  17. I have blotches of red/purple marks on my cheeks and chin. I know absolutely nothing about makeup so I need help/suggestions. I've used a concealer stick for awhile...and it doesn't really do anything plus it's quite noticeable. So, I'm looking for 1-2 products that will cover my blotchy red post-acne marks and won't cause me to breakout... Oh, and if you have any tips on how to apply the makeup that'd be appreciated too!
  18. Zerglings200

    Make up for GUY [ HELP ]

    I really dont know what to use.. should i just use the concealer for my red marks? or should i use foundation + concealer? What brand?? I read alot post and replies...so many different ''best'' brand out there...i really dont know wt to choose...i dont hv large area of red makrs... but just one there and one here...so should i just use the concealer ? ?>< and thet product i using for active acne is drying my skin...so how do i apply foundation or concealer without any notice... plz give me suggestion, i am so new to make up>< my skin type is asian ( japanese )
  19. Raindrops

    Sheer Cover

    Ok so I don't like the Sheer Cover mineral powder it made my skin itch like crazy but their concealer wasn't bad (my friend gave me hers). So I decided to order some concealer only. They said a package has to have 4 items in it and that it would be about 29.95$ per month. To this I replied I do not want the shipment coming monthly but every 6 months. So they said alright. Well turns out Sheer Cover is not roughly the 25$ its actualy about 24.95 charged each month for THREE months for one package. So in Canada it would have been 34.29 per month x 3 for ONE package that is supposed to last "3 months". What the hell!? Meanwhile a package from Everyday Minerals or Joppa will last just as long and is one payment of roughly 28$. Nobody ever mentioned that, I should have checked more carefully. Grrr. I just called to cancel my account with them.
  20. Hi!! I just wanted to share that I am going out todaywith only concealer onfor the first time in many many years....I really want to let my skin breathe today....I need your encouragement!! I hope i look ok! I am leaving in an hour..Thanks!!
  21. Read about this product in a magazine, endorsed by a dermatologist (probably paid by the magazine) and thought I would try it...its supposed to treat the blemish while forming a patch a sealing it off from further irritation while using concealer...Im so skeptical...of everything...and can't believe I am still spending money looking for the latest and greatest "cure". Ordered Dan's BP gel but after reading through this forum, I am now skeptical of that too Also ordered Joppa Minerals makeup...havent received that or gotten any repsonse to my emails yet... See why Im skeptical?!?!? Let ya know how the "patch" works!
  22. Today i was talking to my sister in the bathroom while looking in the mirror (details lol) and we were discussing acne , she has very mild acne and i have well..mild to moderate , my acne could be mild too but i have red marks and scars that makes it look worse...so yeah Anyways..we were talking about ideas on how to cover it up and what i use to cover it up , then she told me that her friends he saw me few times before , they were surprised one night when i was at the mall buying clinique ( the women was cleaning off my make up to test some foundation colors) they said they didnt know that i actually had acne until that moment... Iam happy because at least my make up is helping alot , even though while back i wasnt that good with covering it up like now , now i use the green concealer which CONCEALS my red makrs and everything and i love it <3 But yeah...made me feel better , but ofcourse iam waiting for the day where people will be surprised that i HAD acne before...and how my skin is clear WITHOUT make up.........ahh someday...
  23. mari24

    Physicians Formula

    I was glancing through the Physicians Formula site, and was sort of confused. It's like they don't really have lines of products, so I'm not sure which to get, I will get them in a store though. Their color tint looks cool, anyone tried it? Or the mineral powder? And what's up with the green concealer? I guess I just need someone to explain it and recomment products!! thanks!
  24. My nightmare came true when I took my first train trip in India. You might like this story... In India everybody stares at you. I'm already self-conscious enough because of my acne and scars, so being stared at relentlessly on a train for twelve hours is a bit much. So I went into the bathroom to make sure my concealer was doing its job. Before I go on, let me mention that although I'm not a big makeup fan, I've used concealer for 14 years now because, being extremely fair-skinned, my acne and scars stand out a lot without makeup. Ok, back to the story... So I get into the bathroom and lock the door. If you've ever been in the bathroom of a train in India you'll understand how difficult it is to do your business without contaminating yourself. For one thing, there's crap and urine all over the narrow walls. The toilet consists of a hole in the floor, and you can see the tracks flying beneath you. As if that's not enough, the trains are anything but smooth, and the lurching and rocking makes the endeavor of staying clean twice as difficult. So as I was saying, I get into the bathroom and start to touch up my face with my concealer, and a sudden lurch sends my concealer stick flying out of my fingers, and... you guessed it!- down the hole. Gone. This meant that I had to spend the rest of my time in India without makeup- for the first time ever! I thought that people would treat me worse, and think I was hideous, but I was really surprised. Not only did I make a ton of friends over the next couple months, but I also got lucky with a wonderful romantic relationship with a wonderful, gorgeous guy who I'm still with 2 years later. The moral of the story is this: although you might think your skin is terrible and intolerable, other people are less likely to be as critical. To be honest, I think the experience did wonders for my self esteem. It felt good to be free.
  25. So all I use on my face is Express concealer by Maybelline, I believe. For my moisturizer I use Velocity by MaryKay (my only marykay product..i'm not that fancy). My acne has pretty much gone away (proactiv, yo) but my face is still very discolored (red spots) from it. In the morning I apply my makeup and it's fine until a few hours later, when it gets very oily but then if I blot the oil my skin is very dry and looks grosss. I don't know what to do about this..or if I'm doing something wrong. Anyonne know what ta do? thankyas!